The “New” California Health Freedom Movement is in REALLY Bad Shape…

Simply Spoken – They Cannot  Fight This SB 277 Battle On Their Own  – They don’t know how…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

This newsletter post is aimed directly at my “Old” friends and associates in the North American Health Freedom Movement. But, even if you are not one of those, please continue.  I’m telling you, right now, that we, the Health Freedom leaders,  need to step in even more than we have, providing  BASIC TRAINING for activists.  I kid you not.

BASIC Training?

The situation is so bad in California that  the groups that band together, for the most part, have little or no organizational or planning skills.  They have no idea what is valuable and what is not.   Worse, they compete to be ”LEADER” having NOTHING to offer as leadership.   It really is that bad.

In a way – it is our fault…

They lost the first three anti-SB 277 campaigns using amazingly poor tactics and strategies  – if you can call ANYTHING they did a “strategy.”  It really is “The Blind Leading the Blind…”

They do really DUMB things, and they don’t want ANY advice…  I’ll tell you about one of those situations in a minute.

And, they get irate, and whimpery, when somebody like me says “you didn’t do that very well…”

These people think FaceBook is an organizing tool.

In the words of Kent Heckenlively JD – “Arghh…”

So, let’s start right out.

Jim Turner – You are one of the few still alive Health Freedom Monsters older than me – and not by much.  I know you are extremely busy managing the assault with the SB 277 Lawsuit as lead attorney.  But I also know you’ve got a smile on your face for this is just the kind of battle you have always liked.

Me too, dude…

But Jim, we need one more thing – that 200,000 strong Citizens For Health Network of yours, that knows how to do stuff.  Why?  Read the above…

Let’s talk Jim…

Sally Fallon – You’ve got a monstrous organization of people there in the Westin A. Price Foundation who know their stuff.  I know you don’t want me to tell any of these people how long we’ve known each other, to give your age away, but Sally, YOU would certainly be better at training “newbies” than I would.  You are MUCH nicer.  They’d LISTEN to you.

Hunter Lewis – I know how much work your 500,000 member Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) is doing every day, and have been doing for more years than I can remember (Actually, I DO remember) but Hunter, my friend, WE’VE GOT A PROBLEM.  The next generation of activists needs to be trained.

Right now…  it is URGENT.

We need to talk.

Diane Miller JD – I don’t care how busy you and Jerri are running the Health Freedom Coalition and all that.  You guys know how to set up and run effective State Health Freedom coalitions.  You guys aren’t getting any younger either.  You know what needs to be done…

You need to figure out how to teach it…

Mike Adams – Of course your Natural News offering is terrific.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to put out twenty four articles a day, and all of them great.  But Mike, as we’ve talked about on many occasions, this newer generation, especially here in California, think that FaceBook is a primary communications tool.  They need to learn what real communications networks can do.  We need workshops Mike.  And you know how to set them up.

Peter McCarthy – These California people have no idea, for the have nothing to compare with, what it would be like to have a Health Freedom Standing Army like your Texas Health Freedom Coalition..  You need to write an article about how you and your friends in Texas would have handled an asshole like Senator Richard Pan putting forth a dumb-assed mandatory vaccine bill in the State of Texas.  More, you need to teach SELECTED people HOW to set up, and maintain a California standing army – and use effective tactics.

Rima Laibow MD, General Bert Stubblebine, Ralph Fucetola JD – These people in California have no idea how, or why, your Natural Solutions Foundation (NSF) exists, and what it is capable of doing, what it does, has done, and why.  General Bert is a retired head of US Army Intelligence.  These people have no concept of how to conduct aggressive campaigns, and play to win.  They have NOTHING  to compare with.  They need to learn not to be shy, and how to strike, and when.  In California, they don’t have a clue of how to play to win.  But YOU do.  You need to teach this stuff.

All the rest of you – you know who you are.  We need to get going in California…

The SB 277 Lawsuit fight is pretty much being conducted by all of us old war dogs.

The younger people here, those that ran the earlier campaigns, I think, cannot find their ass cheeks with either hand.  They think that “coordination” means you match lipstick color with your toenail polish when you go to see your legislator’s staff.  It is really pathetic.


There isn’t three pounds of youthful campaign organizing skills, much less war tactics, in the whole damn State.

Where are the brutal bastards when you need them?   Where are the lionesses of old who could throw money in a parking meter, gut a public agency in an afternoon, wipe the snot off the kids faces, and grab a pizza and ice cream on the way home.  I’ll tell you where they are – They’re in Retirement Communities playing shuffleboard or 500 Rummy, waiting to head out in the motorhome once all of those noisy little monsters (other people’s kids) are back in school.  I see them in Yosemite, Kings Canyon the coastal Campgrounds, sitting at the picnic table cleaning their Smith and Wessons, Glocks, and Remingtons.  The MaryJane is in the freezer.  And that look is still in their eyes.

But we didn’t train our children and grandchildren.

Here’s the situation…

Not long ago I suggested that certain activities might be a good idea surrounding the Preliminary Restraining Order hearing on August 12th, 2016 – a gathering.  You probably saw it right here in the BolenReport.  I said something like  “Meet on the Courthouse Steps…”  I even contacted some San Diego groups through several different channels to get that done.

In the old days, several people would have nodded their heads and said “I’ll get back to you Friday with a plan” – meaning a detailed plan that covered every eventuality so that our teams would know exact details of the logistics, including where we were going to meet afterwards to drink some wine.  EVERYBODY knew how to do that – some people could make a plan on a bar napkin and lay it out before we left our meeting place.

It ain’t like that now…  These younger people can’t find their mother’s phone number without an IPhone.  And if it’s not on the internet, forget it.

These people in San Diego had almost five weeks notice to find a simple meeting place where a measly five hundred people could comfortably gather to meet each other.  What they ended up doing was so incredibly brainless, so non-considerative of REALITY, that I wrote a piece recommending that no one go to it.

Now they’re mad at me, whining about what I said on their FaceBook pages, of course.  And insisting they are going anyway… (I’ll bet they paint their toenails to match their lipstick).

What did they do?  (Not do)?

Before I tell you that, I’m sure, my friends, that you are beginning to see why I am making it clear that someone other than me has to set up training.  Someone who doesn’t  verbally, and journalistically,  SCORCH them like I’m known for.  These young people are tender and sensitive.  I’ll bet most of them have never even fired a weapon, much less a machine gun.  To them napalm sounds like something they’d plant in their yard over by the fake fountain where their miniature dog pees.

What is needed here is a woman’s touch – and NOT one with Army Ranger training either.  This is a job for Sally or Diane, or Gretchen from ANH, etc.  No Rima not you – you bomb and scorch as well as I do.  And definitely not you Peter – once these young people  figure out that those B-52s you drove around at altitude were dropping 500 and 1000 pound bombs on opponents they’d chew off their own lipstick and think about where to get a hot rock massage on the way home.

Here’s what I wrote that got them all upset…

You do realize that you are dealing here, with this (name removed), with one of the San Diego crowd that even with a full five weeks notice, couldn’t get off their dead asses long enough to find a simple place for people to gather other than a downtown five-star hotel. (Insert laughter here).

And, very obviously, none of them went down to the Courthouse to find out when, where, and if, they could gather there. Now, little (name removed) is bitter because she, and her lazy-assed friends, got called out for their lack of consideration for others from out-of-town, and with children in tow..

Let her go down to the Westin and have a Martini on Friday with the other non-producers. They can tell each other how special they are. Then they can call up Ginger Taylor and get a membership in the Canary Party – they just passed the self-centered incompetence initiation test. All they need now is a photo with a Congressman.

See, I’ll bet that Sally, or Gretchen, or Diane would have delivered that “you could have handled this situation much better” message a little differently.

Ya think?

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

32 thoughts on “The “New” California Health Freedom Movement is in REALLY Bad Shape…”

  1. This is so great. I think this might get the fire started. Keep it coming. What we are up against will never be changed because we are all polite to each other. I’m pissed off about this law. Time for some real raw leadership!!!!!!

  2. Ok – so here is my question – what are we parents who are enrolling our kids in school this week and being ask for immunization records supposed to say or do RIGHT NOW to be able to have our child in school without having to subject them to more poison???? Can someone PLEASE HELP ME/US?

  3. Excuse me for jumping in here. I am sorry to see there is disagreement among advocates for the environmentally disabled over who is and is not watching the ship.

    BUT speaking of not watching the ship…there is something extremely important that is happening in Sacramento TOMORROW that will impact those who choose not to vaccinate their children until CA SB 277 is completely ironed out, and how they will be treated in the California courts.

    Tomorrow morning, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) is going to decide if the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) will be audited. This is the “independent state agency” which oversees ethics of all the judges in California. The reason for the audit request is because the CJP has served more as a judicial lap-dog rather than a judicial watchdog — and people have had their rights egregiously violated because of it.

    It has been decided that the request for audit will be on the Consent Calendar — meaning it’s going to be decided behind closed doors.

    So…if you want to get a fair shake in the California courts, not be retaliated against for your stance on vaccines by an unethical judge, then PLEASE open the below link TODAY with directions of how to help cause this audit. It takes about two minutes to help restore ethics in the California courts and it has to be done TODAY.


    P.S. I’m also an old timer advocate for the environmentally injured.

    Sharon Kramer
    “Woman with Stones”

  4. Maybe because it’s not a health freedom movement. It’s an anti SB277 movement.

    Also, I use the SB577 disclaimer and bill info for my work, and have always seen it as a way to educate other practitioners and clients of their rights… I have been an ardent advocate for health freedom for 20 years. I have wondered why that website isn’t updated, and no social media presence. (And I am not very active on SM, but recognize it and the Internet as legitimate tools and information resources.) I haven’t seen a CA health freedom movement for years, in terms of Internet or boots on the ground presence.

    National Health Freedom Coalition also isn’t very active online. I have regularly checked it out over the years to monitor state health freedom laws and updates. Where else would I learn about the legal actions happening behind the scenes? Diane Miller’s talk at the LA rally was informative, for example.

    Yet, the climate is different today. There’s a difference between coming out in support of Homeopathy or reiki as a consumer, and vaccines…. The sacred cow of vaccines is the jugular of pharma. Health freedom in California was supported by the liberal elite crowd… Many of these same people are supporting 277 and vaccines, “because science”.

    Also, with all due respect, it is the duty of the elders to teach the next generation. Or just take over, if necessary.

    I would love to see medical freedom back on the docket, with vaccines as an aspect. Precision Medicine and genetic testing are the next big problem coming down the pike. Thanks, Gov. Brown!!! (Sarcasm)
    And I fully admit I have no clue how to organize and little knowledge re legal aspects.

    That said, you are right that the current groups are wishy-washy and unclear, as well as ineffective. But I don’t think they are seen as leaders. It’s a free for all, anyone can organize an event or movement. So there’s nothing to combat or argue against, per se. Just organize your expertise and these other groups will fade from the forefront.

    Obviously just one person’s opinion, and I am only 47, at that (: And, I’ve never owned or shot a gun! Yet, we’re all here, dealing with the same issues.

    Also, 277 is waking people up around the world. Other states and countries have mobilized because of it. Had it not passed, this movement may not have grown as quickly. I propose that there is a bigger plan besides pharma b.s., and that elders training the next generation is part of it. That said, TX and OK vaccine choice groups, among others, are legitimate and effective groups. I often get info from them well before the CA group, and it’s more relevant. Yep, CA is in trouble. You’re right. People are looking for a leader, and have been.

  5. THANK YOU TIM… we ARE lost, hopeless, scared, wimpy, STUPID and a bunch of other things that you didn’t mention above… We need help from the big guns… Waiting for something to give us some sort of CREDIBLE signal to JUMP. Who should we trust??? I feel like we are just a bunch of chickens scrambling around with our heads cut off… Please tell the veterans, those that have done this before, to give a rally call that we can all hear, trust, and follow… a shot we can hear around the world…

  6.!!! I’m 39 and not offended one bit. I’ve called out methods that are hurting this cause, including the distracting show of Vaxxed, and I’m told I’m not being supportive enough and I should support every little thing being done in the movement. I didn’t support the RRR movement and that lunatic lawyer and now all see why. So this is a great wake up call. I’m still shocked SB 277 passed in CA and when I went to Sacramento last year in July we didn’t even have 500 people at the rally on the Capitol. So now you know why that law passed.

  7. To add: I am in San Diego, and I had already assessed that these so called events would be a waste of time and not useful, as well as potentially harmful. And that was before your post. If I live in SD and am not going…well, yes, I think a lot of folks who are allies, are wondering WTF?

  8. Hi, As a licensed physician I don’t want anyone to think I am against the majority that believes vaccinations are an absolute necessity since the authorities will try to take my license away.
    Even if I spoke up along with another 100 doctors it will do no good but would harm each of us. What should work though is to bring up the facts and if you nor anyone else has them, then call for
    More research on the incidence of brain damage from one vaccine given at one time as compared to two as compared to three as compared to four as compared to five vaccins given simultaneously. The incidence of complications should be able to be correlated with the number of vaccines given at one time. The amount of immune adjuvent should be correlated as well as the number of children that had a cold or other obvious infectious process. The fact is that most autistics have had a chronic yeast gut infection when they got their excessive number of vaccines. This yeast infection is then attacked by the stimulated immune system and this causes the autoimmune encephalitis and vasculitis and thus autism with its “ring of fire” in their brains on spect scans. If you approach the legislators with this kind of knowledge you should do much better at stopping this craziness.

  9. I have been involved in campaigning (of various kinds) for many years and the constant experience is of people getting involved who lack any real understanding of how to achieve useful objectives. Huge amounts of effort are put into foolish activities. The delude themselves that activity = achievement.

    Generally speaking, effective campaigning requires (1) get a LOT of people informed and mobilised, with clear demands and means of pressing for them. Then (when sufficient momentum built) (2) apply that pressure.

  10. Oh, and when you try to give those clueless campaigners some advice on how to be less useless, they react only with resentment at your “arrogance” of “telling them what to do”.

  11. Wow! I’m going to call Jim, Sally, Hunter, Diane, Mike, Peter, Rima, Bert, Ralph, and a few others, to read the comments which say it all better than my original article.

    Tim Bolen

  12. I agree with this very much. I am ready to rally. Willing to fight. Have been disappointed with the turnouts at the rallies I have attended. We do need a leader that knows what they are doing. Where do we find one? Del Bigtree is getting a message out. But the general public at whole are very apathetic. The ones that are ready to fight are so overburdened with their vaccine injured children and everything that goes with it, that they are running on empty. Where do we find our strong leader??

  13. Well, you were intelligent enough to recognize that people don’t call you up to give you plans etc because of your tendency to “scorch”.

  14. Another excellent article, Tim!
    I have to admit it made me swallow a ball in my throat as I was reading.
    It makes you wonder if those campaigners truly realize the anatomy of their mission. Their hearts might be in the right place, but would take more than that to make a difference in this particular predicament.
    We live in interesting times. People have never been more connected that today via all sort of devices and virtual networks. Time and distance are not a issue. Yet, we have never been more misaligned and isolated from each other. Facebook has become a platform for all kinds of stuff. Today Facebook apparently is the place to “go”, “hang out”, “promote a business”, “promote a petition”, “publicly shame people by making them post their court documents”, “a wall of shame”,……It seems Facebook is the place where life begins and ends! And once upon a time (not long ago) there was nothing so special about it. At best you would read a friend’s status update about the particulars of their mundane chores (such as doing dirty laundry). I still refuse to “get” it. Life is what happens while you are making Facebook status updates. Yet, the reality is proving me wrong here.
    Yes, we are unskilled, unprepared, pumped up with some bold yet poorly coined ideas. Even the greatest ideas without well constructed plans and strategies are wasteful.
    Inspirational speeches, patting on the shoulder for a “job well done” and self-fullfilling journey seekers will not get the job done. Those create fans and admirers, but we need more than cheer leaders now!
    We need tight organization, iron plan and people who can execute it with laser focused precision.
    Only if we would’ve learned the big history lesson of learning from history!
    We need those mission veterans back in action, those fierce dinosaurs, the trail blazers with the know how or …..their contemporary proxies perhaps.
    Just a thought….

  15. I’m a mom to a vax injured child. I consider myself a moderate and non party affiliated. I spend the majority of my waking hours trying to recover my child.

    There’s a former Wall Street executive turned producer/activist named Leslie Manookian in Idaho that has the ability to make this issue resonate across party lines and among multiple different activist groups. Weston A. Price is involved in health freedom in Idaho. They both spoke at a VAxxed rally this month . Leslie stood out but the whole panel was great.

    I don’t know where weston a price has been in CA on this issue? I’ve heard nothing but crickets. All of the environmental groups and the anti gmo groups should be joining health freedom people in California as we are all against toxic chemicals in our foods, on our bodies , in the air or anywhere and especially injected into our bloodstream. The fact that we are not united on this issue shows how far we have to go to educate.

    My perception is that most people still believe vaccine freedom/health freedom is a left /right issue , mostly dominated by right wing government conspiracy theorists and home schoolers. Of course it is not, but extreme views tend to be heard the loudest. We need someone who is bipartisan to their core to lead this issue. The solution is not homeschooling! (An oft mentioned solution on California anti vax sites). We need to make the health freedom issue about everyone. Right now, it is considered fringe fringe fringe…

    I believe Leslie is involved or in charge of Idaho Health Freedom movement. She’s got the skills , the smarts, the drive and the passion. She’s currently engaged in the battle to keep pharma reps out of Idahos legislature. I wouldn’t bet against her. You need to listen to her recent speech this month introducing the vaxxed team if you’ve not already done so… I don’t personally know her but have yet to hear anyone else speak as clearly , or with as wide an umbrella as she has.

  16. Tim, you are right, right, right. We don’t know how to plan, organize, or do anything you are talking about. And guess what? After reading your article, I still don’t quite know much about what you are talking about. It was not helpful either except to clue you in to our cluelessness as you noted by the comments. Yes, you are right, we and our leaders out here do need training. So call up your friends, and have them start training us. I’m 46. I never fought in any wars. I have an online investment newsletter that goes out to 56,000 worldwide. I have 5000 facebook friends. I can’t organize a single local meeting over SB277. Nobody cares or I have zero influence or organizational skills, or I don’t know enough people in the local area who care about this specific issue. In fact, I think my people skills are far worse than yours. ! I barely have time to research and write why I hate vaccines, but people love my articles, as I’m told. But we need more than articles, I know. I just don’t know how to do anything else. Never been trained, I guess.

  17. “what are we parents who are enrolling our kids in school this week and being ask for immunization records supposed to say or do RIGHT NOW to be able to have our child in school without having to subject them to more poison???? Can someone PLEASE HELP ME/US?”

    How about write/take a letter to the school notifying that their demand is in breach of constitution etc, and referencing the current legal action, and threatening to sue THEM if they do not comply with the requirement to not discriminate against your child? You could also hand out copies of your letter to other parents….

  18. Read all the comments. What you all are experiencing is typical for grassroots movements, particularly in their early stages. It’s difficult to be cohesive when everyone is volunteering their time; everyone has different ideas and skills; and there is no such thing as the President of the Fight SB277 Corporation to delegate responsibilities to paid staff.

    These are just my thoughts, take them for what they are worth.

    I think you need to write a mission statement and then set up the following by whomever volunteers for the jobs.

    1. Good representation in court. Seems like you have that one covered.
    2. Court watchers. This is a list of people who you can call and they will try fill a courtroom when needed, where ever.

    1. An aggressive direct blogger
    2. A politically correct blogger
    3. A blogger of the trauma being caused (emotional blogger)

    A website owner who keeps the science papers publicly available, and eblasts a monthly news letter taken from info in the media and on the three blogs. They can also eblast calls to action when needed.

    1. Someone who communicates well with legislators
    2. Many people to throw their support behind the lobbyist.

    MODERATOR of someplace on the Net where people can share all their info and concerns. FB is not good for this b/c people post stupid pictures of cute puppies right in the middle of important discussions, causing important messages get lost in the shuffle.

    Physicians, researchers and attorneys who you can count on to give quotes or write/endorse letters whenever needed. To maintain your credibility, you have to be very careful in this area b/c some pros depend on movements like this for their source of patients and clients. You don’t want your movement to be seen as endorsing them — b/c you don’t want to be accused of steering someone for buisness purposes. (So you need pros but also have to keep them at arms’ length).

    Your current GOAL IN COMMON is a civil rights movement to get rid of SB 277. It’s not a science, medicine or win-a-bunch-of-lawsuits movement. There is a big difference.

    You have to blend all of the above in a loosely-knit but cooperative network. You have to realize not everyone is going to agree on everything. Work together where you can, and stay out of each others’ ways where you can’t.

    I’ve been doing the Toxic Mold Issue for a long time. We’ve scored some wins and had some loses. Just like vaccines, the nonsense that it’s proven Toxic Mold can’t harm is coming straight out of the CDC via federally funded “nonprofit” medical associations. They have the capability of influencing physician education all across the US with federal funds; and sometimes endorse BS science for profit of their controlling members (not all of their members — who many are just as mad about getting lied to and being bullied as anyone else). ACOEM, AAAAI, ACMT, AAP, AOEC, PEHSU, IDSA, ABIM, ABT to name a few.

    If I had it to do over again, the first thing I would do is raise a bunch of money and hire a good lobbyist.

    Hope that helps.

  19. No, you are wrong about facebook, it IS an information tool, I use it that way. Did you know Senator Pans Facebook page is run out of India? No, you didn’t, did you. Did you know the paid trolls, also operate out of India, they operate from call centres, and work for the likes of Kat Ganesan, yes look him up on LinkedIn>

    The days of physical mass protests are over, many of us are not well, pharma damaged, we have vaccine damaged kids, we cant physically meet at a hotel in Los Angeles at 9.00pm………..

    I live in Australia, I have heaps of wonderful information to give, I was the first to test the kids, all vaccinated, all failed vaccines, DTap is a failure, and has been in Australia, we now have a non stop epidemic, when ALL they need to do is ban the vaccine, problem gone in only 3 years.

    All on my facebook page, angela coral eisenhauer, because that is the only way, a lone pathologist, in a small town, in Australia, can reach the world! Hope you go to my open page, and read the references.

    Yes, trolls from Mumbai?> All the proof is on my page.

    Zika in Brazil, actually all vaccine damage, an attempt to hide the fact the babies are being infected by VACCINATED siblings, who show no signs of whooping cough? Yeah, lets try jabbing every pregnant woman in Brazil with Tdap from last May 2015, and hope that a vaccine that would kill them if given at birth, doesn’t damage them if given at 20 weeks gestation? Outcome, called microcephaly.

    So you can whinge and whine about people not doing this, or that, maybe some people need to start listening, and reading, and talking, instead?

  20. Google FDA baboons, seriously! top pick, last paragraph.
    The read the rest of the references on my page.

    Oxitec mossies? Yeah, on my page.
    Proof of the dates of the Mandatory tDAP given to every pregnant woman in Brazil, on my page.
    Cheers, and good luck in your fight.

  21. FaceBook CAN be a communications tool, but NOW it is a “pacifier.” just like those things your Mom stuck in your mouth to give her a break… people think that if they have a concern all they have to do is go on FaceBook…

  22. but NOW it is a “pacifier.” just like those things your Mom stuck in your mouth to give her a break

    Well said. Recall what I wrote near the top of this page, that campaigning is full of clueless amateurs who have not done any actual systematic study of effective campaigning but are nevertheless 100% sure they don’t need any advice from others. And any suggestion they might be wrong is resented (as “hostile” rather than gratefully taken on board (as someone taking the trouble to provide free education).

    Facebook is very limited because its form and usage is heavily limited, controlled by its owners.

    All on my facebook page, angela coral eisenhauer, because that is the only way, a lone pathologist, in a small town, in Australia, can reach the world!

    Strange that these words were typed into a free wordpress blog. Which is a far more powerful type of web outlet, not dependent on drivel about likes and follows and pictures all over the place. And not confined only to people who are happy to display themselves in the corporate facebook goldfish bowl (hence cutting out a high proportion of potential involvees).

    The days of physical mass protests are over,

    Any actual evidence for this revelation? Or just the assertion of a self-appointed campaigning (would-be) expert?

    How about the abandonment a year or two back of Saint O’bomber’s proposal to launch yet another of his Nobel Peace Prize wars, to invade Syria to destabilise yet another “regime”? That was rejected by the UK parliament basically because the previous time Tony B. Liar collaborated in launching one of these anti-fascistic peace-invasions, THREE MILLION of us marched against (plus several previous such marches).

    One principle of competent campaigning is to (a) know what you are talking about, and (b) SHOW that you know rather than just emptily asserting. You have to get used to (a) bothering to inform yourself of the relevant facts (such as many given here by TB and others), and (b) presenting those facts to those you are trying to persuade, rather than shouting more loudly that they are evil stupid nasties if they don’t agree you are right. Cheers and merry etc.

  23. Well first thing, you are anti SB277, why? Is it because everyone should have a choice, or because the vaccines don’t work? Do you want to find scientific reports, backing up the reason why the vaccines don’t work?
    Physical mass protests, do you know how many people stood in line, and said NO, to SB277, and how few said YES. It still got passed.
    But if one person had stood up and said, hey, here is proof, if you make all these kids get Dtap shots, they well be actually spreading whooping cough for 12 years, without having symptoms.
    Therefore, by forced vaccinations, you are forcing parents to turn there children into the symptomless whooping cough carriers, that are the cause of every baby infection with whooping cough in the last 20 years (Australia)………..
    If you want to fight, know the enemy first.
    You never checked my facebook page before the rant, did you?

    if you want to know about the zika fraud, that is 100% vaccine damage, DTap given to every pregnant woman from May 2015, Brazil.
    “” individuals immunized with an acellular pertussis vaccine may be protected from disease, they may still become infected with the bacteria without always getting sick and are able to spread infection to others, including young infants who are susceptible to pertussis disease”””

    If you had read the reference, or gone to my facebook page, you will see there are lots and lots of references. The first one? It isn’t even published yet. I didn’t write it, but if you want to know about Oxitec mossies, Zika NOT being in USA, etc, Well yet I am ranting, because you assume I am after friends? No I am after people who think, read, research,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, taken me a year, to get that FDA report on-line, yes a press report never released to the press. So if the only thing Ihave done, is get an FDA report, top spot if you google FDA baboons, that clearly CLEARLY states those whooping cough vaccinated, without symptoms, are infecting newborn babies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I have done one thing.

    Yes I have a wordpress site to, and a web page……….. I prefer chatting individually to like minded people.

  24. Hi Angela….
    ….you are anti SB277, why? Is it because everyone should have a choice, or because the vaccines don’t work?

    Well, here is where the being an informed campaigner comes in. The thing is that all who object on the freedom rights principle get replied to with the “experts-know-best” argument. And so a competent campaigner needs to be able to defend their scientific objection to vaccines.

    Consider this mad example. Some parents in Cali-daftarea insist that food and drink are harmful to babies until they are six weeks old, and are convinced that scientific evidence supports them. And they demand their right to refuse food and drink for their babies. Meanwhile the Cali-daftarea bureau-rats claim that the science is absolutely clear that preventing babies from having food or drink till age six weeks is a harmful practice and must be banned. In that case, assuming that the population of Cali-daftarea are not all completely bonkers, then there will be an overwhelming consensus that those food-drink-denying parents are completely derailed and should not have their rights upheld.

    Now what you have to grasp is that the people who think those vaccines should be mandatory, and hence parents should not be allowed to opt out, see the situation just as if it were like that of parents demanding to opt out of food and drink for their babies for the first six weeks. So you have to challenge on the science of the matter, challenge the pro-vax claptrap. Which requires you to either know it or know where to refer someone to it.

    Physical mass protests, do you know how many people stood in line, and said NO, to SB277, and how few said YES. It still got passed.

    I was learning about it from Bolen etc, and the impression I got was that there were nowhere near 10,000 there let alone 900,000. Hence my point that you have to first get a sufficiently very large number on board before you apply the pressure. Which requires getting a credible message out well presented. Note that the hundreds of thousands marching against the Iraq conquest were not acting in particularly selfish interest (“we demand more money” like) or their personal rights. Sure, getting many thousands activated at short order is-was practically impossible. But that’s maybe life. You have to have your “troops” registered and trained before the war starts!

    You never checked my facebook page before the rant, did you?

    Indeed because (a) your comment here didn’t persuade me, and (b) I am averse to entering the corporate facebook bowl especially as it keeps pestering me to sign in if I want to see xyz. Unlike this site!

    Thanks for links but I was already convinced that vacc is a load of shy with a consonant attached!

    If you had read the reference, or gone to my facebook page, you will see there are lots and lots of references.

    Which would have been a good thing to point out in your first thing here!

    I prefer chatting individually to like minded people.

    Sure. We need to do both that and chatting with UN-like-minded ones!

  25. Hello again, 2nd half understandable, but first question, look I am in Australia, I have NO idea,
    My comment “”you are anti SB277, why? Is it because everyone should have a choice, or because the vaccines don’t work?””

    I gather the answer was yes, you ARE anti SB277, obviously, sorry, BUT you believe this because everyone should have a choice? Am I correct. And ONLY because people should have a choice? The fact the vaccinated, are the ones spreading whooping cough, is irrelevant?

    Do you think it possibly relevant, to the deciders of this issue, that the Dtap CAUSING the outbreaks of whooping cough, that the vaccinated are the ones spreading whooping cough, year, after year, infection, after infection, for around 12 years? That newborn babies are infected, from vaccinated siblings, who have no symptoms. I gather then this issue isn’t relevant? Yes I have the proof, the documents, but if it isn’t relevant, fine.

  26. My comment is, why should people be forced to vaccinate their children with Dtap vaccine, when it is KNOWN these child will be carriers spreading whooping cough, well in Australia it is for up to 12 years, ie 3 years average after last vaccine.

    I tested the kids, Australia got Dtap 10 years before USA.

    Obviously my information isn’t relevant, fine, I could only but try.

    Oh, and you don’t have to sign up to read my facebook page. At all, phone number, email address, all listed, email is fine by me

    Thanks for replying Ms Bolen (?)

  27. Well, here is where the being an informed campaigner comes in. The thing is that all who object on the freedom rights principle get replied to with the “experts-know-best” argument. And so a competent campaigner needs to be able to defend their scientific objection to vaccines.

    Best by having BETTER experts, and BETTER scientists and BETTER documents, surely? You don’t seem to be interested in scientific reports, why? because you assume ALL reports are pro vaccine? You actually believe vaccines work yourself, don’t you?

  28. Well one person reading your blog has downloaded my reference already, so thanks for the opportunity of sharing it 🙂

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