Homeopathy – An Easier, Nicer, LEGAL, More Effective Path to Immunization…

by Hildegard von Bingen (non-de-plume)

What Exactly is this Nontoxic Approach for Disease Prevention?  

Homeoprophylaxis— also known as Homeopathic prophylaxis or even “HP”–  is a nontoxic method of disease prevention in use since 1799.  The term “homeo” means “like or similar”—note that it does not mean “same”, only similar.

“Prophylaxis” refers to the prevention of a disease.  Homeopathy is an energetic form of medicine.  It utilizes the energies found in plant, animal, and mineral sources to promote healing and wellness.  In like manner, when homeopathy is used as a prophylactic, it utilizes an energetic form of the disease to promote immunity.  It has been documented to do this with about 90% success.  The body is exposed to an energetic form of the disease and is found to respond appropriately, “as if” it had been exposed to the disease itself.  Thus, all the benefits of natural disease are derived without any of the risks. 

Let’s define, as well, what a “vaccine” is.  The idea of inserting a particle of a disease into the body to promote an immunological response has technically been done for about a thousand years (1), not always successfully.  During Edward Jenner’s time, he noted how milkmaids, who were around cows all the time, did not seem to get the horrid smallpox.  He noted that cows would get a similar disease, known as cowpox, and postulated that it was perhaps this exposure to cowpox that prevented smallpox  in milkmaids.  Thus began his fussing about with the pus of cowpox to provide immunity to smallpox in people. From this came the term, “vaccine”, from the Latin word, vacca, for cow. Mass vaccination for smallpox was later discontinued in the U.S. due to many cases of brain damage as a result of the vaccine, as well as the virtual disappearance of smallpox. (2)

Let’s look even a bit more deeply into all of this.

What is Energetic Medicine? 

Homeopathy is energy-based medicine.  Remedies used in homeopathy are generally diluted to the point that there is not even a molecule of the original DilutionDrawingsubstance remaining.  The founder of homeopathy himself, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) learned that along with the phenomena of “like cures like”, the more a substance was diluted, the more powerful it became.  It seems initially counterintuitive.  But, in Hahnemann’s work marking the cornerstone of Homeopathy and homeopathic philosophy, The Organon of Medicine, in aphorism 169, Hahnemann remarks that the action of dilution actually allows the pure energies of the substance to be potentized. Introduced to the human vital force, it then encourages the body to do what it wants to do— heal itself. (3)

When utilizing a homeopathically-prepared substance prophylactically, it can be thought of as Dr. Samuel Hahnemann succinctly put it, “A remedy that can cure an epidemic, infectious, or contagious disease can also be used to prevent it.” Nosodes of disease products of the actual disease are often the most active preventatives. (4) In other words, through HP, the body is exposed to an energetic form of a disease.  There is absolutely no chance of contracting the disease.  But the body does see the disease in an energetic form and, in about 90% of the cases, it responds appropriately.

A More Potent Medicine 

The proper dilution and potentization of remedies is done in a very controlled environment and with a specific method—and in approved pharmacies.  The dilution surpasses Avogadro’s number, leaving no remaining molecules of the source substance.  While some claim there can be no effect, Hahnemann has taught us and experiments have shown that the potentized effect is indeed more curative than some medicines in material doses.

Receiving a disease in its energetic form becomes a way to ‘educate’ the individual about the frequency of the disease.  If and when the disease is met in nature, the body knows how to respond appropriately in 90% of the cases.

This diluted solution is then dripped onto small pellets and administered by mouth.  There are no additives in these doses – including no preservatives, no antibiotics, no aluminum no thimerosal, or any of the questionable items we know are used in the making of vaccines.  Most importantly there are no foreign mediums involved in the dilution method.  HP isn’t grown on aborted fetal cells, monkey kidneys or porcine (pig) cells.  There is no risk that accompanies injecting foreign proteins or DNA into the bloodstream, as done with vaccines, let alone what unknown viruses may be present in those proteins.

MSG in More than Chinese Takeout 

One of the many additives in some vaccines is monosodium glutamate, or MSG. Russell Blaylock, MD, a board-certified neurosurgeon and author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills has extensively studied the effects of MSG on the brain.   Excitotoxins overstimulate certain neurons in the brain causing them to continue firing until they tire themselves and die. (5)  It’s used as a stabilizer and found in the MMRV, Flumist, Zoster, Adenovirus, and Varicella vaccines. Stabilizers are added to protect vaccines exposed to heat, light, acidity, or humidity. (6)

A 2009 study published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine used dissociated mouse neuronal culture and cell injury assays to determine whether relevant concentrations of MSG induce cell swelling or death. (7)  MSG is not something that seems healthy to inject into a developing immune system.

So, again, the good news is not only that HP contains no additives, preservatives, or excipients. It’s also the clean, green, natural method of educating the immune system to recognize disease and mount a natural immune response and has been shown to work at least 90% of the time.

For more information plan to attend the 2016 conference on Homeoprophylaxis: The Evidence-Based Choice in St. Petersburg, Florida, October 7-9.  For more information visit: www.worldwidechoice.org/conference.


by Hildegard von Bingen (non-de-plume)


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10 thoughts on “Homeopathy – An Easier, Nicer, LEGAL, More Effective Path to Immunization…”

  1. Note to readers – SB 277 seeks proof of “Immunization” not Vaccines.

    Homeopathy can, as you can see from this article, provide that Immunity, and EVIDENCE of that Immunity (titer testing) so that your child DOES NOT have to have needles full of Chinese-made-death-crud injected into them.

    If you can show that your child is already immune you can have a Medical Exemption…

  2. While being in favor of HP, I’ve never heard that it affects titers. Could the author of this article provide the study or research that mentions this?

    Interestingly, while I was researching articles written by Dana Ullman, a respected practitioner of homeopathy (along with Dr. Isaac Golden), (that were listed here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dana-ullman/) there was a mention in this article specifically that homeopathy actually operates on the nanoparticulate level, which is actually the latest cutting edge research on the conventional vaccines front – except that homeopathy already reached that point over a century ago: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dana-ullman/dysfunction-at-wikipedia-_b_5924226.html

    “The journal, Langmuir, is the journal of the American Chemical Society, and in 2012, they published an important article that provided a plausible explanation for the actions of homeopathic medicines. First, they verified using three different types of spectroscopy that clearly showed that nanoparticles of six original medicinal agents persisted in solutions even after they were diluted 1:100 six times, thirty times, and even two-hundred times. ”

    I have spoken to homeopathic practitioners in my area and they say that HP would not qualify for fulfilling the immunization requirements of the law, no matter how much more effective and safe it is than allopathic toxic vaccines. Another homeopathic practitioner who uses HP for patients that I know of in another state also will not certify a patient as legally immunized, even though he recommends HP over conventional vaxxing.

    The corrupt who write the laws and have made the rules until now are of similar mind to the IRS who basically state in tax form manuals that ‘only a drug that is licensed by the FDA is allowed to cure disease’ and is allowed to be written off as part of one’s medical tax deductions. Hopefully soon, very soon, this will change and sense and intelligence and proper scientific protocols will prevail in science, rather than the paid-off, pharma-puppet circus that passes for “science” and “medicine” these days to those who are unwilling or unable to rectify their ignorance.

  3. Homeopathic remedies are licensed by the FDA under the Homeopathic Pharmacopia of the U.S. (http://www.hpus.com/). In most cases the individual’s constitutional remedy would do a better job of warding of an acute disease, than would a remedy supposedly specific for a “disease”. One would need to seek an experienced homeopath for advice on HP and constitutional treatment. I doubt if either would meet vaccine requirements of the coercive state. Skilled homeopathic treatment before and after vaccination would be the best means of preventing ill-effects if one had to be vaccinated, along with heavy supplementation (e.g. Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants and chelating supplements).

  4. The point here is not to argue homeopathic theory, but to unite to offer help both for those who choose not to vaccinate, or those who have already been injured by vaccinations. My colleagues and I are notoriously homeopathic heretics – because in hour opinion, homeopathy is vastly underestimated in its scope and ability even by many of its own practitioners. We have chosen, especially given the extent of injury and need in autism, to fully explore and utilize virtually every homeopathic option – because the kids need it.

    HP is but one of those areas where homeopathy is at best a gentle, safe and effective option and at worst, not doing harm.

    We have offered HP for our clients for many years. To my knowledge, no one has contracted any of the “vaccine preventable” (a misnomer if there ever were one) diseases for which HP was undertaken. Does that mean HP works? We cannot prove it, nor are we set up to publish research. But clinical indications are very good. Isaac Golden has published a very long (30+ years now!) study of several thousand of his own clients’ experiences with HP. There is research out there. There is no money for research available, because it cannot be patented nor in any other way made into a massive profit-generation product or process that could belong exclusively to moneyed interests.

    What we do know is that HP CAN NOT DO HARM. This is not something that can be said of vaccinations. Even our justice system refers to vaccines as “unavoidably dangerous.” A vaccine court has granted millions of dollars in compensation to a ridiculously small percentage of the vaccine injured – and turned away hundreds of cases which are legitimate vaccine injuries, but cannot be proven in the vaccine injury “court” – a lopsided, government-leaning “court” that isn’t even a true court of law.

    Clearly vaccination offers great risk. Homeopathy has over 200 years under its belt as a risk-free option. More parents are leaning towards holistic health methods for their children. We have been proud to work with (and recover many) children with autism for now nearly 20 years. But we must unite to support the families. Maybe HP is one such area of unity and support for them.

    And that is precisely why we are comfortably able to sleep at night, knowing that we are doing our level best to exploit every aspect of homeopathy for those who have been injured by modern medicine, or “normal” illness. We truly can “first, do no harm.”

    Thank you for the article. I hope that more parents will become aware that there are alternatives, and that some of those alternatives, homeopathy in particular, can be extremely helpful for everyday health needs, disease resistance, and can even improve and overcome vaccine injury.

  5. Judging from the responses, and response levels, I’d hazard a guess that MOST PEOPLE have no idea what homeopathy actually is, where to access it, or what it does.

    What we DO KNOW is that the science of homeopathy is the MOST ATTACKED subject by the organized “skeptics.” That, I think, says it all – Homeopathy MUST be a giant threat to the drug industry. And, of course, it is.

    Why? Because it is a far better science, and it is NOT DANGEROUS, like drugs, drugs, and more drugs.

    The problem I see with Homeopathy in the United States is that Homeopaths aren’t updating their image for the modern world. Example: the term “Homeopathic Prophylaxis” may have been a great marketing ploy back in 1799 when it was first discussed, but today that language is outdated. That phrase sounds to me like someone is having a hard time installing a condom.

    Why not just say it in 2016 words – “Homeopathic Disease Prevention.”


  6. I have no sufficient words to praise homeopathy, it is such a wonderful field to study as much one can though I am aply it on me last more than 10 years but studying and practicing it since last 2 years, the results are fabulous. I have a regret not to start it well before, but any way whenever it come its ok.

  7. As a former homeopath, I remember having done prophylaxis for whooping cough to a little girl (on the request of her mother because there was kind of an epidemy at school…). The day after the dose of Pertussinum, she began coughing and I was told she had coughed for 2 days only, without any other symptom like fever nor feeling bad. I thought and read about this, that this was a pretty good sign, as it shows that the “HP” had reached the goal and the protection should be reliable.

  8. Rodolfo / Me parece buena idea que estéis dando visibilidad a las acciones del colectivo a través de esta página. Estaré al tanto del anuncio de posibles monoeizaciivls y acciones para acelerar la llegada del agua superficial. ¡Estaremos todos con vosotros!

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