Ralph Fucetola JD

Ralph Fucetola JD received a B.A. with Distinction from Rutgers University, 1967 and a Juris Doctor (doctorate in law) from Rutgers Law School, 1971.

Since then he has been active in the business and public service communities and practiced law (from 1971 through 2006) specializing in the Nutrient and Alternative Health fields.

He is a Notary Public in New Jersey and has been an ordained minister since 1973. Ralph Fucetola has been widely recognized as a leading attorney in the field, receiving numerous awards, including a Citation of Merit from the National Health Federation in 1979 and a Meritorious Service Award (from the Institute for Health Research, www.inhere.org) for his role in the 1995 DHEA Cases on behalf of the Life Extension Foundation.

Ralph Fucetola limits his consultancy practice to claims, advertising and label review, and consulting with marketers, consumers, advocates and local attorneys regarding Health Care Freedom issues, petitions and litigation. He is available as an expert witness. He has varied business background experience, including direct management responsibility with companies in the following fields: Real Estate Management; Construction; Dietary Supplement Products and Alternative Modality Products. He is President of the Institute for Health Research, and Counsel to and a trustee of Natural Solutions Foundation, www.globalhealthfreedom.org.