Kent Heckenlively’s New Book “Presidential Takedown”

How Anthony Fauci, the CDC, NIH, and the WHO Conspired to Overthrow President Trump

An explosive behind-the-scenes look at Donald Trump’s final months in office and how the COVID crisis response was a carefully crafted plan to ruin him.

Opinion By Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Buy this book.  It is an insider’s look at what ACTUALLY  happened during the Covid-19 worldwide hoax.  It is a roadmap to solution.

One of the authors, Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, is a world-wide recognized expert in what is called “Evidence Based Medicine.”

Johns Hopkins describes Evidence Based Medicine as:

“Evidence-based medicine is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values. Evidence-based medicine is an interdisciplinary approach which uses techniques from science, engineering, biostatistics and epidemiology, such as meta-analysis, decision analysis, risk-benefit analysis, and randomized controlled trials to deliver “ the right care at the right time to the right patient.” (Source : AHRQ)

Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) aims for the ideal that healthcare professionals should make “conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence” in their everyday practice. The practice of evidence-based medicine uses systematic reviews of the medical literature to evaluate the best evidence on specific clinical topics (evidence synthesis). The evidence is then translated into practice by medical practitioners who select treatment options for specific cases based on the best research, patient preferences and individual patient characteristics (knowledge translation). Evidence-based medicine practitioners engage in life-long learning and are committed to the continuing education of professionals and patient communities.”

The book is a blueprint for a Congressional Investigation, More, it’s authors provide a twenty step plan to restore America.


2 thoughts on “Kent Heckenlively’s New Book “Presidential Takedown””

  1. Maybe this blog could be revived. There are a lot of people who might be open to what is said here now.

  2. Evidently Baseless Medicine or Scienticiously Based Medicine is a hoax. Garbage in, Garbage out. Pharma gamed data in, Pharma profits out. Dr Alexander and The Wellness Company and their funding is questionable. Now that said, I am not attacking this book since I havent read it. I am just saying take a second look at the source. Heckenlively I trust. Dr Alexander, not so much.

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Watch California – It Is Boiling The Frogs…

Want To Know What The Liberals Have Planned For America?  Watch California.  It Is All Coming To A Boiling Point Right Here…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

In California you simply cannot make up a wild enough story to outdo the REALITY of daily life doled out by the communists who actually run the State of California.

Let’s start with the fake drought – the control of the State’s water.


4 thoughts on “Watch California – It Is Boiling The Frogs…”

  1. In your prognosticating…
    1) is Northern California going to secede?
    2) would a ‘progrressive’ ever read Newsweek? and see that the CV19 VAX is a colossal failure, oops I mean PARADOX… namely MORE INJECTING = MORE INFECTING
    3) will it make a difference that the Governor got GBS as an adverse side effect of his VAX, and had to go to MEXICO to get STEMCELL TREATMENT [illegal here]…?
    4) would Stanford take up the challenge of the Canadian university that showed that the pandemic hysteria damaged SOME people’s ability to gage risk AND made them likely to be victims of the FAILED VAX PUSHING……?

    There sure is a lot of ‘what-iffing’ going on these days, around the secession potentials……. and California’s boiling scene could trigger even more…. ttyl

  2. MJ:

    Yes, it is unsettling to see what California is doing – especially since it seems to ignore reality, generally.

    But, as we saw with the passing of SB277 (Mandatory Vaccines for children) in California, that action made most other States organize and defeat similar legislation.

    My whole point is to once again ALERT other States, and countries, to keep an eye on California – for what seems to be a far-fetched crazy sounding idea in a Red State is actually starting to become a law, or an official policy, in communist California.

  3. This blog has consistently been very prescient on what is going on in the world. I just read above about the California move to take children away from parents which as of January, 2022 seems to be a real threat.

    I hope you will publish more posts. Or are you perhaps presenting your writings elsewhere?

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Sometimes I Hate Being Right. Election 2020 Was “Big Pharma Vs. Trump.” And Big Pharma Won…

The Entire US Democratic Party Is Wholly Owned By “Big Pharma” – No Exceptions…

Vaccine Mandates (Forced Medications) Were The Entire “Behind The Scenes”  Election Issue – and SO FAR the Democrats have delivered on their promises.

Opinion By Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

I have just been sitting here watching the battle to control humanity unfold.  It is, in fact, epic.

In the US, for instance, the battle centers around the idea that all Americans need to be moved from a “One man one vote” philosophy to a “do as you are told immediately when a government employee says to do something” scenario. The Democrats are dead serious about accomplishing this.

The concept of “Vaccine Mandates” has NOTHING to do with disease prevention, and EVERYTHING to do with controlling every aspect of every human’s mental and body functions.


10 thoughts on “Sometimes I Hate Being Right. Election 2020 Was “Big Pharma Vs. Trump.” And Big Pharma Won…”

  1. I agree with most of the content of this article. Make no mistake Fox News takes a lot of money for advertising through Pharmaceuticals as well as conservative elected officials… Just sayin’

  2. Well Tim, some Democrats are switching parties as the narrative passed the insanity level, including many ethnic groups. So now picture this.

    The Crimes Against Humanity CLASS ACTION lawsuit HAS BEEN FILED and names CDC, WHO and the Davos Group as defendants [to start].. And RFK, Jr’s book on The Real Anthony Fauci is selling very well..

    Stonewalling the case may work for a while til it’s time to EXTRADICT FAUCI etc.. Hopefully some crime case specialist can clue us into what happens next. TTYL

  3. I seem to remember that it was Trump admin that created the Warp Speed initiative. Scott Gotlieb, his FDA commissioner, is on the board of directors of Pfizer. I dont remember Trump doing anything to encourage Dr Fauci to leave.
    When are we all going to stop waiting for some savior to fix a corrupt system? Trump is certainly not the person to do it.

  4. Roger, you seriously misestimate the tasks being worked on by a POTUS,… ya know, things like trade deals, world peace and shutting down the border, etc

    AND for the record Trump did BASICALLY not only ADVOCATE alternatives [HCQ for one] to FAUCI’s face in front of national TV and on twitter, he also modeled alternatives in his own bout with the virus…

    As for Warp Speed, that was a challenge to the vaxxers, and in the process, the whole world all got to see the corrupt and fraudulent vax empire disgrace itself for its bragging.

    And for the record again, Trump specifically told his followers, long ago, that it was up to them to push for what was in their reach.. SO GET BUSY….. and stop whining……… ttyl

  5. Millions across the world are protesting vaccine mandates. The whole world is rising up. Amazing times we are living in…May God help those who took the depopulation shot…thanks, Tim, for the wonderful news about the 70 court cases!


  6. The late Rod Serling could’ve written a script for his Twilight Zone series mirroring what has taken place since the Spring of 2020.

    Never in all my years has there been such a surreal threat to our freedom and liberties than what has occurred in the last year.

    Fauci is a mad, sociopathic, criminal who supports zero population growth just like his billionaire buddy Bill Gates. They need to be investigated and tried for their crimes against humanity.

    Why the mad push and mandates for the coronavirus vaccine? It’s more than just a conspiracy theory. Way more. Why hasn’t an independent lab investigated the vaccines to see what they really consist of?

    I truly believe that there is a sinister plot behind this dark, dirty curtain, that the left (marxists) lurk behind. I truly believe ratbags like Gavin Newsome and his butt ugly Aunt Nancy Polosi, Bill Gates, George Soros, Anthony Fauci and big tech are all players in this hideous charade. Biden is too brain dead to know what is really going on. He just reads his scripts then saunters off to his cave.

    America the beautiful has become fully unhinged by truly evil people of power who are doing their damndest to be the puppet masters amongst humanity.

    Are we as proud American’s to succumb to the “you’ll obey our every command” from the ultra radical left, or will we finally rise to the occasion and shout ‘we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.’

    Our parents and grandparents fought to save our beautiful nation from fascist leaders during WW2. They gave up their lives so that future generations could revel in peace, freedom, liberty, justice and enjoy the fruits of success in their daily lives.

    Are we to abandon what America is all about by being weak and submissive to a group of sick and demented radical left leaders and their supporters?

    Haven’t we had enough? It’s time the tides shift and those viscous, power hungry marxists lose their seat in government. AOC and all the rest of those stinking radical turds can all be given the royal flush down the sewage pipe.

  7. There she is again ‘MJ Raichyk’ still defending the Trump to the end and for what? The man that took Pharmas money (1 million) for his inauguration and immediately dropped the Rfkjr vaccine commission. How in the h*ll do you defend something like that? I hear every excuse from you defending Trump the lying sellout.

  8. Joejoe, you didn’t overturn any one of my points in your attack on what I said.. and I’d point out as far as the pharma donation, that’s a pittance in pharma’s political budget, which is $200TIMES [on average] what they gave Trump..

    And as far as RFK Jr’s efforts OUTSIDE THE CHAOS and SABOTAGED TRUMP ADMINISTRATION… Bobby was a hundred times stronger and more productive outside, so check the timing relative to the Russia assaults..

    So pack up your prejudice and stuff a sock in it… ttyl

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The Globalist Democrat Caused HORRORS in California Are VERY Real…

Why Have The Democrats Stopped The Rain in California?

More – Why Are They Burning The Forests, Turning Off The Water To The Farmers, Force-Vaccinating The Population, Shutting Down The California Economy With “Covid-19 Shutdowns,” Demonizing White People, Battering The Homeless, Letting All The Violent Criminals Out of Jail, Subsidizing Illegal Aliens, etc.?

Easy answer They are quickly converting the State from Capitalism to a Globalist Communism.

Opinion By Consumer Activist Tim Bolen

They have already stopped the California rains with Geo-engineering…

Everyone on Planet Earth knows California is burning.  I am going to show you two relatively short videos.  Both, together, will show you why that is happening.


2 thoughts on “The Globalist Democrat Caused HORRORS in California Are VERY Real…”

  1. Tim, I’m sure you’ve also noted the concentrated effort from the White House to destroy America AND ANY ALLIED WESTERN or WESTERNIZED people we consider friends.

    I hope this isn’t to psychological for some people, but we have criminals in charge in DC and they KNOW they will be EXPOSED and STOPPED very soon. HENCE the rush to destroy as much and as many as fast as they can… not just California

    There are — and should be — consequences for SUCH MASSIVE FRAUD at such a NATIONAL SECURITY LEVEL.

    Case in point: The second largest cyber security firm for HOME COMPUTERS — namely AVG and AVAST — have installed their ‘UPDATES’ to *protect* you from seeing that THEFT OF ELECTION and ANY ALTERNATIVE SOCIAL MEDIA DEVOTED TO PATRIOTS…

    yes, that’s right, THEY HAVE SHUT DOWN ALL THE AUDIO and left the video to play which is confusing many people who are just starting to reach out and dabble in RUMBLE, BITCHUTE and those websites that keep their videos there…

    AVG and AVAST are CZECH COMPANIES.. so this is foreign interference in OUR INTERNET USE.

    More interestingly, THAT UPDATE WAS ISSUED PRECISELY IN THE WEEK JUST BEFORE MIKE LINDELL’s CYBER SECURITY SYMPOSIUM…. the three day effort to show ALL THE EVIDENCE SUPPORTING THE CLAIMS OF FOREIGN INTERFERENCE IN OUR ELECTION… PLUS THE DOMINION BUILT-IN FRAUD in the handling of ballots that get classed as needing ‘adjudication’ by someone other than the voter….

    I kinda don’t think that was just coincidence.

    Further, think how much these election thieves, particularly the demented Crook-in-Chief, HATE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO GAVE TRUMP SUCH A LANDSLIDE THAT THE CROOKS HAD TO STOP THE COUNT in the dead of night in order to adjust their cheating.

    The American voter HUMILIATED THE CROOK-IN-CHIEF and in his hate-filled demented state, we have got to get him out of the White House…

    I’m hoping enough Democrats are adequately alarmed by the Afghan and forced-vaxxing that they will go along on the use of the 25th, no matter how much they can’t stand Harris. She was put there precisely to keep people hopeless on any agenda against traitor-Biden. But I think we have a better chance of handcuffing her attempts — considering how Mexico dismissed her — compared to the fear that limits conservatives from calling Biden anything worse than ‘sleepy joe’…

    So yes California was sold out and already headed for the drain, before Trump intervened, which now proves that we must use the 25thA on Biden ASAP and get the audits done.

    Don’t you agree? or is this too brutal a reality and the drain is waiting for all of western peoples… The Aussies wonder why they’re not getting help… Hong Kong, Taiwan.. and EUROPEAN NATO ALLIES LEFT BEHIND IN AFGHANISTAN after all the traitor-assurances to G7 are dust…

    How far along on this spectrum is the HEALTH COMMUNITY, because we still have ACES… And RFK, Jr has more coming with two books — The Real Anthony Fauci, and Vax/Unvax — but they don’t come out til NOVEMBER…

    What’s your sense of the health community coming to the rescue? TTYL

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Part Two – How To EFFECTIVELY Deal With The Three Aspects Of Covid-19:

(1) The Infection Stage, (2) The Covid Long-Haul Stage, and (3) The Vaccine Spike Protein Reaction

How to understand, and activate, common sense solution(s)...

Let’s begin.

Compiled  by Owen R. Fonorow – President of the Vitamin C Foundation

Tom Levy MD, JD says, in an article in Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, June 21, 2021 that before we begin explaining the solution let’s look at what’s really going on so we can understand the mechanism of that solution.

His exact words were:

In structuring a clinical protocol to stop the ravages of persistent spike protein presence throughout the body, it is first important to realize that the protocol should be able to effectively treat any aspect of COVID infection, including those periods during active infection, after “active” infection (long-haul COVID), and during ongoing spike protein presence secondary to either “chronic” COVID infection or resulting from COVID vaccine administration.As is the case with any treatment for any condition, factors of expense, availability, and patient compliance always play a role in determining what treatment a given patient will actually undergo for a given period of time.

As such, no one specific protocol will be appropriate for all patients, even if the same pathology is present. Ideally, of course, the best protocol is to use all of the options discussed below.

When the entirety of the protocol is not possible or feasible, which is most often the case, the combination of HP nebulization, high-dose vitamin C, and appropriately-dosed ivermectin is an excellent way to effectively address long-haul COVID and persistent spike protein syndromes.

Much of the rationale of the protocols is based on what is known about the spike protein and how it appears to inflict its harm. The following aspects of spike protein pathophysiology need to all be considered in crafting an optimal treatment protocol:

– The ongoing production of spike protein by the vaccine-supplied mRNA into the cells for the purpose of stimulating the production of neutralizing antibodies (Khehra et al., 2021)

– The binding of the spike protein, with or without an attached virion, to an ACE2 binding site on the cell wall, as an initial step to dissolving that portion of the cell wall, permitting the spike protein (and attached virus particle if present) into the cell

– The binding of the spike protein to an ACE2 binding site, but just remaining bound to that site and not initiating enzymatic degradation of the cell wall, with or without an attached virion

– The degree to which circulating spike protein is present in the blood and actively disseminating throughout the body

– The fact that the spike protein by itself is toxic (pro-oxidant in nature) and capable of generating disease-generating oxidative stress throughout the body. This is addressed most directly by persistent and highly-dosed vitamin C.

Known Therapeutic Agents and Their Mechanisms


One thought on “Part Two – How To EFFECTIVELY Deal With The Three Aspects Of Covid-19:”

  1. Great article. I believe EGCG also helps zinc get into cells… Coconut oil is antiviral, too. Aspirin thins the blood inhibiting blood clots, if i am correct.

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Mockery – Why Didn’t Biden Just Demand That The Taliban Be Fully Vaccinated, Wear Face Masks, And Self Quarantine For Two Weeks, While They Invaded Kabul?

He could have sicced Anthony Fauci onto them, and screwed up their whole revolution….

I guess whoever speaks into his earpiece just didn’t think of it…

Opinion by “Even More Deplorable Than EVER Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Of course I am mocking the Biden Administration.

Everyone is.  Even CNN.

I could make this article much longer.  But why?

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Even More Deplorable Than EVER Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

One thought on “Mockery – Why Didn’t Biden Just Demand That The Taliban Be Fully Vaccinated, Wear Face Masks, And Self Quarantine For Two Weeks, While They Invaded Kabul?”

  1. While the Taliban does some ugly things, I think fully vaccinating them is too cruel. I think fully vaccinating American troops is cruel and a threat to national security. The previous article by Owen Fonorow supports the view that Covid-19 vaccines are so toxic they should be prohibited, yet government leaders persist in claiming that the Covid-19 vaccines should be mandatory.

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How To EFFECTIVELY Deal With The Three Aspects Of Covid-19:

(1) The Infection Stage, (2) The Covid Long-Haul Stage, and (3) The Vaccine Spike Protein Reaction

Don’t Panic – According to many doctors there is a “Common Sense” approach that works.

The first step is to understand the problem.

Compiled  by Owen R. Fonorow – President of the Vitamin C Foundation

Every person on Planet Earth, with the least bit of  common sense, has learned NOT to turn on the liberal news services for real information about anything.  The so-called Covid-19 debacle is a prime example.  According to the CNNs of the world every country is near death, everyone is falling-down sick, everyone needs to get all 4,631 vaccinations as soon as possible, Critical Race Theory, and transgenderism  are the answers, and it is all Donald Trump’s fault.  Blah, blah, blah, blah…

But there really is good information about what’s REALLY going on about virtually EVERY important social issue.  You are just NOT going to find it on the usual Social Media outlets, and most certainly not on liberal TV.  Millions of people have simply gone elsewhere.

So, what about this Covid-19 holocaust?  Is there real danger, or is all this all a creation of the liberal degenerates?


8 thoughts on “How To EFFECTIVELY Deal With The Three Aspects Of Covid-19:”

  1. We’d like to hear Dr. Levy’s take of One point not addressed is whether the Jabbed shed spike protein. If so, the Jabbed become a very real danger to those of us who prefer a healthy immune system. Dr. Levy’s protocol can be expanded upon to further address the multiple organ failure being experienced by some as a second hand “vaccine” adverse reaction.

    Here is Dr. Rima Laibow’s approach:

  2. Great information. I feel for those who have and those who are getting the jab. Shame on the elite and some politicians who are out to load their own pockets at the price of innocent people’s lives.

  3. re: Where’s the miscarriages?”

    First of all, anyone reading this site must be aware of the CDC whistle-blower, and that it is foolhardy for any pregnant woman to take any vaccine.

    I first became aware of the theoretical potential for infertility caused by a proliferation of spike proteins after listening to Dr. Lee Merrit,, MD.

    Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, explained in a tweet to Ponce that “[t]here is a known potential mid-pregnancy fertility risk of the experimental vaccine … The vaccine is NOT cleared of infertility risk.”

    Gold acknowledged that “getting COVID-19 has been associated with a high risk of mid-pregnancy miscarriage because the placenta fails,” but advised that “the vaccine may do the exact same thing — but not for just the few weeks of being sick — but forever.”

    March 05, 2021: Fertility warning: 34 cases of spontaneous miscarriage and stillbirth reported after experimental mRNA vaccines.

    Most of the miscarriages occurred in the first trimester, when prenatal development is most tedious. Twenty-five of the miscarriages occurred within two weeks after the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was administered, with some miscarriage symptoms beginning within 48 hours after the shot was administered. Even more shocking, there were four stillborn babies after vaccination, all occurring in the second and third trimester.

    July 6, 2021: STUDY: 82% of pregnant women who got vaccinated for covid during first and second trimesters suffered miscarriage

    Entitled, “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons,” the paper contends with its words that there are “no obvious safety signals among pregnant [women] who received Covid-19 vaccines.” However, a table published as part of the study shows that the vast majority of pregnant women who get injected never end up delivering a live baby.

  4. Yay, real data.. thanks Owen… the scuttlebutt on miscarriages was getting through and some said that they knew this in October 2020, yet members of a FB group for C in Childbirth, Pregnancy, etc were still getting pressured by their nurses during visits to take the shot to ‘protect the baby’…. omg.. Experience there matches these stats, roughly and yet these mothers-to-be were vulnerable to such awful ‘threatening’ advising……. Will relay this gem… ttyl

  5. Ralph, I suspect Dr Levy and now Owen will be telling us that Orthomolecular followers will avoid ADE, so the incineration of massive numbers of them will be avoided..

    The poor animals in the pharmaceutical study didn’t have that ability as they only had their native levels of C, and no nebulizer and no forewarning.. poor things… Don’t give in to the threat… Even some geniuses haven’t learned the power of vitamin C, etc.. Even Szent Giyorgi…


  6. Ralph,
    This is Dr. Levy’s reply to your question:

    I would think that [jabbed she spike proteins] is absolutely the case. Long before there was even talk of “spike protein” a massage therapist told a colleague of mine that every time she massaged two of her vaccinated patients, her hands would break out in a rash. Hard to imagine what else might be causing that.

    However, it is my firm belief that only a small percentage of jabs are toxic, or toxin-producing. You can’t make everyone sick (or dead) all at once. After all, if a given injection can kill a 25 year-old in 2 days with myocarditis, blood clotting, and acute heart failure, how can the same injection NOT kill 100% of 86 year-old individuals with
    4 diseases and on a dozen meds?

    My answer: one is toxic and one is placebo. And don’t worry, with the eternal booster shot plan formulating, most of the injectees will eventually get the toxic shot.

    p.s. I couldn’t find the Spike Protein e-book. That link was to an interesting graphic.

  7. “…the apparent ability of the spike protein to replicate itself indefinitely within the cells it enters…”

    You mean the mRNA vaccines won’t be self-limiting?!?

    How solid is the claim that the spike protein by itself can replicate? Can you point to the paper that mentions this? TIA.

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Anti-Vaxxers Have Globalist Big Pharma Terrified For GOOD Reasons…

The Very Existence of “Autism One” Is A Good Example…  

Globalist Big Pharma has tried everything to stop the Anti-Vaxxer movement, to no avail. 

In fact, the movement grows stronger, meaner, and more determined to save the world from the Bill Gates/Hillary Clinton Agenda 21 Depopulation Agenda every day…

Anti-Vaxxers Back Down To/For No One.

Opinion by “Even More Deplorable Than EVER Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

All of us in the activist world for the side of “Good against Evil” suffer from the attacks of those minions hired to shut us down on the internet.  It is just what it is.

For every move they make against us there is a counter-move, and we make them.

Some people, like ME for instance, HUNT those attackers down and expose them for what they are.  It’s like turning over a rock and watching the scurrying.  Example – my Skeptic series was a real eye opener.  The Skeptics had to shut down their Las Vegas training camp as a result.

One of  the tricks the globalists tried was to use the fake Covid-19 crisis to shut down Anti-Vaxxer gatherings like “Autism One”– those people and places where those new to the movement could go to get REAL information about how horrible vaccines and the vaccine programs really are.  But “Autism One” has tricks of its own – and they simply engaged in new tactics to get out the word, so-to-speak.

The shutdowns…


5 thoughts on “Anti-Vaxxers Have Globalist Big Pharma Terrified For GOOD Reasons…”

  1. Big Pharma control of the state medical boards through that organization needs to be updated because they are threatening physicians who speak out about covid vax issues.
    I could check with Hal Turner also, to see if he would do an on air interview wuth you on this topic.

  2. KillGates tries to have the army, police etc. on the side of the vaccine-murderers. With the vaccines, they also try implant total obedience in them. If these people do not want to be damaged, murdered, fall under the control of the evil, they have to get them to the side of the Anti-Vaxxers. They have to be enlightened and persuaded. Many of the high ups are most likely bribed, in other words, they became traitors. The soldiers have to form military courts, arrest and try them as traitors. After that they have to get after the other crooks. The army is to protect the honest citizens and not the traitors. They need to raid the concentration camps and free the inmates.

  3. Big Pharma control of the state medical boards through that organization needs to be updated because they are threatening physicians who speak out about all vax issues not just corona shots.

  4. What better name could there be for the venue of this AutismOne Conference than “Godspeak”? May God speak to many through the testimony of these brave witnesses, whom we have known and admired for so many years!
    Thank you, Tim, for your continuing optimism and determination, which inspires all your readers.

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Kent Heckenlively and Dave Rubin Talk “Big Tech Censorship!!”

And, they get right to the point…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Like Tim Bolen, I’ve been trying to figure out the next steps forward after the disaster our country has become since November 3, 2020. The quick answer is I needed to make a lot of new friends.

Click on the book photo to order the book

And quite honestly, it’s been very successful.

It has resulted in the writing of two new books, both being published in August.

The first is Google Leaks: A Whistleblower’s Expose of Big Tech Censorship, (August 3, 2021) cowritten with Zach Vorhies, the actual whistleblower at Google.

And Behind the Mask of Facebook: A Whistleblower’s Shocking Story of Big Tech Bias and Censorship, (August 17, 2021) cowritten with Ryan Hartwig, the actual whistleblower at Facebook.

Click on the book photo to order the book

Along the way, Dennis and Susan Prager have become big fans of my work, and that led me to an interview with Dave Rubin, (the Rubin Report and author of Don’t Burn This Book) who has to be one of the nicest people on the planet. His staff is also extremely courteous and professional, some of the best people with whom I’ve ever interacted.

I believe there’s a convergence between those of us in the health freedom movement and conservatives who are finding their voices censored online. It’s time for all the various tribes to unite and fight the common enemies of freedom.

In that spirit I present my interview with Dave Rubin…


2 thoughts on “Kent Heckenlively and Dave Rubin Talk “Big Tech Censorship!!””

  1. In one of the more interesting passages in Plague of Corruption, DOJ attorney Vincent Matanowski misrepresents HHS expert Dr. Andrew Zimmerman. It is pointed out that accurately representing Zimmerman would result in hundreds of billions of dollars in red ink. The red ink would motivate people to reconsider exempting vaccine manufacturers from tort liability and claiming that the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks.

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Getting To The Truth – Portugal Shows Us the Way…

The whole Covid-19 thing is coming apart…

Portugal’s “Public Health” Has been forced to reduce their Covid-19 death claims from 17,000 to 152…

From Europe By Karma Singh

Some will recall how, in November 2020, the Court of Appeal in Lisbon, Portugal ruled on a writ of Habeas Corpus that results of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) “tests” could not be used to diagnose anyone as ill and / or infectious because the Polymerase Chain Reaction test is not capable of doing so.

The reason why both the inventor, Dr. Kerry Mullis PhD and all manufacturers state that PCR should never be used for diagnostic purposes is because it is simply not capable of making any such distinction.

When we add to this the fact that PCR is never used to detect the presence of a “virus” which causes Covid-19 because such a “virus” has never been found and then ask what a PCR “test” does purport to show we enter some very murky waters.

In 2004, a micro-protein was discovered…

It is around one thousand times smaller than a putative “virus” with a mere 37 base pairs in its genome. A “Virus” is assumed to have 30 to 40 thousand base pairs (as the existence of viruses is but a postulate waiting for proof, the number of base pairs, as with all other attributes, can be nothing more than speculation.) This micro-protein has, further, been discovered in the genomes of mink, sheep, goats, lions, more than 100 types of bacteria and even in a papaya fruit. It is found in 74 places in the human genome. It is probable that all mammals use it to build their cells.

For the purpose of this plandemic, this micro-protein was renamed “Sars-Cov-2”.

Although a great deal of effort has gone into obfuscating these facts and wild declarations that it IS the virus and / or the alternate name for Covid-19 have been made it is nothing of the sort and remains a stable building block for human proteins.

We now see why Dr. Mullis has stated that PCR should never be used diagnostically:


11 thoughts on “Getting To The Truth – Portugal Shows Us the Way…”

  1. A big ray of hope! Thanks so much, Karma! I’ve missed your posts. Hope all is well.

  2. Brilliant report, as usual from Karma Singh. Seems I can not repost links on faceblock, as I have just been banned for a month. Seems free speech isnt so free these days.

  3. Fakebook is Dead people…. all they do is Ban the Truth. Get on, the alternative Free Speech social media platform. No censorship of anyone as long as they don’t incite violence or directly threaten anyone. Everything else is fair game so lots of great info being shared all over the World.

  4. As the left always says, education is the key. They however don’t believe this any longer. The left continues to be able to snow Americans and other people around the world, because, despite Johannes Gutenberg’s wonder invention that should have increased truth a million fold, most people will not read or inform themselves as every enlightened human being should.

  5. It’s much more insidious than that, Bobby, and goes back to the time when universal education was first introduced.
    Despite propaganda, this was NOT a philanthropic “present” but came from the realisation amongst the industrial barons that, in order to become richer, they needed workers who could read, write and handle basic arithmetic.

    The problem is that, when you teach someone to read, they are likely to read something that you don’t want them to know.
    The solution is that the main thrust of “public” education is the suppression of independent thinking. This is why, for example, students in the Schetinin schools, which encourage independent thinking, manage the same curriculum for which “ordinary” education requires 12 years in a maximum of 18 months.

    As in the Jesuit teachings: “Give me the boy till he be seven and I give you the man.”

    It is not laziness but indoctrination which, by intent, so detracts from independent thought and research.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  6. Tim,
    I think you need to change your hosting.
    You are being heavily censored, especially trans-Atlantic.

    Let me know what hosting you need and I’ll see which of our servers in which country is the best fit.

    Blessed be

  7. Thank you for this article. I knew the PCR doesn’t say anything, but I didn’t know about the small proteine particle that’s always present.
    But how can we explain the growing number of death’s among the vaccinated? Is it the vaccine-damage?

  8. I love this! Absolutely brilliant. Actually, this is the naked truth, not just in Portugal, but everywhere. It cuts right through the web of lies spun by authorities worldwide. And this truth should set us free!

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Everyone Wonders Where We Here At The BolenReport Have Been…

Simple Answer – If There Is A Riot On Your Street Go Somewhere Else For A While…

We Decided To Sort of Watch What Happens For A While, Instead Of Participating In The Chaos.  And THAT is turning out very well.

Opinion by “Even More Deplorable Than EVER Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Let’s start with this – I am NOT Happy with Donald Trump.  Frankly, he blew it.  He could have done things a whole lot better.  Too much “Mr. Nice Guy…”

Donald Kissing up to the Vaccine Industry?  Letting Fauci Run Amok – Stomping All Over Him?

I thought this guy had more common sense then to let the Deep State control the Covid-19 narrative.  Apparently he didn’t.  Apparently he doesn’t…

Now we all have to deal with whoever it is that is putting the words in that clown Biden’s mouth.

And, of course, now we get to see the effects of that experimental so-called  DNA modifying Covid-19 vaccine…

Laugh – Stores in California now display a sign that says “Only the fully vaccinated need not wear masks…”  Taking a leaf from the liberal playbook, well “today I identify as “fully vaccinated…”  I am as fully vaccinated as I am ever going to get – thank you very much…  And according to HIPPA law they can’t even ask….

My strategy here is, I think, EXACTLY the strategy that ALL conservatives need to attach themselves to…

About Liberals – Give Them Enough Rope And They Will Hang Themselves…


21 thoughts on “Everyone Wonders Where We Here At The BolenReport Have Been…”

  1. Pharmaceutical industry control of state licensing biard through a national organization of medical boards was coveted briefly by your site about 10 years ago. How about an update with specifics?

  2. Good to hear from you, Tim. Keep it coming. You’re right about Trump. I still like him in a lot of ways, but this ‘Rona hoax, and anything medical or scientific is out of his league. I’m a DeSantis fan now.

  3. It was very smart strategy, in my opinion. If not for warp speed we all be forced to wear face diapers for 2 more years and then mandatory vaxxing. But now there is no mandates because it is experimental jab. I personally never put this shit on my face and will never take any shots.

  4. Glad you are back. We need you to promote the World Wide Demonstrations (WWD) against lockdowns, masking and vaxx mandates.

    Although the legacy media refused to cover it the WWD and bans any promotion, the every-other month event continues to get bigger. Last month over 100 countries, 190 cities with millions of participants.

    More here:

    Since October about a half billion people left (or were forced off) Twitter, YouTube and Facebook — the legacy media. Same time a half billion joined That’s where the action is right now. That is the system over which the WWDs are being organized.

  5. Nice to hear from you Tim. You stuck with him until the end LoL, I was told how wrong I was about Trump by many here. He conned us all, although many still don’t admit. Trump just does what he thinks will make him popular since he’s a narcissist. I am considering Desantis but have heard some things about his Florida executive orders which would force vaccinate anyone during a pandemic and hold them against their will. I watched this on the David knight show, and heard about it from others but did not actually read it myself.

  6. Hey Tim, So good to see your name on the inbox again. Yes, we were wondering …. Give us more of truth, reality and good sense, please Please remind people what liberty and rights mean . They dont even notice now when they lose them.


    And for the record, it was Pence’s big opportunity as the overseer in charge of the pandemic work by Fauci/Birx etc and Trump should have cut him off at the knees as well… Guess that’s what you mean by too nice of a guy..

  8. Tim,

    Glad you are back. I commented months ago in the “Leave a Reply” section about not trusting Trump when it came to vaccines….Yes he blew it….and in my opinion, can never make up for this mistake….letting the government release a time bomb on humanity. It makes one wonder what Trump’s agenda really is….he can’t be trusted. I’m glad you said what you did about Trump…I don’t feel so alone for speaking out.

    Jamie Murphy
    Author, “What Every Parent Should Know about Childhood Immunization.”

  9. Jamie: Trump really has no agenda regarding vaccines. He is a germophobe and entirely ignorant about issues scientific or medical. He did have Dr. Scott Atlas advising him in the White House, but the medical mafia is entirely in charge. We are facing a bleak future in regard to fertility because of these experimental gene therapy products. The lipid nano-particles, of which billions are injected with each dose, are transported throughout the body in the serum, ending up in the organs. The largest concentration is in ovaries, but testicles are also affected. I suspect Trump has no clue what “Warp Speed” has unleashed.

  10. Trump has no chance for re-election without the Anti-Vax Movement’s backing. He needs to listen to our health reform people about what needs to occur.

    He needs to form an investigative coalition about the whole Covid-19 mega-hoax…

  11. Cynthia Jeanne Lee – It was more like twenty years ago that I wrote those articles about the State Medical Boards.

    What have you got current? Send me an email…

    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit that they picked up their old habits. Mediocre medical control freaks gravitate towards those appointments.

  12. I don’t believe the ‘noise’ about DeSantis force vaccinating people, that’s hooey and totally inconsistent with his other protecting of people’s rights…

    To Tim… Trump re-elected? why? why not RE-INSTATED as the rightful owner of the White House?

    To Jamie and JoeJoe….
    And as for Trump conning anyone, you seem to think YOU BOUGHT HIM and forget that he has an obligation to be president of ALL THE PEOPLE. Even the fools who believe in vaxxes…He doesn’t OWE you any EO that BANS VACCINES OF ANY KIND whether YOU claim they are damaging {and yes they are} or not… He led the way toward treatment, not vaxxes….. and took the slings and arrows.

    And thanks, Ralph for the heads up on the WWD… will have to get an account there… I keep getting emails from Twitter asking why I don’t come and brighten their day, rotfl….. no kidding……. I guess if they didn’t ban you, they think you have an obligation to show up….
    totally weird……. ttyl

  13. I have a little “I wonder” about the situation with Donald Trump. I too, have reached a point where I no longer understand where he’s coming from on the jabs. However, this is a highly strategic subject. An entity or entities that can command injections for any and every purpose effectively controls a population, at least many aspects of their bodily autonomy. This apparent “power” would not be yielded by said evil entities without extreme measures to oppose it. I think there could be things going on behind the scenes, such as threats of other WMDs, or threats against the First Family that would “control” what Trump says in public, whether or not he’s truly “risk aware” on the biological injections. Think of Biden and Eric Swalwell both hinting at “nukes” to be used against Americans if they stand up against the regime.

  14. MJ Raichyk, you would protect Trump if he pushed you off a bridge. You would say he did so much good with his operation ‘Warp Speed’ vaccine even though I don’t approve of it. To people like you he can’t do anything wrong even if it kills you. What a joke of a statement “he led the way toward treatment” but in reality all he cries about like a baby is how he rushed the damn vaccine. If you didn’t open your eyes by now, you never will. This Con artist ‘DontheCon’ led us into lockdowns for a year and a half and how anyone can protect Trump after that should get their head examined. Good luck fantasizing about how great Trump is.

  15. To JoeJoe… Trump did NOTHING TO HARM *US*….. we are NOT forced to take the COVID VAX so no matter how much the FOOLS want the damn stuff, they are SERVED as should be when there is a DISPUTE .. and clearly there is a DISPUTE … and WE ARE WINNING MORE THAN BEFORE……..

    There are WAY MORE DOCTORS NOW that are questioning the AUTHORITY ORDERS they were FORCEFULLY INDOCTRINATED TO FOLLOW in their pressured INTERNSHIP…

    And with TRUMP BANNED ON MAINSTREAM SOCIAL MEDIA… the angry TECHS have rallied and CREATED A FREE-SPEECH SOCIAL MEDIA, where the TRUTH ABOUT COVID TREASON and COVID VAXX DAMAGE is getting big headline….. not to mention the exposure recently of the FBI’s LEADERSHIP IN THE VIOLENT ACTIVITY ON JAN6th…..

    Your incessant demands for RULES THAT IMPOSE YOUR IDEAS is rather UNAMERICAN at best……. ttyl

  16. Greetings Folks and Folkesses,
    Good to be back and very glad to “see” you Tim.

    I tend to agree more with Alex than with you on the Covid fraud question, Tim.
    The pharma-cartel also owns a large number of republican representatives and senators. I think that Our Donald HAD to go along with them to avoid losing a 25th amendment vote.

    We note that, since the usurper was “enthroned”, Our Donald has been focusing on weeding out those elements so that he can break the cartel when he’s next in power. Leader of the House is an excellent position to do this from.

    Never underestimate Our Donald – he’s a master strategist as many have found out to their cost.
    Softly, softly catchee monkey or, in English, give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself! We’ve seen President Trump do this time and time again.

    Meanwhile, I’ll go through the articles which you’ve not yet published and delete those that are no longer relevant. I’ve also got some new ones, one of which is so hot that even the British government is falling over itself to get out of the way.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  17. Karma Singh, here we go again about Trump the man that gave us the lockdowns, and the loss of our rights like we haven’t experienced under all of the previous Presidents combined. You have to realize that his time is up he blew it with his so called “4D Chess” that supposedly he was playing that his supporters kept referring to while he was in the Whitehouse. He’s out and was never ahead of anyone, he blew it by listening to the ‘swamp’ aka Dr. Fauchi. The swamp is in full control of everything and has defeated Trump for good, turns out that he was exactly what he appeared to be ‘a loud mouth’ that always backed down. I’d like to know how you continue to come up with irrational excuses for him. Lol, I voted for him twice and it’s time to see if a man like Desantis that doesn’t seem to back down would make a good President.

  18. Correction JoeJoe… The lockdowns were to EXPOSE THE SWAMP IN THE STATES… and it surely did. As you may recall, when not in your frenzied state of mind, there were a few governors that did not appreciably lockdown….. And now we watch to see if the State Legislatures can ACT LIKE THEY HAVE THE KEYS TO THE REPUBLIC.. AND DO THE AUDITS, DECERTIFY THE IMPOSTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE…. ttyl

  19. As with so very many, Joejoe, you are underestimating Our Donald.

    A master strategist, always prepared to modify his plans to fit changed circumstances but always looking to do the best job he can for the USA and the world. Knows how to back down and “regroup” when he can’t get what he wants right now.
    How would this be for a team:-
    President DeSantis
    Vice President Haley
    Leader of the House Trump.

    I think that that team would get things done and pray that I will actually see it.

    Blessed be

  20. Karma, yes that would work but I can’t see Trump wanting to be leader of the house, also the voting process is very suspect and I don’t trust it anymore after they got away with the 2020 theft. Hopefully they’ll have something set up where it won’t happen again. Meanwhile the republican leadership is just sitting around and not attacking Biden for all his policies and many of them need to go. The republicans are weak, the radical squad seems to be in charge along with Pharma (the other party) and their destructive ideology that is destroying America.

  21. Tim, I have been a visitor of your site for years and have enjoyed the countless, well researched articles that you present. I can really identify with your views 100 %. I consider myself a very skeptical if not cynical person when it comes to our government, big pharma, big tech, organized religion, the media and any person/people of power that has a powerful negative influence over our liberties. Tim you are the kind of person who would make the greatest president of the United States of America. You could trump Trump with your integrity and intelligence. If you ran in the 2024 race you’d get my vote with absolute certainty. Keep up your great work Tim by continuing to keep us informed. You’re a fine man and America needs to know what the corrupt news media, et al, is concealing from us all.

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Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Controversy Completely Avoidable?

Some say there is a 25 cent Antidote for COVID-19…

They say “Rapid Virus Recovery is very, very simple…”

Opinion by Owen R Fonorow (President – Vitamin C Foundation)

One of the complete failures of the US Health Care system is the simple fact that Americans are NOT taught, early in their lives, strategies and tactics to deal with their personal health situations – nor those of their families.  Instead, they are propagandized into believing that “Big Brother” (big government), is the know-all, do-all “health” thought leader in their lives.

And, as we have discovered, “Big Brother” (big government), completely botched the handling of the Covid-19 crisis, nearly destroying not only America’s economy, but most of the world.  It is going to take massive effort to recover.

“Big Brother” (big government) was simply unprepared for a Covid-19 situation even though EVERY scientist on Planet Earth has known, for generations, about the existence of such biological problems.

So, after completely botching the so-called Covid-19 epidemic, what does US Public Health propose as a solution?  “Hurry upUntested EXPERIMENTAL vaccines – one of which is a DNA modifier, another an RNA modifier – NEITHER of which has ever been done before on Planet Earth.

What is obvious is that it is time to start teaching Americans those simple  strategies and tactics, most of which are devised from simple common sense – things like keeping your own environment clean, and free of virus/bacteria growth areas.  Your home should be your health base – your place of health safety and security.  It is paramount, in any personal strategy, to insure that your home health base is secure.  Look for problems to solve, and solve them.

Let’s start with some examples that REAL health professionals recommend to head off viral or bacterial infections before you leave home.

Tom Levy MD, JD says:


“Applying a protocol of hydrogen peroxide (HP) nebulizations [the repeated inhalations of a fine HP mist] after an exposure to COVID, or after the initial symptoms of COVID are noted, offers a prompt and definitive cure in nearly everyone.

The inhalation of HP by nebulization has been shown to be extremely effective for the rapid elimination of any pathogen presence in the sinuses, nose, throat, and deep into the lungs. 

It cannot be overemphasized enough that hydrogen peroxide nebulization should be the primary and initial COVID intervention. It has no negative impact on any other intervention.  Thomas E. Levy, MD. JD

Watch Tom Levy MD’s eight minute lecture in Great Britain just below…

You can pick up Tom Levy’s FREE E-book by clicking here –



8 thoughts on “Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Controversy Completely Avoidable?”

  1. Thank you Tim for publishing this. Personally, I first heard about using hydrogen peroxide (HP) from a friend who happens to be a male nurse. His father came to this country from Poland, and at the first sign of a cold or flu, his dad snorted 3% HP using a straw. He couldn’t remember his dad every being sick, so he started doing the same thing, and told me he hasn’t had a cold or flu since he started doing the HP snort. Then Dr. Levy’s UK lecture was published, and I started using a hydrogen peroxide bottle with a sprayer on top, into my ears and up my nostrils. As a long-time vitamin C megadoser, I NOW feel invincible to viral infections!

  2. “You will be blown away”

    Yes, so much so that some UK judge even suggested it should be banned from sale.

  3. March 29, 2020 (America’s Frontline Doctors) – Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, spoke with great urgency to America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) late last week warning that the drive to inject the largest possible portion of the population with experimental COVID-19 vaccines is “madness,” involves “evil,” includes “crimes against humanity” and may have the intention of “massive-scale depopulation.”

  4. “Merck pharmaceuticals was ethical to stop research into a COVID vaccine, correctly stating that it is better to build immunity by getting the illness. Even better, kill the virus before your immune system becomes damaged with hydrogen peroxide.”
    Regarding above sentence-it was very confusing. Sounded like your immune system would become damaged with hydrogen peroxide. Had to read it a couple of times before I got it.

  5. You people have really cut back on new articles. Just in case the cutback is a response to the Biden presidency, I would like to urge you to have some hope. Anti-vaxxers have never been stronger. Mainstream media has never been more distrusted. Many doctors are coming out against the Covid-19 vaccines. As governments falsely attribute the lifting of stupid rules to vaccine effectiveness, VAERS reports of Covid-19 deaths are setting records.

  6. Einar, it is nice to hear about hope, however in many places fully 60-65% have taken at least one dose of their concoction. This includes the young, it is a very sad situation. Even sadder is how governments are threatening further lockdowns in spite of this. So what good is their gamble on taking it? They speak of 4th waves…it is endless. Yes, Fauci is being exposed but more continue to feel forced into taking the shot. I cannot forgive President Trump for not stopping this. I see articles now explaining or justifying what a great thing it was that Trump got them through fast because that way the FDA didn’t approve them and they are not “mandated.” It hardly matters though because too many have gambled on a product a) not animal tested and b) not finished phase 3 trials. It is all unconscionable.

  7. Thank you for your support. While there has been some element of shock and awe with the new administration, (and unless Tim is already incarcerated and I don’t know it :-), they are not deterring our message. My biggest conundrum has been President Trump and his apparent support of the ‘shot.’ I’ve concluded his views must be based on his conversations with the heads of these Pharmaceutical companies. At this point, I doubt he knows or believes that the Covid “vaccine” itself is Part II of a diabolic bioweapon attack.

    Personally, I have come to realize that there is no virus, in that, viral replication is not the issue. The evil is in the Spike protein. This interview tells all: The Spike Protein – Dr. Byram Bridle Professor of Viral Immunology University of Guelph

    Also, sorry for the poor wording in my article. Hydrogen peroxide can prevent your immune system from becoming damaged. So can vitamin C, D, zinc… And we may soon have an article about lemon & grapefruit rinds (pectin?) to rid the body of Spike proteins.

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Forget REAL US Health Care – We’ve Got “Stumbling Joe…”

“Old Joe” Stumbled Three Times – Xi, Putin and Kim Laughed Out Loud…

And so did Big Pharma…

Opinion By Ralph Fucetola JD

While the presidential “stumbling optics” ludicrously continued the stupidity of “the pratfall presidency,” other optics should leave one gasping; such as the continued military occupation of the Capitol Hill Green Zone, with its barbed wire security fence, no doubt moved from the Texas border to DC to protect the deep state from “We the People.”

Of more importance is what the Triple Axis of Insurrection (Russia-China-North Korea) said about the American polity and presidency, and what the Deep State Intelligence Community said about the stolen election.

The Foreign Minister of China told the US Secretary of State…


2 thoughts on “Forget REAL US Health Care – We’ve Got “Stumbling Joe…””

  1. Speaking of the DeepState Intelligence Community LIARS,.. i was just reading some of the digging done by investigative journalist Whitney Webb []… Although she’s irrationally [leftist] trying to convict the Israelis of treasonous intention, and stoops to twist what are normal business strategies, she does shed some light on the different types of CYBERSECURITY SYSTEMS…

    And in one segment she identifies EDR [End-point Detection and Response] as a recent development and it completely describes what that spreadsheet of data was in the Michael Lindell video [Absolute Proof]… it differs from the standard computer security we’re accustomed to in daily life which strives to block certain endpoints…

    Plus the Israelis were giving Trump’s teams a demo as early as July 2020, but their focus then was on testing American preparedness for Antifa type chaos aimed at the daily infrastructure that depends on the damn INTERNET OF THINGS and such in order to disrupt the voting… not aiming at the straightforward intercepting voting data and altering it…

    If people were aware of this sort of election preparation, then the Absolute Proof demo would have had much more impact, IMO… just seeing these insider looks at the election prep and how vulnerable our daily life is, as well as how crazy it is to have our election system hooked up to the internet, shows how genuinely normal the HACKING-CRIME should have been seen, instead of the embarrassed turning of heads away and never going beyond the extreme exaggerated on-the-ground cheating the Democrats did, with only a brief brush with the Dominion software methods themselves…..

    Hope we can see the hacking reality soon, so we get all the pieces needing outlawing lined up, not just the list in HR1 and the Dominion/Scytl machine treachery…


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(Humor?) – I’m Announcing MY Campaign For California Governor…

“Planet Earth’s #1 Anti-Vaxxer,” Banned In Australia Author Kent Heckenlively JD, Steps Up to The Plate.,.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

According to a recent article on Fox News, California governor Gavin Newsom in a recent tweet claimed,

“I am not going to take this recall attempt lying down. And let’s call it what it is: It’s a partisan Republican recall, backed by the RNC, anti-mask and anti-vax extremists, and pro-Trump forces who want to overturn the last election, and have opposed much of what we have done to fight the pandemic.”

I think it’s time I confessed.

“I” am the anti-mask and anti-vax extremist who made all of this happen. Look no further than your humble servant. “I” really am Spartacus, not Cory Booker.

Do you doubt that with the publication of my books, THE CASE AGAINST MASKS (banned by Amazon, but available on Barnes & Noble), PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION, (a New York Times bestseller), and my most recent book, INOCULATED: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism that I have single-handedly led the resistance like John Connor in the Terminator movies? (Okay, maybe in those Terminator movies a lot of “other people,” died fighting the machines, but we really don’t care about them, do we?)

What people really care about is whether you have a winning smile and good hair. I qualify on both counts.

The question I need all of you to answer, is since I have put EVERYTHING in motion, “should I be the one to stand for governor of California when Newsom inevitably falls?

I believe I’m the inevitable choice, but I’ll leave that up to you decide.

As far as a couple campaign slogans, I was thinking of, “Unlike Newsom, I’ve never slept with my best friend’s wife!” Or maybe, “Since I’ve been married I’ve only slept with my own wife!”

But I know the inevitable scandals will arise, so let me address them right now.  “Yes, it is true that every night I sleep in the same bed as my wife!”

But speaking quite candidly, I think I’d make a fabulous governor.


5 thoughts on “I’m THE ONE!”

  1. Kent – Ask Gavin to host your first gubenatorial debate at his favorite “French Laundry” restaurant.

    After all, we will be looking at Gavin’s dirty laundry, right?

  2. Well YES—please do run for the office of Governor. My beloved home state has a whole boat-load of problems. I’m sure you would be the one to get them fixed!

  3. I hope you are serious. I don’t even live in California, but I would vote for you, heck most of China would vote for you, too. That is because no one anywhere for any reason that is a thinking, living, loving man, woman or child would pursue the kind of insanity Governor Nuisance and the Commiefornia State Legislature has set in motion, unless they were under the influence of evil itself.

    As for voting for you: We all KNOW (since Google tells us) that voter and election fraud are NOT occurring in highly important US elections. Therefore, since it is impossible for fraud to occur, any vote I cast for you MUST be legit. My reasoning here is totally impeccable because it follows the same logic as that behind the inestimably good US vaccine pogrom (oops, I meant program). The logic that says all vaccines are “safe and effective” therefore ANYTHING (even potentially DNA altering experimental mRNA “injections”) that is called a “vaccine” is also “safe and effective”.

  4. Yes, do run for governor and clean up California. At least you wouldn’t be a puppet to the corporations that are sacrificing Californians for profit. Save our children from vaccine madness!

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“Anti-Vaxxers” Need To Put Trump And The Republican Party “On Notice…”

The Message – “If You Want OUR Support You Need To Adopt OUR VIEW Of What US Health Care Needs to Be…”

Opinion by “Even More Deplorable Than EVER Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Donald Trump, you and the Republican Party in general need to start paying attention to the US health care issue.  It is VERY solvable and the time for that solution is right now.  This is your ONE CHANCE to become a viable resource for American citizens.  You lost Election 2020 for ONE simple reason – You DID NOT revise US Health Care like you said you would.

(1)  So what if you cancelled PARTS of ObamaCare?

You put NOTHING in its place.  America is suffering from a system that SIMPLY does not work.  Here is the reality:

(a) Health care is offered, by the system, not based on what is most effective, and/or best for the patient, but by what is most profitable for the provider.

(b) The government agencies we have put in place to regulate health care have turned against us.

(c) The worldwide pharmaceutical industry has WAY TOO MUCH influence over our elected, and appointed, officials.

(d) Health Insurers are a BIG problem

(e) US Dentistry is upside down.

(f) Public Health projects are making the population sicker.

(g) The PsyOps Networks – Ruthless, deadly, dishonest, destructive, morally depraved, attacks those trying to fix health care..

(2)  The US Public Health system is an abject, absolute, failure.


9 thoughts on ““Anti-Vaxxers” Need To Put Trump And The Republican Party “On Notice…””

  1. Dear President Trump,

    Americans need U.S. AMERICA FIRST CARE, a national basic and catastrophic plan that can be supplemented by private insurance or employer-based insurance.
    (1) With an executive order, you can authorize Congress to take the $1 trillion from the federal Medicaid and Medicare budget and insure EVERY U.S. citizen with the same core coverage that employees at large companies and institutions receive. That sum entirely covers the cost for large employers or associations. Americans are being ripped off for the huge administrative costs of being sorted according to ability to pay.
    (2) Let the big insurers bid on parts of the “America First Care Plan” so that competition keeps prices down. Encourage private supplemental plans.
    (3) Tell the Democrats they could never provide insurance for every American for a low cost because “they don’t know how to negotiate.” You will be negotiating the prices on the basic national plan and saving every American thousands of dollars.
    (4) Every American is one breath away from being sick. We ALL have pre-existing conditions or could in an instant. Democrats preach universal care but can never put together an affordable package.

    US AMERICA FIRST CARE: An Opt-in National Health Plan,
    Part of President Trump’s agenda it to put Americans first and to ensure employment of U.S. citizens first. It is a national priority to provide for U.S. citizens and give them every advantage for gaining employment. Pension plans are also overburdened by health care coverage costs for retirees. U.S. citizens in the workforce, U.S. born children, and U.S. citizen retirees must come first.

    US AMERICA FIRST is a national plan that would be automatically available to all U.S. citizens and legal residents. It can be installed initially by executive order or by act of Congress. A national I.D. will serve as the health insurance card.

    According to the rules of the national plan, all adults of working age (defined as 27-60 years) will be provided with a basic plan that includes catastrophic coverage. Firstly, however, a $3,000 deductible (for services above the scheduled allowable payments) will be set for each working-age adult. Many routine services (annual check-ups, urgent care visits) will be provided for no additional cost above the standard co-pay. Co-pays will be set initially at $25 cash payment due at service and $250 cash due at admittance for each hospital stay. Children, young adults under 27 years, and older Americans over 60 years are fully covered with no co-pays or deductibles.

    The Federal government will re-direct $1 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid to the national plan. This divided by the population of 320,000 million amounts to $3,000 per person, enough to cover every U.S. citizen and legal resident with catastrophic and basic routine care. Costs will be kept within this budget by incentives to provide excellent-services-for-less through increased utilization of telemedicine, online health education, and mobile phone apps. Administrators of the national plan will be non-profit and will work with providers to direct patients to the closest providers and to locations that provide services at allowable costs. This and other incentives will help providers compete successfully with similar local services.

    US AMERICA FIRST CARE will provide generic drugs at a low co-pay cost of $15 provided the patient seeks the advice and undergoes an initial screening appointment with a licensed pharmacist at a pharmacy. A prescription from an M.D. will no longer be necessary. Non-generic drugs may be purchased in cash by the patient or by pharmacy insurance. Online education and opening to the public online access to all articles published and archived at the U.S. National Library of Medicine will enhance patients’ choice and further serve to protect them from harmful prescription drugs. All drugs are the patients choice at the pharmacist’s discretion. No American can be forced to take a drug or get a vaccine.

    All U.S. citizens and legal residents are free to use US AMERICA FIRST CARE, but none are required to use the plan, nor is any provider required to use the plan.

  2. Yes, that is actually true…. BUT WE DON’T HAVE A WORKING ELECTION SYSTEM… you may recall…

    The American PEOPLE gave Trump a massive landslide that would have resulted in BeijingBiden getting barely 100 electoral votes in that ‘college’ poor ol Dr Rand Paul was so worried about — that he and Massie let the NEW WORLD ORDER overturn the WHOLE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC based on ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE, counted constitutionally…. not BigTech’s CYBER VOTES BY THE MILLION-OUT-OF-NOWHERE AMERICAN even.

    Fiat money, fiat votes, eh? Came from some of the same heads

    Unless we deal with the fact that all future elections in the USA are MERELY NWO SELECTIONS. with CHINA BEHIND IT, then PLATFORMS and GREAT IDEAS are pointless… Clear enough?

    I watched Dr Shiva Ayyadurai on Bannon’s WarRoom and his idea was WE MUST REVERT TO MANUAL COUNTING — precinct by precinct and OVERSEEN LOCALLY with a CIVIC HOLIDAY — which btw we could implement STATE BY STATE, since the Democrat useless idiots would have a hard time not following *that* once the woke-Republican Redstates passed the LAWs …. it would PUT THE NWO SCUM ON NOTICE as well, that we are not their pawns even if the INTELLIGENCE AND BACKBONE to defeat their STEAL was ABSENT IN OUR DC POLITICIANS…..

    In point of fact, Dr Shiva is
    1) a verifiable ANTI-VAXXER and a HEALTH FREEDOM ADVOCATE with
    2) plenty of credentials to match ANYTHING the vaxxers have with his adherence to less sophisticated health practices well backed up by SYSTEMS logic and research
    3) politically savvy and incredibly energetic, ran an impressive candidacy race for US SENATE in MA, and now is a dynamite in court PRO SE to defend his case against the REPUBLICAN / DEMOCRAT ESTABLISHMENT in MA that used the ‘weighted race’ feature to cheat him in the primary in September… his ‘election’ cases are still proceeding with clear victories in procedural and restraining orders so far..

    Shiva btw also has a ‘course’ he’s offering at the moment on SUCCESSFUL MOVEMENTS in history, and the SYSTEMS ANALYSIS to engineer future successes….. Haven’t checked it out but so far, I’D SAY SHIVA IS WHERE TO GO FOR THE POINTMAN IN THE BATTLE YOU ENVISION IS RIPE…

    Dr Shiva cannot run for President as you realize, but Shiva was supporting Trump getting free of Fauci, from the beginning and pushed that to the point of notoriety on Twitter…

    And bombshell……..
    Dr Shiva proved in court that TWITTER WAS ORDERED TO CENSOR his account to shut his exposing of the Dominion systems’ corrupted usage and the State officials destruction of evidence,…and that the GOVERNMENT HAS A DIRECT LINE TO TWITTER TO CONTROL THAT CENSORING…. used in Dr Shiva’s battles and then exposed in court..

    For the sweeping changes we are needing in health care, it’s my assessment that Shiva Ayyadurai is the one to follow, and GO STATE BY STATE TO *MAKE THEM WAKE UP* TO THE REALITY THAT WE ARE THE PRISONERS OF THE ELECTION MACHINES AND BIG TECH… and therefore THIS REVOLUTION requires the NATIONAL HOLIDAY TO COUNT THE VOTES to achieve our *POLITICAL* FREEDOM, a VICTORY IN ITSELF, STATE BY STATE, making the CIVIC DUTY OF WATCHED COUNTING AND FREEDOM-CELEBRATION A HOLIDAY IN EACH AND EVERY STATE…. honoring the Founders vision that the government must be the product of THE PEOPLE’S WILL, COUNTY BY COUNTY according to our Constitution…. and implemented SAFELY by the TENTH AMENDMENT so the bought-federals cannot over-reach our moves……


  3. Dear USA FIRST CARE..

    The face-diaper and social-cringing and lockdowns ARE PROOF THAT ROCKEFELLER BASIC CARE IS A FARCE.

    With a simple bicarb neti rinse, you can walk free of the corona and flus of the world.. And with IV-C we saw that those who failed to protect themselves and succumbed to the corona [or other lung damaging factors] were 100% SAVED by the HI-DOSE IV-C FOR 7DAYS..

    All that anyone would sanely want of what the VILE STANDARD OF CARE offers is the SURGICAL COVERAGE for accidental catastrophes occurring on the highways and other risky exposures [employment or otherwise]..

    Separate the ‘basic’ and ‘catastrophe’ and you may have a viable valuable offering, AND MAKE THE ‘BASIC’ OPEN TO COMPETITION — not funded by government…. Then how much is the price tag…..

  4. Expecting ANYTHING from the gov is like looking them to remove a threatening volcano… no matter how much they promise, they can’t do it. We have to be in control of our health and ‘Just Say No!’

  5. I like these four comments and I have one of my own. I try to only go see alternative practitioners. Any health care should have $2,500-3K/year/per person to help them with alternative (without spelling it out) available. If they use it fine, if they don’t that’s OK too. However, it should be available. I know health insurers and Pharma won’t like it. But tough! Government has to get tough with them.

  6. Mercury etc
    Mercury in its various forms is the main root cause leading to chronic sickness including cancer and high blood pressure. It is enhanced by toxins roundup, aluminum, flouride, bromine, etc, and mineral and vitamin deficiencies.
    References: HIDDEN EPIDEMIC by Dr Levy.
    Also see Health Effects section in pdf soqg_se_scd_1438

  7. The Republican party has been put on notice by Trump not following through on his tough talk on vaccines being a cause of autism during the 2016 debates, meeting with Dr.Wakefield and Robert Kennedy Jr. If he would have stuck with the attack of vaccines causing autism the impeachment nonsense might of come to a quick end or at least fizzled out because he would have delivered a vicious blow to the biggest swamp creature (big pharma) that obviously controls the world using lockdowns and any other form of control to sell their products. When I mentioned that Trump wasn’t going to do anything about vaccines/autism the typical loudmouths on here attacked me and said that we had to wait until his second term. What second term? Even if he ran and won in 2024 nothing would happen so you can dream all you want but he’s proven that when he’s pushed by Big Pharma he backs down. All Trump talks about now is vaccines and he bragg’s about how he fast tracked it and you’re excited about that? You want forced vaccination? Because under Trump we lost most of our rights so please tell me where I am wrong about the clown that I voted for twice hoping that he would do something. If he runs again I certainly know that I won’t be voting for him. But those of us with vaccine injured children can’t like what Trump did for our vaccine injured children, which is more vaccines. Please wake up already!

  8. JoeJoe, in case you didn’t notice, LARGE percentages of the public are now vax-hesitant, and that is good… i hear that 75% of the military rejected the covid vaxxes.. considering that for 24month Trump was under ‘investigation’ for RUSSIA COLLUSION and then was threatened with IMPEACHMENT is a soviet-style legislative op, it’s a wonder anything got done, and yet he was very successful on many issues that mattered to all of us, and so the progress on vax awareness has been far more than if Trump had done what YOU would have thought was needed BUT IMO WOULD HAVE SET US BACK 50YEARS in these circumstances, JOEJOE……… ttyl

  9. I didn’t like the idea that the Democratic Socialists stole the 2020 election, but…

    What is developing in America is an “awareness” of just how “rotten to the core…” certain segments of American politics has become. With that awareness,. I think, we will start the process of returning to a morality, returning to a Judeo/Christian Ethic, restoring family values, and forcing the Democrats off of their comfortable use of the “Lolita Express…”

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A Report from “2021 Germany…”

EVERYONE knows there is no REAL Covid-19 Pandemic. 

It is all about a Globalist/Communist takeover of legitimately elected governments worldwide.  They keep changing the parameters to keep the ECONOMIC “lockdown destruction” in place.

From Germany By Karma Singh

So, now the level of “infection rate necessary” to end the Merkel dictatorship has, once again, been “adjusted” to keep Merkel in Absolute Power. Now it is 0,035% (35 per 100.000 people).

Legally, however, an epidemic can be called only when infection has reached a minimum of one per cent. This is little more than one thirtieth of the necessary numbers. A pandemic requires 5% in several countries simultaneously.

Therefore, neither an epidemic nor a pandemic exist and the highly restrictive measures imposed upon the German (and other) peoples are illegal and are to be immediately repudiated.

Then we must look at how “infection” is being defined.


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INOCULATED – The Book That Will Break the Internet…

I’m getting ready to “do it” to the bad guys again…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

What is “it,” you may ask?

I’m about to provoke a full scale media meltdown. Yes, that’s right. I’m not making any plans to speak cautiously and carefully, so that I don’t get attacked.

Let’s be real. The other side isn’t dealing honestly with us.

Why should we be part of the illusion that we’re actually having a discussion? We aren’t. We’re in a full-scale war for the survival of the human species. The only important question is how well I’m provoking the mainstream media and their Big Pharma boobs to viciously attack my book, INOCULATED: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism, coming out on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

Because when they attack, we win. People stop to pay attention, then they say, “Let me check this out.”

For starters, there’s the Ben Garrison cartoon at the top of this article, which is being released on the same day as the book. I told Ben, Make it as controversial as you can.” He did.

I am inviting the attack.


3 thoughts on “INOCULATED – The Book That Will Break the Internet…”

  1. Way to go Kent, many of us are tired of the words being chosen carefully as so we don’t offend someone, or some medical organizations that are destroying the lives of children worldwide. To hell with them, all I want is for them to be held liable in all possible ways. Mark Blaxill testified in front of Congress and if you didn’t know any better you wouldn’t think that it was about the vaccine autism link, in other words he was afraid to say what was needed and just maybe he should have let someone else testify that would rip into them. There is no shortage of people willing to tell the truth about their childs vaccine injury.

  2. I like how you say “trump wimped out” glad you’re not defending him like a few people on here were. He did nothing but ran his mouth before the election in 2016 and this same group attacked him throughout his presidency and he folded like a deck of cards when it came to vaccine/autism link after taking office.

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Escape “Social Media Mind Control…”

Big Tech Social Media Boycott: How To…

By Ralph Fucetola JD

The various citizen-journalists  posting at the Bolen Report have covered growing censorship implemented by Big Tech’s Social Media. Tim Bolen’s message “Social Media — the Crash is Coming.” tells us —

“…get yourselves all the Social Media Accounts you need to be ELSEWHERE.  And take your friends with you.  Be part of the destruction.  Smile.”

So here is how to set up two of the recommended, free Alt Social Media (we’ll provide information on others in future postings).

[1] — Minds is a fast-growing, uncensored social media which uses its own blockchain tokens as internal currency to promote your messages. Tim and I have had some interesting conversations with Minds’ founder.  He is strongly anti-censorship. In some ways it operates like Facebook.

Go to:


2 thoughts on “Escape “Social Media Mind Control…””

  1. Hi Tim , from Angela in Australia…………………. just a software tracking post, in case others are as angry as me. I might be a nanna, nicknamed Nanna Ninja when I crashed the stupid Telstra, Australia site……………….. I knew how to program computers before friggin computes. Systems Development Western Australia, Library…………. So please share my comments…………..Corvid…….and any other ….ceens orship…MAKES ME ANGRY, we are the sheep, we can retaliate…………….. We are not STUPID………….Don’t give up, just another stage of the battle. First was paid to post s h i lls got paid out of call cen tres IN dia. They got sprung, H ila ry was the biggest spender as was Monsanto. Its Ok to write Monsanto now, thats old tracking. So if you repost REMEMBER:
    software tracking (all in I ndia) tracks words, so disguise the words, we are people, we smarter than co mpu r ers. Never repost a direct link, with out putting a spac in it…………. DONT GIVE IN this stupid farce book censor ship, has a limited life. Desperation, obviously, even blocking references to the Lancet, and other prestigious real information? Facebark is still the biggest platform, dont flee the ship, make the ship float…………………….
    also seems personally made memes, with links embedded, dont get traked as its a photo, and not a pdf word………… Have fun, time to bombard the world with the truth………….. the c is co tracking software will never keep up.

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Why “Conservatives” And “Anti-Vaxxers” Are Being Blocked On The Internet…

Because Liberals Are Not Just Afraid of Us – They Are Literally TERRIFIED…

And they should be.  They“Bet The Farm…” And We Are The Bank.

Opinion By “Even More Deplorable Than Ever Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

I don’t even bother to turn on network news anymore, after the so-called 2020 presidential election.  Every time I accidentally fall onto one of their channels I sit there, for a few moments, thinking I must have tuned into one of those far-out science fiction programs where the “Brave New World” futuristic government cranks out the daily propaganda everyone (Bravos, Deltas and Epsilons) is/are supposed to accept as fact.

But one very important thing is clear.  These news people are TERRIFIED.  Their supposed news stories are so “OUT THERE” you have to wonder if someone is after them with a net – so as to return them to the loony bin.

But, guess what?  It doesn’t take you long to figure out that these people actually believe their own garbage.  They are REALLY into it.

If any of us were able to, or even wanted to, sneak into CNN’s building and got near the program production department to yell out loudly “There are twenty Trump Supporters in the building…” I think every employee in there would need a sudden change of underwear.  Many probably already are dependent on “Depends…”

It is called “Catastrophic Thinking…”  and, it, officially, is all there is to 2021 liberal thinking.

Catastrophic Thinking?…


10 thoughts on “Why “Conservatives” And “Anti-Vaxxers” Are Being Blocked On The Internet…”

  1. Actually I think the democrats are much more afraid of Mike Lindell’s ABSOLUTE PROOF…

    ..with its solid documentation of the KRAKEN, spreadsheet and graphic display.. on top of the intrinsic programming intentional cheats in the INTERNET-CONNECTED Dominion, ES&S, etc,, all arranged and facilitated by the bizarre way the election was run… identifying precisely the location of the hacking op as well as the precise location of the target, how much was flipped when successfully bypassing firewalls and passwords.. thousands of records that are timestamp-accurate to the voting data….

    Lindell did a great job, and we were so lucky that the cyber warfare teams in the USA were ready after seeing 2018 in TX.

    AND Lindell shows several court cases of significant size, from MA [Dr Shiva’s], to Powell’s in MI, Wood’s in GA, a down-ticket case in PA, and the battle in Maricopa county AZ that are successfully progressing to SCOTUS…. which then opens the door [if SCOTUS does simpler constitutional law this time] so the ‘claim’ that all cases are lost is FALSE.

    The anti-vaxxers and conservatives are proof that the democrat/cia control of media is failing, and the coup attempts will fail.. THAT is valid reason for democrat fear..

  2. Hi Tim,
    this isn’t, of course, a purely American phenomenon – it’s been happening all over Europe as well; just the names are different: BEWARE, don’t judge a book by its cover, look at the content.
    Was the Deutsche DEMOCRATIC Republic a democracy or a dictatorship? Is the UK’s Brexit Party a single issue political movement? (Hint, it has just recently changed its name to “The Reform Party” with the aim of countering the self-same malpractice against which you regale so eloquently.)
    Always look behind the label to see what the actual contents are. For ANTIFA read “Hitler’s Brown Shirts”. For BLM read “the Dominicans who ran the Inquisition and the execution squads”.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  3. I researched some of the original sceptics that lived back in the late 1800s. They were scientists that held the objective that if paranormal/parapsychology was valid it should be testable and able to be replicated. There’s a large body of tests that validate parapsychology. If interested search for “Jessica Utz” work. And, Greg Kolodziejzyk’s free course at

    The U.S military’s Stargate program of the 1970s was a reaction to the knowledge that Russians were doing remote viewing. In 1995 the documents were declassified. Thus many people learned remote viewing protocols. Remote viewing is a species wide phenomenon. Not merely an ability of a “gifted” few individuals.

    I wasn’t a sceptic other than to say I validated via personal experience remote viewing does work. I recall researching James Randi’s million dollar challenge because I thought, back then, that someone should have already won the million dollars. I soon learned that his challenge was designed for failure. Not validation.

  4. It reminds me of the Lincoln project founder (Weaver) who promised young men political positions, access for sexual favours. Sad that vulnerable young people, boys, would be used in this way.

  5. It wouldn’t matter if they didn’t have access to “government”.
    In a stateless society there is no possibility that socialism can be imposed, there is no possibility that mass migration can be imposed, there is no possibility that national debts can be imposed, there is no possibility that the “war on drugs” can be imposed, there is no possibility that invasive and destructive foreign wars can be imposed, there is no possibility that nation building or empire building can be imposed, there is no possibility that government “education” can be imposed. A free society is a society without a state. A state is the violation of the non-aggression principle. When you universalize the non-aggression principle it’s the greatest quantum leap forward in human society, flourishing, and morality that could possibly be conceived of. It would be even greater than the end of slavery which would be the closest equivalent that happened in history. As long as you have a government, the government will buy votes by promising the “citizenry” security in exchange for liberty. So people will get liberty and security at the same time by passing the debt for their security on to the next generation, in the same way that the first woman to get an old age “pension” paid around 45 cents in taxes and got 10s of thousands of dollars in return. She didn’t pay for that, illustrating the government’s promise of security and liberty while not raising taxes enough to fund the security. That’s where the national debt comes from. The national debt is there to create the illusion that you can have security and liberty at the same time. By security I mean the government paying for accidents or mistakes that you didn’t plan for, get insurance for, or deal with. Unfortunately mankind hasn’t learned the lesson of a quarter billion people slaughtered by governments outside of war in the 20th century. Now it looks like we’re going to have to learn that lesson the hard way.

  6. EWM, as Doug Casey said, “The thought of how far the human race would have advanced without government simply staggers the imagination.”

  7. I’m very unhappy that the republican party has become the nutjob conspiracy party. Every time a conservative does something wrong instead of taking the tinyest bit of responsibility they accuse some crazed conspiracy, whether it’s antifa, deep state, or crisis actors it’s a sad state of affairs now that my once great party is a pile of insane loony toons.

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Social Media – The CRASH Is Coming…

Get Out Now.  Find Other Platforms.  Be Ahead of The Game…

Opinion By “Even More Deplorable Than Ever Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Sometimes I just have to let out the laughter.  Just sit there and guffaw.  For something terribly ridiculous is happening right in front of us.  It’s called “Social Media” and it will go down in the history books as a prime example of industrial hubris.

“Hubris refers to excessive pride or overconfidence, which drives a person to overstep limits in a way that leads to their downfall. In Greek mythology, the legend of Icarus involves an iconic case of hubris: Icarus is given artificial wings made of wax and feathers so that he can fly (a superhuman feat), but he ignores his father’s warnings and flies too close to the sun, melting his wings and drowning in the ocean.”

What’s So Funny?

FaceBook, for example, for years recruited anyone and everyone to occupy their space.  Those recruited used their platform to communicate with their friends and acquaintances on subjects dear to their hearts.  It is what built FaceBook.

For FaceBook it wasn’t superb marketing, clever business strategies, or anything planned out.  It was just the simple fact that it was there – right time, right place.  It was like a new City Park was built in a neighborhood full of children.  On a Saturday morning the park was packed. No surprise.

FaceBook’s World Wide Bubble

But then, operators like Face Book, Twitter, and their spin-offs lost their collective minds.  Hubris entered the picture big time.  And the comeuppance is just beginning.

Stock Market analysts are predicting that Big Tech is going to crash big time.  Those analysts talk about “the bubble” that is going to burst – focusing primarily on the fact that Big Tech stock is WAY over-valued.

“Way over-valued” in more than one way…


12 thoughts on “Social Media – The CRASH Is Coming…”

  1. Anybody got any Facebook stock I can borrow?

    Seriously, though, if Fascbook’s success was right place right time then it’s being on the receiving end of DARPA money just when the Deep State wanted some dopes and patsies to front their mind-control and surveillance operation. He who pays the piper calls the tune, and with FB it isn’t the advertisers they owe the most.

  2. It gladdens my heart to see this happening. Facebook have treated we “customers” as an “annoyance” for far too long – using us to make money whilst providing zero service. (What use is to me to to have 5000 “friends” if Facebook not only provides no means of communicating with them but, further, actively hinders such communication.

    We are by no means alone in this perception, Tim.
    Parler is not the only alternative. We, in Europe, have been working on a much, much bigger project for over a year: A complete alternative to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon focusing on the needs of the customers instead of the cartels. In point of fact, cartel owned businesses will not be allowed to advertise with us!

    The core principle is community and so built into it is the ability, for example, to access videos over a wide range of platforms, i.e. you don’t have to load your video onto our servers into for a search on our system to access it.
    I’ll fill you in on full details as soon as it’s officially live.

    I fully expect that Facebook etc. will become minority interests over the next couple of years.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  3. Several years ago I traced the ENTIRE “internet interference operation” back to its roots and its funding. I even found their training locations, videos, and future projects.

    I think it is time to revisit that group’s activities and shut them down. And THAT would be great fun…

  4. No Mr. Singh, user of FB was treated like dollar sign, data was monetized totally for profit. Should not FB user receive profit share from FB on their data sales?

  5. Well, I am no conservative, liberal, democrat or republican, as I can’t be divided, thus conquered, but I am being censored as well just posting on news stories. I am not into Facebook or any of that nonsense, as I refuse to give in to giving up all privacy in the world, which is also why I don’t own a cell phone, no cable tv, and no home computer. Working in front of a screen five days a week is more than enough screen time for any sane person, and that is the only place I would be around or use this techno. So, the real truth of what is going on is all of this stuff has made those that stay attached to it 24/7, 365, nothing more than addicted zombies full of misinformation and nonsense that keeps them from actually living life.

  6. Pamela L Cox – Yes, we must moderate Comments.

    Yesterday we received 2,542 Comments many of which were advertising porn sites, or other objectionable things – all designed to set us up to violate our “Terms of Service.”

    More, we do NOT provide a forum for the “skeptic scum/filth” to vent their mental illness on our readers.

    Our Security System has, so far, this calendar year, blocked 542,531 of those type of Comments. I kid you not. Sometimes it is just good clean fun reading how angry these people(?) are because I won’t allow their comments – makes my day!!!

  7. Karma, yes, we customers an annoyance? “Dumb F*cks” was Dumb Zuck’s actual phrase.

    Very happy to hear of new platforms. GAB finally seems to be useable, for ages I couldn’t get started. It took 48 hours to get confirmation emails and so on. I think I will finally begin using it, although minds has always been my favourite.

    Definitely looking forward to what you come up with. But yes, Fascbook etc will preside over their own irrelevancy. They and Tschitter will become minority woke channels for people of low imagination or who just need an easy way to talk to reach members of their knitting circle. The other priceless outcome is that the Deep State will lose the data streams they previously depended on to track and control us.

    And lastly, I have noticed that the left generally promote small families, social confusion, sexual deviance, abortion, euthanasia, forced medication for fake mental illness, late marriage and extended education. The inevitable consequence of promoting such population reducing ideas is that those who believe in them will die out, while those who do not will go forth and multiply. It is not a recipe for the long-term success of a movement.

  8. Steve, they can pull the whole internet? Yes, it quite likely will happen. If the bad guys don’t do it, the good guys will. The whole net has become infested with malevolent systems, such as the Shadow Net (see Shadowgate documentary).

    The problem with the shadow net is that it became automated. It is a monitoring and mind-control system that goes everywhere. It is the crux of the matrix. They lost control of it, meaning those who think they control it are themselves under its pernicious influence. even the bad guys’ decisions are being manipulated by the monster they built. It explains much of the madness happening in the world.

    There are only three possible outcomes I can see. 1) it enslaves us all – good guys, bad guys, the lot. 2) the internet turns to an unuseable mush, or 3) somebody hits the switch and shuts the whole damn thing down, at once, then begins a gradual reboot.

    The consequences of such a shutdown will be huge and it will hurt. Better have some torch batteries, radios and ways to filter water handy.

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