What Would the California Legislature Have Done If They Had Been Told the Truth About Vaccines? The SB277 Quandary…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

Phase Two – Cleaning up after the botched “No on SB277” campaign.

The “No on SB277” campaign in California was, literally, completely mishandled.  Senator Richard Pan didn’t win, the California Coalition for Health Choice (CCHC) LOST.  Not only did they LOSE, but they created a discouragement in the ranks that may, or may not, be solvable.  There are probably 40,000 activists in California, right now, sitting around their FaceBook pages, literally STUNNED.


I have never, in all my years, seen a campaign this badly mishandled.  The defeat of SB277 should have been a cakewalk.  Every other State beat it – with ease.  Why didn’t that happen here?  The answer is complicated, but simple, at the same time.

FaceBook.  The “No on SB277” teams used FaceBook as their organizing platform – and that was a HUGE mistake.  Why?  Because FaceBook emphasizes “selfies.”  There, it is always about how pretty we are today, how cute the children are, and we can un-friend, or ban, anyone who isn’t on the exact same page we are – a pettiness in prioritizing.  And such a basic device was used to organize a political campaign.  It was the perfect device to create divisiveness of the first order.  And that’s what happened.

A campaign of divisiveness.

What happened was that, instead of the open-discussion between competent people we, in the Health Freedom Movement are accustomed to, designed to reach understanding and consensus, we had the FaceBook page owners, and their hand-picked administrators, controlling the issues, and the minute-to-minute discussion of those issues.  So, what came out of that was a working premise that was, literally, STUPID, the maunderings of political fools.

What was that working premise?

“We know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff), but we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper).”

Thousands of people, forced into this organized dumbness, paraded through legislative offices, carrying versions of this message..   As you can imagine, the California legislature treated this message with all of the respect it deserved – they, almost literally, after hearing this nonsense, patted the mommies on the head, handed them a cookie, and pinned a note to their blouses (to be read when they got home), so to speak, that said “Vaccinate your children, honey…”

Yup, the California legislators treated the entire “No on SB277” teams like kindergartners – the MOST insulting of responses to the MOST legitimate of concerns. And they deserved exactly that.

Their campaign sucked…

A Message to the “No on SB277” Campaigners…

Quit looking for an easy solution.  There is no push button to find.  No referendum, initiative, lawsuit, or what-ever is going to pop up and save the day.  Mighty Mouse “Here he comes to save the day…” is a comic strip.

You have a chance, now, to turn this whole thing around. More than a chance. But, all of you, in your campaign efforts, need to wise-up.  Every one of you that had concerns about vaccinations and slowed, or stopped, that vaccine schedule process were operating, I suspect, from a sixth sense – a gut feeling that something was, and is, radically wrong.

I am here to tell you, today, to listen to your gut.  This whole fight is about vaccines and how dangerous they really are.  Those are your children.  Our children. They are our future as a society.  And you, mommies, have been handed the baton, so to speak.  Quit pussy-footing around.  Get out there and solve this problem.  What are you waiting for?

Do some, or all of you, think that a cockroach like Dicky Pan is invincible?  That Merck is too big to rip apart?  That California legislators would wilt if they were told the truth about vaccines?

Do you want to win?  Do you want to protect your children and hence, their children?

If that’s what you want then you need to analyze the problem and devise solutions that meet your needs.  Quit whimpering around the problem, and set some realistic, effective, goals and objectives…

Effective Goals and Objectives?

If you want to get everyone’s attention; legislators, the governor, media, other campaigns then do something that will raise eyebrows, and drop jaws,  RIGHT AWAY.  LIKE WHAT?

Set some objectives that GET ATTENTION – Then proceed to achieve them.

Objective Number One:  Cut the childhood vaccine percentage rate from its current 97.5% to 75% in one year, to 50% in two years, 25% in three years, and have vaccines gone, completely, from California in five years.

Is this possible?  Yes.  The US Vaccine Program is a hoax.   Why are we keeping it?

Vaccines are NOT Safe and Effective.  The opposite is true.

Is This Kind of Campaign Possible?

Of course it is. 

We, of the earlier generations, have survived crap far worse than a lousy mandatory vaccination campaign.  And, I know full well that we passed along to your parents, who passed along to you, that sense of what America is all about.  And, how to keep it safe.

My generation came out of the ravages of World War Two – a place where EVERY family stopped breathing when the Western Union Telegraph man turned his vehicle onto their street, for whatever house he stopped in front of was about to get a “Greetings from the War Department” telegram informing them of the loss of their husband, son, daughter…  My father was in the Navy – my mother and I were in Detroit.  I was born in August of 1943. less than two years after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and less than a year before D-Day (The Allied Invasion of Europe) on June 6th, 1944.  My uncle Norm was killed at the battle of Savo Island in the Pacific. They were off the coast of Guadalcanal, protecting US transports unloading for the battle of Guadalcanal. His Destroyer was blown apart.  Western Union came to our door.  My uncle Paul was wounded at Iwo Jima, and carried with him, throughout his life, the ravages of malaria contacted in the Pacific island campaigns.

Compare THAT stress to a lousy vaccine campaign.

On a personal, direct, level, In October of 1962, we looked World War Three right in the eye.  I was nineteen years old when President John Fitzgerald Kennedy ordered the shot fired across the bows of a Russian tanker leaving Cuba (The Cuban Blockade). I physically heard that shot fired – I was right there off the coast of Cuba on the USS Kankakee (AO39) when the navy Destroyer, the USS Joseph P. Kennedy, fired their forward five-inch-thirty-eight cannon across the bow of the Russian ship, defying Khrushchev, stopping that tanker to be boarded and inspected.  That action, in world law, was an Act Of War – the first shot fired between the two superpowers.   Nikita Khrushchev, the Premier of the USSR had his finger on the nuclear bomb button – so did Kennedy.  To this moment I remember the feel of the sun on my face and shoulders.  I remember how I smelled.  I remember where my hands were.  Had Khrushchev pressed that nuclear button, so to, would have Kennedy, and none of us would be here today.

My generation survived Vietnam – an issue that tore America into pieces.  Every one us of knows where we were the day John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot  – “the day the music died…”

And the music did die…

So, people, DO NOT TELL ME, or any of us older people,  how impossible this SB277 situation is.  This vaccine fight is a minor scrimmage, youngsters.  It’s like touch football.  You want to win?  Up the ante…

I like it that many of you are walking away from your (insert swear word here) FaceBook pages for a few hours, and are meeting face-to-face, and not just at a rally.  it’s about time…  Wow, actually talking to each other, listening to each other, making new friends, and allies, outside of FaceBook- what a novel concept.  Who knows – it may grow as an organizing idea (carefully laced sarcasm).

So, Let’s Get to the Meat…


Vaccines are NEITHER safe nor effective.  Your gut feelings, your instincts, were screaming that fact at you, all along.  You protected your children with that. That instinct, passed down to you from earlier generations, is alive and well, thank God.  Your message should have been, and needs to be now:

“Vaccines are neither safe nor effective – so why would we want to mandate them?  In fact, it is time to get rid of the damn things entirely”

How to start?  Start to take the “safe and effectiveness” argument apart – – and it is easy.  How?  Easy?  Really?

Yup, the whole pro-vaccine argument is a marketing hoax.  No substance.  Before we start I am going to recommend that you watch Richard Millner’s video starring Professor Boyd Haley – called “Vaccines  – Are They Safe and Effective?” taking on Vaccine Sleaze Paul Offit (the guy who claims that any baby can take on ten thousand vaccines at one time).  it is a very good introduction to vaccine reality.

(1)  The claim “Vaccines saved our society from preventable disease” is simply not true.  The eradication of diseases had NOTHING to do with vaccines and EVERYTHING to do with better food (nutrition), clean drinking water,  and sanitation.  In fact, earlier forced vaccine programs were abandoned.  Try this page as a primer.  There is SO MUCH real science that shows up the “vaccines are wonderful” claims as a hoax, you’ll begin to trip over it.  it is all hype – no substance.

Lest you think this “Vaccine Hoax” is NOT common knowledge, or that it is only proposed in alternative publications, read the introduction to this Columbia University sponsored study called “The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century.”

In short, preventable disease was already prevented long before vaccines were introduced.

(2)  Vaccines are HORRIBLY DANGEROUS for many different reasons.

(a)  Look, at, for instance, what went on, recently, in India over the oral Polio vaccine (rejected in the US) – 47,500 children were paralyzed.  Look at the millions of Kenyan women, last year, given a vaccine secretly laced with a sterility drug.  In Mexico, they stopped infant vaccines after children were sickened, and some died.  Here, in California, however, the Democratic Party leadership wants to jam, at gunpoint, shiploads ofthis same vaccine death pus into our children, and those that care for them.

(b)  The US Supreme Court has declared vaccinations to be “Unavoidably Dangerous.”  And California Democrats wants to force “Unavoidably Dangerous” death pus into our children?  No wonder Empress Hillary wants everybody’s guns taken away from them.

(c)  There is so much information out here about the dangers of vaccines I really do not understand why this crap is even allowed on the market.  The science is in.

We need tougher laws about vaccines – making them safe, or not using them at all.  The horror stories we see, all around the world, about vaccine deaths and failures, need to be heeded.

It’s time..

What would the California legislature have done if they had been told the truth about vaccines?  Let’s find out…

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate