Fed Judge Denies SB 277 TRO – Wants More Info…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  


This all happened yesterday, but I was traveling…

San Diego Federal Judge Dana M. Sabraw denied the Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) presented by the Plaintiffs, so far, for two reasons – BOTH of which attorneys for the Plaintiffs are remedying as fast as possible.

In essence, Judge Sabraw wants two things:  (1)  the Defendants’ attorneys involved in the hearing, and (2)  A better, more specific example of why there is an emergency requiring a TRO in the first place.

No big deal.  Happens all of the time.  Everything is still right on track, heading for a Preliminary Injunction Hearing.  Everything that the Judge did was within the range of normal expectation.

The case has been assigned a number.  It is 3:16-cv-01715-DMS-BGS.

If you want to read the Judge’s Order click on “tro denial.”

So, What Else is Happening?

Not much.  Lots of phone calls.  Some media coverage.  Courtroom/Attorney paperwork.

It is time to just wait for something to happen next.

It will..

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

11 thoughts on “Fed Judge Denies SB 277 TRO – Wants More Info…”

  1. I want to tell you what a comfort it is to know that you and your team are out there fighting a battle for us we wouldn’t know how to fight and would not win. This is a scary time for us and you are making it bearable. Thank you. Win or lose, you’re are all heros!

  2. Georgia – We are all in this together. Take a look at my original article where I describe the three non-profit Plaintiffs, and you will feel even better. These groups are all very real, very large, and very active – and have been for a long while.

    I wasn’t joking when I said “The Cavalry has arrived.”

    Sally Fallon, who runs the Weston A, Price Foundation is a gem. She means business.

    The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) is an army unto itself.

    Georgia – no letters to the Judge. BUT, as things start rolling there will be stuff to do.

  3. Susan – I’m sorry you don’t have a basic understanding on how the legal system works, so I’ll try to explain things simply. For a TRO, the attorneys submitting paperwork are doing so “Ex Parte,” meaning they do NOT, according to the rules, have to notify the other side first. The Judge has the power to decide whether or not he wants the other side present. In this case, as I expected he would, he wanted the other side there, and prepared. Also, the Judge has the power to demand more information than originally provided. That’s what he did.

    Get used to it. There are ALWAYS at least two sides in a lawsuit. One of them is going to lose… During the process, EVERYTHING will be contested.

  4. QUESTION > Should the PEOPLE be petitioning (writing/calling/emailing) in any way…the COURT, or the JUDGE – or walking outside the courthouse with signs, etc? And, if not…why not?

    First thought is…oh, this is the Judicial branch of government – meant to be impartial and not intended to be influenced by the public, we have to just wait and see what they do. But then I think “bullshit.” We KNOW the corruption and pharma influence runs deep EVERYWHERE – they don’t ever hold back expressing what THEY want in any forum. Why would the people just sit back and “wait and see?”

    Has it happened before? That public outcry express a “demand for justice” from a Judge? If people would amass outside the Capitol, in hopes that a legislator might see them and THINK something potentially influencing about their decisions – then why shouldn’t Judge Sabraw have to see/face the public outcry as she tries to get to work? (so at LEAST she can be exposed to the actual reality occurring in the public square, and NOT get the benefit of ignorant closed door decision making).

    Sounds brilliant to me…hound this person, she is just a person HIRED by We The People to play a role in our society (a Judge) whom we now rely upon to do the right thing by the people.

    But alas…I suspect I’ll soon hear “it just doesn’t work that way.” 🙁

  5. The era of Nazi hunters is drawing down to a close because the old Nazis are nearly gone. Those left are so old, so frail that it isn’t worth the time to prosecute them as they would not likely survive the trial much less suffer the trauma of jail time. That being the case it would be nice to think that such mentalities would have faded from the world, given that we all now know what can occur when unbridled hatred and bigotry is allowed sway.
    That being said it is clear that the Nazi mentality has not faded from human existence nor has bigotry and hatred by the way society in general is so easily swayed by dogmatic arrogance. Only it isn’t the Jewish population facing this toxic mentality but the unvaccinated. The Pro-Vaxxers and their benefactors the pharmaceutical industry have replaced the Nazi party. Some of you reading this, particularly the ‘pro-vaxxer’ who reads the Bolen Report will think this an unfair comparison, hell, even some of the Anti-Vaxxers might take offense at this over the top reference….Even Mr. Bolen himself might have a problem with what I have said. Regardless, I will maintain my position that Big Pharm and the Pro-Vaxx minions are nothing more than a modern day incarnation of the Adolf Hitler’s ideal bigot.
    I use this reference not only for the shock value but because it is sadly very close to the truth. While we may not be subjected to concentration camps as yet, being forced to have toxic vaccines, deadly, untested and experimental elixirs injected into our bodies is not far from that very thing. It may be that those of us to refuse to participate in the ‘forced vaccine’ program may one day face the same sort of ‘relocation’ as the Jewish population did when the Nazis took over. Every nation they invaded saw carnage of epic, nauseating proportions that have not been since repeated…yet.
    The outlandish ‘hate’ that is being displayed by the Pro-Vaxx movement is not so different from the ‘hate’ that was directed at the Jewish population of Germany once Adolf Hitler started making ‘his’ presence felt on the nation and later the world. That being the case it is not so far off the mark to think that the very people who have been so eager to demonize and ostracize and blame the unvaccinated for invented outbreaks of measles and other diseases, would insist on separating these ‘diseased’ people from the vaccinated population…deeming them a danger to the ‘vaccinated’ public. Twisted logic, yes…hence my Nazi Party comparison because their logic was just as twisted regarding the Jewish population.
    The Nazi party took power by murdering the opposition. How many ‘Anti-Vaccine’ doctors have been found dead in recent years? I do not think for one minute that their suspicious deaths, suicides or disappearances are anything like a coincidence. Anyone with half a working brain cell would find this suspicious of not telling of the mentality behind those who would force vaccines on our children and punish parents for questioning studies that deny that vaccines are dangerous…considering that the people making vaccines are paying for the studies.
    This is a dubious time for those of us who oppose the right of the Pro-Vaxx legions to pass laws that threaten the very fabric of free society. That they have gotten this close to seeing their twisted ideals become reality is frightening and dangerous. Do not think for one minute, not one minute that the dangerous thinking that dominated Europe in the mid-20th Century is no longer a threat to our world. Sick, power hungry, wealthy driven minds are behind this twisted development. They, Big Pharm, know that the world is getting wise to their game and their best chance to maintain their power is to force government legislators to pass laws that give them power to dictate their will and punish those who defy them.
    We may, if I am right, and I hope to God I am not, see the rise of a new totalitarian state under a new dictator in the form of Big Pharm. WWIII may not be against any one State or Government but against the free thinking people of the world opposed to Big Pharm.
    I do hope I am wrong
    Dr. Richard Bend

    Virus-free. http://www.avast.com

  6. Martin – Not a good idea to address the Judge at this point. The time for demonstrations is in the future though.

    This Judge, Dana Sabraw, is a George W. Bush appointee, which means he is a Republican, not some wild-eyed Hillary Clinton type pro big government screecher.

    Now you can see why San Diego was the location selected, not San Francisco. Judges are assigned cases at random, from the pool.

  7. Susan – You are wrong again. Requests for TROs are MOSTLY done Ex Parte. That’s the whole idea of Temporary Restraining Orders. Read up on it.

  8. Dr. Bend,

    Sure…your Nazi analogy seems on target as certainly is the #1 fear mongering perspective – with all that is transpiring it’s easy to let the mind go wild. You, like many, seem to get inadvertently comforted by the warm blanket of misery associated with believing the trajectory of what’s happening is inescapable…and heading toward all the ill you are imagining. So much so, that you go the extra mile to convey it (“Do not think for one minute”). Maybe, just maybe – like a LOT of stuff in life, what we fear isn’t actually happening, though the fear is working – by having people remove themselves from the process and centeredness of focusing on what they want.

    Maybe this TRO will come down, soon. Maybe this TRO will be an immediate Full Stop to the unfolding process of corruption. And sure, maybe the more catastrophic unfolding would be a nationwide outbreak of measles in order to turn up the heat – maybe, yeah they could. But we the people must stop embracing every contrived fear induced possibility, lest we keep doing exactly at “they” want of us – removed from the co-creative process of society.

    I can only focus on what feels right to me – inevitable awareness, truth, and justice. MM

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