California Parents Move to Defend Their Children From Liberal Democrat Takeover…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Liberal Democrats have moved to the next step in their efforts to control all of humanity, cancelling the US Constitution in a program to create a one-world order – by attempting to take control of California children away from their parents.

SB 18 bill sponsor Common Sense Media’s Jim Steyer with what’s-her-name…

The primary effort is called Senate Bill 18, falsely identified as a “Children’s Rights” bill.  It gives the State of California  unlimited, ultimate, authority over children.

The bill is so vague it assigns that same body the power to decide, day-by-day, about children’s Education, Healthcare, and Emotional well-being – an absolutely insane concept.  The Democrats are planning surprise “home inspections.”

The sponsor of the bill, so-called Common Sense Media, raises serious red flags with parents.  As BolenReport Author Karri Lewis questioned in an earlier article “Just WHO IS Sponsoring California State Senator Richard Pan’s Destruction of Parental Rights?”   What she asked was:

“Why on earth would Common Sense Media, a supposedly family friendly company, support the stealing of parental rights by the state of California via Senator Richard Pan?”

Karri’s article goes into detail.

In another article Karri points out that Common Sense Media, on one of their web pages promotes, and supports, an organization called “kidzworld.”  The entire excerpt text from Karri’s article on this is printed at the bottom of this page.

What she found is horrifying.

Surprise Home Inspections?

Surprise home inspections, by progressive liberal activists, will have the power to take the children, immediately, to a Child Protective Services (CPS) facility should they find what they determine, in the moment, to be contrary to THEIR version of what a child should be exposed to.

These are the people who would be inspecting California parents’ homes…

As we know, liberal Democrats OFFICIALLY DESPISE family units made up of heterosexual couples and children.

A “Home Inspection” of  NORMAL people’s dwellings conducted by teams similar to those we see in their “demonstrations” would not be productive.

Liberal Democrats also despise the idea of a Judeo/Christian ethic and could be counted on, during a “Home Inspection” to be appalled to find that a man and woman couple slept in the same bed.  A gun in the house would send the inspectors into an eppilectic seizure. Signs of Christianity or Judaism on the walls would cause those inspectors to drool uncontrollably.

If inspectors found, for instance, that little boys’ rooms contained baseball equipment, swords, toy guns, and war game videos instead of dolls, tea sets, make-up, and booklets on sex change operations, the CPS process might well suddenly accelerate.

And, what about Child Protective Services (CPS) itself?

According to the authoritative InfoWars website:

“Sixty five percent of the children rounded up in human trafficking busts have turned up as victims who are actually wards of the state — via CPS.” 

California Gun Ownership Increases Radically…

California’s liberal whack-job legislature passed MORE gun restrictions last year.  What was the California Citizen reaction?  According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Sales of semiautomatic rifles in California more than doubled this year, a dramatic increase gun rights advocates say was driven by the state’s aggressive pursuit of gun-control measures in 2016.

California Department of Justice statistics show that semiautomatic rifle purchases rose from 154,000 weapons registered with the state in 2015 to 365,000 registered with the state between Jan. 1 and Dec. 9 this year. The year began with state lawmakers returning to session vowing to tighten gun-control laws in the wake of last December’s San Bernardino massacre.”

What recently happened in Berkeley this year, on two occasions, has caused ALL Americans to question liberal Democrats’ ethics, honesty, and integrity in a BIG WAY.


Liberal Democrat rioters burned their way through Berkeley to stop a gay Republican Catholic from speaking to a crowd. Police, under orders from the Mayor, stood by and watched…

What happened in Berkeley?  On the first instance lib Dems acted, WITH VIOLENCE,  to block gay Republican Catholic Milo Yianopolous from speaking to 500 Republican students on campus, smashing their way through the town, throwing Molotov cocktails, destroying buildings while local Police, under orders from the Mayor to stand down, and watch it all happen.

On the second instance similar so-called “demonstrators” attacked peaceful American seniors, themselves demonstrators, with pepper-spray, iron bars, fists, steel-toed-boots, while Berkeley Police “stood-down,” on orders from the Mayor.

Even “Moonbeam Jerry Brown,” California’s wild-eyed liberal Governor, failed to act to stop the violence, clearly approving of it all with his inaction.

It’s little wonder why 2017 Californians feel the need to arm themselves.

There is a BIG Difference between philosophies of liberal Democrats and NORMAL people.  Liberal Democrats believe that “he/she who screams the loudest gets their way…”  NORMAL American believe in a system of laws and behaviors.

When President Ronald Reagan was Governor of California, Berkeley rioters were faced with an entirely different experience.  See the short video below.  Reagan told the local authorities “use whatever method they choose against the protesters”.  And they did…

Reagan brought in local police, California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the California National Guard – watch the video to see what happened.  Over a thousand “protestors” (rioters) were arrested.

What has become VERY clear in California…

is that the globalist liberal Democrats are frustrated because their efforts to destroy America completely with the election of Hillary Clinton have failed with the election of Donald Trump as President.

The lib Dems are RESORTING TO OFFICIALLY CONDONED VIOLENCE against citizens who do not fall into submission.

Which brings up the question…

Will California parents, concerned for their children, be beaten nearly-to-death, pepper-sprayed,  bear-sprayed, screamed at, jabbed-with-sticks, and generally harassed when they attempt to speak, calmly, with their legislators, about SB 18 and other proposed legislation?

We just don’t know…

What we DO KNOW is that concerned parents were intentionally locked out of so-called “Town Halls” organized by SB 18 supporters.  Those that did get in were NOT ALLOWED to ask questions verbally, but were required to write their questions on Index Cards, and the speakers CHOSE which questions to answer, or ignore.  You can imagine how that went.

Why is this important?  

Because California parents see through SB 18 for what it really is and they are gathering to make their concerns very clear, and very public.  Three groups, not necessarilly working together, are heading for Sacramento to deal with SB 18 and related legislation.

And the real question is “will they be safe in Sacramento?”

We are all going to find out.

The three groups and what they intend…

(1)  The first group is a coalition of smaller organizations formed for specific purposes, but organized around three years of meetings at what was called the Cali-Summits.  These people
had brought in professionals to help them organize and strategize.  They have a very good plan, and are holding a “Lobby Day” in Sacramento on March 14th, 2017 where they will train individuals

and groups on lobbying techniques, and get them in front of their own legislators.  They take a soft and nice approach.  I approve of this group’s methods and policies.  More, I like the people in it.

(2)  The second group, I admit, is where I, Tim Bolen, would be, if I had young children the State thought they were going to take away from meCONFRONTATIONAL… This group has virtually SHUT DOWN, the Pro SB 18 meetings Statewide, DEMANDING answers to the questions the Pro SB 18ers do not want to respond to.

They point out that the billionaire network of “elitists” sponsoring SB 18 has connections right back to the Clinton Foundation and the pizzagate scandals.

More on this Delta Force type group later.

The Canary Party does NOT conduct “training” of new members – they just let them participate in their “lose every time” campaigns…

(3)  The third group is a dud – a resurgence of the usual bird-brained “Canary Party” nitwits who PRETEND to conduct a campaign, but actually accomplish nothing.

With them, I suspect a lot of the kind of partying usually related to lower level small-college Sorority self-aggrandizing  “shunning” techniques – and NOT MUCH ELSE.  Avoid them.  These people’s idea of “civil disobedience” is to wear their “Tuesday” panties on a Friday.

So far, for the SB 18 issue, this group has (a)  refused to work with the other groups,  (b)  has organized two meetings – then cancelled both, (c) put together an obviously dumpster-dived FaceBook page called “CA Children’s Bill of Rights Takedown”  with almost 19,000 members of names most of us never heard of (virtually NONE from California) whose posts look VERY MUCH like they are PROMOTING SB 18.  (d)  They, of course, are “banning” those who ask them what they are up to…

Of course I have been banned there…  (smile here).

Some of you may remember this group, operating under another name, controlling the fight against SB 277  a few years ago, banning anyone who questioned their operating premiseWe know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff), we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper)…”  Of course they lost…

Then they blew the “Recall Pan” Campaign.  Then they worked to screw up the “SB 277 Initiative.”  The list just gets longer…

In short, the first two groups WORK TOGETHER.   The third, well…

What Am I Recommending?

First, is to take  hard look at what the first group I described is organizing.  They have taken time to think things through and made a plan.  They are connected to large, responsible, national groups that can provide backup quickly.  The smaller groups that make up the coalition are:

California Health Coalition 

Autism One

Moms Across America

Educate/ Advocate

Revolution For Truth

Million Mamas Movement

A Voice for Choice

California Coalition For Vaccine Choice

The first official gathering is March 14th in Sacramento where the focus will be on the campaign to both stop SB 18, but oppose and promote other legislative actions appropriately.

But, if you can’t make that date, don’t worry, the legislative session in California runs until June 30th, 2017.

Then too, if you lean towards nose-to-nose confrontation like I do, stick around for another article, this time about the second group, which will include who to contact.

What Karri Lewis found on Commons Sense Media’s website: (excerpt)…

What’s concerning about Common Sense Media is that on their website they promote and endorse, a supposedly safe and child-friendly website called Kidzworld.  On the surface, this website appears to be a safe and kid-friendly environment.

However, after reading quite a few parental reviews I found on the Common Sense Media website:

Another horrifying picture begins to emerge:

Parents’ reviews of Kidzworld are claiming that their children were solicited for sex.  One parent alleged that her child was solicited to meet at McDonald’s for a sexual threesome on the Kidzworld website in a chat room.  See below:

Parental Review of Common Sense Media's Recommended Children's Website, Kidzword

According to another of the parental reviews, their children were allegedly told to commit suicide or cut themselves, if they did not accept friend requests for the chat rooms.

Take a LOOK at these quotes from parents on the Common Sense Media website:

1 star review: “Not Okay  This website is not recommended at all. I let my 10 year old daughter use it and people chatted her horrible things when she rejected their friend requests. They threatened to kill her, kill themselves, etc. I made sure my daughter was off it immediately. There are probably crazy people there! I emailed the manager and reported the texts, but he only answered. “chill” I was annoyed. My daughter’s account have not been deleted. I blocked the website from her device, and I told all her friend’s parents to watch out for kidzworld. Stay away from this website to keep your child safe”

2 star review: “Sexting 101 –  My child insists it’s “role playing” but the conversations had with others of both sexes are very sexual in nature. There is no moderation that I can tell. I am disappointed that Common Sense Media would give this site such a good rating.”

1 star review: “UNSAFE!!!!!!!!!!  It’s obviously a dating site. I let my son play on there, and two girls asked him if he wanted to have sex. And MANY kids on there called him BAD names and try to convience him to go on drugs, smoke, and drinking >:(. I am HIGHLY disappointed! Kidzworld should be on the top ten UNSAFEST sites ever! >:c. Now my 7 year old is watching porn and became a pervert!!!!!!!!! THE MANAGER SHOULD BE ARRESTED!!!!

1 star review: “PARENTS BEWARE!  Within 3 hours of being on that website for the first time, my daughter was contacted by at least 3 adults who asked for photos of her legs in stockings, a miniskirt, etc. The website is a haven for predators and should be shut down.”

1 star review: “Nope, never ever again.  I let my 9 year old cousin try out this site 6 months ago. I set the privacy settings and everything. I let her chat, make friends, and told her if you see someone mean or inappropriate, report them or tell me. She agreed. A week or two later, I decided to be a bad cousin and look at her account. (I let her post 1 picture of herself which was a HUGE mistake…..) I saw all these comments on her profile saying “hey cutie” “wanna be my gf?” “lets have sex, meet at McDonalds?” I deleted all of these people, except for those she knew. Then I went on chat. Oh the chat! Language, sex talk, dating (these kids had “online” partners!), suicidal talk, and even more! I was starting to think these people LIED about their ages. A social network for kids 9-18? That’s not safe at all. I wouldn’t let my sisters, cousins, or future kids ever talk with someone online who’s 17! Especially someone they do not know. If you are thinking of choosing Kidzworld, I highly recommend you do NOT.”

Those parent reviews, and more, can be found on the Common Sense Media website here.

Common Sense Media’s mission of We believe in sanity, not censorship,” takes on a whole new meaning with these parent reviews.

So, let’s ask a question here.  “Will pedophilia, inappropriate and perverted, behavior be forcibly accessible to EVERY child in the state of California via their Common Sense Media required school websites?

Is America going to have to suffer through all this much longer?

I wish these people well in their attempts to create common sense in Sacramento, but Will Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown bring in the masked Berkeley thugs with their steel rods and pepper spray?” is, under the circumstances, a very valid question.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

6 thoughts on “California Parents Move to Defend Their Children From Liberal Democrat Takeover…”

  1. Maybe this is correct- but from my inspection of the bill there is no mention of forced inspections– and many of the items most flagged as a worry may be against Federal law.
    It would help if you were able to better reference your concerns about forced household inspection. (That is the biggest worry and it leaves to door wide open to the more serious dangers you then go to list later in the article.
    There are some serious issues at question (especially mandatory vaccination), but your blog will not be able to be influential if it gets a reputation for making unsubstantiated comments of this sort. Dealing with the issue of getting open discussion about vaccination is too hard already without us risking having potentially influential voices taken out of circulation.

  2. A very succinct and well written vaccine article IMO at Health Impact News by Gary G. Kohls, M.D. (and link) that I hope will be shared. From the article:

    (The use of the term “conspiracy theorist” is a similarly cowardly ad hominem attack tactic largely used by official government dis-informer groups like America’s multinational corporations, the Deep State ruling groups, the intelligence agencies like the FBI and CIA, (not to mention similar groups like Britain’s MI6 and Israel’s Mossad). These organizations are all well-funded secretive organizations that spend most of their time planning real conspiracies against dissidents and other governments and anyone that is interfering with a corporation’s commercial agenda. These groups wish to keep the conspiracies secret by labeling as “conspiracy theorists” the ones who are legitimately trying to figure out what’s happening behind their closed doors.

  3. The phrase you employed, namely “corporate commercial agenda”, is somewhat misleading and should be clarified. The word “commercial” implies that these entities are doing this for profit. I can assure you that profit is not the primary motivation for the oppressive actions of these groups. After all, the Illuminati own the private firm called the Federal Reserve Bank and already print as much money as they want.

  4. You might be more accurate labeling them Illuminists rather than “liberals”. Someone who was a true liberal would not force a needle in you. Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh, as he is part of this secret cult that are the true enemies of humanity.

  5. You’re actually moving them from the earthquake that will be hitting soon. California will be under the ocean in a few years.

  6. I share your opinion for the large part, I believe that some
    things are worth using a more sophisticated look to understand
    what’s happening.

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