SB 277 Lawsuit – Don’t Bother To Go To Downtown San Diego for the August 12th, 2016 Preliminary Injunction Hearing or Any of the So-Called Events Surrounding it.

You’ll Be Wasting Your Time and a LOT OF YOUR MONEY – For Nothing…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

I  can already predict the results of the Preliminary Injunction Hearing.  I’ll publish the results just as soon as I see the Judge’s signed order.  I don’t need to be anywhere around the Courthouse to get that information.  So, I don’t need to go there, and neither do you.

My strong suggestion to you – DO NOT GO THERE…  Wait for a victory celebration to be scheduled in a public place where you can bring the children, and dress casually – somewhere other than downtown San Diego on a Friday afternoon.


San Diego traffic is described as the 17th worst in the world.  Friday afternoons have to be the worst of the worst.  Downtown San Diego, around the courthouses, on Friday is one solid traffic jam.  You simply cannot get anywhere.  For that reason alone anyone with a brain has to decide if the trip there is worthwhile, or not.  Then there is the fact that the I5 Freeway is jammed solid, in both directions, on Friday afternoon all the way to San Clemente.

Had there been the opportunity to bring together SB 277 victims in one spot to commiserate about the situation and meet the attorneys and leaders working on the SB 277 lawsuit, and hear them, it might have been something to consider.

But, that’s not happening.  For a number of reasons the lawyers are NOT going to announce anything until the Judge gives them a Signed Order.  That may not happen on Friday, August 12th.

Logistics Difficulties…

There were supposed to be two events organized for the day.  One in the morning, and one in the afternoon.  For a couple of reasons neither one has developed any substance.  The first one is described to ”meet on the Courthouse steps at 10 AM…”

San Diego Federal Courthouse
San Diego Federal Courthouse

Ummm – there ARE NO COURTHOUSE STEPS so-to-speak.

The Courthouse building is a half block wide, one block long, sixteen stories tall, and has four sides. There are no outside meeting areas, You cannot set anything up, and there is no shade – no place to sit, what-so-ever.  Since, the building itself is a Federal Courthouse, the SECURITY is higher than an airport by a factor of ten, and if you can’t tell the Security people (Federal Marshals) what business you have in or around the courthouse, you are not going to get into the building.  Drug Gangs are on trial inside.  Their support network is outside waiting to get in, standing close to you.  To the Federal Marshals YOU don’t look any different than a drug family – consider that.

Since the attorneys cannot speak to the audience, the second event has been taken over by the “Vaxxed” bus people, and the meeting is all about ”Vaxxed” not SB 277.  If you are a “Vaxxed” follower and need another dose of Andrew Wakefield, Polly Tommy, Del Bigtree, etc, here’s your opportunity.

But, I’ll pass…

Don’t get me wrong – I support “Vaxxed,” but not with my own presence on a San Diego Friday afternoon, or evening, in an expensive hotel lobby.

The SB277 Lawsuit is an important issue all by itself.  I have legitimate concerns about tying the SB277 fight to the issues surrounding “Vaxxed.”  For obvious reasons we do not want the SB277 lawsuit story tied to “Vaxxed’s” problems, nor Andrew Wakefield’s personal baggage, in the eyes of the world, and especially the San Diego media.

The San Diego media is not our friend, and would take ANY and EVERY opportunity to play the Wakefield card against the SB 277 Lawsuit.

Unfortunately, the attorneys have decided NOT TO SPEAK to any groups on August 12th, 2016, and will communicate, only in writing, through Press Releases, etc.

So, don’t bother showing up if you are looking to meet the lawyers, for SB 277 information.

If You Really Want to Drive to Downtown San Diego for the Afternoon/Evening Event…

If you really want to go to the “Exclusive” afternoon event you MUST APPLY on EventBrite, and BE APPROVED, and IF you are approved you will be given the location of the event.

Westin Downtown
Westin Downtown

Well, for those of you who can’t make the cut, so-to-speak, or are just curious, I’ll tell you what you will be NOT missing.

The afternoon/evening Event will be held at the Five-Star Downtown Westin Hotel – no particular room – they didn’t reserve one.  You just go into the lobby and hang out over by the restaurant.  Really…

If you are driving there, parking is thirty bucks, unless you get Valet Service – that’s more.  Lunch should run you only about 40 bucks apiece – and dinner 80 bucks apiece.

But, for those with ”groupie” instincts…  you could have dinner with the “Vaxxed” bus people.

If you want to go to a “Vaxxed” promo event – go ahead.

I’m going to save my energies for something SB 277 lawsuit related.


Balboa park - San Diego
Balboa park – San Diego

Why not save your money, and energy, for the Injunction victory celebration?  The one that could be scheduled for an open area where kids would be welcome?  Like Balboa Park – over by the San Diego Zoo.  Where there is FREE parking and the subject, for the day, would be the SB277 lawsuit.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen




22 thoughts on “SB 277 Lawsuit – Don’t Bother To Go To Downtown San Diego for the August 12th, 2016 Preliminary Injunction Hearing or Any of the So-Called Events Surrounding it.”

  1. Thanks, Tim. I had considered coming, But something came up precluding travel for a while. What an ugly building. What are they thinking when they build these monstrosities? No shade? No steps? Duh! I hope your prediction is the same as mine. Don’t see how we could get knocked out in the first round. The State is more like a 90 lb. weakling than Muhammad Ali. I cannot see that they have a defense of any value, nor does the SBCDPH. Sounds more like CDC talking points or a New York Times editorial than a legal brief; neither response appears to address the issues in the claim, or at least not very well. But then I’m not a lawyer.

  2. SB 277 will effect everyone in CA and thereafter. Vaxxed did try to interview Senator Pan, however, he literally ran long and hard because he cannot answer the hard questions without being prompted beforehand. Vaxxed is working hard to get the word out to as many people as possible. There will be an extended 3 hour version for the documentary at in September. We are all in this together!

  3. Thanks Tim, I did want to go, but it’s a long drive from Ventura County & it’s the first week of school & I would have to have taken them out for the day. I’m sure enough local people will be there. I had pretty much decided it didn’t make sense for me to go, but if something more significant at a family friendly, less expensive venue happens I will try to go

  4. First of all, thanks for your openness and your candid writing on the subject of SB277. But I wish to put something forth that I believe is a horrible unnecessary, unverified attack of the Vaxxed team. The fact that you would put snide, attack like comments against the Vaxxed team, when they have been nothing but apart of the awareness on SB277 makes me question who you really are. Please in the future take time to actually verify your information, do not attack organizations of goodwill (second time you’ve done this) without getting all the information. Myself and friends are starting to wonder what side of the team you are on when you try to divide us all. Please, work together with all groups that are actively fighting to kill SB277 and not divide them. That includes Vaxxed, Education 4 All, a Voice for Choice and many other parents who are all fighting diligently for the same purpose. lets keep these groups United!!!! Don’t make a reason to divide. PS: the Vaxxed team just verified that they have no San Diego meeting or event even scheduled. Makes you look more like an ass.

  5. I just saw a live onstream video of Dr Wakefield et all in FB where they say they have not authorized any SB 277 rally, viewers’ tempers are running high and they either think you are lyi ng about the Vaxxed rally at the court steps , or that you are against this group – my group. Trying to insert a logical suggestion I said that strategically speaking, this would be against the goals that we all want to accomplish, I was called a troll. I was not upset and finally got the person to apologize. But as I see it this issue as three goals to achieve before we can truly say we have won for your children. The first step is to obtain the injuction against B277 portion that prohibits unvaccinated children to attend school. 2) to take CDC to court for fraud and collusion with Pharma in regards to the vaccine, and 3) once 1 and 2 steps are accomplished then we can go to court to present biomedical – true scientific evidence of the effects of vaccines in the human body. This not an issue that will be won in one step. We have to win on all three in order to get accomplish the final goal of eliminating forced vaccination and pack vaccination. By pack I mean vaccinating our children and us, adults, young and old (me) with three-four or more vaccines at a time.

  6. I know this may seem petty, but I just want to let you know, Mr. Bolen, that your groupie comment hit my nerve.
    It hurt. I have already been shamed and shut down enough, I have felt alone and hopeless for long enough.
    Before Vaxxed, I never imagined I would ever see any semblance of justice. I never imagined I would ever have friends who, “get it.”
    The Vaxxed Team has united a lost and ignored population and strengthened a loving and thriving community. Polly, especially, represents all of us mothers out here and she is inspiring us to stand up and tell our stories! Yes, there is a solid group of heavy hitting advocates who have been at this for a long time – I do not discount those men and women who have been at this for decades – but my comment here is about the Vaxxed Groupie Instincts line in your article.
    Before Vaxxed, I did not even KNOW about the already growing community of parents assimilating in the name of vaccine injury. Yes there was already a thriving community, but I, personally, was alienated and on my own and had no inkling there were so many other parents out there. Vaxxed hit the scene like a stampede and suddenly I was connected into a huge social media family and my life changed dramatically! I found out how to find other warrior mommies in my local area and even drove 2 hours to connect in person with other Vaxxed, “Groupies.”
    Vaxxed is a unifier. I’m overjoyed to be united so if that makes me a groupie – then maybe you’re right.


    Tim Bolen, I like and respect you. But after you posted this article on my personal Facebook page, I forwarded it to Polly Tommey. What you are saying in this article is false and misleading. The Vaxxed Team has no planned event in San Diego during the SB277 injunction hearing. Next time, I recommend vetting your information regarding Vaxxed a little more thoroughly before writing such a piece. It’s not that difficult to find out what the truth is.

  8. Is there a reason for this post? Rather out of character, this underhanded attack, and apparently not accurate. We are all on the same side, no? I don’t see how divisiveness is helpful.

  9. Tim, I’m just now listening to the Vaxxed Team’s Periscope re your article. They just stated that none of them – neither Polly, Andy nor Del – have had anything whatsoever to do with any sort of rally at, or near, the courtroom. So perhaps folks who are ‘fan’s of Vaxxed perhaps decided to try to hold a rally, but Team Vaxxed is letting people know they’ve had nothing to do with any sort of rally coming up.

  10. …finishing up viewing the Vaxxed Periscope regarding your article, Tim. Again, they have just repeated, they know absolutely nothing about any sort of Vaxxed event at the courthouse. They have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m putting this up under your comments section because I know you most likely receive a lot of emails, so hopefully you’ll see this comment.

    They have also stated you are most welcome to give them a call should you have any concerns about any so called Vaxxed event occurring during and/or after the hearing.

  11. Georgia: There is some kind of monkey business going on. We know that pharma will stop at nothing, and no doubt they have highly sophisticated tech people in their employ.

  12. Tim did write this. I’m very unimpressed and will no longer support him or his reporting. He thinks there are issues within the management of Vaxxed?! Who cares? Why is he trying to pick a fight over this? Who cares if someone puts a rally there? But what does bother me is that he is attacking the Vaxxed teams efforts and their hard work and this says a lot. Tim has not accepted my original comment. Happy I took a photo of it as I will with this one as well and post on FB.

  13. This has to be a hack. There is no legitimate reason Bolen has to discourage us to show up to show that we have an opinion. The info isn’t even accurate…there ARE courthouse steps. And “drug family”… wtf is a drug family? Mr. Bolen…you got some schplainin’ to do.

  14. I don’t think this is a hack job; if it was, I don’t think Tim would leave it up and running for as long as he has. It is what it is.

  15. An INCIDENT occurred in San Diego involving the arrangement of public meetings for SB 277 supporters. Just below is the message i put on FaceBook pages addressing the issue. It is self-explanatory.

    This is an issue that is going to be VERY PUBLIC for a while -and it is going to get worse before it gets better. it took a while to get to the bottom of what happened, but it is all coming out. There is ONE person responsible – what to do about that is what we are talking about. Del, and his people had no knowledge that someone, pretending to act on their behalf, was converting the SB277 hearing meetings into a “Vaxxed” promo at a downtown San Diego five-star hotel. This person was, apparently telling people that they were working for the attorneys and me, Tim Bolen, to get this done. What should have been a meeting of all of the activists in a comfortable public place, turned out to be an Elitist, Exclusive, pretentious, Martini suck-down. As you can tell I am VERY angry -and am getting to the bottom of this – and WHEN I DO…

    Tim Bolen

  16. I see I was not the only one to write you rev the supposedly SB 277 rslly in San Diego. It is good that you will make effortb to expose publicly the rat responsible for this. . However Tim this a concerted well thought out effort to embarras our cause. It was an effective very well planned effort to create division among us. Make no
    Mistake, they will try again. We cannot fight this cause isolated and not cooperating and keeping each other updated at all times

  17. Makes anyone showing up to support the torpedoing of this stupid, unlawful SB277 stand out more.

    1st – Sue the state of California for practicing medicine without a license. When the state MANDATES a “one size fits all” medical procedure they ARE doing this illegal action. The state is NOT a medical doctor allowed to practice medicine.

    2nd – State CONSTITUTION states that ALL kids get educated – NOT saying this is contingent upon whether some other kid is medically endangered (which is not the truth with vaxassination avoidance – you DON’T magically attract pathogens by NOT getting them put into your body, and then pass them on to the allegedly “protected” victims of vaccination)

    3rd – State CONSTITUTION states very clearly that for ANY medical procedure – you get to have FULL DISCLOSURE of all medical risks – and regardless of the benefits of the medical procedure YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OF REFUSAL FOR ANY MEDICAL PROCEDURE AT ALL!!!

    So they violate our state constitution in at least 2 ways.

    US Constitution states in the beginning of the 1st Amendment – “Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion, nor the free practice thereof…”

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