The Legal Assault on SB 277 – What Happens Next?

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  


There is no question that this SB 277 case will go all the way to the United States Supreme Court.  It is designed to do exactly that.  The issues argued in it are THAT important to the American scene.

So, get ready for a knock-down, drag-out fight, with those, within our government system, and private drug corporations, who believe that THEY own our bodies, and our children’s bodies, and that THEY, the government of the moment and their corporate cronies, can do whatever THEY want to any American, at any time they choose.

The people we are up against believe in total control of our lives, with THEM making all of the decisions for, and about, us.

It is, if you think about it, the SAME argument coming forward in our Presidential election.  Establishment Hillary Clinton is all about BIG Government running us all, and Trump is about bringing the REAL America, economy and all, with its Constitution, back to life.

The fact is that the next US President will decide who fills the empty seats on that US Supreme Court – and will make a difference what kind of Supreme Court we will be standing in front of with our SB 277 case.

So, people, four days ago we were a little anxious about what would happen with the implementation of SB 277.  Today, we have landed at Normandy, so-to-speak.  Now we need to fight our way into the enemy’s heartland, and take it away from them.  Can we do that?  Yup…

The Cavalry Has Arrived…

Statue of American Civil War General US Grant

So let’s talk about the upcoming battle.

Now that the lawsuit attacking SB 277 has been filed with the San Diego Federal Court (last Friday, July 1st 2016) it goes into the system.

On Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 it will be given a case number, and will be assigned to a specific Judge, who’s Staff will put it on the schedule for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) action.

Here’s the way this works:

Let me make this clear – all of this activity is to get the Court to order the a permanent SHUTDOWN of SB 277, not allowing it to go forward in any way.

According to Federal Court Rules the TRO decision should happen within TWO days of the time they first look at the paperwork.  There may, or may not, be a formal Hearing.  The Judge may make a decision based on what he has in his/her hands, or he/she may want the attorneys present.  We won’t know until the Judge decides which way he/she wants to go.

The first thing is that the Judge will either issue a TRO, or he/she will not.  Regardless, a date will be set to argue the next step, which is the Request for Preliminary Injunction.  Enough time will be allowed for the Defendant’s legal team (the California Attorney General, etc) to prepare their response.

Between the TRO and the Preliminary Injunction Hearing, you can be absolutely certain that legal briefs will be exchanged.  The State will officially squeal like a stuck pig, in writing.

Good…  Because the war will be on.


There is another document (filing) I am about to show you.  It is called, simply enough, a “MEMORANDUM OF POINTS AND AUTHORITIES IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFFS’ MOTION FOR TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION.”   Click on the underlined name (Whitlow Memo in Support TRO PI 7-1-16) and you can read the whole original document.

Yes, it reads like the original lawsuit complaint.  Lawsuit documents are VERY repetitious.

Side Note…

Of course we are getting media interest.  I’ve already had an inquiry from the biggest TV network in San Diego.  It would be very nice if we had some notice about when the TRO hearing was going to happen.  Maybe we will, and maybe we won’t.

But, keep in mind that mainstream media IS NOT GOING TO BE FRIENDLY despite their smiles when they ask for an interview.  If you submit to an interview without someone guiding you, I can promise they will make you look like a drooling serial killer attempting to spread bio-waste on playgrounds.

So, people, if you want to do a rally, or something, carefully plan your media.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


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16 thoughts on “The Legal Assault on SB 277 – What Happens Next?”

  1. Yes Tim, we need to remain ever vigilant about the press, despite recent media coverage that some in our movement view as “positive”. Nothing has changed with regard to where the media outlets receive 70% of their funding – straight from Big Pharma.

  2. We are praying for you and your staff and praying that the judge hasn’t been bought … please dear Lord put your arms around these great people be with them and keep them safe .

  3. This is exactly what I was hoping for!

    However no one has mentioned the undue finacial hardship that the passage of SB277 will place on California budget, already bulging out of control. Public schools are funded by the state of California based on each child that attends at least 6 and half hours daily of school, 180 days annually, Home schooling also receives funding but based on much reduced different scale. If SB277 remains we will see reduction of teachers; each teacher having to teach an increased number of students, reducing the quality of teaching, and increased number of schools being closed, sadly and more likely to be inner city schools.Not to mention reduction of administrative staff.

    The governor of California may be forced to ask the Federal government to provide for this, however given the Federal government owes trillions to the “elite bankers” …Will they come to the rescue…maybe.. they are already way, way, way over the budget..

  4. Thank you Mr Bolen. Since I stared making 50 Cents A Dose, 7 years ago, I have been horrified to watch things unfold just as I was told they would. Pharma is playing for keeps; for the soul of freedom itself. Thanks for standing up. And thanks for considering a peek at

  5. thank you thank you for keeping us all informed on this, and for walking the talk!

  6. Best wishes for California children and families in defeating SB277. May we forever be free of medical tyranny!!
    This is “America’s last best hope” with faith in defeat!!

  7. It’s all in the hands of one judge…..ugh my stomach is turning! Thank you soooo much for keeping us posted!!

  8. I,m praying for JUSTICE. I’m tired of children, babies, and adults being injured. It’s all about MONEY? Big PHARM CO,S don’t have a HEART.

  9. Thank you! Makiing history here, best cause ever. Signed, First Time Mother!

  10. Anything in the works for SB 792?
    Given that women are advised not to conceive within 3 months of the MMR, per manufacturer, does the state have a right to decide when a woman should conceive, based on employment or parent volunteering?
    Given that vaccines aren’t tested for effect on fertility, mutagenicity, and carcinogenicity, can the state be challenged to require women of childbearing age to be inoculated?

  11. QUESTION > Is public action (social media activation) desired/useful on this right now? Clearly, a community is activated (Vaxxed has ignited a charge) and willing to direct energy where helpful. Should people be…. 1) hounding the media; local/state/etc, per “are you covering the legal challenge to the vaccine law?” (or something like that), 2) hounding their Congressperson? “when will you take responsibility and demand that Mr. Posey be subpoenaed?

    Further: Is there such a thing a some declarative document per one’s held status as sovereign human being whose inherent human rights are protected (thankfully) by the US Constitution? Something that declares that “I will never submit to anti-constitutional requests upon my being,” or something like that.

    Thank you!!!!

  12. Can we view/track the docket online? (i.e. can we SEE when this case is going to be looked at?) I.e HOW will we know what’s happening? (other than just checking back here).


  13. I’ve been writing about legal actions for 35 years. I think it is important for my readers to have a sense of the process, and a glimpse of the people involved, and the issues that are being explored, and WHY those issues are explored, rather than others. Curious readers, and there ARE a LOT of those, do not have direct contact with the attorneys like I do. Even if they did, attorneys tend to talk in legalise, not normal English.

    So, if there are questions, and pertinent comments, I can pass them along. And get some answers – then publish them.

    A government website legal service called Pacer will have, sooner or later, stuff on it – but only about a third of what’s happening – maybe less. It is for attorneys but I have a subscription.

  14. FYI – Complaints filed are not normally assigned a Case No. right away. When a Complaint is filed (at least this is what happened when I used to work in litigation) you would receive back a stamped copy, stating that the Complaint had been received (with the date stamped on the copy of the document, returned to you).

    I don’t know how long it may take for this Complaint to receive a Judge assignment and a Case No., but that information should be coming soon, I would imagine.

    When the Complaint is given a Case No. and a Judge assignment, a copy of that information is then sent back to the attorney/staff who filed the Complaint (when you file a Complaint, you not only send in the original copy to the court, of course, but you send in extra copies of same so that the filing clerk can send you back the stamped copies).

    I read recently that another attorney, who has also filed a lawsuit re SB277, has stated that THIS Complaint was never filed because he’s not aware of a Case No. having been assigned to it. He should know, given he’s a litigator, that Case Nos. are not automatically assigned once the document has initially been received by the court clerk. It takes awhile for the Complaint/case to be assigned a new Case No.; that usually happens within a short amount of time.

    Hope this makes sense…

  15. I should also mention that now that most court documents are filed electronically, I’m not sure how the Case No. assignments and copies of same are handled, but at any rate, what I’ve described is pretty much the gist.

    Tells you how long ago I used to work in the legal field. When I used to file Complaints with the court, we used couriers to send our originals, with copies, to the court, then would receive back the stamped copies of same, via courier as well.

    Today, most documents are filed electronically…

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