Bizarre PseudoScience Response from California to Pending Preliminary Injunction of SB277…

A supported opinion…

from KP Stoller, MD

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Perhaps you have glanced at the response the State of California sent to Federal Court against the motion for an injunction against the law based on SB277:

“Moreover, an injunction against the enforcement of the statute3-x-5-California-Soft-Polyester-Flag-Banner in this case would immediately expose millions of California school children and other at-risk individuals to an increased threat of contracting potentially fatal communicable diseases.”

“The public health and welfare must not be allowed to be jeopardized by the subjective beliefs and unfounded conspiracy theories of a small minority of individuals who, against all recognized scientific and legal authority, stubbornly disregard the long-recognized safety and effectiveness of vaccines, and who fail to accept the public health threat that their unsupported opinions have on the lives of others around them.”

The above is just from the Introduction… it gets worse…

I am not a lawyer, but does it impress judges to go on some angry tirade about how screwed up the opposing party is?

Especially, when there are victims of vaccine injury… real victims, with real injuries and everyone knows there are vaccine injured children?

But I guess in law school they teach you to disrespect the opposing party.  Spit on the injured children…. always a good strategy and crowd pleaser…  as if this were written by Dr. Paul Offit (Profit) the infamous mouth of Big Pharma on all things about vaccine safety?

If California is so concerned that at-risk individuals will contract fatal communicable diseases from the un-vaccinated, or partially vaccinated…(the vaccinated are apparently in mortal danger from those that might have the diseases that they are already vaccinated for), then why vaccinate anyone?

Do vaccines work or don’t they… if they work why are the vaccinated in mortal danger from those who aren’t so vaccinated?

And if they are in mortal danger from their little school chums, aren’t they also endanger from un-vaccinated foreigners, refugees, and adults who were never vaccinated or only partially vaccinated. Why aren’t we keeping away all these unvaccinated throngs of people from our vaccinated children lest they come down with the very diseases they were vaccinated for?

Are vaccines effective or aren’t they effective?

Are they sort of effective and sort of “unavoidably unsafe”?

If they are effective, like we are told, then there is no problem, right? Or is there?

However, vaccines are not effective, at least not anywhere as effective as we are told they are… the assertion that vaccines are effective is a lie. The mumps vaccine, part of the MMR, has an efficacy that, Court documents show, could be near zero.

If it is a lie that vaccines are effective is it also a lie that vaccines are safe?

Simpsonwood Conference Center – Georgia

Winding the clock back 16 years, we find ourselves with government officials, a representative of the American Academy of Pediatrics and pharmaceutical executives at a hastily convened ad hoc (illegal) meeting at Simpsonwood Conference Center (Georgia) on the weekend of June 7 & 8, 2000, to discuss evidence of vaccine harm uncovered by CDC researcher Tom Verstraeten, MD.

After two days of discussion and investigation into the findings that mercury in vaccines, specifically the preservative Thimerosal, was injuring the brains of children receiving vaccines they all agreed to keep the evidence uncovered by Dr. Verstraeten, linking Thimerosal containing vaccines to brain damage in children, from Congress, from the Secretary of HHS and from “let’s say out of less responsible hands.”

The meeting was illegal because an agency of the US government can not have a secret meeting with private companies, especially companies they, in part, have a role in regulating because the CDC is mandated to evaluate vaccine safety….without inviting the public.

The result of the 2000 Simpsonwood meeting (the secret agreement) quickly expanded into a full blown conspiracy to cover up any research findings adverse to  school required vaccines, and led to the tampering with scientific evidence and concealment of damaging CDC research results in not one, but two CDC studies; the now exposed 2004 Atlanta Autism Study (1)  and completely, non credible 2002 Danish Autism Study (2).

Again, Court documents claim that the CDC 2004 Atlanta Autism Study and 2002 Danish Autism Studies research results were tampered with and the results falsified by MERCK and Julie Gerberding of MERCK (but then Director of the CDC), and then the sanitized and manipulated versions were published in Pediatrics and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Court documents claim that after working in concert MERCK and the CDC manipulated the research results in the Atlanta and Danish studies, and then furnished falsified evidence to the Department of HHS during 2002-2010 Omnibus Autism Proceedings [“OAP”],.

The ineffective FDA licensed MMR vaccine continues to injure thousands while claiming to be effective, which it is not, even while it continues to have exclusive license for these vaccines (and no liability if they cause harm).

Manipulating disease for profit without liability is a dangerous practice, and there are very real risks associated with the shedding of the live viruses from the MMR, and possibility of transmissions to others, for an “unavoidably unsafe” vaccine that does not work.

Now, that bears repeating – the MMR is just one vaccine that causes the vaccinated to shed the infectious agent to any and all that come in contact with the vaccinated person.

If there is a need for a vaccine… it is  for a vaccine that will protect the un-vaccinated from the vaccinated!

If you are new to the science (not the pseudoscience) this is a WTF moment to be sure.

In the world of reality, there are children that are genetically pre-disposed to a heightened injury from vaccines… they have  GENETIC predispositions to have an ADVERSE EVENT. This is known in the corridors of science, but the CDC, Merck and other vaccine manufacturers do not seem concerned with science.  They seem to be concerned with selling their “no liability” product and take billions to the bank.

Is it true they make so much money they can buy just about anybody…. politicians, legislators, academicians, entire associations of physicians, etc?

The Big Question…

Before vaccinations, are children screened for genetic risk bio-markers, such as the HLA Class genes that the medical literature reveals are linked to increased Adverse Event risk for certain vaccines?  No, children are not so screened.

Science vs Pseudoscience

First the Real Science

The human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system is a gene complex encoding the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) proteins in humans. These cell-surface proteins are responsible for the regulation of the immune system in humans.

230px-HLA.svgHere is just one article addressing this issue:

From Autoimmunity. 2005 Mar;38(2):181-94.

Concurrent HLA-related response factors mediate recombinant hepatitis B vaccine major adverse events.

Miller JD1, Whitehair LH.


Recombinant hepatitis B (HB) vaccines have successfully reduced infection, cirrhosis and carcinoma, but questions have endured about causality of serious adverse events following vaccination. After an event in a pediatric patient an investigation reviewed HLA vaccine response effects and analyzed genetics in reported cases. There are apparent common causal immune mechanisms among reported adverse events. HLA class II alleles/haplotypes linked to HB vaccine cellular/non-response and Crohn’s disease can create conditions that actively/passively amplify, respectively, all or other components of the immune response to the HB vaccine. Presence of the HLA class I allele A2 can result in heavy cytotoxic T-cell activation and vaccine/self-peptide presentation to immune cells. If HLA autoimmune susceptibility alleles/haplotypes are present that control other immune response components, the probability is elevated that these will activate cross-reactive immune cells; the cells, theirinflammatory secretions and/or auto-antibodies may initiate adverse events reflecting those susceptibilities. Probable DRB1 amplifying alleles are noted. High-resolution DNA typing and results analysis are described to test the hypothesis in known HB vaccine adverse event patients. Possible practical applications stemming from hypothesis validation are described.

So, what this science is saying is if you know someone has certain HLA genes they are at increase risk for having an adverse event should they receive the Hep B vaccine.

If we lived in a science driven world where people believe in science, like Hillary Clinton says she does, then we would screen children for these HLA genes before we vaccinated them.  But we don’t, and that isn’t the only gene which increases adverse event risk… but that is science and we live during an age of pseudoscience….which takes us back to Simpsonwood….

Back to the Pseudoscience

At Simpsonwood in June 2000, Dr. Verstraeten had presented to his fellow researchers and scientists at CDC, FDA and the pharmaceutical representatives who had all been summoned to this illegal emergency meeting, a model he had created showing a strong association between neurologic developmental disorders and exposure to the mercury based preservative Thimerosal being used in some of the school required vaccines in the United States.

In May of 2004 the Institutes of Medicine [“IOM”], consisting mostly of doctors and scientists with strong financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry, issued a report recommending against any further government, vaccine-autism research declaring the MMR to be safe, while remarkably at the same time, an estimated 5,400 OAP vaccine injury cases were pouring into the Vaccine Court alleging vaccine-induced autism seeking VICP compensation. See 2014 IOM Report .

Of course, it looks to me, that the May 2004 IOM Report was based upon manipulated research results.

The 2004 Atlanta Autism Study, exposed as fraudulent by the study’s co author, CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson; and the completely non credible 2002 Danish Autism Studies, authored by the now OIG fugitive and indicted felon Dr. Poul Thorsen, who allegedly stole the childhood autism research monies. The most likely scenario was that the money he supposedly stole was actually a pay off, and the cash was poorly hidden from eyes that should not have seen it so the OIG had to indict him. But he is not on the run, continues to publish articles and give lectures all over Europe. It is all subterfuge.

Again, Court documents indicate that the May 2004 IOM Report was engineered by MERCK as part of the scheme to conceal the evidence of vaccine harm caused by the MMR being uncovered by CDC, and to snuff out any other research or scientific evidence being discovered outside of CDC, by independent researchers who were making similar findings like Verstraeten of vaccine harm, recommending for more research into the vaccine-autism connection.

The May 2004 IOM Report was created to be the official notice that the MMR vaccine was safe, and according to CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, it was part of the cover-up to close the door on CDC vaccine- autism research while the 5,400 OAP test cases were pending in Vaccine Court “setting the research 10 years behind” as per Dr. Thompson.

There are no studies on the safety and efficacy of current vaccination schedule mandated under §2164. No longitudinal studies comparing vaccinated children with non vaccinated have been undertaken by CDC. That would be science and when you do science you can’t also do pseudoscience – it is one or the other.

The lack of vaccine efficacy has been known to CDC scientists and US health officials for decades for the very vaccines that are causing the irreversible brain injuries, paralysis, allergies and death being compensated in the VICP. See Poling v. HHS, 02-1466V (conceding vaccines induced autism in child petitioner).

The Asian laboratories making the vaccines cheap for  pharmaceutical companies, we are told, are often unsanitary and fined for safety violations, and produce millions of cheaply manufactured “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines without liability for mistakes and defects, See Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC, 131 S. Ct. 1068 (2011), (the Supreme Court held in Bruesewetz that Congress had set up a special vaccine court as a way to provide compensation to injured children without driving drug manufacturers from the vaccine market).

Well, with the USA taxpayers covering their liability butts, vaccine manufactures, who can’t even be sued for design flaws in their vaccines, went to town pumping out dangerous and ineffective vaccines for the sheer profit.

To Kill a Mocking Bird

I understand the California AG, Kamala Harris, has to represent the State of California defending the  very flawed law now on the books based on SB277. I understand she has to do her best, but does she have to tell the truth in representing the State of California?

At the center of a lawyer’s role is her obligation to speak the truth. Truth-telling is as much about a lawyer’s integrity as it is about the welfare of her clients and her community.

1 DeStefano,, Age at first measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with autism and school-matched control subjects: a population-based study in metropolitan Atlanta, Pediatrics, Feb 2004, Volume 113, Issue 2, 259- 66, (hereinafter “2004 Atlanta Autism Study”)

2 Meldgaard, A Population-Based Study of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccination and Autism, New England Journal of Medicine, November 7, 2002, 347: 1477-1482 (hereinafter “2002 Danish Study”).


12 thoughts on “Bizarre PseudoScience Response from California to Pending Preliminary Injunction of SB277…”

  1. I am trying my very best to believe in the justice system of my country, but it seems that our children poisoning by vaccines is part of a bigger plan, a single source, that unless we acknowledge it we will be forever putting out fires…Verey obviously, there is a central concerted effort coming down from the highest levels of this country’ authority to direct California to stop SB277 however rethorical, unprofessional or constitutional corruptiong they may be. For this central authority – Government and higher – to permit the temporal injunction and strike down this law, stablishes a legal precedent on any such efforts in other states. We need to connect the dots!

  2. Just follow the money! It is all it is……. Very sad situation. If Hitlery get into White House I will leave this country. She is going to mandate inoculation for every living soul. FEMA camps ready for long time all over US.

  3. It’s a classic arrogant response, thinking their opinions weight equal, independent of facts. The CDC’s own data show how vaccines fail and give kids viruses, sometimes multiple all in one setting.

  4. QUESTION >> Do you think that this will ACTUALLY be hashed out in court… or will California get away with QUASHING the whole thing and standing behind the ignorance of that opening opinion statement?

  5. “The public health and welfare must not be allowed to be jeopardized by the subjective beliefs and unfounded conspiracy theories of a small minority of individuals who, against all recognized scientific and legal authority,…”

    Good Lord, who writes this stuff, is California using unemployed Hollywood writers??? “Unfounded conspiracy theories???LOL. Put these severely underinformed (or knowingly dishonest) IDIOTS in touch with the Vaccine Court, who even though it hasn’t compensated likely 1% of vaccine damaged victims still has shown there is ALOT of damage being caused by defectively made and widely UNTESTED vaccines.
    Interesting too, that they use the Weasel words “against all scientific and legal authority”, instead of “all scientific evidence” (of which very very few legitimate human trials are even conducted.)
    Lastly, I might have to take exception to the idea that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” at least in theory, they certainly could be made MUCH safer if the KNOWN neurotoxic adjuvants were removed and the manufacturers would actually put public health before profit by doing RIGOROUS testing and apply a little quality control, and if they weren’t so needlessly OVERUSED. If one *might* be good 3 dozen is not necessarily better. Does anyone there in the state of California understand the basic concept of LD50s?

  6. Martin Matthews: It will not be hashed out in court, not in the Federal District Court, anyway. The claim, wisely I think, is entirely about Constitutional rights. This sets a higher bar for the State to defend. They essentially have no defense. The attorneys have clearly shown the plaintiffs have and will suffer irreparable harm. The State has no compelling interest in removing those rights. The remedy is to simply to restore the PBE’s to the status quo prior to June 30, 2015, and determine appropriate compensation, including attorney fees. I don’t see how we can lose this one, at least in the initial stage. A trial based upon the science would be a beautiful thing, but would be immensely costly to go up against the limitless resources of the Federal government, while facing the howling packs of wolves from media/pharma. I doubt we have a single gazillionaire on our side to support such an effort. But it’s a beautiful thought. Discovery would bring the skeletons out of the closet, and the house of cards would fall.

  7. The state’s attorney appeals to “scientific and legal authority” to justify denying unvaccinated California children their state-constitutional right to a so-called “free public education.” The demand that the children’s guardians surrender their right to Informed Consent to receive the “public benefit” of a “free public education” is an unconstitutional condition which will not stand. The most profound of legal authorities, international humanitarian law, tells us it is a crime against humanity to deny people their right to Informed Consent. Eventually the perpetrators of this crime will be held responsible and no appeal to “authority” will avail. There is no statute of limitations for such crimes and holding an official position is no defense.

  8. Thank Gary…so is it your opinion that the injunction will be put in place WHILE this heads up the court “pipeline?”

  9. Martin Matthews: For a variety of reasons, I would be shocked if we didn’t get injunctive relief in the preliminary hearing a week from Friday. I’m not a lawyer, but, having read the amended claim in full twice, I find it powerful. They have clearly shown the plaintiffs (especially the children) have suffered, and will continue to suffer, irreparable harm if this monstrosity is allowed to stand. And the conspiracy among public health officials to overturn the broadening of the medical exemption will not be looked upon kindly by the judge. This alone cries out for a criminal investigation. That isn’t part of the lawsuit, and I’m not holding my breath that any prosecutor has the guts to pursue such a case, but in a nation where justice exists such a case would have already been opened. A federal judge has lifetime tenure, so is less likely to be influenced by socio-political considerations as all local jurisdictions are. I think we got a good one. All opinions, but I am hopeful, very hopeful. A measure of the humanity of a society is in how they treat the children; we’re way down on the list, by a mixture of nefariousness and stupidity.

  10. Thanks for that – I’ll be in San Diego on the 12th, and holding hope for decency from our Judicial branch. Indeed, what’s transpiring is by definition, criminal. See you there.

  11. I hope to be there. Easy Amtrak trip, but I have no idea how to find a reasonable hotel not too far from both the station and the courthouse (love to walk). Anyone have any information?

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