The “New” California Health Freedom Movement is in REALLY Bad Shape…

Simply Spoken – They Cannot  Fight This SB 277 Battle On Their Own  – They don’t know how…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

This newsletter post is aimed directly at my “Old” friends and associates in the North American Health Freedom Movement. But, even if you are not one of those, please continue.  I’m telling you, right now, that we, the Health Freedom leaders,  need to step in even more than we have, providing  BASIC TRAINING for activists.  I kid you not.

BASIC Training?

The situation is so bad in California that  the groups that band together, for the most part, have little or no organizational or planning skills.  They have no idea what is valuable and what is not.   Worse, they compete to be ”LEADER” having NOTHING to offer as leadership.   It really is that bad.

In a way – it is our fault…

They lost the first three anti-SB 277 campaigns using amazingly poor tactics and strategies  – if you can call ANYTHING they did a “strategy.”  It really is “The Blind Leading the Blind…”

They do really DUMB things, and they don’t want ANY advice…  I’ll tell you about one of those situations in a minute.

And, they get irate, and whimpery, when somebody like me says “you didn’t do that very well…”

These people think FaceBook is an organizing tool.

In the words of Kent Heckenlively JD – “Arghh…”

So, let’s start right out.

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SB 277 Lawsuit – The Response to the Response… It Just Gets Better…

Wait Until You Read This…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

With Just Four Days Until The Preliminary Injunction Hearing the Twenty-one Plaintiffs have responded to the State’s Response – the State Response I called the “blah,blah, blah, response,” and it is WONDERFUL.

There is no need for me to explain much of anything.  The reply is written in clear language.  I have just copied the first few sections right from the Court document.  If you want to read the whole thing, just go to the document itself.  It reads well.

Two small explanations:

(1)  What is “status quo ante?”  It is a legal term defined as “the previously existing state of affairs.”

(2)  What is “Strict Scrutiny?”  Strict scrutiny is a form of judicial review that courts use to determine the constitutionality of certain laws. To pass strict scrutiny, the legislature must have passed the law to further a “compelling governmental interest,” and must have narrowly tailored the law to achieve that interest.

I’m going to bold the sections just below.  Why?  They are important.

This newsletter is short – there is another right behind it with MORE stuff.

Statement of Facts…




MEASLES OUTBREAKS DO NOT JUSTIFY SB277 …….6   Continue reading SB 277 Lawsuit – The Response to the Response… It Just Gets Better…

SB 277 Lawsuit – Don’t Bother To Go To Downtown San Diego for the August 12th, 2016 Preliminary Injunction Hearing or Any of the So-Called Events Surrounding it.

You’ll Be Wasting Your Time and a LOT OF YOUR MONEY – For Nothing…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

I  can already predict the results of the Preliminary Injunction Hearing.  I’ll publish the results just as soon as I see the Judge’s signed order.  I don’t need to be anywhere around the Courthouse to get that information.  So, I don’t need to go there, and neither do you.

My strong suggestion to you – DO NOT GO THERE…  Wait for a victory celebration to be scheduled in a public place where you can bring the children, and dress casually – somewhere other than downtown San Diego on a Friday afternoon.


San Diego traffic is described as the 17th worst in the world.  Friday afternoons have to be the worst of the worst.  Downtown San Diego, around the courthouses, on Friday is one solid traffic jam.  You simply cannot get anywhere.  For that reason alone anyone with a brain has to decide if the trip there is worthwhile, or not.  Then there is the fact that the I5 Freeway is jammed solid, in both directions, on Friday afternoon all the way to San Clemente.

Had there been the opportunity to bring together SB 277 victims in one spot to commiserate about the situation and meet the attorneys and leaders working on the SB 277 lawsuit, and hear them, it might have been something to consider.

But, that’s not happening.  For a number of reasons the lawyers are NOT going to announce anything until the Judge gives them a Signed Order.  That may not happen on Friday, August 12th. Continue reading SB 277 Lawsuit – Don’t Bother To Go To Downtown San Diego for the August 12th, 2016 Preliminary Injunction Hearing or Any of the So-Called Events Surrounding it.

SB 277 Lawsuit – Charity Dean Responds….  Can you spell “OBFUSCATION?”

The “You can’t Sue Me I’m in Charge” Defense…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

There is no question, in my mind, what-so-ever, that Santa Barbara County Health Department’s Charity Dean MD started out to create a “Pilot Program” in California where she, Charity Dean (and her “lobbyist” friends?), would examine all Medical Exemptions for vaccines according to a made-up criteria designed by her (and her “lobbyist” friends?).

Then she was going to report HER definition of “suspicious activity,” through a SECRET NETWORK, directly, to Enforcement Officers at the California Medical Board for purposes of prosecution.

However, Charity got caught.  Whoops!  Paperwork showed up… and the attorneys for the “Good guys” got a hold of it.

So, little Charity got named as a Defendant…. Continue reading SB 277 Lawsuit – Charity Dean Responds….  Can you spell “OBFUSCATION?”

Homeschooling is VERY MUCH LEGAL in California, Despite Internet Rumors…

California SB277 Education Refugees Victimized By Cruel Hoax…

Opinion By Karri Lewis – AWAKE California


I began fielding questions about the legality of homeschooling in California early last week.

At first, I did not think much of it because it was just one high profile Canary Party vaccine activist from another state that had heard a rumor about homeschooling becoming illegal in California. Continue reading Homeschooling is VERY MUCH LEGAL in California, Despite Internet Rumors…

Bizarre PseudoScience Response from California to Pending Preliminary Injunction of SB277…

A supported opinion…

from KP Stoller, MD

Dr. Stoller’s new book Incurable Me , which comes out September 2016,  can be (pre) ordered from Amazon.  

Perhaps you have glanced at the response the State of California sent to Federal Court against the motion for an injunction against the law based on SB277:

“Moreover, an injunction against the enforcement of the statute3-x-5-California-Soft-Polyester-Flag-Banner in this case would immediately expose millions of California school children and other at-risk individuals to an increased threat of contracting potentially fatal communicable diseases.”

“The public health and welfare must not be allowed to be jeopardized by the subjective beliefs and unfounded conspiracy theories of a small minority of individuals who, against all recognized scientific and legal authority, stubbornly disregard the long-recognized safety and effectiveness of vaccines, and who fail to accept the public health threat that their unsupported opinions have on the lives of others around them.”

The above is just from the Introduction… it gets worse…

I am not a lawyer, but does it impress judges to go on some angry tirade about how screwed up the opposing party is?

Especially, when there are victims of vaccine injury… real victims, with real injuries and everyone knows there are vaccine injured children? Continue reading Bizarre PseudoScience Response from California to Pending Preliminary Injunction of SB277…

SB 277 Lawsuit – The State Responds…

The State of California just brought a Knife to a Gun Fight…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

I have, right here in front of me, the State of California’s 112 page official response to the SB 277 lawsuit, opposing a Preliminary Injunction August 12th, 2016.  It looks as if it was written by that goofball (a child can take 10,000 vaccines at once) Paul Offit MD.

The second paragraph of the State’s “Introduction” says it all.  You are going to love what they did.

I’ll explain below.

I sit here with excitement, like, I think, the Russian battle commanders must have felt watching the beginning of “The Charge of the Light Brigade” coming their way, so well portrayed by Alfred Lord Tennyson in 1854.  The Light Brigade was armed with sabers (knives) and they attacked a position armed with cannon and rifles.. Continue reading SB 277 Lawsuit – The State Responds…

The Opposition to the SB 277 Lawsuit is SHOCKED We Would Even Question Their Authority…

After All, They Have the Bible, Right?


Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

Yesterday, Kent Heckenlively JD, in a poignant  article titled “The Coming War and its Aftermath” pointed out the frustrations of trying to solve the vaccine damage issue in North America.  He was right on…

One of the strangest things I have ever come across in my 72 years is the way health care is handled in the United States.  It is not a business, nor a social issue.  It has become the State Religion.

The State Religion?  Yup…

For instance, if our health care system ran our computer industry, starting way back, we’d all, now, be using the equivalent of #2 pencils.  They would cost $42,000 each, and you would need a license, and special permission (after adequate studies were performed) to use the eraser.

Eight Universities would share ownership of the pencil patents, and 2,348 peer-reviewed studies would have been done, associated with 258 Universities world-wide, proving that the lead in the pencils did NOT cause damage in school children.  All pencils would secretly be made in China for less than one cent each. Continue reading The Opposition to the SB 277 Lawsuit is SHOCKED We Would Even Question Their Authority…

The Coming War and its Aftermath…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD  

I’ve been thinking a great deal about the fight against SB 277 and mandatory vaccinations in California as well as the fabulous documentary, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, detailing the corruption in the CDC’s vaccine program and the revelations of senior CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson.

I find myself asking a simple question again and again: How do I become the most effective agent for change?

Nelson Mandela

Recently I ran across a quote from one of my long-time idols, Nelson Mandela, and it spoke to what I’m feeling these days.  Mandela wrote: “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”

After fifteen years of advocacy, one would expect that those I love so deeply would have at least understood my position, but it appears not to be the case.  As I have attempted to gather an audience for a showing of the documentary film, VAXXED, I have been surprised by the response of two people from whom I had expected better. Continue reading The Coming War and its Aftermath…

SB 277 – Hunting Down the Defendants…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

Behind the Scenes…

There’s a lot of work that goes on, in the background, taking an SB 277 type lawsuit forward, especially one with twenty-one (21) Plaintiffs and ten (10) Defendants.  Each of the Defendants has to be individually “served” with a copy of the lawsuit, and then the person who “served” the Defendant has to sign some papers showing where and when that process occurred.  Then the attorney has to file those “serving” papers with the Court.  Once each of the Defendants have been “served” they get about twenty (20) business days to lawyer up, and respond.

According to what I’m looking at in the Court Records, it looks like all of the Defendants have been “served.”  But, as of this morning, it looks as though only one of them has lawyered-up to respond.  They better get moving, for an August 12th, 2016 Preliminary Injunction Hearing is coming at their faces abruptly.  And for this kind of Hearing Judges DO NOT give delays and extensions.

So, soon we can expect some responses…. Continue reading SB 277 – Hunting Down the Defendants…

SB 277 Preliminary Injunction Reason – Health Department Leader Wants to Bite Doctors That Write Vaccine Medical Exemptions…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

SB 277 Author Senator Richard Pan MD MPH with Santa Barbara Health Department Leader Charity Dean MD MPH at California Medical Association (CMA) annual meeting. Question – How CLOSE ARE these two?

The SB 277 lawsuit document titled First Amended Complaint is a VERY thorough, detailed, layout of the problems inflicted on California’s family population by California Senator Richard Pan’s Senate Bill #277 (SB277).

In that document is a VERY important section talking about the activities of one Charity Dean MD, MPH of the Santa Barbara County Health Department, shown, with Pan, in the photo on the right.

Apparently, she wants to bite some doctors, so-to-speak.

But, the huge working group supporting the SB 277 lawsuit was closely watching Pan and Dean’s activities and started gathering evidence – the results of which ended up sticking Dean’s activities in the lawsuit itself.

I’ll show all that to you in a minute.  But first let me show you what one of the California warrior teams have come up with about this subject.

We’ll start, today, with what Christina Hildebrand of “A Voice For Choice” opines:

“It seems that with the help of Senator Pan and a few others, such as the California Medical Association, the California Medical Board, Dorit Reiss, Senator Monning and some California lobbyists, Charity Dean MD, MPH has taken it upon herself to become the authority on Vaccine Medical Exemptions in the state of California. Continue reading SB 277 Preliminary Injunction Reason – Health Department Leader Wants to Bite Doctors That Write Vaccine Medical Exemptions…

SB 277 Lawsuit – Preliminary Injunction Hearing Date – August 12th, 2016

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

What is a Preliminary Injunction Hearing?

The whole purpose of the lawsuit against SB 277 is to stop it, and its spin-off activities, from being activated.

A Motion for Preliminary Injunction is a request to the Court for an Injunction before we begin arguing the lawsuit.  There will be an actual Court Hearing for this August 12th, 2016, 1:30PM  in Courtroom 13A, Federal Court Building, San Diego, CA. (shown in the photo above).

What is an Injunction?

According to the Cornell School of Law it is:

An injunction is a court order requiring a person to do or cease doing a specific actionTemporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions are temporary injunctions. They are issued early in a lawsuit to maintain the status quo by preventing a defendant from becoming insolvent or to stop the defendant from continuing his or her allegedly harmful actions. Choosing whether to grant temporary injunctive relief is a discretionary power of the court. Permanent injunctions are issued as a final judgment in a case. Failure to comply with an injunction may result in being held in contempt of court.

Getting an injunction is NOT an easy process.  A US Supreme Court Decision called “Winter vs Natural Resources Defense Council” set the four-factor preliminary injunction standards that are being used today in Federal Courts.

What the court will want to be convinced of is that for the Plaintiffs:

(1)  there is a likelihood of irreparable harm with no adequate remedy at law;

(2)  the balance of harm favors the movant;

(3)  there is a likelihood of success on the merits of the case;

(4)  the public interest favors the granting of the injunction. Continue reading SB 277 Lawsuit – Preliminary Injunction Hearing Date – August 12th, 2016

SB 277 Lawsuit – Claims for Relief (The Nitty-Gritty)…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

Down to the Nitty-Gritty of the SB 277 Lawsuit…

Yes, this is a lot to read.  But, here, after laying out the situation for the Court, comes the details of exactly what laws the people responsible for SB 277’s passing, and implementation, broke.  Yes, the language is strong and forceful, for it has to be.

What you are about to read is the essence of America – the expression, in language our forefathers would have used, to state what we, as Americans expect.  The attorneys who wrote these words pulled no punches.  They told it like it is.

We are on the march…

Below, is from the lawsuit First Amended Complaint document:

First Claim for Relief Against All Defendants (Violation of Freedom of Religion, Assembly, Parental Rights, 42 U.S.C. § 1983)

136. Plaintiffs incorporate by reference the foregoing paragraphs of this Complaint as though fully set forth herein.

137. Defendants deprived and continue to deprive Plaintiffs of their right to Free Exercise of religion, as secured by the First Amendment and made applicable to the states by the Fourteenth Amendment, by discriminating against Plaintiffs and their children because of the Plaintiffs’ religiously-motivated conduct in making exemption claims, including declining certain vaccines derived from or containing ingredients to which Plaintiffs object, including aborted fetal cells.

138. Defendants are also depriving Plaintiffs and their children of the right to freedom of assembly by depriving children of the right to attend secular or religious private schools of their choosing and by requiring that both public and private schools deny admission and education to children with PBEs.

139. Additionally, Defendants are infringing Plaintiffs’ rights to control the upbringing and education of their minor children according to the religion, system of values, and moral norms they deem appropriate and their rights to the care, custody, education of and association with their children.

140. Defendants are enforcing SB 277 under color of State law and are depriving and will continue to deprive Plaintiffs of numerous hybrid rights secured by the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution in violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1983. Continue reading SB 277 Lawsuit – Claims for Relief (The Nitty-Gritty)…

SB 277 First Amended Complaint “General Allegations…”

Examining the Details…  

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

I make no secret of the fact that I VERY MUCH  like the writing and construction of this lawsuit, both as a legal tool, and as a clear concise, explanation of the issues that we, the people of Planet Earth, face in regards to mandatory vaccine programs.

I know there is a lot of reading that needs to be done to comprehend the magnitude of the problem we face, but..

It’s all right here.  Just read it a piece at a time.

The “General Allegations”…

I am going to break this section of the First Amended Complaint in to sub-sections to make it easier to comprehend where the legal arguments are going.  Yes, there is a lot here to read, but it all makes sense, especially if you break it up into those sections.  So, let’s do that…


(41)  Amid media-created hype and irrational panic over the Disneyland measles outbreak, SB 277 was rushed through the Legislature and signed into law in the course of four short months, bypassing key legislative committees and precluding careful and thoughtful analysis of whether SB 277 was warranted or whether it could coexist with the robust legal framework that exists to protect California’s schoolchildren from marginalization and discrimination.

(42)  Without any factual basis, children with PBEs were saddled with all of the blame for the outbreak, resulting in prejudice and intolerance against them that was so pervasive and so severe as to result in legislation to exile them from schools and daycares. Thus, for the first time in its history, California created a new category of “second-class citizens,” who would forever be barred from its schools in contravention of the United States and California Constitutions, numerous state and federal laws, and decades of California and federal jurisprudence that forbid SB 277’s draconian result.

(43)  California’s children have a fundamental right to attend school and participate in society, free from discrimination and marginalization. Children with disabilities have the right to attend school with their non-disabled peers and not be relegated to learning in isolation. Parents have the right to direct the upbringing of their children in accordance with their deeply-held convictions and their religious beliefs. SB 277 totally and fatally conflicts with these and other fundamental rights and liberties guaranteed to Plaintiffs and their children and to thousands of families who are suffering the aftermath of SB 277. Plaintiffs, therefore, seek a declaration that SB 277 is unconstitutional under both the United States and California Constitutions and a preliminary and permanent injunction preventing Defendants from enforcing SB 277. Continue reading SB 277 First Amended Complaint “General Allegations…”

SB 277 – First Amended Complaint For Declaratory, Injunctive And Other Relief…

Keeping Our Healthy Children in School…

By Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen 

The Starting Point…

On July 1st, 2016 a lawsuit was filed in a San Diego Federal Court asking the court to declare infamous California Senate Bill 277 unconstitutional, and prevent its enforcement.  It was an excellent read.  Its filing compared, in war terms, to the June 6th, 1944 “D-Day” Invasion of Normandy.  The “good guys” were on the beach beginning the counterattack against the forces of evil.

The news traveled across Planet Earth like a soothing spring rain.

Then, yesterday and today, July 14th and 15th, 2016, new filings are appearing starting with what is called, simply enough, a “- FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT FOR DECLARATORY, INJUNCTIVE AND OTHER RELIEF.”  And, although I liked the first filing VERY MUCH, and said so.

I like these legal filings even more.

Before I show them to you, and explain, in simple terms, what is actually going on there are TWO important points I need to make.  They are::

(1)  This whole event, these legal actions, and all of the investigations and sorting of material leading to all of this legal action is the work of a giant, secret, army who managed to work quietly, and unobtrusively, gathering and sorting, making new alliances, for the express purposes surrounding the issues so carefully, and powerfully, explained in the legal papers.  Look around.  There they are.  There YOU are…  

Here WE are…  The doors are open.  Come and play.

(2)  So MUCH is happening with this First Amended Complaint that I am going to break the explanation of it all into separate parts – so, after this article, there is MUCH MORE good stuff coming.  You WILL love this….

What’s New and Different?

Continue reading SB 277 – First Amended Complaint For Declaratory, Injunctive And Other Relief…

Scrutinizing Mandatory Vaccination and SB 277: what lawyers have to say about the new Federal lawsuit

KP Stoller, MD  

The SB 277 bill that was signed into law last year is now the subject of a Federal lawsuit, which has the interest of the many who are against mandatory vaccines and lack of informed consent. But there is precedent for mandatory vaccines. The Jacobson decision in 1905 upheld mandatory vaccination. As a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. The Court’s decision articulated the view that the freedom of the individual must sometimes be subordinated to the common welfare and is subject to the police power of the state.

I have been monitoring the discussion back and forth between two highly respected attorneys who have experience in dealing with vaccine issues as they critiqued the new lawsuit.

After reviewing the filing, the first attorney pointed out five important differences between 1905 and now: Continue reading Scrutinizing Mandatory Vaccination and SB 277: what lawyers have to say about the new Federal lawsuit

SB 277 Litigation Stuff You Need To Know… And Things You Could Do That Would Help…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

Yes, Senate Bill 277, the legislation passed in California to mandate Chinese-made-vaccines force-jammed into California’s innocent children was/is horrible.  Yes, the people behind SB 277 qualify as human scum.

Yes, the campaigns to stop, or reverse, SB 277 have been a not funny joke run by people who just do not know how to think things through before they act.

That was then – this is now…

The big kids have stepped onto the playground…

I watched the behind-the-scenes machinations of the people trying to figure out, not only the legal strategies that would work, but the logistics of getting a REAL lawsuit together to attack SB 277, with interest.  I could a write a book chapter on all that went on to get where we are right now.  Some of it would be humorous. Continue reading SB 277 Litigation Stuff You Need To Know… And Things You Could Do That Would Help…

Fed Judge Denies SB 277 TRO – Wants More Info…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  


This all happened yesterday, but I was traveling…

San Diego Federal Judge Dana M. Sabraw denied the Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) presented by the Plaintiffs, so far, for two reasons – BOTH of which attorneys for the Plaintiffs are remedying as fast as possible.

In essence, Judge Sabraw wants two things:  (1)  the Defendants’ attorneys involved in the hearing, and (2)  A better, more specific example of why there is an emergency requiring a TRO in the first place. Continue reading Fed Judge Denies SB 277 TRO – Wants More Info…

The Legal Assault on SB 277 – What Happens Next?

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  


There is no question that this SB 277 case will go all the way to the United States Supreme Court.  It is designed to do exactly that.  The issues argued in it are THAT important to the American scene.

So, get ready for a knock-down, drag-out fight, with those, within our government system, and private drug corporations, who believe that THEY own our bodies, and our children’s bodies, and that THEY, the government of the moment and their corporate cronies, can do whatever THEY want to any American, at any time they choose.

The people we are up against believe in total control of our lives, with THEM making all of the decisions for, and about, us.

It is, if you think about it, the SAME argument coming forward in our Presidential election.  Establishment Hillary Clinton is all about BIG Government running us all, and Trump is about bringing the REAL America, economy and all, with its Constitution, back to life.

The fact is that the next US President will decide who fills the empty seats on that US Supreme Court – and will make a difference what kind of Supreme Court we will be standing in front of with our SB 277 case.

So, people, four days ago we were a little anxious about what would happen with the implementation of SB 277.  Today, we have landed at Normandy, so-to-speak.  Now we need to fight our way into the enemy’s heartland, and take it away from them.  Can we do that?  Yup…

The Cavalry Has Arrived…

Statue of American Civil War General US Grant

So let’s talk about the upcoming battle.

Now that the lawsuit attacking SB 277 has been filed with the San Diego Federal Court (last Friday, July 1st 2016) it goes into the system.

On Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 it will be given a case number, and will be assigned to a specific Judge, who’s Staff will put it on the schedule for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) action.

Here’s the way this works:

Let me make this clear – all of this activity is to get the Court to order the a permanent SHUTDOWN of SB 277, not allowing it to go forward in any way. Continue reading The Legal Assault on SB 277 – What Happens Next?

The Lawsuit Against SB 277 Has Been Filed…

by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

So, I called attorney Jim Turner about 5:00AM PST this morning and say “Where’s the case, dude?”  He laughed…  He’d been up all night.  Right now it’s 5:00PM PST on Friday, July 1st, 2016  and I’ve got the final copy of the case against SB 277 in my hands.  It will take a while to get this article out – a lot to read, and make phone calls about.  But…

I LOVE it.

The case I talked about two days ago has been electronically filed by Carl Lewis in the San Diego Federal Court.  I have attached copies of each of the individual document sets to this article.  They will be easy to find.  Take the time to familiarize yourself.

The actual name of the filing is “Complaint For Declaratory and Injunctive Relief – Temporary Restraining Order Sought.”  Below I will explain what all that means.

And, there’s a bunch of backup documents.  You can see every one.

But first…

Let me make a few points so we are all on the same page. Continue reading The Lawsuit Against SB 277 Has Been Filed…