WATCH CALIFORNIA – It is going to be an example of what the US would have become under “Empress Hillary…”

California is becoming a completely Socialist Totalitarian State. We are going to have to ask President Trump to cut off all federal funds to save the people.

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

A lot of my friends tell me I should quit picking on the Democratic Party.  They say that the Republican Party can be just as corrupt – and I agree – it can.  But I am looking at the here and now.  Right now, as we saw the choices in the presidential election, the people of the US got to pick between absolute corruption and the revitalization of a damaged America.  And right now, as we can all see, the Democrats, as a whole, and that includes mainstream media, need to be put on a leaky boat, and pushed off the American shore – and told NEVER to return.

Ask yourself this question – Why should the rest of the United States be required to fund/support California, the State in which the Democratic Party believes that “the way to create jobs is to create another public agency to tightly regulate, tax, create fees for, another business or group of citizens?”

California, in reality, is just one huge overpaid Democratic-Party-voting-block-bureaucracy with its hand out for federal funds.

Shut off the federal funds and all of those useless eaters, after unemployment runs out, will have to get REAL jobs.  There will be a statewide fire sale of repossessed Audis, BMWs, baby Mercedes, and Volvos.

And, we definitely need that…

The Mark of the Beast…

The recently proposed California Senate Bill 18, designed to remove all of California’s children from parental control and make them wards of the State (creating even more State Agencies) is just one important step in what would have been the national plan under a Hillary regime.

California is heading for disaster – a right now dystopia.  It has been on this route for some time.  It has become a horrible place to live compared to other States.  Businesses and Residents are fleeing in record numbers.  The reasons for this are legion, and those reasons depend on who you ask, and when.

But, generally speaking, there is one reason that stands out, and it is simple.  The State is heading into a totally-corrupt, and proud of it, Democratic Party power grab of unbridled proportion – a massive readjustment into 2016-2017 totalitarianism – right now.  It is, without question, becoming what Aldous Huxley predicted in his book “Brave New World…”

We are there.  Open your window and look around.  If you live in California you are in it.

Even the weather is being controlled adversely.  The Democratic Party elites, in California, have stopped the rain… Look up into the sky any day, and see the chemtrails.  It used to be that you could, in a hot summer, escape to the mountain campgrounds for a vacation in coolness and water fun – but those days are gone, for the mountains are scorched, the trees are dead, the plant-life is scarily ready to ignite, and federal government employees make it VERY obvious that the public is not welcome in our forests.

California coastal beaches have been all but privatized.  California citizens cannot, even on a good day in the winter, drop by a coastal beach campground and set up their tent to let the kids get their feet in wet sand.  Private tourism companies have all of those camp spots reserved for their European, Arab, and Asian, RICH clients staying in million dollar Motor Homes for one or two days, and then moving on to Yosemite, Sequioa, etc., for the rest of their $150,000 per week vacation.

Californians have been moved into second, third, and fourth class, citizenry.  Many are completely unaware it is happening.

The question is – Why?

Why have the elites taken California, the place that, for years, was “the land of milk and honey” and turned it into an economic, social, and climactic hell-hole?

The answer – California is the test site…

Californians are the guinea pigs.  Here, they try out the next step towards “the World State.”

World State?  Globalism – with the US near the bottom of the food chain – with a destroyed middle class, heading, at rapid speed, towards the reality of an Aldous Huxley type of “World State” like that defined in his book “Brave New World.”

From the book review site we see a summary of Huxley’s “Brave New World” book.  You can see the parallels, right now, with California:

“Brave New World” begins in an uncomfortably sterile and controlled futuristic society, commonly referred to as “the World State.” We join the story as a group of young students are receiving a factory tour of the “London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre” from the center’s director, whose name is… “The Director.” It’s all a little creepy.

“The Director” explains to the students the process by which humans are grown inside bottles and then conditioned (read: brainwashed) to believe certain moral “truths.” This conditioning, also known as “hypnopaedia” or “sleep-teaching,” instructs the citizens to believe in the value of society over the individual. Each person exists to serve the community. It’s their job to be consumers and workers, which in turn keeps the economy stable and strong. Buy lots of clothes. Use lots of transportation. Do your job.

To make the system run more smoothly, humans are divided into various castes: Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and… drum roll…Epsilons. Alphas are smart, tall, and muscular; Epsilons short, dumb, and ugly. These people figured out that the best way to keep non-Alphas stupid is to give them dangerous substances while they’re still in the test tube. In this case, they use alcohol and oxygen deprivation. Also, the lower castes are grown in batches, so that 100 Epsilons are all exact copies of one another. And you thought having an older brother was tough. Imagine having 99 clones!

Moving right along, we meet two more of the novel’s characters, Lenina Crowne and Henry Foster, both workers in the hatchery. Lenina is gorgeous. Henry has been sleeping with her. So has everyone else. However, this arrangement is the status quo. In the World State, sex is casual, regular (as in, once-a-day), and explicit. “Every one belongs to every one else,” which means when a man wants to sleep with a woman, he publicly says, “Hey, you, let’s have sex tonight,” and she says, “OK.” (Basically.) Even little kids play games with each other like hunt-the-zipper (just use your imagination). Also, orgies are a required bi-weekly event.

The other big activity in this world is taking a narcotic called soma—a drug that sends its users off into “lunar eternity,” a trippy escape from reality. We receive much of this information from the Director during his tour, but the rest is delivered via Mustapha Mond, a big-deal guy who happens to be one of ten World Controllers.

Mustapha explains to the same “group of students” (read: “plot device”) how this society came about. The short version is that the world got gradually more and more screwed up until the world population collectively said, “Oh we can’t take this anymore! Please take away all of our liberties and individuality in the name of universal stability!” And the Powers That Be said, “OK.” And now there’s no war, no sadness, no individuality, no history, no literature (!), no families, no emotional ties to others, no solitude allowed, no scientific freedom, and no religion (God has been replaced by “Ford,” as in Henry Ford, as in the man who perfected the assembly line and mass production). But still, there’s sex. A lot of it.

So that’s your basic set-up.

We’re almost there…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


4 thoughts on “WATCH CALIFORNIA – It is going to be an example of what the US would have become under “Empress Hillary…””

  1. Hey Tim,
    You have just described the European Union (EU) that we in the UK are trying to get out of before it reaches its goal of a Brave New World (order?).
    Obama tried to threaten the UK citizens if they dared to vote out but we voted out anyway.
    Now our UK and EU rulers are trying to take our freedom away and to keep us in their Brave New World Order.
    Keep up the fight but it is going to get very dirty, very soon.
    PS Dont trust anyone (politicians) but judge them by their actions.
    Robert Redfern

  2. 100% agreed with this! And casual sex was propose in 1917 by Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin “genius” who for money screw Russia and created “revolution” by promising who was nothing will become everything (sort of an American dream). The result is obvious – genetic pull became lopsided to “dumb and ugly”. Country was forced to drink vodka every day, because it was chip (on purpose) and can take you to lala land (crack cocaine). (Think who introduced cocaine into inner cities of US and help create a chipper version of it). Traditionally drinking was forbidden in Russia for centuries not by law, but by attitude of people to drinkers. They were always outcast. Women had never tasted alcohol their entire lives. Think what Russia is famous for now. Alcoholism! Immorality! Masses not able to think for themselves and demand dictatorship!

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