Why Do Dentists Ignore Gum Disease? It is a Serious Infection 1.5 Inches From Your Brain…..

Got a Gum Disease Issue?  You Are Probably Going to Have to Fix it Yourself…

By David Kennedy DDS


This is a continuation of articles that I have written about the dental profession and its apparent inability to move forward and change by using science as a guide to therapy.

Instead they insist in using techniques employed for the last 2000 years. That is because that is how they are trained at American Dental Association accredited schools.  Its traditional but it is wrong.

According to one of those accredited schools, Loma Linda University, gum disease is the most common reason for anyone to lose their teeth in the US. They estimated that over 90% of the adult population has at least some degree of disease. What is so disturbing about this is that the so called disease is actually a chronic infection caused by a number of very virulent anaerobic pathogens. Lets just call them the bad guys. These bad guys live in the juice that surrounds each tooth.


Treponema Denticola

One of the baddest of the bad guys is the snake looking bug called Treponema_denticola a spirochete. This beast can eat through mucosa, lives on blood parts, burrows into blood vessels and can attack and kill white blood cells. It is not your normal flora but found in the vast majority of gum disease cases.

What is interesting about this bad guy is that DNA testing has traced its precise vectors and we can now say if you have gum disease you most likely got it from your mother, a lover and/or the dog. Yes this bug will live in a dog’s mouth where it also causes tooth loss and even the dog’s premature death.

A recent malpractice case was settled before trial. Here is a brief summary:

A 47 year old woman had an emergency craniotomy for a brain abscess following a seizure. The abscess was caused by Treponema denticola. She had been under the care of a periodontist for 4 years with regular scaling and curettage every 3 months. Eight days before the craniotomy, she went to her periodontist with purulent discharge (pus) and they scraped again.

Key dento-legal facts:

(1)  There was no doubt that the abscess was caused by the periodontal procedures since it was caused by Treponema denticola which is found almost exclusively in periodontal disease.

(2)  The periodontist testified that there was no need for antibiotics, but when asked for a definition of periodontitis, stated that “it’s an infection” and was forced to admit that purulence defines an acute infection.

In the case of an acute infection failing to treat periodontal disease as an infection is malpractice.

However there are much more effective ways to treat this problem and it won’t take 4 years either.

So if you had an infected finger and went to the doctor and he/she got out a chopping knife to “fix” your problem you would likely run. If you go to a dentist and they recommend surgery I suggest you run as well. Cutting on gums merely accelerates the disease because it allows the bad guys to burrow deeper into tissue and bone and dose little to remove the offending bad guys.

What the dentist and or the hygienist should do is take a sample of juice from your gum collar and look under a low power (400X) microscope to see if the bad guys are present. This is so easy because the bad guys look very different from normal flora. They move . . . a lot. They organize and build structures so more can move in. You don’t want that. Brushing merely bulldozes their houses (scum) off the teeth but not down deep in the gums and so it does not wipe them out.

Antibiotics are useless in early stages because they are not released into saliva and thus have little impact on bad guys living in the juice around your teeth. If you swallow an antibiotic the drug will reach where blood circulates but not where saliva circulates.

On the other hand the baddest of the bad is easy to kill.

It can’t stand oxygen and you can. If you have an ozone generator you can flush out the gums with ozonated water and kill these snakes.. Or flush with salt or even salt with iodine. I have made a short video about how to do this.

Actually with help from a knowledgeable hygiene therapist you can totally eradicate the bad guys and what results is a wonderfully health mouth with solid teeth that last all your life. I say knowledgeable because I learned none of this in dental school but the information had been available for over 50 years in the scientific literature at that time.

So if they just went to an accredited dental school they likely won’t even know the bad guys names and much less how to kill them because that is not how dentists and dental hygienists are taught to treat this common disorder. They think the disease is caused by tartar or calculus stuck on the roots so they go in with scalers and files to root plane, curettage and scrape. They will also blame you for this problem and tell you to brush better and floss more often.

What if floss has only a minimal effect and the vast majority of older people lack dexterity to even do it?

There are a lot of different brands to choose from

The solution is irrigation. A tsunami in the mouth will devastate the germs just like it devastates humans. Swishing with most mouthwash does very little.

But put that same mouthwash in an irrigator (photo to the right) and it becomes a powerful tool for health.

The bad guys are swimmers and they live deep in the collar. A vigorous stream of water will allow them to swim down the drain. There are irrigators that you can mix up stuff and squirt it around.

Others attach to the shower pipe and you can finish off your daily shower with a shower in your mouth. This method is not as therapeutic as the ozonated water and other methods necessary if the disease is advanced but it certainly is simple and easy for daily maintenance either to prevent disease or maintain health after the bad guys have been flushed away.

Gum disease should be treated topically just like an infection on the surface of your skin. Dab on a disinfectant daily, flush often, and get a dentist who has a microscope to look to see if you are free of bad guys.

Practical advice for your life…

By David Kennedy DDS


8 thoughts on “Why Do Dentists Ignore Gum Disease? It is a Serious Infection 1.5 Inches From Your Brain…..”

  1. colloidal silver in the waterpik full strength with acute infection – 1 part c.s. to 9 parts water for regular maintenance works awesome. look into AC electric stimulation (BobBeck) through the root of an infected tooth (from below gum line on inside of jaw to below gum line outside the jaw). needs to be strong. turn amplitude up as you desensitize. it WILL kill the infection if treatment is done daily for an hour – 7 days in a row.

  2. that waterpik is your best defense against receding gums too. your gums will bleed the first few times but each day you’ll notice less and less blood as the gums repair and adhere to teeth better. the c.s. really helps this process. great to see waterpik get a reco from a dentist. i don’t travel anywhere without mine. the small handheld one is worthless, but they make a great smallish table top that travels easily and is more powerful than any of their earlier models.

  3. You appear to need more time reading the science lit on vitamin C… Sample:
    A study of ascorbic acid in human saliva

    E. Mäkilä, P. Kirveskari

    The concentrations of ascorbic acid in mixed submandibular and sublingual saliva and in parotid duct saliva collected from 37 subjects after a 12-hr fast were estimated by the dinitrophenylhydrazine method, and found to be, on the average, 0.71 μg/ml (S.D., 0.56) and 0.91 μg/ml (S.D., 0.94), respectively. The rate of secretion of the ascorbic acid was, on the average, 0.14 μg/min (S.D., 0.17) for the submandibular and sublingual glands, and 0.59 μg/min (S.D., 0.89) for the parotid gland.
    After an oral dose of 500 mg the ascorbic acid concentration of parotid saliva revealed a significant rising trend 2, 4, and 6 hr after the administration, with maximum content in the 6-hr samples.

    Disappointed…….. try again…. try Huggins, DDS, etc

  4. oH GOSH, MY TEETH, AKA GUMS< are awful, I went of Antidepressants, my teeth, and my gums are recovering……….. Look at the side effects! All caused by pharma fraud. Gums, bleeding when brushing, jaws grinding at night, scabby face, hair falling out, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, what your pill? They causing IT ALL only 10% were genuine. Yep, the statins, the antidepressants, the arthritis drugs, only 1 in 10 or those trials were genuine………………………………….. USA doing an investigation hahah rofl xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. See http://www.doctoryourself.com/gums.html, or search gum disease & vitamin C

    I have to disagree with the idea that “treponema denticola” causes gum disease. It’s more than likely a vitamin C deficiency. As the FDA’s recommended daily allowance is only 60 mg, it’s just enough to prevent scurvy. Vitamin C plays an important role in the body building collagen, which holds cells together.

    Anyway, I think that the whole germ theory is bunk anyhow after doing research on pleomorphism and Professor Bechamp. That’d be a good article!!

  6. Although this spirochete is very real, I think a combination of Skenny’s approach using high dose Vitamin C, (preferably liposomal) and Dr. Kennedy’s approach of the water pick with a solution of salt iodine or even Artemisia annua tea (it ends malaria infection and the LB spirochete) may be a solution. We are all increasingly malnourished, which can cause no end of dental issues, including depleted dentin as a result of Vitamin A deficiency. The key is just what Dr. Weston Price discovered. Its in a diet rich in fat soluble vitamins, minerals, aminos that will provide optimal dental health if started early. The SAD diet is what robs us of wide dental arches and optimal dental health. Add that to fluoride, mercury, poor hygiene, and viola…the current state of affairs in dental health. Dr. Kennedy is a brilliant man. If paired with an orthomolecular approach including a study of Vitamin K2…and a book re same, wow. It would change everything. JMO.

  7. Proper brushing and flossing go a long way toward keeping gum disease at bay. Using an antibacterial toothpaste or mouth rinse can kill bacteria and lessen the amount of plaque in your mouth. Removing dental plaque is the key to preventing gum disease and improved mouth health. A professional cleaning by your dentist or dental hygienist is the only way to remove plaque that has built up and hardened into tartar. By scheduling regular checkups — twice a year — early stage gum disease can be treated before it leads to a much more serious condition.

  8. I have lost nearly all of my teeth from periodontal disease, my blood sugar stays sky high, and my top gums have receded up to the bottom of my nose. I keep telling my Dr that a part of my sugar being so high is due to the periodontal disease, stress and anxiety but he doesn’t seem to care. I have no dental insurance and of course no dentist is going to work on anyone for free. I’m afraid I’ll have a stroke or heart attack soon and no one really cares as long as I keep my Dr appt

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