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SB 277 – Hunting Down the Defendants…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

Behind the Scenes…

There’s a lot of work that goes on, in the background, taking an SB 277 type lawsuit forward, especially one with twenty-one (21) Plaintiffs and ten (10) Defendants.  Each of the Defendants has to be individually “served” with a copy of the lawsuit, and then the person who “served” the Defendant has to sign some papers showing where and when that process occurred.  Then the attorney has to file those “serving” papers with the Court.  Once each of the Defendants have been “served” they get about twenty (20) business days to lawyer up, and respond.

According to what I’m looking at in the Court Records, it looks like all of the Defendants have been “served.”  But, as of this morning, it looks as though only one of them has lawyered-up to respond.  They better get moving, for an August 12th, 2016 Preliminary Injunction Hearing is coming at their faces abruptly.  And for this kind of Hearing Judges DO NOT give delays and extensions.

So, soon we can expect some responses….

bugs2That’s When the Pompous-ass-ity Starts…

Most people remember freshman Senator Dicky Pan pompously looking down his nose at the audience while he proclaimed the benefits of Made-in-China toxin tubes (vaccines), then showing us all his “Bugs Bunny” toothy grin.

Well, I think you’re going to see more of that kind of behavior once the State lawyers start to show up.  Most of them seem to come out of the “Condescending Snarl School of Law.”  So, expect some of that.  Or a lot of that.

Years ago, in a famous California case, the State attorney LITERALLY spoke with a hissssssssss, bragging he used the “death of a thousand cuts” style of prosecution. It took a while to win that case, and we used it to revise how the California Medical Board operated.  The legislature forced them to take on a two-year monitor to show them how to clean up their act.

I loved the hiss though.

So, I Did Some Follow-Up Phone Calls About the Charity Dean Thing…

I called the California Medical Board Media Person and left two requests for further information.  (1)  I wanted to know if Charity Dean’s efforts had started any kind of witch hunt by Board Investigators.  (2)  I wanted to know what the official procedure was to COUNTER Charity Dean’s presentation to insure that MDs who carefully examined patients and wrote Medical Exemptions for certain vaccines would not be HARRASSED  by investigators.

I struck pay-dirt…

The Medical Board WANTS to hear the other side of the argument and strongly suggested that doctors and patients address the Medical board DIRECTLY over this issue.  I was invited, personally, to address the Medical Board Meeting this next weekend, July 28th, 29th, 2016 in San Francisco.  Fifteen/Twenty years ago I did that ALL of the time.  I was even invited to a weekend Board workshop.

Yes, I did that.  and for most issues I took one hundred fifty (150) TO FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY (450) OF MY FRIENDS. – each of which wanted to speak for their three minutes.  The Medical Board got the message……..

What was our message?  Leave our alternative medical practitioners alone.  Did it work?  Yup.  The Medical Board co-sponsored legislation to protect licensed AltMed practitioners in California.  My friend Frank Cuny, the head of California Citizens For Health carried that ball very well.  We got ALL of our legislation approved.

But, people, I Am NOT going to San Francisco for that Meeting…

YOU are…

There are three opportunities for each of you to address the California Medical Board this coming weekend at the Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport Hotel, 250 Gateway, South San Francisco, CA.  Put a committee together, decide who is going to say what, and go get them.  Bring the kids… Click here for their agenda.

Topics for discussion at the board meeting?  Remember each of you ONLY has three minutes – so plan, plan, plan.  Don’t be overly repetitious.  Each person following should pick up where the one before left off.  Plan, plan, plan.

Points to discuss –

(1)  Disembowel Charity Dean’s efforts.  Point out how much money Health Departments get for PROMOTING  vaccines.  Use the lawsuit language.

(2)  Question the fact that health insurers like Blue Cross pay BONUSES for 100% vaccination rates for Pediatricians as much as $400 per patient. Mention the Stark Act and the California Kick-back laws…  Ask why the insurers and the doctors that get this money are NOT being prosecuted.

(3)  Ask the Board to investigate the Pediatricans’ Well Baby Program – and order it stopped.

(4)  Tell the Board that there are certain doctors in the State who abandon patients who are concerned about vaccines.  Ask the Board to permanently take their medical licenses away from them – put them out of business.

(5)  Ask the Board to harshly discipline doctors who fail to inform parents about the dangers of vaccines.  The law says they’re to do that – but they don’t do it.

(6)  Ask the Board to look into Charity Dean MD’s activities to determine if the Board should investigate and  file “Unprofessional Conduct” charges against her medical license for what she did.

(7)  Point out that Health Department leaders, like Charity Dean, have a credibility and conflict of interest since such a large part of Health Department funding comes from meeting QUOTAS for vaccine distribution.

(8)  Point out to the Board that those California Medical Association (CMA) people sitting there, the ones that SPONSORED SB 277,  watching all this happen, NO LONGER REPRESENT CALIFORNIA DOCTORS because most of their money now comes from Big Pharma.  Point out that although, according to the Kaiser Foundation, there are 101,979 practicing Physicians in California, only 700 people attended the CMA’s annual conference this year- and probably 500 of those were not doctors but, drug reps offering things to the doctors.

(9)  MOST IMPORTANTLY – ask the Board to develop Policy Language RIGHT NOW for vaccine medical exemptions.

We Tried to Run down to San Diego to Check Out the “Courthouse Steps” Scenario…

Usually we can whip down to San Diego in the car in forty-five (45) minutes to an hour.  But, Thursday, we tried to get there and had to turn around after two-and-a-half hours still 26 miles from downtown.  I hadn’t paid attention to the fact that Comic-Con was at the Convention Center. Oh well.  Monday is another day.

Nothing big is scheduled for San Diego on August 12th, 2016.


So, stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


7 thoughts on “SB 277 – Hunting Down the Defendants…”

  1. There are gatherings planned for the 12th. Outside the courthouse, downtown San Diego!

  2. Tim – you should also know that another Federal RICO law suit was filed in Los Angeles on July 15th (docket number of LA-CV16-05224-SVW (AGR)). This goes directly after Sen. Pan, and others who voted for SB 277, and Gov. Brown. Also targets their spouses as “co-conspirators”. Hope you can investigate this. Doing a great job on this issue.

  3. Tim Bolen is experienced and in tune with the problems we face with our liberties and the destruction being implemented on children and families. He has lots of articles on this page that show his extreme dedication to cleaning up society and bringing forth health to us all. Thank you Tim.

  4. thank you for this work. no less than the future of our species depends on it. with deep gratitude from another mom of yet another vaccine injured child

  5. Thanks so much Tim Bolen! Organizing as a coalition makes perfect sense.
    Any info from folks that attended the CMA meeting?

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