Is the Clinton/Pan Vaccine Plan for America’s Children – Agenda 21?…

I have ALWAYS had two questions about the Globalist Elite’s Overall Agenda 21 Plan:

(1)  When reducing the world population down from nine billion to 500 million by the year 2021 (now moved to 2030) who lives and who dies?

(2)  Who decides who lives and who dies?

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Hillary Clinton arranged for ALL childhood vaccines to be made in China with NO independent laboratory testing of them before injection into America’s innocent children. Richard Pan arranged for those untested vaccines to be MANDATORY for America’s children…

I think The US Childhood Vaccine Program is a Bio-Chemical Social Engineering Delivery System for an Agenda 21 Objective…

More, I think this bio-chemical social engineering program has been operating for a long time.

Probably since the late 1980s.

Why do I think so?

As we now know, most childhood vaccines, since 2014, are made by one or more of the thirty four Chinese vaccine manufacturers and there is NO TESTING PROCESS in place, what-so-ever, to determine what is actually being injected into America’s children.  And, we also know that the Clinton Foundation arranged all this.

Most Americans wouldn’t knowingly feed their pets Chinese-made products – yet the government of California, for instance, is EAGER to force-inject millions of innocent children with un-inspected, un-tested. Made-in-China vaccines.  Ask yourself why…

There is not now, nor has there ever been, an independent testing laboratory situation for childhood vaccines in the US.  

Isn’t THAT interesting?

There is something unsavory going on here…  I think Childhood vaccines are laced with some things we DEFINITELY do not want in our children, and independent laboratory testing would see THAT right away.

Other countries have already caught the World Health Organization  (WHO) doing this.

I think we are already seeing the effects of those laced vaccines…

Where are we seeing those effects? 

Protestors at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago…

In 1968, at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, young Democrats caused near-riot when they questioned the Vietnam War.  Seven of their leaders went on trial for their activities.  The US was beset with edge-of-violence Vietnam War protests.


In 2016, when the non-election of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party Primary was rigged, young Democrats, instead of getting angry and reacting, had to find “safe spaces” to hide and cry in.  They were provided with other people’s dogs to pet.  They had to get counseling to decide which of their thirty-four gender choices for the day would dominate – so they could decide which bathroom to use.

Big difference in young Democrats between 1968 and 2016…

All of this sounds very much like vaccine damage to me…

Something GUTTED our youth…  And I think it was intentional. And I think it was vaccines…

If you read the language in the UN Agenda 21 program – everything begins to become clear. There is an interesting group in California called “Democrats Against UN Agenda 21.”  I encourage you to familiarize yourself with their website.

Let’s Talk about the Vaccine Safety Data Link…

There were two separate US programs established to supposedly monitor vaccines and their effects on the US population – VAERS (Vaccines Adverse Event Recording System) and VSD (Vaccine Safety Data link).

VAERS is virtually worthless because it is voluntary.  Pediatricians, I think, who dare to report an Adverse reaction would be chastised, at best.

VSD is TOP SECRET.  NO One, outside of a select few, sworn to silence, can see the data compiled by the nine contractors, on the millions of vaccinated children observed since January of 1991. The SECRECY itself makes the program suspect.

There actually were some independent studies completed, about ten, using the VSD data.  BUT, after those researchers began to report their findings they got threatened and cut off from further access.

It was obvious, when you read those peer-reviewed studies, why they got cut off…

Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency by areas of the country that have NOT been MASSIVELY vaccinated…

Have we come to the point in the United States, where we can stop this vaccine madness?

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

11 thoughts on “Is the Clinton/Pan Vaccine Plan for America’s Children – Agenda 21?…”

  1. How a parent doesn’t critically think before offering up their child to be injected with so very many vaccines is mind boggling at this point.

  2. Tim, if the vaccines were tested and found to be contaminated–the Vaccine Program might suffer. We can’t let the health of the Vaccine Manufacturers and stockholders suffer. No! They need their immunity!

  3. I agree. But I didn’t question the doctor 13 years ago either. My parents taught me not to question authority, especially the doctor. Those days are gone for me, at the cost of my child’s health and well being.

  4. This whole vaccine story is GROWING. People keep contacting me with more information and their thoughts. Fortunately, our readers are as smart as our writers – and they know stuff.

    The vaccine issue is, to may way of thinking, a microcosm of what is happening in America.

    And, we are making big progress…

  5. How and why would you say, “Trump was elected by areas of the country that have not been massively vaccinated”??? That makes no sense. The whole country averages about 80-90% compliance with vaccines. Also, Trump is NOT a player in the Agenda 21 plan. In relevance to your issue with medical establishment corruption, Trump, unlike all the rest of the politicians, was bravely honest enough to say that vaccines have caused autism. Bernie Sanders supports vaccines and refused to look at the evidence against them!! Bernie Sanders does not have the strong personality needed to come against the Globalist snakes in DC either.. We have the right man in the Presidency now with the balls to come against the Globalist Agenda. And he is already accomplishing that even before setting foot in the White House. Notice that the TPP is dead.

  6. Any map showing the red and blue States could also show you a corresponding vaccine pattern. EVERY blue State is in the 98-99% column.

    Liberal Democrats are government-compliant people who believe that the State tells them what to do, they line up to do it, turn on Good Morning America to find out what to think about today, head for Starbucks for today’s “selfie” photo…

    And when the day gets tough they go somewhere and cry…

    Trump is our man. We have a nation to fix.

    Hillary for Prison – 2017.

  7. Hpv updated recommendation comming jan.12th 2017..Web presentation..they want to add it to another vaccine is my guess so flu shot will now be flu virus strain. .h1n1 and hpv…deadly combination.

  8. I’ve had no doubt for some time that the vaccine program is population control – either through death or making “us” so sick we do not question anything the government wants to do. Not to mention chipping for GPS and other tracking – that technology was around and reported by NVIC at their 2002 conference! Government-controlled healthcare was the next step, which I am hopeful will be trashed with the new administration, very quickly. We certainly have enough on the red side of the aisles of both houses of Congress to pass a great deal of repeals, reworks and outright elimination of some of the horrific laws that have been put in place. Interestingly, most of us who have endured economic, social and political downfall for the past 8 years didn’t require safe rooms, pizza, puppies and counseling to just do our jobs (if we didn’t lose them!), and are waking up a lot of those who had no clue about the vaccine mess.

    I do hope that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will indeed head up a commission to reveal the entire LACK of vaccine safety testing and that the Trump administration won’t back down on that promise/idea/solution. Hopefully Andrew Wakefield will also find a seat on that commission – what gleeful irony that would be.

    It is NOT just the mercury. It’s the aluminum and other adjuvants, the formaldehyde, the antigens themselves and heaven-knows-whatever else is now being poured into the vaccines.

    What I do know is that the kids with autism that we worked with from the late 1990s were much easier to recover than those who are getting more, sooner, and worse vaccines now.

    Another excellent step would be to repeal the complete freedom from liability claims that the vaccine manufacturers have been granted since 1986, and reinforced again in 2001 under the Homeland Security act. When suddenly they ARE liable for hurting people, maybe things will start changing – FAST. Hitting vaccine manufacturers in their pocketbooks works wonders for taking responsibility.

  9. Let’s not forget the STERILITY piece in the depopulation agenda. It has everything to do with vaccine compliance. There is science that shows aborted fetal tissue in vaccines cause STERILITY and gender identity issues. If you read a package insert at 13-1, it says never tested for STERILITY, cancer or mutagenesis. Our kids get both the male and female DNA in the chickenpox and MMR vaccines. It causes cancer in children younger than 2yo.

  10. That picture of Clinton and Pan says it all. I am sick thinking that the Clinton Foundation (or any other foundation or entity) had anything to do with moving production of all vaccines to China. I do have a dog, and I will never feed it dog food or treats from China for obvious reasons. If you have any proof of the Clinton Foundation being involved in moving vaccine production to China, Mr. Bolen, please provide it so that people can reproduce and use that information as they see fit with friends, neighbors, and legislators. Perhaps that is the “smoking gun” that will open people’s eyes to the truth. Vaccines made exclusively in China? Not okay. It has to stop.

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