The Coming War and its Aftermath…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD  

I’ve been thinking a great deal about the fight against SB 277 and mandatory vaccinations in California as well as the fabulous documentary, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, detailing the corruption in the CDC’s vaccine program and the revelations of senior CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson.

I find myself asking a simple question again and again: How do I become the most effective agent for change?

Nelson Mandela

Recently I ran across a quote from one of my long-time idols, Nelson Mandela, and it spoke to what I’m feeling these days.  Mandela wrote: “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.”

After fifteen years of advocacy, one would expect that those I love so deeply would have at least understood my position, but it appears not to be the case.  As I have attempted to gather an audience for a showing of the documentary film, VAXXED, I have been surprised by the response of two people from whom I had expected better.

Two people…

The first person is somebody I have known from the time I was sixteen years old, and I can still vividly recall the night we met at the Brothers Residence of our Catholic high school and I gave him a ride home.  Even at the tender age of fifteen he was clearly a brilliant guy, and it was not surprising when he graduated first in his class from our high school, first in his class from UC Berkeley, and second in his graduate economics program from Stanford University.  He is widely expected to win a Nobel Prize for economics at some point in the next ten years.

For decades we have had both an intellectual and personal friendship, and I can vividly recall as teenagers, sitting in the two chairs in the living room of his parents’ house discussing current events, philosophy, or which girls we wished would pay attention to us.  I still remember him giving me what I consider to be one of the best compliments of my life: “Kent, I do not know a single person who has such a wide ranging and consistent curiosity as you do.”

Then came me asking him to attend a screening of VAXXED, and his response was that he could not condone paying money to watch such a film or support it in any other way, and told me that if I wished to continue our friendship, we should not discuss the vaccine-autism question any more.  To say I am stunned is an understatement.  We freely discuss whether God exists, but apparently we cannot discuss whether the increase in vaccines is causing harm to children.

It is said that every writer has a secret audience to whom they are writing, the one person they hope will be delighted by what they have written, and for me I have always known it to be this friend.  But now I know he will never read me again.  It is a great disappointment to me.

The second person is a family member, an accountant, whose job used to be auditing companies.  One would think that there is no person better to be skeptical about the claims of those in authority than somebody who was paid to find the truth.  Although I have long known this person to be skeptical of the vaccine-autism issue, I thought a documentary about the confessions of a senior CDC scientist would surely be something that would pique his interest and possibly lead him to a broader perspective.

But again I was met with the same response.  To even view such a movie would be to give credence to a dangerous set of beliefs.  No matter that fifty thousand children a year are diagnosed with autism, more than a million suffer with the disease, and many will die this year when they wander from their caretakers and drown in a lake or river, or from exposure to the elements they do not understand.


Galileo is reported to have said that the worst part of his battle with the Catholic Church was when he begged the Cardinals who were sitting in judgment of him to look through his telescope so they would know he was telling the truth.  They refused.  How can you have a discussion with somebody when they won’t come to see a documentary, or even look through your telescope?

The simple answer is, you cannot.  And so I am left with Mandela’s wisdom.  Do I have anger and bitterness to me about the eighteen years I have been trapped in the prison of my daughter’s autism?  Without a doubt.

But I believe that this era of injustice is coming to an end.  The enemies of truth never fight so viciously as when they understand they are very close to losing.  The legal fight over SB 277 looks very promising to me, and I am aware of how even in the midst of this scientific reign of terror, some very brave researchers are coming close to solving this problem and recovering our children.  I do not believe we will be in our prisons very much longer.

Which begs the question, when we leave those prisons, who will we be when we once again walk free in the world?  Are we angry or bitter about the wrongs which have been done to us?  Do we turn away from those who have turned away from us?

I have often said I want to win this war, but I do not want to become the war. 

Mandela’s words ring true to me.  Even though I am still in this prison, I do not have any anger or bitterness towards those who will not discuss this issue with me.  And because I do not have any anger or bitterness, I am free.  They are the ones who are in prison.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD 


24 thoughts on “The Coming War and its Aftermath…”

  1. Excellent article. So sad. So connotative dissonance even works on smart people? Whoa. See that’s where I like being from the streets. If my friend said he wasn’t going to my movie screening he’d get knocked out. Fricken asshole. Hey man don’t worry about old friends that aren’t of the light. As the veils lift and transparency arrives those types… very boring anyway. 😉

  2. While you cannot actually divorce yourself from a member of your family, short of just cutting them out of your life, if I had such a relative or even a soon-to-be Nobel Peace Prize winner “friend” who placed censorship of speech conditions on my relationship with them, I would cut them right out of my life. I have no tolerance or use for such intolerant, ignorant, and controlling people who have no conception of or sympathy for another’s intensely painful, directly witnessed experience. That said, I wish you the best, Kent. Permitting such people to be a part of your life will only cause you pain as you will be reminded, every time you look at them, of how unjustifiably and inexcusably disdainful they are of your personal pain. With friends/relatives like that– who needs enemies?

  3. I feel the pain and frustration, your honor. We all experience that in this fight when you are on the side of questioning dogma. Very sad when seemingly smart people would rather bury their heads in the sand rather than to risk seeing the truth or even just an important insight. Thank you for the Mandela quote, that was right on the money. I also appreciate you weighing in on this issue at this time.

  4. Kent, Thanks for writing this.
    Mandela shines as such a stellar example of what is best and most human.
    I have often thought how much like Mandela Andy Wakefield is, in what he has wrongly suffered so gracefully persevered. They are heroes who have trodden difficult paths in service of others.

  5. I think cognitive dissonance sometimes works more on smart people (to respond to a previous comment). Those educated in the elite schools, especially graduate level academia, would need to question so much of their reality, and an educational system often includes subtle messaging of intellectual superiority. The “because science” crowd truly believes it’s galileo vs the church…. and everyone must pick one team or the other. Indeed, I’ve found those in academia to be worse than medicine as far as open mindedness.

  6. Dear Mr Heckenlively, I think you fail to see that there are two sides to a disagreement. As you see it, those people have closed their minds to the truth (that vax cause autism). But from their perspective it is yourself who has closed your mind to the truth (that vax Don’t cause autism).

    Part of the problem is rationalisation. You can conclude that they only think differently because they are (a) too presumptious or lazy, (b) can’t be bothered to look at the evidence (as indeed you suggest here), (c) have been taken in by the pro-vax propaganda. The problem is that those are just speculations and the opposing viewpoint can just as easily raise counter-speculations.

    Additionally there seems to be a confusion that winning against the mandatory vax rule would constitute winning the vax-autism controversy. Really? There appear to be many believers on both sides at the moment.

  7. Thank you Kent. Very moving.

    Even if the multiple toxic assaults that are leading not only to the autism pandemic, but also to a host of other chronic and debilitating illnesses, ended tomorrow, we would still be dealing with millions of children, soon to be adults and elders, who will need life-long care. As we are humane, we must care for the victims of what history will record as the great autism plague of the early 21st Century. So I applaud your willingness to stand for your truth, even when others for whom you care fear to follow you there. Dr. Rima is working on an eBook entitled “Addressing Autism” which will bring together all the best natural responses,

  8. Ther is a very uncomfortable new reality that comes with such a change in a persons viewpoint on an issue such as this. I have had to do more than one 180 degree turn on a few subjects and it wasn’t psychologically an easy process.

    I still recall the thought process when a long held assumption is smashed by the evidence in front of your eyes.

    Ok, so my assumption that conventional medicine is real and honest and alternative medicine is for fruitcake and suckers was proven wrong to me in dramatic fashion.

    First thought is: if I was so obviously wrong on this, what other important things am I completely wrong on?

    Not a good place to be mentally. You have to basically start over again. Question everything, even yourself.

    It turns your world upside down and trashes what your previously held as “your good judgement”.

    It’s easier to live in a world where things are much simpler and more pleasant.

    My doctor knows best.

    Pharmaceutical companies are working tirelessly to cure disease and the people that are ill.

    Politicians are looking out for my best interests.

    Basically, it all boils down to “don’t change my comfortable world”. “I don’t want to live in the real but muddy unclear world”.

    It just is a form of self preservation for the average person. It’s not rational, but it is important to them not to tear apart what is comfortable for them.

    It’s hard to blame them for that.

  9. What an array of emotions. My heart goes out to you, when you find your people don’t have your back after all, it hurts. Especially when it is so very, very important. Not only in your life, but the lives of everyone. Those who don’t care and close that door are on their own, literally. There is no love in deceit, they are being deceitful, they know the truth, but choose to follow the leader, socially. Out of all that, you gave me hope that we will win the fight against vaccines being forced on us, not to mention their real intentions. Most people can’t wrap their head around the lie that is our life. Thank you for the article, it’s one of the most moving articles I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Thank you, much love and blessings <3

  10. “Scientific reign of terror[ism]”

    Kent we are lucky to be in your community of friends.

  11. This is not only for Kent and his daughter but for many, many others.

    There is a very effective and safe program for healing autism completely, available in Germany.
    The FDA has forbidden its import into the USA!

    I don’t know how to resolve this problem – yet!
    Have any of you geniuses (literally meant, not ironic as I observe a very high level of intelligence generally in the comments here) got any usable ideas?

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  12. Kerri Rivera has had success with autism using MMS, nutrition and detoxing – do a web search for her name.
    From the MMS Newsletter:
    “A total of 223 children have been recovered (ATEC score of 10 or below,) using the CD Autism parasite protocol published in Kerri Rivera´s new book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism. CD stands for Chlorine Dioxide, which is an inexpensive, broad spectrum, gentle, anti-pathogenic.”
    Do the due diligence, research both the MMS site info and the FDA and Wikipedia sites which lie about it to keep you from learning about something that works, and then decide
    who’s telling truth.

  13. Don’t believe that they are not continuing to think about this. The truth will haunt them every time the subject comes up. As they continue to see things shift in the direction of truth they may someday come around. We call it ‘dripping’. One drip at a time. Some people just need to digest such a big shift slowly. It is hard to give up the idea that pills and needles can cure all our diseases. The vaccine safety struggle has been going for 80+ decades and I am hoping that this is the last generation that will be harmed by them. But we have to increase in numbers and yell more loudly than we ever have before and not give up. You are giving us yet another voice to add ours too. Thank you!

  14. I’ve been a long time fighter against vaccines and the pharmaceutical companies. When trying to warn my 29 yo daughter (a brilliant engineer) about excessive vaccines for their new dog, she said quickly “Can we please not talk about vaccines?” My guess is that because we have gotten into heated arguments in the past, she just wanted to preserve our relationship. She’s busy, has no interest in the topic (doesn’t have children…yet) and thus feels our relationship is more important than a discussing a topic she doesn’t have time to properly research and therefore be fully informed enough to form a proper opinion. My son, also a brilliant attorney, said pretty much the same thing. I was very hurt both times initially but I’m coming around to understanding their perspective. They value our relationship. There are plenty of other people open to discussing this topic and plenty of work to be done without trying to force it on those who clearly don’t want to discuss the issue. Our political representatives have to listen to us and that’s where the important battles are.

  15. I have come to understand that if a relationship is valuable then letting go if certain topics is necessary to keep the peace. My MIL is a zealous Christian and I glaze over every time she starts preaching to me. My own mother is an adherent to the blood type diet which comes up at every turn of conversation and I check out if possible. As the parent of a vaccine injured child I know I speak more about this topic of vaccines than others want to hear. It does especially hurt when some in my close circle who have seen this happen to my daughter continue to vaccinate their baby on schedule as if it could not also happen to them. I do know my experience has touched and changed many but not always the ones I most care about. You can be sure you have made a difference. Thanks for writing this thoughtful piece. This is a painful journey and sharing it together is the best we can do.

  16. Kent: Thank you for this. I, too, am hopeful about the lawsuit. Though I know little about the legal system, the claim seems to me to be thorough, compelling, and convincing. It clearly shows irreparable medical and constitutional harm, nor is there any medical evidence of a compelling state interest in requiring such a mandate; and while our legislators and regulators are fully captured by industry, courts must follow rules and procedures, and their rulings are subject to appeal. After all we’ve gone through with SB 277, I can’t help but anticipate a TRO. Maybe I’m wrong, but something tells me this judge will weigh it in a sympathetic light. It would please me, as well, to see the conspirators drug before a grand jury, though that would take a U.S. Attorney or D.A. with more guts than ambition.

  17. This sort of thing goes to show that the strategy of most non-vaxxers of giving people lengthy material is a waste of time – no matter how valid.

    You can’t give someone a 1000 piece jigsaw and say “once you put this all together you will see that everything you have ever believed was wrong”.

    They simply won’t open the box.

    You therefore need to show them in the simplest way possible the cognitive dissonance required for them to hold their positions.

    And this is it:

    “rates of paralysis have increased since the polio vaccine”.

    A true statement and can be verified by looking at WHO data for acute flaccid paralysis (and US census data). But more importantly, it has enormous rhetorical effect.

    Think about how in love people are with the polio vaccine. And then you go and tell them this. Very deflating for them and their position will forever be weakened as a result of it. That is not to say they won’t be coming up with rationalisations. Of course they will be. But nobody makes up excuses for success stories. The fact that they will be making up excuses for the polio vaccine will be an implicit admission of its failure. And your opponent will know this (although not admit it).

    The next statement is for the entirety of vaccines – the complete paradigm on which it is based.

    “Viruses can infect us chronically (so we are told). Therefore harbouring the virus makes us vulnerable to it.

    But the entire concept of immunity/vaccination is predicated on the idea that harbouring a virus makes us *invulnerable* to the virus.

    So harbouring the virus makes us simultaneously vulnerable and invulnerable to it.

    In short, the entire paradigm is a complete lie. It cannot possibly be true.”

    The above is a lot longer than the one liner on polio and paralysis but it is still short enough and easy enough to understand that it will have your opponent reaching for the feeble rationalisation basket.

    And of course, it applies to the entire paradigm so they can’t just move on to the next so-called vaccine success story. (Of course, all vaccine success stories are not real. They are just a renaming of the disease but this gives us logical proof of this.)

    The beauty is that you can then compare their beliefs in vaccines to their dismissal of things like homeopathy.

    They will say they don’t have to read studies showing homeopathy works because it makes no logical sense. You can say “well in that case, because vaccines make no logical sense either I will dismiss all studies showing the efficacy (and safety) of vaccines”.

  18. Wow what great comments! I recently watched a video relating to 911 and by now it has been confirmed 911 was created most likely by our own military since they are the only entity who has the particular explosive material found at the sites. Many people in the USA declared “Even if it is proven to be true I would not believe it!” What can we do with such people? Not much. I’ve had the same experience with my close family members and there is no reason for their disbelief. They do not do any sort of investigation to find out if their belief is factually based and they don’t seem to care that our civil rights are being eroded. The day will come that they may change their opinion however it may be too late by then-hopefully not!

  19. A couple of things:

    1) From what I’ve heard about the business of the church not wanting to look into the telescope – well, it probably never happened, and the whole thing just played out A LOT differently than most people think.

    2) Yeah, sometimes you have to really fight with people just to get them to take you seriously. That reminds me of, what I think to be, a really good scene from the movie called: “They Live.” The main character is trying to convince his friend that aliens are disguised as humans, and that he can seem them through a pair of special sunglasses. Actually, that might be an easier thing to talk to your friends and family about than the vaccine and autism issue. Check out the scene, here:

  20. Thank you so much for your fresh and affirming article! I think it wise to always err on the side of “good” and to trust in the Universe to create balance, order and restoration. I’m so sorry to hear of your daughter’s autism. As a teacher, I have seen a definite difference in the lives of children over the past 1/4 century and it is truly alarming!!

  21. Thank you for this. Keep in mind that a prophet is not without honor except in his own country. Those closest to us often can’t bear our wisdom or our burdens.

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