Karri Lewis

KarriLewisKarri Lewis is a writer, libertarian, mother-warrior, health freedom fighter, and homeschooling activist.  She started the AWAKE California Facebook page in February of 2015, as a direct response to help protect the health freedom rights of parents and children, from tyrannical California Senate Bill 277 (SB277).

With SB277 now state law, she sees that there is a lot more groundwork and planning that needs to be done to negate this horrible trampling of personal rights.  She is committed to helping thwart forced vaccination mandates and restoring medical freedom within the state of California.

She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from the University of Tulsa.  She moved back to her native California with her husband and baby daughter in the summer of 2002.

She became interested in Alternative Medicine, after her daughter had a series of adverse reactions from her infant vaccines.  She immediately stopped vaccinating her daughter, after realizing the correlation and side effects.  As a young child, her daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and SPD.  She has since been able to help recover her daughter and relieve her of most of her symptoms.

After realizing her daughter’s adverse reactions to vaccines, she recognized her own vaccine reaction and subsequent poor health after a Hepatitis B vaccine series that she was required to take in college, in order to volunteer at a local hospital outpatient physical therapy center (she was originally going to school to become a physical therapist).  She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder shortly after her vaccinations.  She has been fighting for her health ever since.  As of right now, she seems to be winning her health battles, thanks to alternative therapies and medicine.  This personal experience, along with her strong beliefs of individual liberty have brought her into the health freedom world.