Watch California – It Is Boiling The Frogs…

Want To Know What The Liberals Have Planned For America?  Watch California.  It Is All Coming To A Boiling Point Right Here…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

In California you simply cannot make up a wild enough story to outdo the REALITY of daily life doled out by the communists who actually run the State of California.

Let’s start with the fake drought – the control of the State’s water.

The latest scam, actually ongoing, is to control all of the State’s snow and rain water and use the doling out of that water to further communities into kneeling at the feet of the so-called Progressives.  Already huge parts of California’s agri-business (Conservative Republican areas) have been shut down.  Whole communities have ONLY a few plastic bottles of drinking water hauled in from hundreds of miles away – and, of course, the Democrats are trying to shut down the bottled water industry.

Where is the water going?  It is being drained right by the citizens who need it right into the Pacific Ocean.  One of the latest stupid Democratic arguments for this is that the Sierra snow melt must be used to control the salinity of the entire Pacific Ocean, so as to protect some fish they just invented last week.

California’s water storage reservoirs are physically empty NOT because of a drought (manufactured) but because liberal politicians drain that water out so that it is NOT available.  Why?  Because water is the power tool to be used to get conservative communities to shut down their churches and other conservative symbols.  Communities that resist masking, forced vaccinations, or the teaching of Critical Race Theory in their schools will simply get no water.

And, it is ALL a MANUFACTURED CRISIS.  As President Trump showed us – There is plenty of water available. The Democrats have to be STOPPED from using geoengineering.  They are controlling the allocation of rain.  Watch this short  four minute video just below.  Listen carefully what these experts are saying.

In short we have the ability, as a society, to make it rain, or not rain.  The Democrats choose to make it NOT rain.

Look at this detailed analysis done by the San Jose Mercury News just below.

California drought: State Water Project will deliver no water to most communities next year

California is all one big “Pilot Program” for the installation of communism in the US…

Once California has been subdued, using this method, I predict that the Democrats will begin the draining of the US Great Lakes (Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario).  Every area in the US that can be identified as having voted for Donald Trump will be de-watered.  The liberal media will claim that all this is being done to stamp out “White Supremacy.”

Where, I predict, California is going to go…

(1)  Several years ago Californians defeated a Progressive effort (Senate Bill 18) to take children away from parents and put them under the COMPLETE Control of an organization designated by the State legislature.  There was a huge fight.  The Dems simply tabled the Bill until they had more control.  They will bring that Bill back and pass it.  California’s children will be turned against their parents and taught to report on those parents’ activities, ownership of guns, religious items, hidden cash, and list of their parents friends, etc.

SB 18 – California’s “Socialist Collective” Takeover of Children…

(2)  “Critical Race Theory” will be the official political leaning taught in California schools.  All white people will officially be classified as “White Supremacists.”

(3)  No parents will be allowed to speak at School Board meetings – nor will they be allowed to run for, or hold office as, a School Board Member.  Only those people approved by the California Teachers Unions or the LGBT Community will be allowed to hold those positions.

(4)  All voting will be by mail, or by drop boxes controlled by the California Employees Unions.  No exceptions.

(5)  All farmland will be seized by the State and turned into “Collectives” made up of “happy workers.”

(6)  All National Forests and State Parks will be converted to Solar Panel Farms.  All of the cut down trees will be given to China as reparations for the bad things Trump said about them.

California is all one big Public Relations super program, boiling the population slowly, so they don’t know what is really happening…

Liberals, as a group, are NOT independent thinkers like conservatives are.  They need hive thinking to get through the day.  Yes, they do turn on and tune into CNN, NPR, and MSNBC so they know what they are supposed to be, and represent that day.  They can get hints on what gender is approved for them to be that day, and at what time.

They can spend a few hours in a Starbucks, soaking up that conformity training in the presence of other Prius drivers that tremble when they see a four wheel drive pickup truck, pulling a boat trailer going by.

They are  taught, in that conformity training,  to “go with the flow…” meaning they are the first frogs to be boiled, so to speak.

But California Progressives have a plan to boil the whole State – using what little water there is left.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

4 thoughts on “Watch California – It Is Boiling The Frogs…”

  1. In your prognosticating…
    1) is Northern California going to secede?
    2) would a ‘progrressive’ ever read Newsweek? and see that the CV19 VAX is a colossal failure, oops I mean PARADOX… namely MORE INJECTING = MORE INFECTING
    3) will it make a difference that the Governor got GBS as an adverse side effect of his VAX, and had to go to MEXICO to get STEMCELL TREATMENT [illegal here]…?
    4) would Stanford take up the challenge of the Canadian university that showed that the pandemic hysteria damaged SOME people’s ability to gage risk AND made them likely to be victims of the FAILED VAX PUSHING……?

    There sure is a lot of ‘what-iffing’ going on these days, around the secession potentials……. and California’s boiling scene could trigger even more…. ttyl

  2. MJ:

    Yes, it is unsettling to see what California is doing – especially since it seems to ignore reality, generally.

    But, as we saw with the passing of SB277 (Mandatory Vaccines for children) in California, that action made most other States organize and defeat similar legislation.

    My whole point is to once again ALERT other States, and countries, to keep an eye on California – for what seems to be a far-fetched crazy sounding idea in a Red State is actually starting to become a law, or an official policy, in communist California.

  3. This blog has consistently been very prescient on what is going on in the world. I just read above about the California move to take children away from parents which as of January, 2022 seems to be a real threat.

    I hope you will publish more posts. Or are you perhaps presenting your writings elsewhere?

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