Anti-Vaxxers Have Globalist Big Pharma Terrified For GOOD Reasons…

The Very Existence of “Autism One” Is A Good Example…  

Globalist Big Pharma has tried everything to stop the Anti-Vaxxer movement, to no avail. 

In fact, the movement grows stronger, meaner, and more determined to save the world from the Bill Gates/Hillary Clinton Agenda 21 Depopulation Agenda every day…

Anti-Vaxxers Back Down To/For No One.

Opinion by “Even More Deplorable Than EVER Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

All of us in the activist world for the side of “Good against Evil” suffer from the attacks of those minions hired to shut us down on the internet.  It is just what it is.

For every move they make against us there is a counter-move, and we make them.

Some people, like ME for instance, HUNT those attackers down and expose them for what they are.  It’s like turning over a rock and watching the scurrying.  Example – my Skeptic series was a real eye opener.  The Skeptics had to shut down their Las Vegas training camp as a result.

One of  the tricks the globalists tried was to use the fake Covid-19 crisis to shut down Anti-Vaxxer gatherings like “Autism One”– those people and places where those new to the movement could go to get REAL information about how horrible vaccines and the vaccine programs really are.  But “Autism One” has tricks of its own – and they simply engaged in new tactics to get out the word, so-to-speak.

The shutdowns…

Big Pharma’s Public Health “toadies” are exactly that.  ALL of US Public Health employees are on a system where they get paid MORE, a lot more, to increase the percentage of vaccinated people in their local area.  Hence, their everyday focus is on more and more vaccines for the population.

US Public Health is SIMPLY part of big Pharma’s sales force – and nothing more.  You cannot trust ANYTHING they say or do – as we all found out in their handling of the so-called Covid-19 Crisis.  The VERY FIRST thing Public Health did, nationally, was to shut down gatherings of those who questioned them, and/or their morality, while encouraging those groups, like ANTIFA, that did their bidding.

There Were Three Other Big Groups That Got Shut Down…

Religious gatherings – like churches and Synagogues were sometimes surrounded with assault weapon wielding body-armored mega-thugs to keep them from singing God’s praises.

Conservative gatherings of any kind.

Any, and almost every, business that was, or is, owned by a political conservative.

The so-called shutdowns were, quite simply, an overnight infliction of a Communist Regime.

But, did it work?

The Reactions to the Public shutdowns…

The whole nation watched the downfall of New York State’s dictator governor Andrew Cuomo.  He, and his minion rack, suddenly found out that being governor did NOT entitle him to free sex with any and all New York State female employees.

In California democratic party governor “Gruesome Newsom” is in the political fight of his life, having a full “recall election” run right at him – and he is VERY MUCH behind in the polls.  California Democrats are scrambling to find new ways of election fraud to keep him in office.

Despite a massive attack by the Big Pharma globalists against the Anti-Vaxxer Movement on EVERY front all is well – in fact VERY WELL.  let’s look at what, for example, the “Autism One” team did to not only survive but thrive and GROW.

Let’s start with their Press Release announcement:

AutismOne 2021 Conference – In-Person & Virtual from Godspeak Calvary Chapel, Thursday, September 2nd Virtual Friday, September 3rd & Saturday the 4th    

Keynote Address: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Autism Recovery in the Age of COVID-19 

We are delighted to announce the 19th annual AutismOne Conference, Thursday, September 2nd – Saturday 4th. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will be presenting the keynote. In addition, over 40 of the world’s leading authorities covering autism recovery and COVID-19 are presenting. 

The first day of the conference, is Thursday, September 2nd, and will be held in-person at Godspeak Calvary Chapel, Thousand Oaks, California, and virtual. Friday, September 3rd, and Saturday 4th the conference will be virtual.

Recovering a child with autism is an enormous undertaking. With COVID-19 the questions become more involved, which the experts address.

What actually happened here?

“Autism One” which traditionally was held in a hotel, primarily in the Chicago area, simply made an alliance with the Pastor of the Thousand Oaks California Calvary Church.  Why?  Well, many of you will remember that when California’s governor “Gruesome Newsom” shutdown California churches there was one guy, in fact this very Pastor, who said not only “NO” but “HELL NO,” and refused to shut down under any circumstances.  That guy was the pastor of the Thousand Oaks Calvary Church.  THAT pastor, and that congregation is physically hosting “Autism One”.    So, there won’t be any last minute cancellations.

Of course, BolenReport’s very own Kent Heckenlively JD will be the Master of Ceremonies for the entire event…

I’ll bet that that is no surprise to our readers, right?

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Even More Deplorable Than EVER Before” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


5 thoughts on “Anti-Vaxxers Have Globalist Big Pharma Terrified For GOOD Reasons…”

  1. Big Pharma control of the state medical boards through that organization needs to be updated because they are threatening physicians who speak out about covid vax issues.
    I could check with Hal Turner also, to see if he would do an on air interview wuth you on this topic.

  2. KillGates tries to have the army, police etc. on the side of the vaccine-murderers. With the vaccines, they also try implant total obedience in them. If these people do not want to be damaged, murdered, fall under the control of the evil, they have to get them to the side of the Anti-Vaxxers. They have to be enlightened and persuaded. Many of the high ups are most likely bribed, in other words, they became traitors. The soldiers have to form military courts, arrest and try them as traitors. After that they have to get after the other crooks. The army is to protect the honest citizens and not the traitors. They need to raid the concentration camps and free the inmates.

  3. Big Pharma control of the state medical boards through that organization needs to be updated because they are threatening physicians who speak out about all vax issues not just corona shots.

  4. What better name could there be for the venue of this AutismOne Conference than “Godspeak”? May God speak to many through the testimony of these brave witnesses, whom we have known and admired for so many years!
    Thank you, Tim, for your continuing optimism and determination, which inspires all your readers.

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