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With Donald Trump Coming into Office on January 20th, 2017 I Have to be Right Here in the Middle of Things…

Life is Just Too Much Fun…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

You just never know…

One day you think it’s time to park the battle tanks in the warehouse, crank the missile launchers down and cover them with tarps, sell the nuclear subs to Texas, and head for a warm island where you can drink a tasty rum drink, and watch the pretty girls walk by – let the other younger warriors have all the battle fun.

I have to tell you – five weeks of that is about all I could possibly stand.  Gotta get back to the wars.  Addiction.

Then this guy Donald Trump runs for President of the US.  Every liberal mainstream media wanna-be pundit shrieked out their disdain of Trump, and his “Deplorable” support network, making claim that Trump wouldn’t even be allowed in the Republican Primaries.

After all, according to the Democratic Party leadership, the family oriented Judeo-Christian ethic was dead – for THEY had killed it, and now it was an “anything goes” world. So, according the them, heterosexual family-type voters were finished.

Then when Trump did get in they claimed he could not possibly win the Republican Primaries – which, of course, Trump did.

Then they looked down their noses, while prancing around big city gay bars on Friday Pageant Night telling themselves, and others in the Appletini crowd, that Trump couldn’t possible beat their ultimate hero, scum-sucking Hillary Clinton.

Then along came election night.   The Judeo-Christian heterosexual family types voted – and the world changed overnight.

But I have to say – you can’t just retire and come right back to the fray. There’s work that needs to be done. Preparations that need to be made.  Alliances that need re-shaping. Upgrades that need to be made to infrastructure.

So, I did…

The World of Health Freedom…

(1)  When I see the panic in Big-Pharmas’ actions, trying desperately  to get the 21st Century Cures Act (HR 34) passed ($500 Million spent lobbying this bill so far) so Obama can approve it before January 20th, 2017, I have to sit back and laugh with joy.  Why? The handwriting is on the wall.

(2)  When I see the FDA scrambling around trying to get new rule-making in trying to restrict dietary supplements before Trump takes office, once again I have to laugh.  Trump, apparently, is creating diarrhea in drug company Board Rooms.

(3)  When I see the articles beginning to appear whining about Trump’s pick to head the US Department of of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Congressman Tom Price from Georgia, because, of all things, Tom belongs to the the American Association of Physicians an Surgeons (AAPS) I just can’t help but break into a smile.  Why?  I’ve worked with the AAPS for years.  They are all fine people. Politically they are all right here in reality land.  Below, I’ll give you a synopsis of who they really are – and you will like Orthopedic Surgeon Tom Price even more after that.

But lets start with a 22 minute video that explains AAPS’s position on California’s EXTREMELY CONTROVERSIAL Mandatory Vaccination for children legislation – SB 277.

Get the idea?

Now, about ObamaCare, AAPS says:

Standing next to attorney Andy Schlafly is our friend Steve Hotze MD from Houston, Texas. Just to put things into perspective,  let me give you a little history –  This lawsuit, depicted in the video was THE SECOND project the AAPS had been involved with in Texas.

You can read about the FIRST one in my 2011 article called “In Texas.”  There you can compare the California and Texas actions to counter the now soundly defeated quackbuster health care PsyOps operations – both of which were significant victories for the North American Health Freedom Movement.

Yup, Big Pharma, and their efforts to stamp out REAL health care in favor of the that vaccine/ drug lord offering, are in BIG trouble…

Let’s see:  Trump meets with Andy Wakefield for an hour over the vaccine issue, now he is putting Tom Price up for DHHS.

Ahhhh!  Health Care Life is about to be a LOT more fun…

Smile, and stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen 




7 thoughts on “BolenReport – Old Dog – New Tricks…”

  1. Creepy post. News flash: people on both the left and right; heterosexual and gay are concerned about the gov’t mandating vaccines for children w/o proving their safety. There was no need to turn a post about an AAPS physician’s appointment into a key position as an excuse to gay bash.

  2. I haven’t been able to take a break, Tim – there’s just too much happening over here.

    First we kicked the bankers in the teeth with Brexit. Then Trump’s victory plunged the whole European Bilderberg structure into chaos. You should have seen Angela Merkel’s face when she had to greet Donald’s Victory in the Bundestag. It was like “WTF do I do now!”
    She had, of course, been told that Hilary would win and that she should prepare everything for a war with Russia in the Spring.

    Trump was let through the Republican primaries as an unelectable clown, a buffoon whom no-one would take seriously; the ideal opponent for their Hilary. But it turns out that our Donald is none of these but very astute. He also has clear aims for the benefit of the American people instead of the bankers. This is good news in Europe (other than for the cartels, of course) because we owners of small businesses have an enormous potential market in the US but, if the bankers continue to steal all their money, they can’t buy anything.
    STOP PRESS. Just as I write this, I have been handed a note stating that Trump and his Treasury Secretary nominee, John Allison have vowed to abolish the Federal Reserve – the prime cause of inflation and debt in N. America.

    On other fronts, encouraged by Brexit and Trump, there are now powerful, active movements in Italy, Holland, France, Spain and Portugal to leave the Euro and the EU. One of these, Italy, has just voted on this today and the result should be in your newspapers tomorrow morning. I wonder whether it will be reported.

    On the down side, The House of Representatives has passed a bill compelling a no-fly zone in Syria. The blurb says to protect civilians but it’s really to prevent ISIS (a CIA operation) being defeated. The problem is that Russia has sworn to protect the Syrian air force if it is attacked and their weapons are so greatly superior to the US ones that generals and admirals have already twice refused orders to attack. When the bill will be read in the Senate and what they will do with it is up to you. Make sure that your senator knows that he/she will be held personally accountable for any military conflict with Russia and any deaths of US service personnel in a war which benefits only the bankers.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  3. I have only one question. Why did Tom Price vote for the Dark Act? Was he bought off or is he uninformed? Neither one is good.

  4. FYI, they are looking for input “Education Choice: The GOP needs to make Education the one government program they love. Education is the great equalizer – no matter your starting point, if you work hard and are given the chance, you can be anything. But are our children really getting a “chance” in public schools that are dominated by social agendas of liberal politicians and wasteful spending outlined in the union boss’ contract? The GOP should propose an “Education Bill of Rights” for all children that emphasize choice, accountability, and parental empowerment.”

    Read more:

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