Owen Fonorow

Owen Richard Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath…

Owen Fonorow is a United States Air Force Academy graduate class of 1976. His interests include orthomolecular nutrition and computer science. His primary research interest in the field of nutrition has been the therapeutic properties of vitamin C.

In 1996, Owen founded the nonprofit Vitamin C Foundation, along with his brother Michael S. Till, Sr. Owen has since written more than thirty articles and these papers have been published in assorted alternative medical journals including the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Nexus New Times, Life Extension Foundation magazine, American Naturopathic Medical Association Monitor, Florida ECO Report, International Council for Health Freedom Newsletter and Media By-Pass. Many of the themes in these articles have been incorporated in his book, Practicing Medicine Without A License? The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease. (2008)

Owen has been independently studying orthomolecular medicine for more than 20 years. His journey began in 1983 after reading Nobelist Linus Pauling’s book Vitamin C, The Common Cold and the Flu. At that time, he began taking 3 grams of vitamin C daily. Soon thereafter multiple recurring infections and illnesses were “cured” never to return.

In 1986, upon reading the updated version Pauling book How to Live Longer and Feel Better (1986), and Dr. Robert Cathcart’s famous paper Titrating Vitamin C to Bowel Tolerance (which Pauling had provided Owen), he increased his daily vitamin C from 3,000 mg to 18,000 mg (18 g), matching Pauling’s own intake at that time. At this sustained level of vitamin C, other persistent minor medical conditions quickly cleared up, such as hay-fever and gouty arthritis. Fascinated, he began intensive research of vitamin C and the other nutrients.

Fonorow is currently president and CEO of Inteligint*Vitamin*C Inc. a company devoted to providing the finest vitamin C on the market. Owen owns and maintains a website devoted to Linus Pauling, and he has answered callers questions about the Pauling discoveries based on his now 20 year accumulation of knowledge and experience with orthomolecular vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes. Fourteen years of testimony attest to the value of Pauling’s discoveries.

In 2002 Owen earned a correspondence Ph.D. in Nutritional Science, and in 2003, he was awarded the correspondence degree Doctor of Naturopathy from Chatworth College, Costa Rica. Fonorow dissertations dealt with the relation of vitamin C to heart disease and the inherent problems with the current health care system. Owen’s original Universal Health Care voucher proposal, as introduced in his book, arose from his thesis research and dissertation.

Owen has consulted for nutritional companies producing Pauling-therapy products, a term he coined to honor Linus Pauling, and he has designed several high-powered vitamin C products for the Inteligent*Vitamin*C Inc and Tower Laboratories Corporation, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Owen’s radio interviews on the cures for heart disease and cancer are available at the Vitamin C Foundation’s web site.

After Owen graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, he served as a SAC Minuteman Missile Combat Crew Commander stationed at F. E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, WY. Captain Fonorow earned his Masters in Business Administration (Wyoming) during that period. After leaving the Air Force in 1981, Owen studied computer programming and the programming languages at the University of Arizona, graduating with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science in 1984.

In 1984, he joined AT&T Bell Laboratories as a Member of the Technical Staff where he held various technical positions in computer programming, quality assurance and telephony until his retirement.

At Bell Labs, Owen was awarded a patent for an automated testing system and was a speaker at conferences and author of five technical papers. In 2001, Owen retired as a member of the Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Naperville, Illinois.

Owen is currently a Ph.D. candidate, computer science, University of Illinois at Chicago. He teaches Linux/Unix network computing at night school for a local technical college. Owen is married with three children and lives in a western suburb of Chicago Illinois.