Of Course the California Democratic Party Would Legalize Child Prostitution. They Don’t Want to Have to Pay Fines and Legal Fees For Their Own Children…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Presidential Election 2016 brought out a simple fact. There are vast differences between the way liberal Democrats and normal Americans look at life.

Vast differences…

A monument at the Texas State Capitol depicting the Ten Commandments. The U.S. Supreme Court let it stand in Van Orden v. Perry (2005). Liberals have tried to REMOVE ANY and ALL public references to the “Ten Commandments.”

When the “Empress Hillary” sleaze team, and her subservient mainstream media, called Trump supporters “Deplorables” what they were characterizing as deplorable was the normal American’s moral and ethical position – their enactment of what’s known as the Judeo/Christian ethic.

Most Americans are familiar with, and live by the concepts enacted in the famous “Ten Commandments.” Liberals do not.  They think those rules are beneath them, which is why Democrats are so frequently accused of feeling they are “entitled.” They really do feel that way.

Liberal Democrats, as a whole, take issue with morality. They DO NOT believe that it applies to them, and they believe that the rules most Americans live by are “deplorable.”  Too restrictive for their wonderful selves.

When you look at the situation this way it becomes clear that the definitions of a Sociopath and a Liberal Democrat are EXACTLY THE SAME…

Definition of a Sociopath from the DSM-IV:

“Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by a lack of regard for the moral or legal standards in the local culture. There is a marked inability to get along with others or abide by societal rules. Individuals with this disorder are sometimes called psychopaths or sociopaths.”

Sound familiar? It should – for I just described the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate for 2016, her husband, and her entire political apparatus.  And, of course, mainstream “fake news” media.

You can certainly tell what a political Party is all about by looking at their leadership.

So, when judging what a political party, like California’s liberal Democrat menagerie, is up to you have to look, first, at what they really are. Then things begin to become clear.

“Empress Hillary” won California, even after you discount the DEAD PEOPLE ballots and the ILLEGAL ALIEN vote.  Why?  California Democrats IDENTIFY with the Clintons.  They would have no problem sending their children for a ride on the “Lolita Express.” To them it would be chance for their kids to travel with important people, visit a private island, get to know some power brokers.  So what if sex is involved?

The liberal Democrat portrayal of SB 1322 (legalizing child prostitution) as PROTECTING children was a lie. They were ENABLING children.

Their own…

It is inconvenient for a California liberal Democrat to have to get up in the middle of the night and go down and pick up their fourteen-year-old daughter from that dark parking area surrounding the County Jail – to find that one of the slut dresses they bought her for her birthday has been soiled in the lockup.

After all, one of the most important points of a liberal Democrat’s day is first thing in the morning, when they stand in line, posing artfully, wearing the right fashion, getting ready to order their double mocha, Mongolian half-caffe, scented foam, sprinkled cardamam latte at Starbucks.  They wouldn’t want to look tired – they’d lose the posing game.

And, the “selfie” they were posing for wouldn’t look that good on FaceBook.  Can’t have that…

Worse, with the arrest of their little darling, they are looking at legal fees, fines, and endless meetings with Public Agencies that will frown at them.

So, why not just pass a law so those cops have to just leave your kids alone?  Simple solution.

So, they did…

Liberal Democrat kids need expensive cell phones, $800 purses, endless trips to the mall, a newer car to drive to High School…

So, in the minds of California liberal Democrat parents, why should their children be punished for going out to get the money for that stuff, all on their own?  It’s just sex, right?

Pass a law…

I see a plan here.

Most High School Team efforts, nationwide, to raise money use conventional fund raisers like a weekend car wash done by the Football Team and the Cheerleaders.

But just think of the OPPORTUNITIES that have been opened for California liberal Democrat teenagers now that SB 1322 has passed.  No more car washes.  Now the Cheerleading Team can offer $100 Blow Jobs – and it is COMPLETELY LEGAL.   Think of that!!!  REAL money!

Even better, I suspect, for liberal Democrats, would be the Boy’s Football Team Varsity Squad, wearing their Varsity Jackets, making deals in the parking lots outside of well-known Bay-Area Gay Bars. All COMPLETELY LEGAL NOW.

I’m surprised that the California liberal Democrats didn’t just go for what England is trying to do – and just lower the sexual “Age of Consent” from eighteen to ten…

Maybe next year?

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

5 thoughts on “Of Course the California Democratic Party Would Legalize Child Prostitution. They Don’t Want to Have to Pay Fines and Legal Fees For Their Own Children…”

  1. I understand the concern surrounding this issue but claiming that all liberal democrats are green-lighting the prostitution of their own children is sinking to the same level as calling all people who voted for Trump a basket of racist, homophobic, mysoginist deplorables. Not one fact was offered to support any of the outrageous allegations presented in this commentary and thus only serves to make the author look foolish as well as turning off any reader with half a brain. We are better served by engaging in sophisticated and productive debate and exchanging information backed up by facts. Leave the half-baked mudslinging rants and wild conspiracy speculation for media personalities whose primary concern is generating web traffic for ad revenues.

  2. Erin – isn’t it a FACT that SB1322 passed? That one FACT alone – makes Bolen’s suggestion that football teams can legally turn to prostitution to raise money – reasonable, and not outrageous at all.

  3. Bolen plainly said, “Liberal Democrats, as a whole, take issue with morality”. By saying “as a whole”, Bolen elevates himself above the media personalities and politicians with their half-baked mudslinging rants and wild conspiracy speculation.

    By giving us a fact with reasonable comments on that fact, he is giving us exactly what you say he should give us.

  4. I tend to call a spade a spade. The Democratic Party ACTUALLY DID put up Hillary Clinton as their candidate, their banner to be waved.

    OK, we all saw the banner, and what it represents. So, I’m right on target. Of course these people would encourage their children into prostitution. It’s the liberal Democrat way…

    Presidential Election 2016 was a choice between outright moral depravity and the resurrection of America. In case you didn’t notice “the resurrection of America” faction won.

    The morally depraved liberal Democrats can march on the freeways, cry in their “safe spaces,” pet other people’s dogs, and hang around Starbucks, posing, all day, all they want.

    But the ADULTS are in power in America as of January 20th, 2017 – and their are going to be NEW RULES.

    Although it will come as a massive shock to most liberals, it would be a good idea for all of them to read the words on that “Ten Commandments” monument – although most, I suspect, will have to have someone explain those concepts to them.

  5. Corner each community (Lesbian, Gay, Trans….even the media) and ask them publicly if they will disavow pedophilia. We need to put the screws on, very plainly and publicly. It’s a simple question.

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