The Battle For California… the Liberal Democrats Last Stand…

They’ve Lost Everywhere.  And Now They are in a Corner – California…

Opinion by “Deplorable”  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Twenty-One (21) of California’s fifty-eight (58) Counties, so far, have had enough of 2017 Sacramento liberal Democrat nonsense, and have signed Official Declarations to remove themselves from the State of California and form a 51st State named Jefferson.

This isn’t just talk either – they are in the infrastructure planning details stages.  Many more California Counties are looking to join them.  You can see their reasons for exiting California here.

California is one of America’s best arguments for “It’s time that reasonable, honest, people take back the Democratic Party.”

Today, in California you can divide up liberal Democrats into two simple groups: leaders and followers.  There is a third group forming; reformers, and they have a difficult uphill battle which, frankly, I think they are going to win.  They are going to have to.

California is going to be the major battleground – and NOT just because twenty-one counties want out.  Why?  Because the Democratic Party leadership, rotten-to-the-core, forced this battle on NORMAL Californians.  And now it is coming to Sacramento.

Besides the 21 Northern Counties Concerns there were other catalysts that caused this to happen…

(1)  The most obvious was the forcing, through a Mandate, of Made-in-China (with NO inspections) vaccines on California’s innocent children.  More, and more, horror stories of the reality of those vaccines are being published word-wide (but NOT, of course, in the US).  Here, the damage is completely covered up.  Those pointing out the problems are attacked.

(2)  The biggest upcoming issue is the liberal Democrat controlled legislature’s newest bill – SB 18, falsely labeled as a Children’s Rights Act, designed to take COMPLETE CONTROL of children away from parents, and put that control into the hands of the weirdo-of-the-moment.  Two companion bills give various unnamed as yet, agencies the power to make “surprise home inspections” and yank children away from their parents on the slightest whim.

(3)  California’s government funding is one big “Ponzi” scheme.  They have so much debt, and so much daily overhead, they simply cannot keep up with spending.  Which is the reason why the State was hoping for an injection of 58 billion dollars from the Federal government for their crappy “Bullet Train.”  That’s NOT going to happen.

(4)  There are five hundred seventy (570) California State agencies, all out poking their bureaucratic noses where they don’t belong. Each one draining public money.  Ever see a CalTrans operation?  Just to trim three trees you will find eight trucks, four Supervisor vehicles, eighteen people standing around – four with clipboards, watching three people trim the trees.  And, of course, the road will be shut down to traffic all day.

(5)  Gun control – California legislators live in La La land over this issue.  They all sound like nitwit Hillary.

(6)  California is “Agenda 21 Central.”

California is in disaster mode.  Let’s look at why…

Leadership – The best way to define California liberal Democratic Party leadership is to simply use Senator Diane Feinstein as the epitome of how liberal Democrats see their function in office.  Her husband, by magic I’d guess, got the first billion dollar contract for the “Bullet Train.”  Do I need to explain that?

Followers – I get a lot of anger after I write one of my articles pointing out how badly the liberal Democrats have treated America.   One of the most common responses is “But I am a liberal Democrat, and I don’t do, or think, like that.”  I almost always give the same response “Then take your party back from the likes of Hillary Clinton.  We Republicans already did that last year in the presidential primaries.”    

Too often though, I get faced with people who are just clueless about the REALITY of the liberal Democratic Party in 2017.  They say “I’m for the environment…” without having a clue that the liberal Democratic “environmental position” is “Agenda 21” – the reduction of the world population from 9 billion to 500 million by the year 2021 (now moved to 2030) – and the moving of the entire American population (what’s-left-of-it) from rural areas to crowded slums in inner cities – so that the “elite” can travel for days in their Range Rovers without seeing any humans.

The reformers – I’ll be blunt – I am watching the activities of the groups gearing up to take on the California legislature over Senate Bill 18 – taking control of California’s children from parents with great interest.  They are there for the long haul.

The liberal Democratic legislature would do well to just cave in on SB 18, and abandon it, appeasing the arising groups.  Why?  Because, by doing so, they could put off the death of Liberal Democratic positioning for a while, and maybe some of them could be re-trained to do something useful.

But, as a Conservative I would almost rather that they blew off this group in the same way they blew off the earlier groups trying to stop the Mandatory Vaccine Program.  Why?  For my purposes, pissing off a brand new determined army, works for me.  Why?

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable”  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

5 thoughts on “The Battle For California… the Liberal Democrats Last Stand…”

  1. Wow Tim,
    if only we could get awareness in Germany up to that level but still far too many trust the established parties and Mama Ferkel.

    Any tips fur us?

    Blessed be


  2. Excellent coverage of this effort in California; I wasn’t aware this was brewing. I wish them the best in their separation from the liberal idiots.

  3. Bolen,
    I’m one of many Northern California Republicans , District 2, Del Norte County, getting ready to do battle in 2018 state elections. We as Californians need to stand against the democratic socialist party. And it may be a very long uphill battle.
    California is a member of the United States, not socialist experiment. The democrat’s strategies and tactics are some of the oldest used in war, Divide and Conquer. We as Republicans need to unify the people. There’s only one race, the Human Race, which consists of a multitude of ethnicities. And all the differences that make us Humans are not deciding factors.
    Where as the democrats will use political correctness to divide ethnicities, genders, age, religion, preference of life styles then turning them into weapons to where we can beat each other severally about the head and shoulders.
    In closing, all I ask is for each of you to weigh the facts and get out and vote.

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