Forget REAL US Health Care – We’ve Got “Stumbling Joe…”

“Old Joe” Stumbled Three Times – Xi, Putin and Kim Laughed Out Loud…

And so did Big Pharma…

Opinion By Ralph Fucetola JD

While the presidential “stumbling optics” ludicrously continued the stupidity of “the pratfall presidency,” other optics should leave one gasping; such as the continued military occupation of the Capitol Hill Green Zone, with its barbed wire security fence, no doubt moved from the Texas border to DC to protect the deep state from “We the People.”

Of more importance is what the Triple Axis of Insurrection (Russia-China-North Korea) said about the American polity and presidency, and what the Deep State Intelligence Community said about the stolen election.

The Foreign Minister of China told the US Secretary of State…

…in the Alaska Meeting that people in America no longer trusted “democracy” in this country.  He told the Americans to get their own house in order rather than engaging in international military adventures.  Given the Imposed Head of Regime’s Neocon foreign policy, perhaps the Chinese have reason to express concern.

Nobody at the Alaska meeting mentioned “the China virus.”

North Korean Kim’s sister challenged Biden’s renewed bellicosity in the Korean peninsula while Putin responded to Biden undiplomatically calling him a “killer” by challenging Biden to a public, live debate.  He said that would be “interesting” to both Americans and Russians. He also wished Biden “Good health.”

Not to be outdone in craziness by the Triple Axis, America’s Deep State apparatchiks issued another “Intelligence (sic) Report” that, contrary to all the statistical evidence, announced “Russia and Trump colluded in the 2020 election against the Democrat candidate!”

Nothing is real.

So how does this relate to “Stumbling Joe?”

In these obviously perilous times any nation led by incompetence will be at great risk.  Joe Biden’s health matters.

Think of HOARDS of untested border-crossers, claiming to be refugees, allowed, UNCHECKED, across our defenseless southern border…

…while lawful foreign visitors must first prove they are COVID-free before entering.

Every president from Wilson through FDR, Ike and Reagan, responded to questions about medical competence to continue in office.

Wilson and FDR lied to the public about their conditions and the nation suffered greatly from their flawed leadership.  IF Ike was forthright about his heart condition, Nixon might have come sooner.  Reagan might have been showing signs of his later dementia, but managed to take out the USSR anyway. The health of the nation is at stake.

Of course the mass media continually questioned Trump’s capacity, no matter how many times he withdrew the troops or got enemies to make peace.

What is wrong with “Old Joe?”  Could he be exhibiting symptoms of a severe vaccine reaction from the COVID vaccine(s) he received?

Thousands have already died from the vaccines.  Tens of thousands have been seriously injured.  Is Biden one of them?  Are we allowed to even ask that question?

No one is permitted by our media masters to question Old Joe.  Well, except Old Joe who once again referred to his vice president as “President Harris.”  Maybe she is…

They are stumbling and not interested… It’s important to note that the Biden Regime has been in power since January 20 and, except for “Take the Jab(s)” there is no mention of fixing US health care…

Opinion By Ralph Fucetola JD



2 thoughts on “Forget REAL US Health Care – We’ve Got “Stumbling Joe…””

  1. Speaking of the DeepState Intelligence Community LIARS,.. i was just reading some of the digging done by investigative journalist Whitney Webb []… Although she’s irrationally [leftist] trying to convict the Israelis of treasonous intention, and stoops to twist what are normal business strategies, she does shed some light on the different types of CYBERSECURITY SYSTEMS…

    And in one segment she identifies EDR [End-point Detection and Response] as a recent development and it completely describes what that spreadsheet of data was in the Michael Lindell video [Absolute Proof]… it differs from the standard computer security we’re accustomed to in daily life which strives to block certain endpoints…

    Plus the Israelis were giving Trump’s teams a demo as early as July 2020, but their focus then was on testing American preparedness for Antifa type chaos aimed at the daily infrastructure that depends on the damn INTERNET OF THINGS and such in order to disrupt the voting… not aiming at the straightforward intercepting voting data and altering it…

    If people were aware of this sort of election preparation, then the Absolute Proof demo would have had much more impact, IMO… just seeing these insider looks at the election prep and how vulnerable our daily life is, as well as how crazy it is to have our election system hooked up to the internet, shows how genuinely normal the HACKING-CRIME should have been seen, instead of the embarrassed turning of heads away and never going beyond the extreme exaggerated on-the-ground cheating the Democrats did, with only a brief brush with the Dominion software methods themselves…..

    Hope we can see the hacking reality soon, so we get all the pieces needing outlawing lined up, not just the list in HR1 and the Dominion/Scytl machine treachery…


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