The Opposition to the SB 277 Lawsuit is SHOCKED We Would Even Question Their Authority…

After All, They Have the Bible, Right?


Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

Yesterday, Kent Heckenlively JD, in a poignant  article titled “The Coming War and its Aftermath” pointed out the frustrations of trying to solve the vaccine damage issue in North America.  He was right on…

One of the strangest things I have ever come across in my 72 years is the way health care is handled in the United States.  It is not a business, nor a social issue.  It has become the State Religion.

The State Religion?  Yup…

For instance, if our health care system ran our computer industry, starting way back, we’d all, now, be using the equivalent of #2 pencils.  They would cost $42,000 each, and you would need a license, and special permission (after adequate studies were performed) to use the eraser.

Eight Universities would share ownership of the pencil patents, and 2,348 peer-reviewed studies would have been done, associated with 258 Universities world-wide, proving that the lead in the pencils did NOT cause damage in school children.  All pencils would secretly be made in China for less than one cent each.

More, there would be 1,178 separate State and Federal agencies regulating the use of pencils.  California would enact legislation making the use of those pencils MANDATORY as a condition of attending school.  The first female presidential candidate would have her entire campaign funded by the pencil industry.

High Priest of the State Religion – Health Care.

Everyone involved in actually designing or making a computer would be jailed after a long campaign of attacks against them by skeptics.

You would have to have an appointment to see a Pencil Leader in their offices. They would wear white coats, and that thing hanging around their necks would not be a stethoscope, but a pencil sharpener.  They would have a “Well Pencil” Program you would be expected to adhere to.

No one would be allowed to criticize this system.  A continuous Inquisition System would be in place to control heretics.

So, those of us challenging the use of vaccines with devices like a lawsuit against the implementation of SB 277 are, in effect, not just a Galileo aghast that the Church wouldn’t look through his microscope.  We are, more, a Martin Luther challenging the word, and the authority, of the Church itself.

More likely, though, we are like a fledgling North American community in 1776 telling King George (both the government  AND the religion of the time) to stuff his tea tax “where the sun don’t shine.”

Heady stuff…

And, like those in 1776, it isn’t going to be easy to wrest control back from the church.

But, we are on our way…

Health Care is the State Religion?  Really?

Yes.  Of course it is.  Ever notice how much hospitals look like churches – marble entries, and all, designed to intimidate?  Only BIGGER?   Doctors act like potentates, and wear white coats like priests wear vestments.

There is a standing joke that the initials MD stand for Medical Deity.

There is only one difference between health care and religion’s public presentation and persona – the fact that in health care it is all BIGGER.

The Bigger they are….

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen 


12 thoughts on “The Opposition to the SB 277 Lawsuit is SHOCKED We Would Even Question Their Authority…”

  1. Right on, Tim. Thanks. Have you read the article “The Rise of Scientific Fundamentalism”? It’s on Green Med Info’s site. Good article.

    This time around, the “because science” crowd thinks THEY are Galileo…. and the rest of us are either ignorant or religious…the church. It’s a surreal time when both perspectives think they are the cutting edge. LOL

    Of course, we know the truth: They are scientific and medical devotees. “I believe in science” is their state sponsored creed. Creepy….

  2. Tim what are you thoughts on the preparedness of the defendants named in the SB277 lawsuit? I’m curious if you have any thoughts on this.

  3. Brilliant Analogy!!! Thank you for your excellent reporting…. a rare and courageous breed in journalism today!!!

  4. Love this article! I often refer to people- who refuse to research or acknowledge any scientific evidence against vaccines- as religious pro vaxxers, bind-faith pro vaxxers, or Orthodox pro vaxxers. I find these terms of non-endearment to be fitting due to the large leap of faith one must take in order to accept the THEORY of herd immunity despite conflicting data as well as the subservient position of those who bow down and blindly trust the medical, political and pharmaceutical overlords.

  5. Tim BolenScience, and medicine is particular, has strayed so far from its purpose of being objective and free of bias. It is not a servant of truth and knowledge as it was meant. It has been corrupted by those, whose hearts are drenched in greed for power. And when they say “the science is settled”, it only means it is settled at the bottom of their heavy pockets like an old sediment, carefully preserving the fossils of truth – well out of sight for the unsuspecting.
    Science has become a well funded, agenda driven religious cult, that serves individuals and not so much humanity anymore.

  6. Thank You Tim! Here is another HOAX that many are beliving:
    (or the Boston Marathon and Orlando either)

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting 1981)

    I have recently finished reading two stunning new books titled “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” and “Nobody Died in Boston Either” by Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek. I would recommend them to everyone who wants to wake up from the fascist nightmare presently descending on all of us. These books are the “Smoking Gun” that exposes the hand of rogue elements in our government orchestrating “False Flags” and fake shootings in order to stampede us into giving up our liberties and eliminate our Second Amendment rights through the use of trauma and fear.


    “Such hoaxes involve government at the highest levels, as shown by Obama’s visit to Newton (and Boston and Charleston), the use of Air Force One to fly the families to Washington , DC, and  Francis Wheeler’s White House Weekly Address (April 13, 2013). Such government complicity has been demonstrated for the assassination of JFK, the attacks of 9/11, and beyond. In the face of such vast conspiracies it is hard to know how to view the world. When one understands the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon psy-op, however things come into focus”.


    Presently the “Crisis Actors”, their accomplices and other traitors playing in the Sandy Hook hoax have received a total of $131,009,229 in grants and donations including the $50 million for a new school, but this is only a partial accounting. Indeed, the total amount of money raised to date cannot easily be calculated. The “Crisis Actors” from the Boston Bombing Hoax have their own fund raising web pages asking for donations from compassionate people, many receiving over $700,000.00. with “goals” of $1,000,000.00 or more.
    The books are well written, researched and referenced with evidence of the hoax that has been revealed due to sloppy record keeping, poor planning, poor acting, leaked documents and oversights of the criminals involved. The many academics and investigators who contributed to these books are nothing short of brilliant in their detective work. We should follow their example by turning off our TV sets, access the internet and do some of our own thinking for a change. Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

    “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook”
    “False Flags”-
    Boston Bombing Hoax-
    Orlando Shooting Hoax-
    Mind Control-

  7. Yes, Kent Heckenlively’s piece is poignant. Reminds me of my own shock and disgust upon seeing a close friend of mine defending an ardent nazi sympathizer.

    Our relationship changed then and there. I decided, from that experience, not to take others for granted, nor to trust my own instincts about someone’s character. Humbling experience.

    I still feel that sense of loss and betrayal. But maybe I am still the richer for that. Losing a friend whom I trusted, beats not having had a friend in the first place.

  8. Spot on! Scientism has become the new state sponsored religion and vaccines are a sacrament soon to be mandated not just for children, but for everyone.

  9. My parents were in the medical field. My first books as a child were medical texts (that’s what was in the house) and Scientific American. What is going on within the state-pharma collusion has less to do with science and more to do with propaganda clearly.

    People who really understand science know that it is not about the establishment of FACT, but more about using a methodology to get to a reasonable conclusion by ruling out other possible explanations. FACT doesn’t get established until the same conclusions are arrived at after many many different tests. Conclusions are also heavily influenced by the tools of observation and measurement.

    Because the vaccine religion isn’t built upon conclusions (since there are few studies on its efficacy or effects), nor tests to determine efficacy, effects or implications for health, it is not actually scientific. If vaccine activity is not scientific, then the “science” cannot be settled.

    What irks me the most is that few people on the pro-vaccine side are engaging in anything like the exercise in logic that I just demonstrated. They are purely emotive. While I would like to blame this behavior on their highly vaccinated state, I cannot do that, because I have no real proof of that conclusion.

    I am not anti-science. I am not anti-logic. I am anti-propaganda and anti-unproven medical activities including, but not limited to, vaccination. I fully support the efforts to repeal SB 277 BEFORE we have an insurmountable wave of autism and infant deaths in California.

  10. “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom”…. Benjamin Rush – Founding Father

  11. how bout the toxins that this govt is spraying in the air daily?? If Mr. Davoud Tahidy can do it in Canada, why can’t we?…Public Law 105-85 Sec.1078 suggests that by acquiescence they can disperse biological substance on the american people! That along w/ the vaccines and the poison in our food,the water, etc. we’re getting pounded from all sides! My God there ought to be something we can do…I have a link of Mr.Tahidy’s vid about his lawsuit…and on the timer of approx. 30:00 he talks about public law 105-85 in America…I don’t know what!! To do…I don’t have the money for an attorney…but I can do whatever else… here is the link…

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