The Bolen Report is Heading in a New Direction…

HMS Surprise docked in the San Diego Maritime Museum
HMS Surprise docked in the San Diego Maritime Museum

You are in for a Surprise…

The Bolen Report has been around, as the repository of Tim Bolen’s infamous “Millions of Health Freedom Fighters – Newsletter,” for a very long time.  It had a specific purpose, and it served that purpose very well.

But now, we are going in a new direction…

To read our Articles click on either the “BLOG” link in the left sidebar, where you will find about 1,100 of them in reverse chronological order, or, scroll down in that sidebar, under “Recent Posts” and you will find the last five.

We have  a whole new stable of writers with a wealth of expertise.  They will stimulate you.  Where are we going?  Come and see.  For one thing, we will be examining the situations we describe in Call to Action.”

The old purpose is still here, too.  What is that?  You can find out by clicking on Who is Tim Bolen,” and “About the BolenReport.”  In the last five years the Bolen Report had become an encapsulation of Tim Bolen’s earlier websites into the BolenReport, which included “Quackpotwatch” and “SaveDrClark.”

But now, although all that is still present, major change has happened.  The old Bolen Report was NOT positioned to command SEO presence.  Our 200,000 subscriber email list accomplished what we wanted and the websites were just where you went to read whole articles.

The old Bolen Report was built on a Front Page Windows platform
The old Bolen Report was built on a Front Page Windows platform

The old BolenReport was built on what’s called a Microsoft Front Page platform. It was a Windows Server environment.  The new BolenReport is built on a WordPress platform.  Incredible difference – far reaching opportunities.

Opportunities?  Oh yeah.  Where the old Bolen Report is a chronology of health freedom victories over twenty years, the new site is A PLAN for where we are going.  Look at the section called “Call to Action” to see the problems we intend to deal with.  Our Authors are NOT SHY, and they know what they are talking about.  AND, we are going to allow Comments from those that satisfactorily identify themselves.  We will not be allowing any anonymous comment offerings. If you are too afraid to identify yourself you are too small to play with the big kids – just go away.

The new site has a two column page.  Everything on the left, the Navigation Column, stays there all the time. The right side contains the Pages and Posts.  Play with it – you’ll get the idea.  At the top left is the main navigation.  Just below that is a “Search” feature where you can type in words or phrases and get related articles on this site.  Then comes a VERY IMPORTANT part – the Categories Section.  Click on a Category and you will get all articles on that subject, chronologically, with the earliest article at the bottom.  There are, presently, close to one thousand (1000) articles.

As usual, the Bolen Report is NEVER going to be namby-pamby about delivery.  If you need PC in your media go watch mainstream TV…

This presentation will continue to be a “RUTHLESS, but humorous, analysis of North America’s Health Care System.”

Welcome Aboard.  See the Steward for your cabin assignment…