Out With the Bad, In With The Good!

Note from Tim Bolen – I have been involved with cutting-edge health care people for 30 plus years.  The author I have recruited here for the BolenReport is an expert in,
among other things,  Adult Stem Cell Therapies.  His book, “Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy: The Gift of Healing from Healthy Newborns,” is an excellent entrance into the world of stem cells, and their existing and potential uses.

I have asked him to do answer three questions in his article series:  (1) Why is the US health care system so bad? and (2) Why are adult stem cells, which repair damage to the body, being almost blocked for use in the US?, and (3) Would Adult Stem Cells reverse vaccine damage (autism)?

Let’s see what he has to say in the FIRST article in his series…

“My doctor told me to stick with things backed up by hard science”

David A. Steenblock, M.S., D.O.


As an integrative medicine expert with over forty years of practice under my belt, I cannot begin to count the times a patient came into my office and said, “I almost didn’t come in to see you, Dr. Steenblock, mainly because my regular doctor said what you do is not backed up by hard science (MORE LIKELY HE HAS NOT A CLUE ABOUT ANYTHING I DO). He also emphasized that I should stick with doctors whose practices are hard science based like his.”

There is a perverse, persuasive logic to this “we have it, they don’t” line of reasoning. The fact is though that conventional medicine’s claim that almost all of the things they do is indisputably predicated on hard science is a fallacy. I knew this forty years ago — spoke of it often down through the ensuing years — and am still doing so albeit with one difference: There is now a chorus of voices from within the world of standard medicine and science saying the same thing.

One fairly recent example: In 2011 an article titled Health Care Myth Busters: Is There a High Degree of Scientific Certainty in Modern Medicine? appeared in Scientific American in which the authors,  Sanjaya Kumar, MD, MSc, MPH  and David B. Nash, MD, MBA, stated:

We could accurately say, “Half of what physicians do is wrong,” or “Less than 20 percent of what physicians do has solid research to support it.” Although these claims sound absurd, they are solidly supported by research that is largely agreed upon by experts. Yet these claims are rarely discussed publicly. It would be political suicide for our public leaders to admit these truths and risk being branded as reactionary or radical. Most Americans wouldn’t believe them anyway.

 And Misinformation…

When one considers the number of dogmatic skeptics who attack integrative methods and treatments on the ground that they lack scientific validation (as in producing statistically significant results in numerous randomized controlled studies), and then weigh this against the fact  “Less than 20 percent of what physicians do has solid research to support it”, you can’t but wonder if the skeptics and mainstreamers are remotely aware that this is blatant hypocrisy.

One thought that often runs through my mind is: How many suffering people dismissed or ignored what integrative physicians have to offer because they were told or assumed their traditional MD or DO has “hard science” to back up what they do and advocate? After all, if the mainstream physician uses methods and procedures backed up by “hard science”, why bother with an integrative medicine doc who presumably has little or no hard science to back up their clinical work?

I cannot, of course, speak for the majority of integrative doctors (MD, DO). In general, most do a lot of conventional medicine along with modalities, methods and procedures that have varying degrees of scientific validation. Every doctor is different and the differences can be great-just as with patients!

The REAL PROBLEM with our health care system is the fact that PEOPLE are the PATIENTS!

Each person wants the same thing in general and that is a quick, easy, cheap, and immediate solution to their problem(s) and they don’t want to have to learn anything or to do anything differently. The enemy in our health care system is not just the diseases, conditions, accidents,and aging and financial problems that we all focus on.

The real problem and the BIG ONE no one is discussing is the lack of health care knowledge that the average person has.

In other words, often they don’t even know the difference between a stroke and a heart attack. They don’t know how to take their temperature, their blood pressure, etc. and don’t have a clue on how to find out good reliable health care information on the internet. These are not just our poor and middle class citizen – even the very rich suffer from this malady – let’s call it:


Most of my patients have been to other doctors and have either not gotten better or have complications or think they will have complications from the standard doctor’s ministrations. In this article I am discussing alternatives for the “standard of care” where the science has been plenty but the results few and far between.

Let’s look at Cancer…

For example, advanced pancreatic cancer patients are still often told that surgery is an option – even when the tumor is the size of a softball and the patient has lost a great amount of weight and is very fragile. Surgery at that point is almost a guarantee for an early demise. The chances of a “cure” from standard medicine is almost zero and yet the surgeons will treat, the radiation oncologists will burn, and the chemo docs will poison, until you are cured!

But “cure” means that at autopsy the pathologist can’t find any signs of cancer! The disease was cured but the patient did not survive.

The public is not stupid but they are gullible and too many times our physician’s big egos cause the death of their patients because they have convinced themselves that they are “SUPER DOCS” who can’t do anything but good! Wrong! People wake up!

Let’s look at reality…

You need to look at the facts, study all of your options and then speak to SCIENTIFIC ALTERNATIVE INTEGRATIVE PHYSICIANS.

For the most part the good ones that know science have either a Master of Science degree or a PhD in the biological sciences and also the DO or MD degree and have done a science based residency.

In my case my BS was in chemistry and zoology, my MS in Biochemistry, a rotating internship in a 600 bed MD hospital (Providence in Seattle), oncology externship at the Mayo clinic, the University of Washington in hematology, and a residency in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at Case Western University and one year of Clinical Pathology at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center.

Proven?  Where does that actually happen?

Skeptics are often quick to say “There is only proved and unproved. Anything proved becomes mainstream and things unproved are to be questioned if not eschewed”. However, if “Less than 20 percent of what physicians do has solid research to support it”, then conventional medicine will wind up gutted if the unproved is excised.

Once upon a time I thought that PATHOLOGY was the ultimate medical science but my four years in that field convinced me that there was plenty of doubt and false diagnoses in that field so that no one can say that any medical practice or field is REAL SCIENCE.

A great example was the one day I was cutting surgical specimens for processing into slides. I came across this mottled, irregularly shaped, blotchy blue, black glob taken from someone’s body. Boy it was ugly! Anyway I processed it and then started to study it to determine what kind of tissue or tumor this ugly Blob was.

Well, I just could not do it. It did not make sense to me so I took that slide around to all of the Pathology professors who do this for a living and also teach the science.  Of course this was all in the Department of Pathology at Case Western University which is one of the best there is.

Well, guess what?

Not one of these esteemed pathologists could figure it out either.  So I got 20+ different diagnoses all the way from benign to malignant! This is not science! This is a guessing game!

At that point I gave up on that great idea of becoming a TRUE MEDICAL SCIENTIST! Medicine just has too many variables and we all should accept that. Given that fact it is silly to think that any doctor you see can in a short period of time determine all of your problems and give you the answers you need to fix them.

The patient needs to learn to take responsibility!

We as a nation need to all become more aware of our own bodies and how to take care of them. When was the last time you were invited to a club meeting that involved teaching you how to check your blood pressure? Yet that is the most important test that ALL OF US should know how to do and do it whenever you feel a headache or swishing in your ears or you get light headed. The older you get the more often that test should be done – even daily or 3-4 times per day when trying to adjust your blood pressure medications. The failure to do this correctly can and often is a STROKE!  So don’t fool yourself.

Check yourself out! Get Healthy!

A good example of what not to do, but is fairly typical of the average patient, was a young man that I saw many years ago for a variety of minor but troubling problems – like low blood sugar, digestive problems, fatigue and muscle aches and stiffness.

After listening to him and examining him I gave him a list of 14 things to do on a daily basis and told him to come back if he did not respond to my directions. Well 6 weeks later he stomped into my  office and in a loud voice told me, “I want my money back!”  I asked why and his response was “I am not better at all- You did not help me!” Well this was unusual so I looked over his chart and saw the list of instructions and asked him in a calm voice ,” Well, how many of these suggestions and directions did you do?”  To which his answer was “NONE OF THEM!”

He had no answer as to why he did not do them nor why he was so angry so I just made another copy of my instructions and told him to follow them and if he did all of these like I suggested and he did not get better I would be happy to return his money. He left and I never heard from him again. The point of this story is that the patient can be told exactly what to do but if they do not have the mindset to learn to do these things or refuse to do these things then all is lost and our health care system has failed.

The real point is that we have to develop public policies that encourage the utilization of good reliable health care information. One problem with that is the BS put out by too many people including doctors, lawyers, nutritionists, physical trainers, etc. In our day and age, it is BUYER BEWARE!

And there are those skeptics…

And then we have the pharmaceutical industry donating money to various so-called “quackbusters” and “skeptics”  who confabulate and distort the truth about alternative doctors and practices.

In my case there are numerous lies and confabulations but the internet does not allow a person like myself to sue those who are maligning you. So every false detail marshalled against you by anyone will hang around forever destroying your reputation and curtailing your practice.

In my own practice, I do a lot of in-office small clinical trials for patients that have no other options. That is, I try various FDA approved drugs, hyperbaric oxygen and other treatments in off-label ways (when appropriate and indicated), and also carefully employ various safe, detoxification methods (in both oral and IV forms), and more.

A good motto to practice with to get results for people who are out of options is simple “Take out all  of the bad and put in the good that is missing.” To do that requires determining the bad elements in the person – like infections, and toxins.

Toxins are surprisingly much more common than people and “normal” physicians  realize. The reason is that the tests for toxins are often not covered by insurance companies since the cause and effect relationship between these toxins and the person’s health problems are not clear and provable in a court of law.

One thing leads to another…

For example, having done thousands of stem cell treatments I have discovered that almost any excess mercury or lead in the person’s body prevents the proper growth of and repair of tissues by stem cells. Growing tissues are very sensitive to poisons just as when you plant seeds in your garden but the soil was taken from a dump- very little good comes of trying to grow good seeds in bad dirt.

And, since 2005, my medical team and I have done over 2000 wholly legal stem cell treatments in which a patient’s own stem cell rich bone marrow is harvested and given back to them (with “minimum manipulation” in accordance with extant FDA regulations).

Find good science…

There is a reason for sticking to “out with the bad and in with the good!” Find a doctor who has a good science background as listed above and listen, learn and apply all of this info to your life and your problems. Sooner or later you will thank yourself!

If you or a relative, friend, business associate, colleague or such is struggling with a major health challenge and has been told to “stick with things backed by hard science”, email them a link to this article or run off a copy and hand it, snail mail, or Fax it to them. Maybe it will save them years of suffering or even the prospect of being shoveled into an early grave.

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3 thoughts on “Out With the Bad, In With The Good!”

  1. Thanks, Dr. Steenblock! We each should be in charge of our own health, with the assistance of educated professionals, but the elites and their enablers in the media and government prefer the entire nation to be afflicted with a serious case of HKDS. Thank goodness there still exist many good doctors, though they are up against the deep pockets of Pharma-controlled medical guidelines and practice. My own physician is first rate, as are most. I enjoy excellent health as I approach the proverbial three score and ten because I have paid attention to and adopted habits which are health-promoting, and learned to minimize those which are not.

  2. I think in the next 1-5 years, maybe less, there will be a growing backlash against the medical establishment. I already was “partially awoke” against mainstream medicine before SB277, but that really woke me up. Before that, I would say my 5000 facebook friends were mostly pro vax. It seemed that way when I first started talking about the dangers of vaccines. Now, out of 200 responses, 95% were antivax. So, the learning curve is happening, and this stuff is rather easy to learn. All medicines are based on the concept of poisoning. None of them are based on the concept of nutritional deficiencies. That’s huge. The public will learn. We are in the age of learning and information now. The public is learning, and there’s no stopping it. The question is, how to best capitalize on this? Mercola is obviously doing something right. Treudeau is in jail, but for fraud. There is a huge gap and massive opportunity in this growing field of ‘distrust of modern medicine’ and it may be where I put my energies next. I’m just not quite sure how yet. yet.

  3. Excellent Dr.Steenblock ! Couldn’t agree more ! We were told the “50% of everything you learn here is wrong” the first weeks of medical school…! Looking forward to more articles…I pray you have a wonderful 2017 & keep up the great work. Thanks Tim for making this available…:-)

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