Communism, Common Sense, and What Senator Richard Pan Intends For California’s Children…

Part 3 in the developing, “California State Senator Richard “The State Owns Your Child” Pan is At it Again…”

Opinion By Karri Lewis AWAKE California  

According to the US Supreme Court in the 1979 Parham Versus J.R Case:


California Senator Richard Pan’s attack on Californian’s Parental Rights has morphed into an all out assault on family and religious rights – in complete defiance of the US Constitution.

Senate Bill 18 is the culmination of all of a totalitarian socialist state’s hatred for liberty and freedom.

Called a “Spot Bill,” Senate Bill 18 is, according to the California legislative analyst, a bill that amends a code section in such an innocuous way as to be totally nonsubstantive. The bill has been introduced to assure that a germane vehicle will be available at a later date after the deadline has passed to introduce bills. At that future date, the bill can be amended with more substance included.

Senate Bill 18 is dangerous because it is made to look not harmful or offensive, so that it might pass easily.

Senate Bill 18 allows "professionals" approved by the state to make these decisions and more for your child.
Senate Bill 18 allows “professionals” approved by the state to make these decisions, and more, for your child.

This bill is the FOUNDATION for the rules and regulations that Senator Richard Pan will add at a later date; most likely under the radar and away from the prying eyes of the public.

Senator Pan currently sits on 17 different state committees, including the Children with Special Needs committee, which is ironic considering all of the additional vaccine injuries that his Senate Bill 277 has caused.

Senator Pan has a lot of influence in Sacramento and with the other California Senators.

Many believe that since Senator Pan has strong ties to Big Pharma that he intends to add MANY REQUIRED Medical Interventions for Children.

Religious Freedom is NOT listed in the text of Pan’s Senate Bill 18 as a Guaranteed Right for children.

If SB 18 becomes law no practicing Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. child will be allowed to observe the practices of his or her religion, if these practices go against state-designed-and-approved indoctrination.

Why isn’t a child’s religious freedom a guaranteed right?

img_6600Apparently, the only religion allowed for California children will be the religion of the state… whatever that may be at the moment.  Communism? Totalitarianism?  Socialism?

Communism, you will remember from learning days, includes state ownership of the people, including children.

This SB 18 bill is just the first step towards a California totalitarian Communist State.

Notice Class Warfare is a Tool to Implement Communism; this includes Race Wars.
Notice – Class Warfare is a Tool to Implement Communism; this includes Race Wars.

It’s always easier to begin with the children.

Speaking of beginning with children…

Common Sense Media, the book censorship group, is sponsoring Senate Bill 18.

Just what is the exact agenda of Common Sense Media?  Let’s look…

Their intent is to control what California students are taught.

Common Sense Media is a strong supporter of Common Core, and much more.  You can tell exactly what this group is by reviewing what they already support, and endorse.

With Common Core Every child will be required to have the same education (socialist indoctrination), whether that is the ideal way for the child to learn or NOT.

No Exceptions.

What’s concerning about Common Sense Media is that on their website they promote and endorse, a supposedly safe and child-friendly website called Kidzworld.  On the surface, this website appears to be a safe and kid-friendly environment.

However, after reading quite a few parental reviews I found on the Common Sense Media website:

Another horrifying picture begins to emerge:

Parents’ reviews of Kidzworld are claiming that their children were solicited for sex.  One parent alleged that her child was solicited to meet at McDonald’s for a sexual threesome on the Kidzworld website in a chat room.  See below:

Parental Review of Common Sense Media's Recommended Children's Website, Kidzword

According to another of the parental reviews, their children were allegedly told to commit suicide or cut themselves, if they did not accept friend requests for the chat rooms.

Take a LOOK at these quotes from parents on the Common Sense Media website:

1 star review: “Not Okay  This website is not recommended at all. I let my 10 year old daughter use it and people chatted her horrible things when she rejected their friend requests. They threatened to kill her, kill themselves, etc. I made sure my daughter was off it immediately. There are probably crazy people there! I emailed the manager and reported the texts, but he only answered. “chill” I was annoyed. My daughter’s account have not been deleted. I blocked the website from her device, and I told all her friend’s parents to watch out for kidzworld. Stay away from this website to keep your child safe”

2 star review: “Sexting 101 –  My child insists it’s “role playing” but the conversations had with others of both sexes are very sexual in nature. There is no moderation that I can tell. I am disappointed that Common Sense Media would give this site such a good rating.”

1 star review: “UNSAFE!!!!!!!!!!  It’s obviously a dating site. I let my son play on there, and two girls asked him if he wanted to have sex. And MANY kids on there called him BAD names and try to convience him to go on drugs, smoke, and drinking >:(. I am HIGHLY disappointed! Kidzworld should be on the top ten UNSAFEST sites ever! >:c. Now my 7 year old is watching porn and became a pervert!!!!!!!!! THE MANAGER SHOULD BE ARRESTED!!!!

1 star review: “PARENTS BEWARE!  Within 3 hours of being on that website for the first time, my daughter was contacted by at least 3 adults who asked for photos of her legs in stockings, a miniskirt, etc. The website is a haven for predators and should be shut down.”

1 star review: Nope, never ever again.  I let my 9 year old cousin try out this site 6 months ago. I set the privacy settings and everything. I let her chat, make friends, and told her if you see someone mean or inappropriate, report them or tell me. She agreed. A week or two later, I decided to be a bad cousin and look at her account. (I let her post 1 picture of herself which was a HUGE mistake…..) I saw all these comments on her profile saying “hey cutie” “wanna be my gf?” “lets have sex, meet at McDonalds?” I deleted all of these people, except for those she knew. Then I went on chat. Oh the chat! Language, sex talk, dating (these kids had “online” partners!), suicidal talk, and even more! I was starting to think these people LIED about their ages. A social network for kids 9-18? That’s not safe at all. I wouldn’t let my sisters, cousins, or future kids ever talk with someone online who’s 17! Especially someone they do not know. If you are thinking of choosing Kidzworld, I highly recommend you do NOT.”

Those parent reviews, and more, can be found on the Common Sense Media website here.

Common Sense Media’s mission of We believe in sanity, not censorship,” takes on a whole new meaning with these parent reviews.

So, let’s ask a question here.  “Will pedophilia, inappropriate and perverted, behavior be forcibly accessible to EVERY child in the state of California via their Common Sense Media required school websites?

Common Sense Media is pushing their website and content throughout the public schools.

Common Sense Media was busy hiring parents and teachers, this past summer to help further their Senate Bill 18 agenda throughout the state.   For details click here.

Are these the kind of “rights” that California children will have, after Senate Bill 18 passes?


Stay tuned.

Opinion By Karri Lewis AWAKE California

6 thoughts on “Communism, Common Sense, and What Senator Richard Pan Intends For California’s Children…”

  1. John Rappoport has a good post on this today. This bill comes straight from the globalist oligarchs, by way of a Silicon Valley mega-foundation.

  2. Yep, and Zuckerberger or what ever his name is now with his Chinese wife implementing nazy like campuses for children who’s parents “neglected”to inoculate them. So, he and his communist wife are now in charge of this nonsense to “protect neglected” California children!

  3. More people need to wake up and pay attention to what is happening in our government. Our rights are being stripped like falling dominoes with each passing bill. We must stay vigilant and do everything we can do take down SB 18.

  4. Sequence, do you have a source for these campuses? I ask not to doubt but for my own edification. Thanks!

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