The Key Words Here are “Affordable” and “That Works.”

Why Do Republicans Hate ObamaCare?  Why Do Democrats Love it? Can Trump Fix it?

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

US Health Care is NOT Going to Be Fixed Without Some Radical Changes.

All throughout the Presidential Election process we heard arguments over what’s called “ObamaCare” (The Affordable Care Act).  Strangely, there was little detail about was REALLY right or wrong with the system, nor exactly how to fix it – just a lot of hyperbole.

What Do We Really Know About “ObamaCare”?

The Good Parts – people who could not previously get access to health care actually got that access.

The Bad Parts – (1)  Mandatory purchase – Everyone had to buy a Health Care Plan.  (2)  What is offered (mandated) is basically expensive junk.

Yes, you read that right – “expensive junk.”

The REALLY BAD Parts – Costs started to rise exponentially.  Plan costs, already high, doubled.

Why is “ObamaCare” failing? 


Five reasons – (1) Increased costs, (2)  Increased costs, (3) Increased costs, (4) Increased costs, and (5) Increased costs.

With no end in sight.

Primarily the problem is greed.  Years ago, when individual States, like California, made auto insurance mandatory, auto insurance rates doubled overnight – and regulation of the industry had to come into place.

The REAL Problem…

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and what the Republicans are considering replacing it with, are propping up a badly broken US Health Care system – overpriced crap, pretending to be useful.  It is draining our society.

Health Care suppliers are in the “corruption and greed” mode, offering little for a lot.

In short This photo is the reality of US Health Care...
In short THIS photo is the reality of US Health Care, and it is a lot to swallow…

(1) Drugs, for instance, cost way more than they should and are offered as the answer for way more than they can actually do.

(2)  Hospital costs are ridiculous.

(3) Mainstream Dentistry is a pricey joke.  It isn’t even about health care – it is about appearance.  The unofficial US Dentistry slogan, I think, is “If your teeth are white, you’ll get laid tonight…”  They completely ignore infections surrounding your teeth (around root canals), not caring that your teeth are 1 and 1/2 inches from your brain.

(4) Some parts of the system actually CAUSE health problems on their own – like vaccines.

(5) Accepted paradigms for problems, like Cancer, and/or Heart Disease, are total worthless crap – and horribly expensive.

(6)  There are whole groups of health problems that are ignored because there is no drug for them – like Cerebral Palsy, ALS, etc.

(7)  There isn’t even the slightest interest in prevention of problems (vaccines are NOT prevention).

(8)  The whole US health Care System is structured wrong financially.  As the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) says:

“ObamaCare is a complicated net of provisions that pay off interlocking special interest groups. Despite Nancy Pelosi’s comment that we had to pass it to find out what is in it, Americans still aren’t aware of its many far-reaching tentacles.

It is not possible to get rid of kudzu by trimming a few branches. It is not possible to drain a swamp by diverting part of the water. It is not possible to save American medicine by relieving a little pressure while leaving the apparatus for crushing it intact.

Lesser-known provisions that need to go include the half a trillion dollars in tax hikes, the ban on the expansion of physician-owned hospitals (which often provide better and less expensive care), and the “antidiscrimination rule” that requires everyone to pay for and most facilities to provide costly “gender reassignment” procedures. More and more harmful effects are evident as taxes and regulations are phased in.

The major reason for shocking premium increases and plan cancellations is the federal mandates on coverage and pricing.”

(9)  Real life saving, and repairing, health systems are blocked, or suppressed intentionally, by US government agencies, so as to protect drug profits – like Adult Stem Cell therapies, oxygen therapies, electronic medicine.

(10)  There is a very real PsyOps running to keep the broken system in place for its benefactors.  The PsyOps Networks – Ruthless, deadly, dishonest, destructive, morally depraved, attacks those trying to fix health care..

We are not going to be able to replace “ObamaCare” without overhauling the system we are paying for.

(1)  The solutions are not going to be easy.  But, what America did by electing Donald Trump, was to reject the leftist elitist (It’s all about weird sexuality) approach to problem solution, and revive “The American Way.”

As Daniel Greenfield writes, in New York’s Frontpage Mag, speaking of the presidential election results in his article “STOP HATING WHITE PEOPLE AND MAYBE THEY’LL VOTE FOR YOU – It’s either that or the Magical Intersectional Muslim Transwomen Coalition.”

“Leftists didn’t make a principled decision to jettison the white working class. They made a classist one. Their motive wasn’t civil rights. It’s the same malicious impulse that is generating all those “white people” posts from the social justice class. To the extent that their troubles had anything to do with the civil rights movement, it was because the hostility and contempt of the elitist left expressed itself in punitive measures such as busing and legislation that shifted power to their centers of authority.

That’s why the bleeding has never stopped. Instead it’s only gotten worse.

Progressives are too besotted with their imaginary victimhood, holding ritual cry-ins at Cornell and fondling therapy dogs on Capitol Hill, to grasp that they fought on the wrong side of a class war.

(2)  Here is a question.  “Should health care for the population fall under the same category as water, sewer, electricity, gas? – as a regulated utility?”

Maybe it is time…

From an article called How Do Electric Utilities Make Money? comes the following:

“It’s not the way most companies do. Electric utilities are monopolies, so they have to be carefully regulated in order to protect the interests of their captive customers. 

Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) or their equivalent in each state serve as an replacement for the competitive market. In exchange for granting the exclusive right to sell electricity in a given service territory, PUCs determine how much the utility is allowed to invest and in what, how much it can charge, and what its profit margin can be. This is called the “regulatory compact,” and it was first laid out in the Binghamton Bridge Supreme Court case of 1865. The court stated, “if you will embark, with your time, money, and skill, in an enterprise which will accommodate the public necessities, we will grant to you, for a limited time period or in perpetuity, privileges that will justify the expenditure of your money, and the employment of your time and skill.”  

 (3)  But whatever, putting a Band-Aid on ObamaCare is NOT going to work.  It is time for major revision in the US Health Care system.

And, we’ll  be talking about that right here on the BolenReport.  I am recruiting experts to write, or comment on all that.

Can we fix US Health Care?  Of course we can.  We got rid of the Clinton’s didn’t we?

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

6 thoughts on “We ALL need AFFORDABLE Health Care THAT WORKS…”

  1. Not looking good so far, with Monsanto’s best friend to be running the CIA. The political stuff you’ve quoted is strange and pretty far off the mark. Trump actually got a higher percentage of black, latino, and asian votes than either Romney or McCain, so his election is best explained by the idea that lots of people are hurting economically, truly pissed off and are sick and tired of phony, corrupt people like the Clintons. It is on the mark regarding the Ivy League elites who have thoroughly screwed things up. That’s where the ACA came from. Not from Obama, not from Congress, but, like most legislation, written by an unelected staffer, one of the Ivy Leaguers, who subsequently melted away to some other well-compensated job. Congress is incapable of fixing this mess, as they don’t regard the public as their constituency. We’ve got to keep Trump’s feet to the fire. Don’t know we do that. He has the bully pulpit, but he’s up against the cesspool which is Washington, academia, the media, and the vast bureaucracy.

  2. The current medical system is totally broken. Licensed doctors are in the business of selling diagnostic tests, pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. Unfortunately, none of these products can give you a long healthy life. (There are rare cases where the current system is better than other options, but they are quite the exception.)

    We need a paradigm change: stop poisoning people with environmental toxins (e.g. vaccines, glyphosate, PBDEs, mercury, fluoride, aspartame, etc); stop selling food that causes massive inflammation (e.g. GMOs, omega-6 fats, trans-fats, modern wheat, factory-farmed eggs, meat and fish, etc); change to a functional medicine paradigm that actually tries to heal the patient instead of prescribing life-long drug use.

    These changes will dramatically reduce the need for medical care, improve the well-being of ourselves and our kids, and increase healthy lifespan.

  3. I never understand who these people are that “didn’t” have access to health care & now with Obama care they do? Most people I know who couldn’t afford health care still can’t or they have insurance & can’t afford to use it because of deductibles & co-pays. PPO insurance it more than twice my mortgage payment & has high deductibles. The last two rounds we’ve been stuck paying for HMO type insurance & paying out of pocket for medical care, since I refuse to subject myself or my family to that type of “manage” care. If we don’t want to see drug pushers & want to see more natural health practitioners we have to pay out of pocket insurance or not. We definitely can’t afford to get sick or be injured.

  4. Medicare and Medicaid are two government programs that provide real benefits for people who need them.

  5. About ObamaCare…

    I always liked Nancy Pelosi’s explanation “We have to pass it before we can read it or understand it…”

    Typical Democratic Party thinking…

    No wonder we have a twenty trillion dollar national debt.

    Tim Bolen

  6. Yes. Pouring more money into a broken system is like betting on the last place horse in a horse race…. Doubling your bet won’t make him run any faster.

    As someone who has not been to a doctor for over 25 years, I resent being forced to buy “health” insurance, which subsidizes sick people and which I will likely never use.

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