About the BolenReport

The primary author and organizer of this BolenReport website is Tim Bolen.  But, there are other SUPERB, knowledgeable Authors here too.

Look to the column on the left to see who they are.  As you read those other author’s articles you will see why Tim asked them to come here with their work.

Also, in the left-hand column you will find Categories of articles you will find interesting.

Why?  Several Reasons.  The Team.

Tim Bolen has been a Crisis Management Consultant in the Alternative Medicine section of the North American Health Care system for over thirty (30) years. He is a long time leader in the powerful North American Health Freedom Movement.

Because of this, Tim has an insider’s view of the problems confronted by cutting-edge health care professionals, be those individual practitioners, special interest groups, companies, health issues, etc.

Name a current health care issue, and Tim knows the players on the side of “Good,” personally, and has their instant contact information.  If not, he can get that information in a very short time.  A wide range of people keep in contact with Tim, discussing the world of cutting-edge health care and unresolved health issues – like autism and vaccines.

Tim is also knowledgeable about “the other side” those that cause problems for cutting-edge issues, and, generally, “the other side” hate him.  Why?  Because Tim, in a campaign, will drive over them with an Army tank, so to speak, not just beating them in the current argument, but nailing them to the wall for all to observe and laugh at.  Tim believes that this serves to discourage their activities.  And it does.

Every Author working with Tim has SPECIAL knowledge, and a passion for it – as you will soon find out.

On this webpage you will find articles, organized by Category, that go back as far as 1995 relating to Tim’s, and other Author’s work and interests.  Before that Tim worked behind the scenes specializing in the problems of entities having problems with public agencies.

The most famous of the opposition to cutting-edge health care, de-licensed MD Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch.com, sued Tim, and a group of his acquaintances, in the year 2001, trying, as it were, to shut Tim up.  The case went all of the way to the California Supreme Court, lasting nine years.  The Courts decided in Tim and the other the Defendants favor, forcing Barrett, and the other two Plaintiffs, to pay over $500,000 in the Defendants legal fees.  Internet legal precedent defining “defamation” was set with this case.  Barrett, and the other Plaintiffs, were humiliated publicly.

The Millions of Health Freedom Fighters – Newsletter grew out of Tim’s individual campaigns, be they secret, or public.  In a campaign Tim always creates a “communications network,” as well as a “white paper” detailing what the campaign is/was all about, so that the campaigners are always on the same page and, more importantly, heading in the right (same) direction.  Years ago, Tim started adding individual campaign email lists to the Millions email newsletter list, so that each campaign would have an idea what others had done.

You will find the results of those campaigns in the pages here.  And more, all presented in Tim’s matter-of-fact, IRREVERENT manner.

As Tim’s long time friend, nationally known cancer doctor Nicholas Gonzalez MD used to say “you never know what Tim is going to say next.  You have to read all the way to the bottom of his articles, because, for sure, he is going to make you laugh.  And think.”

And now it is only going to get better….