Sometimes I Hate Being Right. Election 2020 Was “Big Pharma Vs. Trump.” And Big Pharma Won…

The Entire US Democratic Party Is Wholly Owned By “Big Pharma” – No Exceptions…

Vaccine Mandates (Forced Medications) Were The Entire “Behind The Scenes”  Election Issue – and SO FAR the Democrats have delivered on their promises.

Opinion By Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

I have just been sitting here watching the battle to control humanity unfold.  It is, in fact, epic.

In the US, for instance, the battle centers around the idea that all Americans need to be moved from a “One man one vote” philosophy to a “do as you are told immediately when a government employee says to do something” scenario. The Democrats are dead serious about accomplishing this.

The concept of “Vaccine Mandates” has NOTHING to do with disease prevention, and EVERYTHING to do with controlling every aspect of every human’s mental and body functions.

Americans, according to the liberal philosophy, need to heel to authority – not question it.  “Masking” and “Lock Downs” were the attempt to set this new thinking in place.  So far there is limited success, mostly in liberal (blue) areas of the country.

Now the war has focused on “Vaccine Mandates,” ie; “Forced Medication” and the end of “Informed Consent.”

It is becoming patently obvious that those that subscribe to a liberal philosophy feel more comfortable doing, and thinking, what they are told.  They can tune into CNN every morning to get the message they are to carry that day, including what to wear and what gender to be at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.  If they have doubts there are phone apps for virtually every situation.

Facts don’t matter to Liberals…

In fact they get in the way of “the narrative.”  Everyone, these days, needs to read and understand the liberal narrative.  It is actually tragically, but dangerously, funny.

Let’s look at what the liberals did to one of their own – New Yorker Maud Maron. 

An interesting article titled On the Frontlines: Even Liberals Must Adhere to the Narrative” by Katherine Strange says:

Leftist orthodoxy dictates that you carefully follow their scripted narrative. If you don’t, they threaten to shun you from society and take away your job, if not your career.

But what happens when a leftist breaks from the narrative? Liberal public defender Maud Maron in the Southern District of New York recently found out.

My journalist inspiration, Bari Weiss, wrote an article titled “A Witch Hunt at the Legal Society,” which reveals what happened. First, understand that Maron is a typical left-wing Democrat. She attended Barnard College, acted as an escort for Planned Parenthood and graduated from Cardozo Law School. She worked for John Kerry’s campaign in 2004 and contributed (“many times”) to Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2016.

Maron joined the Legal Aid Society, New York’s main public defender organization, in 1998. She took a lengthy hiatus in 2006 to raise her four children — who all attend New York City public schools — and decided to return to Legal Aid in 2017.

But when she was elected to her local Community Education Council in 2017 and 2019, Maron learned exactly what passes for “education” these days. She started to speak out in mid-2020 about the racist garbage that is being dished out in public education. In a July 2020 op-ed in the New York Post titled “Racial obsessions make it impossible for NYC schools to treat parents, kids as people,” she wrote:

“I am a mom, a public defender, an elected public-school council member and a City Council candidate. But at a city Department of Education anti-bias training, I was instructed to refer to myself as a ‘white woman’ — as if my whole life reduces to my race. Those who oppose this ideology are shunned and humiliated, even as it does nothing to actually improve our broken schools. Though facing severe budget cuts, the DOE has spent more than $6 million for the training, which defines qualities such as ‘worship of the written word,’ ‘individualism’ and ‘objectivity’ as ‘white-supremacy culture.’ The administration, and many local politicians, buy into a benign-sounding but chilling doctrine called anti-racism, which insists on defining everyone by race, invites discrimination and divides all thought and behavior along a racial axis.”

The liberals want to get to the point where…

…their US Public health toadies, those whose current income depends on increasing the percentage of vaccinated people in their area, will have even better (in their minds) vaccines targeting a specific purpose.  For instance if some up-level Public Health official sees on CNN that there are too many white heterosexual males in their area they could start force-vaccinating straight white males next week so they could bring those numbers down in time to be eligible for this quarter’s bonuses.

Is that sort of thinking on their part real?  Of course it is.  We watched them do it with “lock-downs,” economically destroying whole communities.

The ACTUAL health of America’s population when left to these “US Public Health” people cannot be measured in reduced Cancer, or Heart Disease deaths, for their are NO reduced numbers – for US Public Health has NO interest in those issues.

The REAL current measurement system can be monitored by watching to see who has the newer, more stylish, purses at so-called “US Public Health Training Conferences.”  Or, even more cynically, “who had new, easily removable, silk underwear to wear to those Dinner Meetings with Big Pharma Executives.

Increasing vaccine percentages in their own geographical areas can be VERY lucrative for US Public Health employees.

But, there is STARTLINGLY powerful opposition…

And “Anti-Vaxxers” are the ones providing it.  Just look around.  Whole States are suing over vaccines – and their legal arguments are coming right off of Anti-Vax movement pages.  Over seventy cases are headed for the US Supreme Court

Smile – I love it when a plan comes together…

Opinion By Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

10 thoughts on “Sometimes I Hate Being Right. Election 2020 Was “Big Pharma Vs. Trump.” And Big Pharma Won…”

  1. I agree with most of the content of this article. Make no mistake Fox News takes a lot of money for advertising through Pharmaceuticals as well as conservative elected officials… Just sayin’

  2. Well Tim, some Democrats are switching parties as the narrative passed the insanity level, including many ethnic groups. So now picture this.

    The Crimes Against Humanity CLASS ACTION lawsuit HAS BEEN FILED and names CDC, WHO and the Davos Group as defendants [to start].. And RFK, Jr’s book on The Real Anthony Fauci is selling very well..

    Stonewalling the case may work for a while til it’s time to EXTRADICT FAUCI etc.. Hopefully some crime case specialist can clue us into what happens next. TTYL

  3. I seem to remember that it was Trump admin that created the Warp Speed initiative. Scott Gotlieb, his FDA commissioner, is on the board of directors of Pfizer. I dont remember Trump doing anything to encourage Dr Fauci to leave.
    When are we all going to stop waiting for some savior to fix a corrupt system? Trump is certainly not the person to do it.

  4. Roger, you seriously misestimate the tasks being worked on by a POTUS,… ya know, things like trade deals, world peace and shutting down the border, etc

    AND for the record Trump did BASICALLY not only ADVOCATE alternatives [HCQ for one] to FAUCI’s face in front of national TV and on twitter, he also modeled alternatives in his own bout with the virus…

    As for Warp Speed, that was a challenge to the vaxxers, and in the process, the whole world all got to see the corrupt and fraudulent vax empire disgrace itself for its bragging.

    And for the record again, Trump specifically told his followers, long ago, that it was up to them to push for what was in their reach.. SO GET BUSY….. and stop whining……… ttyl

  5. Millions across the world are protesting vaccine mandates. The whole world is rising up. Amazing times we are living in…May God help those who took the depopulation shot…thanks, Tim, for the wonderful news about the 70 court cases!


  6. The late Rod Serling could’ve written a script for his Twilight Zone series mirroring what has taken place since the Spring of 2020.

    Never in all my years has there been such a surreal threat to our freedom and liberties than what has occurred in the last year.

    Fauci is a mad, sociopathic, criminal who supports zero population growth just like his billionaire buddy Bill Gates. They need to be investigated and tried for their crimes against humanity.

    Why the mad push and mandates for the coronavirus vaccine? It’s more than just a conspiracy theory. Way more. Why hasn’t an independent lab investigated the vaccines to see what they really consist of?

    I truly believe that there is a sinister plot behind this dark, dirty curtain, that the left (marxists) lurk behind. I truly believe ratbags like Gavin Newsome and his butt ugly Aunt Nancy Polosi, Bill Gates, George Soros, Anthony Fauci and big tech are all players in this hideous charade. Biden is too brain dead to know what is really going on. He just reads his scripts then saunters off to his cave.

    America the beautiful has become fully unhinged by truly evil people of power who are doing their damndest to be the puppet masters amongst humanity.

    Are we as proud American’s to succumb to the “you’ll obey our every command” from the ultra radical left, or will we finally rise to the occasion and shout ‘we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.’

    Our parents and grandparents fought to save our beautiful nation from fascist leaders during WW2. They gave up their lives so that future generations could revel in peace, freedom, liberty, justice and enjoy the fruits of success in their daily lives.

    Are we to abandon what America is all about by being weak and submissive to a group of sick and demented radical left leaders and their supporters?

    Haven’t we had enough? It’s time the tides shift and those viscous, power hungry marxists lose their seat in government. AOC and all the rest of those stinking radical turds can all be given the royal flush down the sewage pipe.

  7. There she is again ‘MJ Raichyk’ still defending the Trump to the end and for what? The man that took Pharmas money (1 million) for his inauguration and immediately dropped the Rfkjr vaccine commission. How in the h*ll do you defend something like that? I hear every excuse from you defending Trump the lying sellout.

  8. Joejoe, you didn’t overturn any one of my points in your attack on what I said.. and I’d point out as far as the pharma donation, that’s a pittance in pharma’s political budget, which is $200TIMES [on average] what they gave Trump..

    And as far as RFK Jr’s efforts OUTSIDE THE CHAOS and SABOTAGED TRUMP ADMINISTRATION… Bobby was a hundred times stronger and more productive outside, so check the timing relative to the Russia assaults..

    So pack up your prejudice and stuff a sock in it… ttyl

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