“Anti-Vaxxers” Need To Put Trump And The Republican Party “On Notice…”

The Message – “If You Want OUR Support You Need To Adopt OUR VIEW Of What US Health Care Needs to Be…”

Opinion by “Even More Deplorable Than EVER Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Donald Trump, you and the Republican Party in general need to start paying attention to the US health care issue.  It is VERY solvable and the time for that solution is right now.  This is your ONE CHANCE to become a viable resource for American citizens.  You lost Election 2020 for ONE simple reason – You DID NOT revise US Health Care like you said you would.

(1)  So what if you cancelled PARTS of ObamaCare?

You put NOTHING in its place.  America is suffering from a system that SIMPLY does not work.  Here is the reality:

(a) Health care is offered, by the system, not based on what is most effective, and/or best for the patient, but by what is most profitable for the provider.

(b) The government agencies we have put in place to regulate health care have turned against us.

(c) The worldwide pharmaceutical industry has WAY TOO MUCH influence over our elected, and appointed, officials.

(d) Health Insurers are a BIG problem

(e) US Dentistry is upside down.

(f) Public Health projects are making the population sicker.

(g) The PsyOps Networks – Ruthless, deadly, dishonest, destructive, morally depraved, attacks those trying to fix health care..

(2)  The US Public Health system is an abject, absolute, failure.

Just look at how our “US Public Health” system botched the Covid-19 problem.  When Covid-19 appeared on the scene these people couldn’t even find their way to work in the morning.

Why was US Public Health totally unprepared for Covid-19, or any other actual pandemic?  Because US Public Health is TOTALLY dependent on having a vaccine for something, already on their shelves.  When something new comes along these fools go look on their shelves, and finding nothing for this new thing they simply go home and go back to bed.

(3)  US Health Care Needs a Major Overhaul…

And, the Republicans are going to have to do it, because they are the thinkers.  Democrats, by virtue(?) of their general disposition are completely unable to solve most any kind of problem.

The Democratic Party’s idea of health care is to provide billions for abortions, hundreds of billions for AIDS medications, free needles for junkies, and free sex change operations.  They also want 7,062 mandatory vaccinations for everyone. and then they also want EVERYONE to get mercury tooth fillings.

(4)  Everything necessary to revise US Health Care is right here in front of us…

All of the facts about the current failure of US Health Care are right here in front of us.  All we have to do is to make it an issue.

What the hell are we waiting for?

Opinion by “Even More Deplorable Than EVER Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

9 thoughts on ““Anti-Vaxxers” Need To Put Trump And The Republican Party “On Notice…””

  1. Dear President Trump,

    Americans need U.S. AMERICA FIRST CARE, a national basic and catastrophic plan that can be supplemented by private insurance or employer-based insurance.
    (1) With an executive order, you can authorize Congress to take the $1 trillion from the federal Medicaid and Medicare budget and insure EVERY U.S. citizen with the same core coverage that employees at large companies and institutions receive. That sum entirely covers the cost for large employers or associations. Americans are being ripped off for the huge administrative costs of being sorted according to ability to pay.
    (2) Let the big insurers bid on parts of the “America First Care Plan” so that competition keeps prices down. Encourage private supplemental plans.
    (3) Tell the Democrats they could never provide insurance for every American for a low cost because “they don’t know how to negotiate.” You will be negotiating the prices on the basic national plan and saving every American thousands of dollars.
    (4) Every American is one breath away from being sick. We ALL have pre-existing conditions or could in an instant. Democrats preach universal care but can never put together an affordable package.

    US AMERICA FIRST CARE: An Opt-in National Health Plan,
    Part of President Trump’s agenda it to put Americans first and to ensure employment of U.S. citizens first. It is a national priority to provide for U.S. citizens and give them every advantage for gaining employment. Pension plans are also overburdened by health care coverage costs for retirees. U.S. citizens in the workforce, U.S. born children, and U.S. citizen retirees must come first.

    US AMERICA FIRST is a national plan that would be automatically available to all U.S. citizens and legal residents. It can be installed initially by executive order or by act of Congress. A national I.D. will serve as the health insurance card.

    According to the rules of the national plan, all adults of working age (defined as 27-60 years) will be provided with a basic plan that includes catastrophic coverage. Firstly, however, a $3,000 deductible (for services above the scheduled allowable payments) will be set for each working-age adult. Many routine services (annual check-ups, urgent care visits) will be provided for no additional cost above the standard co-pay. Co-pays will be set initially at $25 cash payment due at service and $250 cash due at admittance for each hospital stay. Children, young adults under 27 years, and older Americans over 60 years are fully covered with no co-pays or deductibles.

    The Federal government will re-direct $1 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid to the national plan. This divided by the population of 320,000 million amounts to $3,000 per person, enough to cover every U.S. citizen and legal resident with catastrophic and basic routine care. Costs will be kept within this budget by incentives to provide excellent-services-for-less through increased utilization of telemedicine, online health education, and mobile phone apps. Administrators of the national plan will be non-profit and will work with providers to direct patients to the closest providers and to locations that provide services at allowable costs. This and other incentives will help providers compete successfully with similar local services.

    US AMERICA FIRST CARE will provide generic drugs at a low co-pay cost of $15 provided the patient seeks the advice and undergoes an initial screening appointment with a licensed pharmacist at a pharmacy. A prescription from an M.D. will no longer be necessary. Non-generic drugs may be purchased in cash by the patient or by pharmacy insurance. Online education and opening to the public online access to all articles published and archived at the U.S. National Library of Medicine will enhance patients’ choice and further serve to protect them from harmful prescription drugs. All drugs are the patients choice at the pharmacist’s discretion. No American can be forced to take a drug or get a vaccine.

    All U.S. citizens and legal residents are free to use US AMERICA FIRST CARE, but none are required to use the plan, nor is any provider required to use the plan.

  2. Yes, that is actually true…. BUT WE DON’T HAVE A WORKING ELECTION SYSTEM… you may recall…

    The American PEOPLE gave Trump a massive landslide that would have resulted in BeijingBiden getting barely 100 electoral votes in that ‘college’ poor ol Dr Rand Paul was so worried about — that he and Massie let the NEW WORLD ORDER overturn the WHOLE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC based on ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE, counted constitutionally…. not BigTech’s CYBER VOTES BY THE MILLION-OUT-OF-NOWHERE AMERICAN even.

    Fiat money, fiat votes, eh? Came from some of the same heads

    Unless we deal with the fact that all future elections in the USA are MERELY NWO SELECTIONS. with CHINA BEHIND IT, then PLATFORMS and GREAT IDEAS are pointless… Clear enough?

    I watched Dr Shiva Ayyadurai on Bannon’s WarRoom and his idea was WE MUST REVERT TO MANUAL COUNTING — precinct by precinct and OVERSEEN LOCALLY with a CIVIC HOLIDAY — which btw we could implement STATE BY STATE, since the Democrat useless idiots would have a hard time not following *that* once the woke-Republican Redstates passed the LAWs …. it would PUT THE NWO SCUM ON NOTICE as well, that we are not their pawns even if the INTELLIGENCE AND BACKBONE to defeat their STEAL was ABSENT IN OUR DC POLITICIANS…..

    In point of fact, Dr Shiva is
    1) a verifiable ANTI-VAXXER and a HEALTH FREEDOM ADVOCATE with
    2) plenty of credentials to match ANYTHING the vaxxers have with his adherence to less sophisticated health practices well backed up by SYSTEMS logic and research
    3) politically savvy and incredibly energetic, ran an impressive candidacy race for US SENATE in MA, and now is a dynamite in court PRO SE to defend his case against the REPUBLICAN / DEMOCRAT ESTABLISHMENT in MA that used the ‘weighted race’ feature to cheat him in the primary in September… his ‘election’ cases are still proceeding with clear victories in procedural and restraining orders so far..

    Shiva btw also has a ‘course’ he’s offering at the moment on SUCCESSFUL MOVEMENTS in history, and the SYSTEMS ANALYSIS to engineer future successes….. Haven’t checked it out but so far, I’D SAY SHIVA IS WHERE TO GO FOR THE POINTMAN IN THE BATTLE YOU ENVISION IS RIPE…

    Dr Shiva cannot run for President as you realize, but Shiva was supporting Trump getting free of Fauci, from the beginning and pushed that to the point of notoriety on Twitter…

    And bombshell……..
    Dr Shiva proved in court that TWITTER WAS ORDERED TO CENSOR his account to shut his exposing of the Dominion systems’ corrupted usage and the State officials destruction of evidence,…and that the GOVERNMENT HAS A DIRECT LINE TO TWITTER TO CONTROL THAT CENSORING…. used in Dr Shiva’s battles and then exposed in court..

    For the sweeping changes we are needing in health care, it’s my assessment that Shiva Ayyadurai is the one to follow, and GO STATE BY STATE TO *MAKE THEM WAKE UP* TO THE REALITY THAT WE ARE THE PRISONERS OF THE ELECTION MACHINES AND BIG TECH… and therefore THIS REVOLUTION requires the NATIONAL HOLIDAY TO COUNT THE VOTES to achieve our *POLITICAL* FREEDOM, a VICTORY IN ITSELF, STATE BY STATE, making the CIVIC DUTY OF WATCHED COUNTING AND FREEDOM-CELEBRATION A HOLIDAY IN EACH AND EVERY STATE…. honoring the Founders vision that the government must be the product of THE PEOPLE’S WILL, COUNTY BY COUNTY according to our Constitution…. and implemented SAFELY by the TENTH AMENDMENT so the bought-federals cannot over-reach our moves……


  3. Dear USA FIRST CARE..

    The face-diaper and social-cringing and lockdowns ARE PROOF THAT ROCKEFELLER BASIC CARE IS A FARCE.

    With a simple bicarb neti rinse, you can walk free of the corona and flus of the world.. And with IV-C we saw that those who failed to protect themselves and succumbed to the corona [or other lung damaging factors] were 100% SAVED by the HI-DOSE IV-C FOR 7DAYS..

    All that anyone would sanely want of what the VILE STANDARD OF CARE offers is the SURGICAL COVERAGE for accidental catastrophes occurring on the highways and other risky exposures [employment or otherwise]..

    Separate the ‘basic’ and ‘catastrophe’ and you may have a viable valuable offering, AND MAKE THE ‘BASIC’ OPEN TO COMPETITION — not funded by government…. Then how much is the price tag…..

  4. Expecting ANYTHING from the gov is like looking them to remove a threatening volcano… no matter how much they promise, they can’t do it. We have to be in control of our health and ‘Just Say No!’

  5. I like these four comments and I have one of my own. I try to only go see alternative practitioners. Any health care should have $2,500-3K/year/per person to help them with alternative (without spelling it out) available. If they use it fine, if they don’t that’s OK too. However, it should be available. I know health insurers and Pharma won’t like it. But tough! Government has to get tough with them.

  6. Mercury etc
    Mercury in its various forms is the main root cause leading to chronic sickness including cancer and high blood pressure. It is enhanced by toxins roundup, aluminum, flouride, bromine, etc, and mineral and vitamin deficiencies.
    References: HIDDEN EPIDEMIC by Dr Levy.
    Also see Health Effects section in pdf soqg_se_scd_1438

  7. The Republican party has been put on notice by Trump not following through on his tough talk on vaccines being a cause of autism during the 2016 debates, meeting with Dr.Wakefield and Robert Kennedy Jr. If he would have stuck with the attack of vaccines causing autism the impeachment nonsense might of come to a quick end or at least fizzled out because he would have delivered a vicious blow to the biggest swamp creature (big pharma) that obviously controls the world using lockdowns and any other form of control to sell their products. When I mentioned that Trump wasn’t going to do anything about vaccines/autism the typical loudmouths on here attacked me and said that we had to wait until his second term. What second term? Even if he ran and won in 2024 nothing would happen so you can dream all you want but he’s proven that when he’s pushed by Big Pharma he backs down. All Trump talks about now is vaccines and he bragg’s about how he fast tracked it and you’re excited about that? You want forced vaccination? Because under Trump we lost most of our rights so please tell me where I am wrong about the clown that I voted for twice hoping that he would do something. If he runs again I certainly know that I won’t be voting for him. But those of us with vaccine injured children can’t like what Trump did for our vaccine injured children, which is more vaccines. Please wake up already!

  8. JoeJoe, in case you didn’t notice, LARGE percentages of the public are now vax-hesitant, and that is good… i hear that 75% of the military rejected the covid vaxxes.. considering that for 24month Trump was under ‘investigation’ for RUSSIA COLLUSION and then was threatened with IMPEACHMENT is a soviet-style legislative op, it’s a wonder anything got done, and yet he was very successful on many issues that mattered to all of us, and so the progress on vax awareness has been far more than if Trump had done what YOU would have thought was needed BUT IMO WOULD HAVE SET US BACK 50YEARS in these circumstances, JOEJOE……… ttyl

  9. I didn’t like the idea that the Democratic Socialists stole the 2020 election, but…

    What is developing in America is an “awareness” of just how “rotten to the core…” certain segments of American politics has become. With that awareness,. I think, we will start the process of returning to a morality, returning to a Judeo/Christian Ethic, restoring family values, and forcing the Democrats off of their comfortable use of the “Lolita Express…”

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