“Natural Immunity” is Better Than Flu Vaccines – Top UCLA Researchers Claim…

Flu Vaccine – a Dangerous, Expensive Mistake?

KP Stoller, MD  www.Incurable-Me.com

According to a new study, in the journal Science, exposure to wild influenza viruses during childhood gives people partial protection for the rest of their lives including against distantly related influenza viruses.

This natural immunity provides this protection by coming down with the flu or being exposed to those with the flu. Natural immunity is different from getting a vaccine. Even the CDC will admit the antigenic response to a vaccine is not the same as immunity.080312-hongkongflu-hmed-11a-grid-6x2

Scientists from UCLA and the University of Arizona analyzed data from all known human cases of two types of avian influenza and discovered that people born before 1968 are more susceptible to certain viruses, while people born during or after that year are more at risk for other strains of the flu.

The viruses charted by the researchers were H5N1 and H7N9, which  have the potential, with minor adaptation, to trigger a pandemic given there is some limited human-to-human transmission.

Children and young adults are more likely to be infected with H5N1, while H7N9 affects older adults. Pre-existing immunity determined which strain one would be vulnerable or not vulnerable. The determining factor was what seasonal flu virus caused one’s first flu infection during childhood. Take note the operative word there is “infection” not vaccination.

Imprinting to this childhood infection may not provide strong enough immunity to prevent subsequent infection altogether, but it substantially reduces the risk for severe disease, the study stated.

The Dividing Line:

The dividing line for the two age brackets, 1968, was the year of the so-called Hong Kong flu pandemic. Those born after 1968 are more likely to have protection against H7N9, which is more closely related to the virus that caused the Hong Kong flu pandemic, whereas those born before 1968 will have protection against H5N1.

The researchers feel their findings challenge the current paradigm, where the entire population would be immunologically defenseless in a pandemic caused by a novel influenza virus.  The revelation of this research and its unspoken importance is that it is natural immunity from getting the flu or being exposed to circulating flu virus that imprints this life-long immunity.

No vaccine can cause this kind of life-long immunity.

The obvious question is whether it is not better to allow people to naturally get the flu so they can have this life-long immunity.

Is this research, unintended as it may be, a challenge to the current paradigm that the flu vaccine is the best option for preventing the flu? Especially given its equivocal effectiveness and its many undesirable adverno-science-cropd-x-matt-collins-sciamerse reactions, never mind the mercury and other nasty ingredients they contain, the flu vaccine seems to be a big failure.

The mantra from the conventional medical community and the CDC is that the flu vaccine is still the best way to prevent the flu (even with its marginal to little efficacy).

Not only may the flu vaccine not be the best way to prevent the flu but it seems to have an awful lot of unintended consequences.

In 2010, Canadian health officials confirmed that school aged children and healthy young adults, who had gotten a flu shot the previous season, were at twice the risk of coming down with pandemic A swine flu in 2009 that was severe enough to require a trip to the doctor’s office.

Is the Flu Vaccine a Medical Hoax?

Clearly, not only are there major holes in our understanding of how vaccines work or don’t work, but the public is being subjected to, for all practical (evidence based) matters, what constitutes a medical hoax. The flu vaccine is a Billion dollar liability free business for Pharma being pushed and mandated upon the population based on false and flawed research and poor efficacy – for MONEY!

This is not right, ethical nor should it be legal. It certainly isn’t good medicine but first and foremost Medicine is a big business and the medical cartel, for lack of a better phrase, seems to be the enforcement arm of its corporate overlords.

In my book Incurable Me, I go into some detail about the alternatives for dealing  with the flu from high dose Vit D to EGCG (a component of green tea that interferes with the viruses ability to bind to our cells).

It would seem that equipping the population on how to improve their immunity and benign methods for dealing with the flu might be far more effective in both the short and long term as a public health measure.  But there is no money for Pharma in improving the public’s immunity using un-patentable interventions.

But the drug Alinia, if you want a patented intervention, seems to be very effective in dealing with the flu. Why not pass out Alinia to the masses?

Love them or hate them, vaccines punch holes in the immune system of most humans. For a few they are fatal. For many more they take far more than they give, but they do make money for Pharma, and that is the bottom line.

The vaccination program and the paradigm that drives the urgent mandated need to get vaccines is about making money regardless of the need for the vaccine, or whether or not they even work as advertised. They are sold to us using fear propaganda and we allow ourselves to be talked into dangerous interventions when there are more effective alternatives.

The unintended implications of this study hidden behind its innocuous title,  “Potent protection against H5N1 and H7N9 influenza via childhood hemagglutinin imprinting,” is that it is natural immunity that provides life-long protection, and even if it isn’t a 100% guarantee of never coming down with the flu it is far better than anything a vaccine can provide.

Is it time to re-educate the medical community?

When it comes to infectious disease, maybe we need to re-educate the medical community about what the public really needs. We need the tools to take care of our own immune system without damaging it. We need robust immune systems and should we get sick, we need access to the research that has been around for years showing the very benign remedies we can utilize to fight infections so we can live to have life-long immunity.

Ignorance is not science and it shouldn’t be policy either.

If flu vaccination is not the best method for enhancing the public health then it needs to be terminated as a public health modality.  Only public pressure will make that so.

KP Stoller, MD  www.Incurable-Me.com

7 thoughts on ““Natural Immunity” is Better Than Flu Vaccines – Top UCLA Researchers Claim…”

  1. Dr. Stoller: Thank you for this. Just yesterday I was asked if I had had the flu shot. I’ve been going to the same doctor for more than 25 years (she’s wonderful). I think the receptionist already knows I refuse all vaccines, but maybe not, as personnel changes over the years, and she was very nice about it. I told her, also nicely, that only a damn fool would get the flu shot, that it is worthless and dangerous, especially for those over 65, and that it was the number one vaccine injury compensated for in vaccine court. And that was it. We were both smiling during the conversation. We educate folks one conversation at a time.

  2. Fantastic article, Dr. Stoller! People need to wake up to the dangers of vaccines, especially the flu shot!

    Thank you for all you do!

  3. Flu shots are a proven boon doggle-total waste of money…or should I say take of money that could be better used on other societal medical resource utilization…..and every year is a true experiment – yep each new flu shot is a brand new cocktail of potential molecular mimicry….now that we have global manufacturing there is a real national security risk for prions or other occult slow wave problems that are virtually undetectable signals especially when too many people are exposed. Co-opted MSM is not going to tell you the vaccines that are Russian or Chinese now are they?

  4. Good morning everyone,
    with some help from Prof. Bruce Lipton, who also kindly wrote the foreward for my book on this topic, I go into great detail of what ‘flu actually is (a way to get younger; a natural purification process) and not an illness at all. ‘Flu is the natural antidote to fear!

    In my book, I go into great detail of exactly how and why this works, why ‘flu appears to be seasonal and why it is stupid to even try to “prevent” it.
    Correct action is to speed it up and to intensify it so that the cleaning takes place more efficiently. Alternatively, you can practice dissolving fear and thus make ‘flu unnecessary. It is several decades since I have had to use ‘flu.

    This natural “unncessary-making” can even be achieved by singing a mantrum!

    It’s all in the book http://www.flufairytale.com

    Blessed be


  5. In the UK, doctors are given bonuses based upon the number of patients vaccinated and even supermarkets have got in on the act offering flu vaccinations to customers.

    The Cochrane Collaboration published study results on flu vaccinations for ‘at risk’ categories of people and concluded that these vaccinations are ‘at best’ one percent effective.

    Given that the research evidence is clear, annual flu vaccination amounts to little more than a racket.

  6. Thank you for this information. When I was 29, I received a flu shot against my better judgement and became very ill within a few hours. I was home alone and had a fever so high that I was hallucinating and do not recall getting out of bed to drink water or use the bathroom for over 48 hours. At the time my fever set in on the night of the shot, my left arm began to itch. This itch spread to both my arms and hands and worsened into bleeding, oozing ezcema; I suffered with the condition for over 10 years.

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