Getting To The Truth – Portugal Shows Us the Way…

The whole Covid-19 thing is coming apart…

Portugal’s “Public Health” Has been forced to reduce their Covid-19 death claims from 17,000 to 152…

From Europe By Karma Singh

Some will recall how, in November 2020, the Court of Appeal in Lisbon, Portugal ruled on a writ of Habeas Corpus that results of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) “tests” could not be used to diagnose anyone as ill and / or infectious because the Polymerase Chain Reaction test is not capable of doing so.

The reason why both the inventor, Dr. Kerry Mullis PhD and all manufacturers state that PCR should never be used for diagnostic purposes is because it is simply not capable of making any such distinction.

When we add to this the fact that PCR is never used to detect the presence of a “virus” which causes Covid-19 because such a “virus” has never been found and then ask what a PCR “test” does purport to show we enter some very murky waters.

In 2004, a micro-protein was discovered…

It is around one thousand times smaller than a putative “virus” with a mere 37 base pairs in its genome. A “Virus” is assumed to have 30 to 40 thousand base pairs (as the existence of viruses is but a postulate waiting for proof, the number of base pairs, as with all other attributes, can be nothing more than speculation.) This micro-protein has, further, been discovered in the genomes of mink, sheep, goats, lions, more than 100 types of bacteria and even in a papaya fruit. It is found in 74 places in the human genome. It is probable that all mammals use it to build their cells.

For the purpose of this plandemic, this micro-protein was renamed “Sars-Cov-2”.

Although a great deal of effort has gone into obfuscating these facts and wild declarations that it IS the virus and / or the alternate name for Covid-19 have been made it is nothing of the sort and remains a stable building block for human proteins.

We now see why Dr. Mullis has stated that PCR should never be used diagnostically:

In the majority of “tests” it fails to detect the micro.protein which is always present! A “positive” PCR “test” result is equally meaningless because this micro-protein has, obviously, no connection to any malady of any sort.

The November court ruling is the reason why Portugal suddenly had no Covid-19 cases!

Portuguese politicians have claimed that approximately 17,000 people have died of Covid-19. The above information is not the sole reason for doubting this. A human rights group made an application under Freedom of Information laws for the precise recorded figures. No answer was given.

View of Alfama, the oldest district of the Old Town, with Church of Saint Stephen at cloudy sunrise, Lisbon, Portugal

In Portugal, this is much easier to discover than in most countries because there is just one single body which can issue death certificates so all records are in one place.

In many other countries, such as the UK, USA, Germany, etc. there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of people issuing valid death certificates.

The group then made application to the courts to enforce the obligation to give this information.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the numbers were finally given to the court. The actual number of “real” Covid-19 deaths in Portugal from January 2020 to April 2021 is just one hundred and fifty two (152)!  All others died of other causes but, because PCR detected the micro-protein, were then reclassified as Covid-19 even two weeks posthumously!

I.e. 99.1% of Covid-19 death declarations were seen to be deliberate falsehoods.

This “152” is, however, completely fictitious!

As we have seen above and as the Lisbon Court of Appeal ruled in November, PCR tells us absolutely nothing about health or sickness. It cannot, therefore, substantiate even the claim that just 152 people died of Covid 19 over a 16 month period.

As, to date, there is no hard evidence that the disease “Covid-19” even exists, the real “death” number can only be estimated at zero!

This finds complete support in the death rate statistics right around the world (other than where these are state secrets – such as in China – of course). Nowhere on Earth do the overall death rates for 2020 and the first months of 2021 exceed the typical annual levels.

The numbers of burials and cremations is also typical, i.e. there are NO additional corpses requiring disposal. An apparent exception in the UK is merely apparent and not real.

In April and May 2020, the death rate shot up;

…not because of “Covid-19” but because the government had used this fantasy sickness to deny tens of thousands of very sick people access to medical treatment resulting in the deaths of many.

There is no reason to suppose that this disclosure is exclusive to Portugal. Diseases, wild animals and weather do not respect national borders. Most of the world uses the same scientific facts and procedures.

It is fair to suppose, therefore, that there has never, ever been a single Covid-19 death anywhere upon Earth.

The Lisbon court ruling (from which the name of the applicant has been redacted) together with English and German translations can be read or downloaded here:-

Readers should note that the Lisbon court did not order the release of the death statistics but the Direçao General da Saúde (General Directorate of Health) voluntarily delivered these to the court and were, in turn, passed onto the claimant.

The process in court concerned the other information which the claimant requested. The General Directorate of Health defended their position with the declaration that this is information to which they have no access. The court found this to be correct and dismissed the case. As, however, the General Directorate of Health had initially refused to give the information which it did have, i.e. the requested death statistics, the court ruled that the General Directorate of Health should pay all costs.

Whether the claimant will now pursue the other information requested in other government departments is, at present, not known.

Blessed be
Karma Singh

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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

11 thoughts on “Getting To The Truth – Portugal Shows Us the Way…”

  1. A big ray of hope! Thanks so much, Karma! I’ve missed your posts. Hope all is well.

  2. Brilliant report, as usual from Karma Singh. Seems I can not repost links on faceblock, as I have just been banned for a month. Seems free speech isnt so free these days.

  3. Fakebook is Dead people…. all they do is Ban the Truth. Get on, the alternative Free Speech social media platform. No censorship of anyone as long as they don’t incite violence or directly threaten anyone. Everything else is fair game so lots of great info being shared all over the World.

  4. As the left always says, education is the key. They however don’t believe this any longer. The left continues to be able to snow Americans and other people around the world, because, despite Johannes Gutenberg’s wonder invention that should have increased truth a million fold, most people will not read or inform themselves as every enlightened human being should.

  5. It’s much more insidious than that, Bobby, and goes back to the time when universal education was first introduced.
    Despite propaganda, this was NOT a philanthropic “present” but came from the realisation amongst the industrial barons that, in order to become richer, they needed workers who could read, write and handle basic arithmetic.

    The problem is that, when you teach someone to read, they are likely to read something that you don’t want them to know.
    The solution is that the main thrust of “public” education is the suppression of independent thinking. This is why, for example, students in the Schetinin schools, which encourage independent thinking, manage the same curriculum for which “ordinary” education requires 12 years in a maximum of 18 months.

    As in the Jesuit teachings: “Give me the boy till he be seven and I give you the man.”

    It is not laziness but indoctrination which, by intent, so detracts from independent thought and research.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  6. Tim,
    I think you need to change your hosting.
    You are being heavily censored, especially trans-Atlantic.

    Let me know what hosting you need and I’ll see which of our servers in which country is the best fit.

    Blessed be

  7. Thank you for this article. I knew the PCR doesn’t say anything, but I didn’t know about the small proteine particle that’s always present.
    But how can we explain the growing number of death’s among the vaccinated? Is it the vaccine-damage?

  8. I love this! Absolutely brilliant. Actually, this is the naked truth, not just in Portugal, but everywhere. It cuts right through the web of lies spun by authorities worldwide. And this truth should set us free!

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