Kent Heckenlively’s New Book “Presidential Takedown”

How Anthony Fauci, the CDC, NIH, and the WHO Conspired to Overthrow President Trump

An explosive behind-the-scenes look at Donald Trump’s final months in office and how the COVID crisis response was a carefully crafted plan to ruin him.

Opinion By Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Buy this book.  It is an insider’s look at what ACTUALLY  happened during the Covid-19 worldwide hoax.  It is a roadmap to solution.

One of the authors, Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, is a world-wide recognized expert in what is called “Evidence Based Medicine.”

Johns Hopkins describes Evidence Based Medicine as:

“Evidence-based medicine is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values. Evidence-based medicine is an interdisciplinary approach which uses techniques from science, engineering, biostatistics and epidemiology, such as meta-analysis, decision analysis, risk-benefit analysis, and randomized controlled trials to deliver “ the right care at the right time to the right patient.” (Source : AHRQ)

Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) aims for the ideal that healthcare professionals should make “conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence” in their everyday practice. The practice of evidence-based medicine uses systematic reviews of the medical literature to evaluate the best evidence on specific clinical topics (evidence synthesis). The evidence is then translated into practice by medical practitioners who select treatment options for specific cases based on the best research, patient preferences and individual patient characteristics (knowledge translation). Evidence-based medicine practitioners engage in life-long learning and are committed to the continuing education of professionals and patient communities.”

The book is a blueprint for a Congressional Investigation, More, it’s authors provide a twenty step plan to restore America.

“In January 2020, Donald Trump was on the fast track to an easy re-election. While his first two years had been stymied by House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the Democrats, his third year had been one of remarkable success. The United States had low unemployment and was making strides across the globe. The president’s rallies were well-attended, and he was being projected to win four hundred electoral votes and about forty-five states. Then came COVID-19.

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, former Senior Advisor to COVID Pandemic policy in the US government for President Trump and former COVID Pandemic evidence-synthesis advisor to WHO-PAHO, was on the frontlines to watch how Trump’s world, and his reelection hopes, slowly collapsed leading up to November 2020—due to the CDC, NIH, and WHO conspiring to overthrow him with the worst response possible to the COVID crisis.

Supported by emails and documents, career epidemiologist Alexander and New York Times-bestselling author Kent Heckenlively, JD, will not only show proof of a presidential takedown, but also of the personal vendetta of the CDC and HHS against Alexander himself. From unnecessary lockdowns, school closures, and mask mandates to the dismissal of effective treatments like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and vitamin D and even threats against President Trump and his family, Presidential Takedown: How Anthony Fauci, the CDC, NIH, and the WHO Conspired to Overthrow President Trump is the inside story of what really happened from those first COVID-19 reports to President Trump’s “loss” in November.”

It Has Begun…

The shock of what the globalists within the Deep State did to America with the fake Covid-19 “plandemic” is wearing off.  Normal people are beginning to get real facts on what actually happened, and they are waking up.  Even the traditionally liberal media is talking about it.  This all happened to America, and it is time for criminal trials to begin – and put the death penalty in the discussion.

This book lays it all out, line by line, backed up by real evidence.

6.4 million people died worldwide – 800,000 in the US alone from the creation and handling of this man-made crisis…

We, as a society, cannot let this go.  We cannot let this happen again.  Read this book.  Click here to order the book from Amazon.

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen





2 thoughts on “Kent Heckenlively’s New Book “Presidential Takedown””

  1. Maybe this blog could be revived. There are a lot of people who might be open to what is said here now.

  2. Evidently Baseless Medicine or Scienticiously Based Medicine is a hoax. Garbage in, Garbage out. Pharma gamed data in, Pharma profits out. Dr Alexander and The Wellness Company and their funding is questionable. Now that said, I am not attacking this book since I havent read it. I am just saying take a second look at the source. Heckenlively I trust. Dr Alexander, not so much.

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