Everyone Wonders Where We Here At The BolenReport Have Been…

Simple Answer – If There Is A Riot On Your Street Go Somewhere Else For A While…

We Decided To Sort of Watch What Happens For A While, Instead Of Participating In The Chaos.  And THAT is turning out very well.

Opinion by “Even More Deplorable Than EVER Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Let’s start with this – I am NOT Happy with Donald Trump.  Frankly, he blew it.  He could have done things a whole lot better.  Too much “Mr. Nice Guy…”

Donald Kissing up to the Vaccine Industry?  Letting Fauci Run Amok – Stomping All Over Him?

I thought this guy had more common sense then to let the Deep State control the Covid-19 narrative.  Apparently he didn’t.  Apparently he doesn’t…

Now we all have to deal with whoever it is that is putting the words in that clown Biden’s mouth.

And, of course, now we get to see the effects of that experimental so-called  DNA modifying Covid-19 vaccine…

Laugh – Stores in California now display a sign that says “Only the fully vaccinated need not wear masks…”  Taking a leaf from the liberal playbook, well “today I identify as “fully vaccinated…”  I am as fully vaccinated as I am ever going to get – thank you very much…  And according to HIPPA law they can’t even ask….

My strategy here is, I think, EXACTLY the strategy that ALL conservatives need to attach themselves to…

About Liberals – Give Them Enough Rope And They Will Hang Themselves…

It is very unbelievable what is going on in the background.  Frankly, the Democratic Party is tearing itself to shreds internally. I’ll tell you about some of that in future articles – make you laugh in glee…

It helps to know how to turn off the chaos all around you…

Network TV (Chaos Central) is a complete wasteland of depression and negativity.  Propaganda is the name of the game.   “Red States” should ban it as a local mental health improvement project.  The suicide rates would probably drop radically.  AIDS might disappear completely.

Not long ago I was visiting my sister.  She had dropped Dish Network and had signed up for something called ROKU instead.  We sat there in her Living Room and she gave me a tour of television WITHOUT commercials, without the horrors of liberal “Nightly News.”   ROKU had, it seemed, through its connections, millions of very watchable television depicting people who actually liked life, each other, and talked about interesting things to others.  There was no one trying to start a race war,  There was no one promoting the idea of killing all White People.

It was great fun, once I got home, calling up Dish and telling them to get their ugly dish off of my roof.  They insisted on knowing why I would drop their offering – so I told them “I am paying  you $135 a month….”

And you are giving me OLD movies that run for five minutes at a time, then six minutes of commercials…

You are giving me 56 shopping channels to buy crap I wouldn’t drive five minutes to a store for…

You are offering me 31 liberal news channels each featuring angry homosexuals all telling us how immoral we people with families are…

You cut off all conservative news channels…

And frankly, you assholes are boring…

You cannot believe how nice it is to turn on your  television to something you actually enjoy seeing…

And we used our time well. Wait to see what we have for YOU coming up on the BolenReport…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Even More Deplorable Than EVER Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


21 thoughts on “Everyone Wonders Where We Here At The BolenReport Have Been…”

  1. Pharmaceutical industry control of state licensing biard through a national organization of medical boards was coveted briefly by your site about 10 years ago. How about an update with specifics?

  2. Good to hear from you, Tim. Keep it coming. You’re right about Trump. I still like him in a lot of ways, but this ‘Rona hoax, and anything medical or scientific is out of his league. I’m a DeSantis fan now.

  3. It was very smart strategy, in my opinion. If not for warp speed we all be forced to wear face diapers for 2 more years and then mandatory vaxxing. But now there is no mandates because it is experimental jab. I personally never put this shit on my face and will never take any shots.

  4. Glad you are back. We need you to promote the World Wide Demonstrations (WWD) against lockdowns, masking and vaxx mandates.

    Although the legacy media refused to cover it the WWD and bans any promotion, the every-other month event continues to get bigger. Last month over 100 countries, 190 cities with millions of participants.

    More here: http://www.opensourcetruth.com/world-wide-freedom-rally-3-0/

    Since October about a half billion people left (or were forced off) Twitter, YouTube and Facebook — the legacy media. Same time a half billion joined Telegram.org. That’s where the action is right now. That is the system over which the WWDs are being organized.

  5. Nice to hear from you Tim. You stuck with him until the end LoL, I was told how wrong I was about Trump by many here. He conned us all, although many still don’t admit. Trump just does what he thinks will make him popular since he’s a narcissist. I am considering Desantis but have heard some things about his Florida executive orders which would force vaccinate anyone during a pandemic and hold them against their will. I watched this on the David knight show, and heard about it from others but did not actually read it myself.

  6. Hey Tim, So good to see your name on the inbox again. Yes, we were wondering …. Give us more of truth, reality and good sense, please Please remind people what liberty and rights mean . They dont even notice now when they lose them.


    And for the record, it was Pence’s big opportunity as the overseer in charge of the pandemic work by Fauci/Birx etc and Trump should have cut him off at the knees as well… Guess that’s what you mean by too nice of a guy..

  8. Tim,

    Glad you are back. I commented months ago in the “Leave a Reply” section about not trusting Trump when it came to vaccines….Yes he blew it….and in my opinion, can never make up for this mistake….letting the government release a time bomb on humanity. It makes one wonder what Trump’s agenda really is….he can’t be trusted. I’m glad you said what you did about Trump…I don’t feel so alone for speaking out.

    Jamie Murphy
    Author, “What Every Parent Should Know about Childhood Immunization.”

  9. Jamie: Trump really has no agenda regarding vaccines. He is a germophobe and entirely ignorant about issues scientific or medical. He did have Dr. Scott Atlas advising him in the White House, but the medical mafia is entirely in charge. We are facing a bleak future in regard to fertility because of these experimental gene therapy products. The lipid nano-particles, of which billions are injected with each dose, are transported throughout the body in the serum, ending up in the organs. The largest concentration is in ovaries, but testicles are also affected. I suspect Trump has no clue what “Warp Speed” has unleashed.

  10. Trump has no chance for re-election without the Anti-Vax Movement’s backing. He needs to listen to our health reform people about what needs to occur.

    He needs to form an investigative coalition about the whole Covid-19 mega-hoax…

  11. Cynthia Jeanne Lee – It was more like twenty years ago that I wrote those articles about the State Medical Boards.

    What have you got current? Send me an email…

    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit that they picked up their old habits. Mediocre medical control freaks gravitate towards those appointments.

  12. I don’t believe the ‘noise’ about DeSantis force vaccinating people, that’s hooey and totally inconsistent with his other protecting of people’s rights…

    To Tim… Trump re-elected? why? why not RE-INSTATED as the rightful owner of the White House?

    To Jamie and JoeJoe….
    And as for Trump conning anyone, you seem to think YOU BOUGHT HIM and forget that he has an obligation to be president of ALL THE PEOPLE. Even the fools who believe in vaxxes…He doesn’t OWE you any EO that BANS VACCINES OF ANY KIND whether YOU claim they are damaging {and yes they are} or not… He led the way toward treatment, not vaxxes….. and took the slings and arrows.

    And thanks, Ralph for the heads up on the WWD… will have to get an account there… I keep getting emails from Twitter asking why I don’t come and brighten their day, rotfl….. no kidding……. I guess if they didn’t ban you, they think you have an obligation to show up….
    totally weird……. ttyl

  13. I have a little “I wonder” about the situation with Donald Trump. I too, have reached a point where I no longer understand where he’s coming from on the jabs. However, this is a highly strategic subject. An entity or entities that can command injections for any and every purpose effectively controls a population, at least many aspects of their bodily autonomy. This apparent “power” would not be yielded by said evil entities without extreme measures to oppose it. I think there could be things going on behind the scenes, such as threats of other WMDs, or threats against the First Family that would “control” what Trump says in public, whether or not he’s truly “risk aware” on the biological injections. Think of Biden and Eric Swalwell both hinting at “nukes” to be used against Americans if they stand up against the regime.

  14. MJ Raichyk, you would protect Trump if he pushed you off a bridge. You would say he did so much good with his operation ‘Warp Speed’ vaccine even though I don’t approve of it. To people like you he can’t do anything wrong even if it kills you. What a joke of a statement “he led the way toward treatment” but in reality all he cries about like a baby is how he rushed the damn vaccine. If you didn’t open your eyes by now, you never will. This Con artist ‘DontheCon’ led us into lockdowns for a year and a half and how anyone can protect Trump after that should get their head examined. Good luck fantasizing about how great Trump is.

  15. To JoeJoe… Trump did NOTHING TO HARM *US*….. we are NOT forced to take the COVID VAX so no matter how much the FOOLS want the damn stuff, they are SERVED as should be when there is a DISPUTE .. and clearly there is a DISPUTE … and WE ARE WINNING MORE THAN BEFORE……..

    There are WAY MORE DOCTORS NOW that are questioning the AUTHORITY ORDERS they were FORCEFULLY INDOCTRINATED TO FOLLOW in their pressured INTERNSHIP…

    And with TRUMP BANNED ON MAINSTREAM SOCIAL MEDIA… the angry TECHS have rallied and CREATED A FREE-SPEECH SOCIAL MEDIA, where the TRUTH ABOUT COVID TREASON and COVID VAXX DAMAGE is getting big headline….. not to mention the exposure recently of the FBI’s LEADERSHIP IN THE VIOLENT ACTIVITY ON JAN6th…..

    Your incessant demands for RULES THAT IMPOSE YOUR IDEAS is rather UNAMERICAN at best……. ttyl

  16. Greetings Folks and Folkesses,
    Good to be back and very glad to “see” you Tim.

    I tend to agree more with Alex than with you on the Covid fraud question, Tim.
    The pharma-cartel also owns a large number of republican representatives and senators. I think that Our Donald HAD to go along with them to avoid losing a 25th amendment vote.

    We note that, since the usurper was “enthroned”, Our Donald has been focusing on weeding out those elements so that he can break the cartel when he’s next in power. Leader of the House is an excellent position to do this from.

    Never underestimate Our Donald – he’s a master strategist as many have found out to their cost.
    Softly, softly catchee monkey or, in English, give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself! We’ve seen President Trump do this time and time again.

    Meanwhile, I’ll go through the articles which you’ve not yet published and delete those that are no longer relevant. I’ve also got some new ones, one of which is so hot that even the British government is falling over itself to get out of the way.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  17. Karma Singh, here we go again about Trump the man that gave us the lockdowns, and the loss of our rights like we haven’t experienced under all of the previous Presidents combined. You have to realize that his time is up he blew it with his so called “4D Chess” that supposedly he was playing that his supporters kept referring to while he was in the Whitehouse. He’s out and was never ahead of anyone, he blew it by listening to the ‘swamp’ aka Dr. Fauchi. The swamp is in full control of everything and has defeated Trump for good, turns out that he was exactly what he appeared to be ‘a loud mouth’ that always backed down. I’d like to know how you continue to come up with irrational excuses for him. Lol, I voted for him twice and it’s time to see if a man like Desantis that doesn’t seem to back down would make a good President.

  18. Correction JoeJoe… The lockdowns were to EXPOSE THE SWAMP IN THE STATES… and it surely did. As you may recall, when not in your frenzied state of mind, there were a few governors that did not appreciably lockdown….. And now we watch to see if the State Legislatures can ACT LIKE THEY HAVE THE KEYS TO THE REPUBLIC.. AND DO THE AUDITS, DECERTIFY THE IMPOSTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE…. ttyl

  19. As with so very many, Joejoe, you are underestimating Our Donald.

    A master strategist, always prepared to modify his plans to fit changed circumstances but always looking to do the best job he can for the USA and the world. Knows how to back down and “regroup” when he can’t get what he wants right now.
    How would this be for a team:-
    President DeSantis
    Vice President Haley
    Leader of the House Trump.

    I think that that team would get things done and pray that I will actually see it.

    Blessed be

  20. Karma, yes that would work but I can’t see Trump wanting to be leader of the house, also the voting process is very suspect and I don’t trust it anymore after they got away with the 2020 theft. Hopefully they’ll have something set up where it won’t happen again. Meanwhile the republican leadership is just sitting around and not attacking Biden for all his policies and many of them need to go. The republicans are weak, the radical squad seems to be in charge along with Pharma (the other party) and their destructive ideology that is destroying America.

  21. Tim, I have been a visitor of your site for years and have enjoyed the countless, well researched articles that you present. I can really identify with your views 100 %. I consider myself a very skeptical if not cynical person when it comes to our government, big pharma, big tech, organized religion, the media and any person/people of power that has a powerful negative influence over our liberties. Tim you are the kind of person who would make the greatest president of the United States of America. You could trump Trump with your integrity and intelligence. If you ran in the 2024 race you’d get my vote with absolute certainty. Keep up your great work Tim by continuing to keep us informed. You’re a fine man and America needs to know what the corrupt news media, et al, is concealing from us all.

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