Karma Singh

Karma Singh – lives, and works, in both Great Britain and Germany.

He says about himself:

“Just like Groucho Marx, I was born at a very early age; some decades later than he – I am, in fact, a 1949 vintage (suave, charmingly fruity with a hint of sageness).

 There are also other similarities between us; both of us saw that humanity as a whole has but one principle ill – banking. Groucho showed this very clearly in many of his stage performances and films by exaggerating what was going on to the point of ridiculousness.

Unfortunately, many failed to understand what he was trying to tell them and, so, just let things proceed to a second World War and the present exertions of the bankers to force a war between Russia and the USA. Similarly, George Carlin and others have also made plain with their comedy just what needs to be changed but, although many listened, unless you actually DO something, then the banker’s plan for World War Three will come to fruition.

I, and others, have chosen a different task; that of showing exactly HOW to change things and what the advantages for you personally are. 

My journey began in the 1960’s at a time when many articles appeared in the newspapers in England concerning the question of healing; is it real, is it true or is it just a way of extracting money from the hopelessly ill? There were many stories of people who had received death sentences from the medical profession, had then turned to healers and regained complete health. When the doctors of medicine were asked to comment upon these “miracles”, they replied that not healing but “spontaneous remission” had taken place. Asked what the difference between healing and spontaneous remission is and how they could determine this, the doctors gave one of two replies:

(1)  The most common reply was ………………………. (nothing – the question was simply ignored.)

(2)  The second answer was, “You are not a doctor; you wouldn’t understand.”

 Not being satisfied by either answer, I set out (as a schoolboy) to find out for myself.”

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