The Doctor’s Data Versus Barrett Case… Bad News – Good News – No News…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

The Bad News – on the first week of July, 2015 Jeffrey B. Levens, lead attorney for Doctor’s Data in the Doctor’s Data versus Barrett, et al, case passed away shortly after a complicated heart operation in Chicago.

I never met Jeff, except on the telephone, and via email, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed his writings in the Doctor’s Data case, and his management of that case through its bumpy road.  His quiet humor came through, patiently answering Barrett’s rabid legal ravings.  Jeff made Barrett’s jumping-up-and-down antics humorous, even to the court.  I quoted almost every phrase of Jeff’s writings in the case, so my readers could enjoy Barrett’s minute-by-minute courtroom demise.

Jeffrey B. Levens told it like it was…  with style, and kindness..

Worry not about the case though.  Jeff knew his upcoming operation was at best, risky, and prepared his staff, and his partner. Al Augustine. for a takeover.

My last conversational exchange with Jeff was on June 30th, 2015 where I asked him my usual question about the case “Why is it taking so long?”  His response was classic.  He told me that judges get busy with other cases and that this case was on hold for only a year or so.  I responded “Only a year? Do judges do that?”  He said “Yes they do, and I’ve had cases on hold much longer than that.  I’ll send you a copy of my latest article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.”  Jeff was telling me about a case he had had on hold for nineteen (19) years…  In his email he said:

Hey Tim,

Since Barrett and we filed cross-motions for summary judgment on May 27, 2014, there has been no ruling.

On a separate note, I write a weekly column in the Chicago Daily Law bulletin.  Last week I wrote about the story I was about to tell you, so it’s attached for your reading enjoyment.

Yup:  19 years.

What Jeff sent me is linked here.  It was, I believe, his last article written for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.  In essence, Jeff wrote, in this article, an unintentional summary of what Jeff, himself, was all about.  And, that was a lot.  Read it right now.  It is called The Great Downstate Escape.

Goodbye Jeff…

The Good News –  Barrett’s support network is in a panic over the Doctors Data versus Barrett, et al case, and has been for some time.  They are fully aware that Barrett is going to lose, soon, and all of Barrett’s work is going into the septic tank, with Barrett’s websites being converted to better social use.

More, the case itself, and the fact that it is taking so long, is a huge drain on Barrett’s support network.  Why?  We are dealing here, with people on society’s edge.  The skeptics, who flaunt their LGBT roots, claiming it as an exemption from moral behavior, have been recruited, and funded, to focus their inherent self-loathing outward into channels set up by the funding mechanism.  2010 numbers show the two major skeptic groups gathering about ten million US dollars a year in secret funding.

But, the use of this fringe group, and their daily, life style, emotional problems, especially their self-loathing emanations, is not without issues – some of which, at all times, are just not solvable.  In short, I’d guess, the money people are not getting value.

No value?  Look, for example, at the chaotic ravings of the one calling himself “Orac.”  It is painful to even look at a page with his words.  More, those that DO READ his acidic spewings, and comment on them, clearly have attention span challenges.  So, trying to keep these people on subject is impossible.  Throw in the idea that a judge has other things to look at, and back-burners the Doctor’s Data case while he cleans up his work load, and the skeptic army is long gone.

Court Cases Take Forever…

The court case process, itself, is working FOR the Health Freedom Movement every month.  The legal work, on OUR side, has been brilliant.  What has been accomplished during the proceedings, so far, is exceptional.

And, it is ferreting out the REAL Defendants we need to punish when we identify them.

So, what has been accomplished so far?  A lot.  For instance, we know from the first few months of the case that Barrett did NOT have big, powerful, backing behind him.  It took him three months to even get a lawyer as lead counsel.  It took Barrett 97 days to answer the original Complaint, when you are supposed to answer it in 20 days.  Then we found out that the two BIG claims Barrett made about having the backing of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) and Quackwatch being this big-time corporation, were crap – neither of them could afford to even hire a lawyer, of their own, to answer the Complaint.

Then we watched the constant stalling of the case.

And then we were treated the ultimate hilarity – when Barrett tried to get the case against him Dismissed because, as he claimed “He Was Assisting Government…”  I’ll bet the Judge in the case still tells that funny story around the Judge Club to get a laugh.  Take the time to click on that blue title above and read that article I wrote.  You deserve a laugh.

Let’s not forget how the court muzzled the skeptics early in the case, when the Doctor’s Data asked the Court for a Protective Order stopping Barrett’s “support network” from attacking Doctor’s Data’s expert witnesses.  The skeptics ran for the hills – and I was really disappointed.  Not the least sign of defiance among them.

If you leaf through the articles I already wrote you can see constant slap-downs of Barrett and his slimy pea-brained followers.  And those were worth the court case almost by themselves.

The Effect the Case is Having on the Opposition’s Morale…

Barrett’s support network, in my opinion, is a bag of life’s losers.  Track them down, turn over the rock you find them under, and you will discover something icky – every time.  No exceptions.  But, if you know what to look for, like I do, sometimes you can find humor, albeit dark humor – but humor all the same.

I admit that I bait these fools, but it is having its effect.  The dweeb that calls himself Orac, for instance, is a hoot to watch.  These days, after one of my articles comes out (and ALL of the skeptics read me) Orac writes 10,000 word so-called articles, that read like he was on uppers for six days, with no sleep, and he won’t use the toilet, or the shower, for what he’s writing seems too important to him.  It turns out to be something weird, and unreadable.  He should have used the toilet and the shower. 

So, why did I bring this back up?  Because something happened in skeptic land.  They did something so characteristically stupid, thinking themselves brilliant, you have to wonder how they live through the day.

What did they do?

Knowing Barrett and his quackwatch website were heading for disaster, they copied all of his articles to a website of their own.

What does this mean?  Well, I don’t think we could find ANYONE, including Barrett’s legal team, that will predict that Barrett, after the case is decided, is going to be able to continue his twenty-two websites  – especially quackwatch.  Doctor’s Data is going to take it and either use them for their own promotions, or sell them to the highest bidder.

So, let’s look at that.

If Doctor’s Data uses quackwatch, after the court awards it to them, for its own purposes, then, of course, they will advertise Barrett’s court loss.  I would be more than glad to write that text for the new website.

But, then too, perhaps, Doctor’s Data might sell Barrett’s websites to the highest bidder.  There, perhaps, Barrett’s websites could be put to some higher social use than they are used for now.  Say, for instance an animal porn site, a sewage treatment discussion, Hillary Clinton’s election promises, a Ku Klux Klan resurrection, a serial killer review, or a compilation of nose picking videos.

Higher social use…

So, Who is involved in this  website copy “Brilliance?”

It’s just the so-called skeptics –  A few of their more well known dweeblets – the ones I call “Orac the Nipple Ripper” and “Carpet Head.”  Add a few more wanna-bees, and you’ve got a movement over there in skeptic land.

What they did was to create a web page called (laugh here) Society for Science Based Medicine (SfSBM).  Just below are words from its main page.

The SfSBM wiki is based on Quackwatch and its affiliated sites and are due to a generous donation of its founder and editor, Dr. Stephen Barrett.  The goal of the wiki is to both preserve the information in Quackwatch and to expand upon it.

“Preserve the information in Quackwatch and to expand upon it?”  Good idea – let’s just add you fools to the lawsuit, right now, and save time.

Barrett and the skeptics?  Now there’s a good combination. Barrett’s involvement in the angry homosexual skeptic community has to raise questions – if not eyebrows.  To me, though, it just makes sense.  Barrett’s whole approach to criticism has always been on the edge of snarky.  For certain ALL skeptic sites, and comment places, follow the snarky, self-loathing, path.  It is a skeptic characteristic.  In fact, it all there is.

Take, for instance, one of the other “founders” of this (SfSBM) offering – Mark Crislip.  I’ll let you watch a video with him in it, trying to be professionally snarky about Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and Homeopaths –  Here.  In his first minute he completely explains himself.

For all their snarkiness these people are not really that bright.  In this case, where they copied off quackwatch, and brag about continuing it, they miss the point of the Doctor’s Data v Barrett, et al, case.  They are firmly establishing themselves as the first line of Alter Ego (the real Defendants in this case?).  Puzzled?  Read this excerpt from my earlier explanation – then go read the whole article – here.

There is no question that Stephen Barrett, Quackwatch Inc, and the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) are going to lose the Doctor’s Data v Barrett Federal Court Case.  It is a foregone conclusion.  There are only two real considerations for the Court to decide:  (1)  How much Actual and Punitive damages to award, and (2)  Who, specifically, is going to have their assets seized to pay the award.

it is obvious when you look at what is happening behind the scenes in the case, that Barrett and the other Defendants have no Defense at all – and never did.

When you look at the fact that, right from the start, Doctor’s Data was looking for twenty million in damages, and Barrett, in his egomaniacal arrogance, after the lawsuit was filed, added MORE injury, you get a picture of what a Federal jury is going to be looking at.  More, history shows that courts do NOT like Stephen Barrett. On the stand he is his own worst enemy.

The strategy, all along, it looks to me, has been to sue, and name as the visible Defendants, that which the real cabal running the operation wants us to see.  Then, once the case is finished, and the visible Defendants lose, then comes the next process – Collection.  And with Collection comes the ability to IDENTIFY who the REAL Defendants are.

This is where the fun starts…

Besides Barrett himself, there appears to me to be four areas of Collection:

(1)  The individual Board Members of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) – the original “Quackbusters“, I wrote about how BAD it is going to be for these people here.

(2)  The Board Members of Quackwatch (who have not yet been publicly identified),

(3) Those that make up the Alter Ego; Those within the cabal that colluded and conspired to create, and maintain, the support network (skeptics) driving Barrett’s sleazy articles to the top of the search engines (like google), and wrote similar, or supportive, articles, either on webpages, discussion groups, FaceBook, Twitter, or on Wikipedia.  And, those that engaged in online mobbing, utilizing (skeptic) collective narcissism, over the issue.

(4)  One, or more, of the attorneys involved in the attack on Doctor’s Data.

And collect from them…

The NO News – The judge is still sitting on the case….

Got the picture?   More is to come.  It will be worth the wait.

Our friend Jeff Levens did a very good job setting this up.

Stay Tuned

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate