Social Media – The CRASH Is Coming…

Get Out Now.  Find Other Platforms.  Be Ahead of The Game…

Opinion By “Even More Deplorable Than Ever Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Sometimes I just have to let out the laughter.  Just sit there and guffaw.  For something terribly ridiculous is happening right in front of us.  It’s called “Social Media” and it will go down in the history books as a prime example of industrial hubris.

“Hubris refers to excessive pride or overconfidence, which drives a person to overstep limits in a way that leads to their downfall. In Greek mythology, the legend of Icarus involves an iconic case of hubris: Icarus is given artificial wings made of wax and feathers so that he can fly (a superhuman feat), but he ignores his father’s warnings and flies too close to the sun, melting his wings and drowning in the ocean.”

What’s So Funny?

FaceBook, for example, for years recruited anyone and everyone to occupy their space.  Those recruited used their platform to communicate with their friends and acquaintances on subjects dear to their hearts.  It is what built FaceBook.

For FaceBook it wasn’t superb marketing, clever business strategies, or anything planned out.  It was just the simple fact that it was there – right time, right place.  It was like a new City Park was built in a neighborhood full of children.  On a Saturday morning the park was packed. No surprise.

FaceBook’s World Wide Bubble

But then, operators like Face Book, Twitter, and their spin-offs lost their collective minds.  Hubris entered the picture big time.  And the comeuppance is just beginning.

Stock Market analysts are predicting that Big Tech is going to crash big time.  Those analysts talk about “the bubble” that is going to burst – focusing primarily on the fact that Big Tech stock is WAY over-valued.

“Way over-valued” in more than one way…

I am not, here, going to try to enlighten the average reader on how to value stocks for sale on the Stock Market.  There is a whole industry that does just that.  For those of you who WOULD like a simple explanation I recommend the article from an investment publication called “The Motley Fool” linked here.

What I am going to point out is that any company in business in the capitalist world has to “maintain their base.”

Facebook’s base is in two parts – their User Base, which, on its own, does not generate income, and their Advertisers..  The User Base are those that have a personal page, and/or belong to, and manage, Groups.  These people, for FaceBook to make money are targeted for personal information to sell to an Advertiser Base that want to, and need to, reach the User Base to sell them things.

So, these days, FaceBook is targeting, for removal, more than half of the US User Base.  See the problem?  Advertisers are paying big money to reach people that are likely to buy their products and Facebook is evicting the ones with the most money – America’s Conservatives.

Laugh here…

It gets even better.  FaceBook Board Room bozos apparently see no problem in any of this. Are they asleep?

Those User Base people that have not yet been pushed off are being “Fact Checked,”  supposedly by “Independent Fact Checkers” (snort) all of which are ANONYMOUS.

Sniveling liberals already are demanding that ALL Social Media sites be closed to those that do not agree with them.  They are even blaming Q-Anon for the fast moving Recall of California’s Governor Gavin Newsom.

Go to the store and get popcorn…

But before you do – get yourselves all the Social Media Accounts you need to be ELSEWHERE.  And take your friends with you.

Be part of the destruction.  Smile.

And, stay tuned…

Opinion By “Even More Deplorable Than Ever Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


12 thoughts on “Social Media – The CRASH Is Coming…”

  1. Anybody got any Facebook stock I can borrow?

    Seriously, though, if Fascbook’s success was right place right time then it’s being on the receiving end of DARPA money just when the Deep State wanted some dopes and patsies to front their mind-control and surveillance operation. He who pays the piper calls the tune, and with FB it isn’t the advertisers they owe the most.

  2. It gladdens my heart to see this happening. Facebook have treated we “customers” as an “annoyance” for far too long – using us to make money whilst providing zero service. (What use is to me to to have 5000 “friends” if Facebook not only provides no means of communicating with them but, further, actively hinders such communication.

    We are by no means alone in this perception, Tim.
    Parler is not the only alternative. We, in Europe, have been working on a much, much bigger project for over a year: A complete alternative to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon focusing on the needs of the customers instead of the cartels. In point of fact, cartel owned businesses will not be allowed to advertise with us!

    The core principle is community and so built into it is the ability, for example, to access videos over a wide range of platforms, i.e. you don’t have to load your video onto our servers into for a search on our system to access it.
    I’ll fill you in on full details as soon as it’s officially live.

    I fully expect that Facebook etc. will become minority interests over the next couple of years.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  3. Several years ago I traced the ENTIRE “internet interference operation” back to its roots and its funding. I even found their training locations, videos, and future projects.

    I think it is time to revisit that group’s activities and shut them down. And THAT would be great fun…

  4. No Mr. Singh, user of FB was treated like dollar sign, data was monetized totally for profit. Should not FB user receive profit share from FB on their data sales?

  5. Well, I am no conservative, liberal, democrat or republican, as I can’t be divided, thus conquered, but I am being censored as well just posting on news stories. I am not into Facebook or any of that nonsense, as I refuse to give in to giving up all privacy in the world, which is also why I don’t own a cell phone, no cable tv, and no home computer. Working in front of a screen five days a week is more than enough screen time for any sane person, and that is the only place I would be around or use this techno. So, the real truth of what is going on is all of this stuff has made those that stay attached to it 24/7, 365, nothing more than addicted zombies full of misinformation and nonsense that keeps them from actually living life.

  6. Pamela L Cox – Yes, we must moderate Comments.

    Yesterday we received 2,542 Comments many of which were advertising porn sites, or other objectionable things – all designed to set us up to violate our “Terms of Service.”

    More, we do NOT provide a forum for the “skeptic scum/filth” to vent their mental illness on our readers.

    Our Security System has, so far, this calendar year, blocked 542,531 of those type of Comments. I kid you not. Sometimes it is just good clean fun reading how angry these people(?) are because I won’t allow their comments – makes my day!!!

  7. Karma, yes, we customers an annoyance? “Dumb F*cks” was Dumb Zuck’s actual phrase.

    Very happy to hear of new platforms. GAB finally seems to be useable, for ages I couldn’t get started. It took 48 hours to get confirmation emails and so on. I think I will finally begin using it, although minds has always been my favourite.

    Definitely looking forward to what you come up with. But yes, Fascbook etc will preside over their own irrelevancy. They and Tschitter will become minority woke channels for people of low imagination or who just need an easy way to talk to reach members of their knitting circle. The other priceless outcome is that the Deep State will lose the data streams they previously depended on to track and control us.

    And lastly, I have noticed that the left generally promote small families, social confusion, sexual deviance, abortion, euthanasia, forced medication for fake mental illness, late marriage and extended education. The inevitable consequence of promoting such population reducing ideas is that those who believe in them will die out, while those who do not will go forth and multiply. It is not a recipe for the long-term success of a movement.

  8. Steve, they can pull the whole internet? Yes, it quite likely will happen. If the bad guys don’t do it, the good guys will. The whole net has become infested with malevolent systems, such as the Shadow Net (see Shadowgate documentary).

    The problem with the shadow net is that it became automated. It is a monitoring and mind-control system that goes everywhere. It is the crux of the matrix. They lost control of it, meaning those who think they control it are themselves under its pernicious influence. even the bad guys’ decisions are being manipulated by the monster they built. It explains much of the madness happening in the world.

    There are only three possible outcomes I can see. 1) it enslaves us all – good guys, bad guys, the lot. 2) the internet turns to an unuseable mush, or 3) somebody hits the switch and shuts the whole damn thing down, at once, then begins a gradual reboot.

    The consequences of such a shutdown will be huge and it will hurt. Better have some torch batteries, radios and ways to filter water handy.

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