Woolly Mammoths Suffered Genetic Meltdown Just Before Extinction – Big Pharma Getting Ready to do the Same!

By Kent Heckenlively, J.D.

It must be difficult to realize that once you strode the Earth as the lords of creation, and now you are simply confined to a small few herds on an isolated island, awaiting your inevitable extinction.

Yes, that is what scientists reported in the March 2, 2017 issue of PLOS Genetics regarding the last few woolly mammoths who persisted on Wrangel Island until approximately 3,700 years ago must have endured.

But much the same could be said for the pro-vaccine forces in pharmacy and the media.

Let’s talk first about what went wrong with the mammoths.  It has long been theorized that when populations get very low that multiple harmful mutations will begin to persist in the genome of the remaining animals.  Among those last remaining mammoths on Wrangel Island, they’d lost much of their sense of smell and acquired a number of mutations which probably led them to have a strange, translucent satin coat.

If a traveler had struggled upon these unusual animals a few thousand years ago, it wouldn’t have taken him much time to conclude that these creatures were not long for this world.

Much the same could be said about Big Pharma and their media slaves. 

DDT nearly wiped out the American Bald Eagle…

Let’s look at the Pro-Vax team for Big Pharma.  Striding among all of them like an alpha male is Dr. Paul Offit, vaccine profiteer, who is doing such a great job today advocating for the return of the pesticide, DDT.

Hey, Paul, do you remember when that chemical nearly killed off the Bald Eagle, sign of American greatness?

Oh, and that recent book you published going after religion?  Even the gutless New York Times had the good sense to give that book a bad review.

But don’t worry, you’re joined in your idiocy…

But don’t worry, you’re joined in your idiocy by a number of other groups and individuals who have apparently acquired a number of harmful mutations.  There’s the brilliant Daniel Summers for The Washington Post who believes that a newspaper article is the same as a scientific study, and believes he has met the requirement for Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s $100,000 challenge for a study showing that the mercury we are currently injecting into pregnant women and infants is not harmful.  Before you write another article on this issue and hurt your credibility even more, Danny-boy, you should at least go to the web-site for the challenge and read the rules.

Next up on the extinction list is BuzzFeed, you know that fine bastion of journalistic integrity who published claims that Donald Trump hired two hookers in Moscow to urinate on a bed that President Obama had once slept on?  Sorry to hear that BuzzFeed is now having to undergo a painful defamation lawsuit from President Trump that they will probably lose.

Yes, I know there’s that thing called the First Amendment which gives a LOT of latitude when it comes to public figures, but claiming that a presidential candidate hired prostitutes to urinate on the bed of a political rival is not the kind of protected political speech that the Founding Fathers had in mind.

When BuzzFeed writer, Azeen Ghorayshi wrote an amazingly fact-free article on the Kennedy mercury challenge, she had the remarkable good sense to quote, Dr. Peter Hoetz, President of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, on the safety of vaccines.  Why not quote the President of Merck Pharmaceuticals on the safety of Vioxx?  (Oh yeah, that drug was withdrawn from the market after killing an estimated 50,000 people.  But don’t worry, it was FDA approved!)

Azeen, here’s a little free advice from me to you.  If you want to be an actual journalist, you need to quote people from the other side, not just those who fund the advertising for your organization.

And then we come to my favorite candidate for extinction, Forbes magazine.  It’s difficult, though, to figure out which Forbes writer likely has the most harmful mutations built up in their genome, Bruce Lee or Steven Salzberg.  Bruce Lee thinks Kennedy’s money should go to people who already get a LOT OF MONEY from pharma because they work at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  However, there is Steven Salzberg, whose articles have objective sounding headlines such as “Trump and Conspiracy Theorist RFK, Jr., Meet for Anti-Vax Lovefest.”

Do all of you people simply talk to each other and nobody else? 

Don’t you go out into the schools and communities of America and see how many of our children suffer with chronic diseases, or the terrible burden which is placed on parents today?  Have you lost your souls?  Have you lost your humanity?  When did you become such monsters?  Is this the version of yourselves that you want your children to remember?  Because if you don’t change, that is exactly what will happen.

Here’s the problem with being one of the lords of creation, which is exactly what the pharmaceutical companies are, when you consider they donate TWICE AS MUCH MONEY to politicians as their nearest competitor, the oil and gas companies, and that they probably account for somewhere between 40-60% of the advertising revenue for the nightly news broadcast.  (Oh, and it was an especially good job to get Congress to pass the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act so you could get COMPLETE IMMUNITY FOR DAMAGES CAUSED BY YOUR VACCINES!)

The problem is that when you’re one of the lords of creation, you think you’re in charge. 

It’s a peculiar form of blindness, kind of like those harmful mutations which built up in the genomes of those last mammoths.  You don’t believe you can be effectively challenged.

While you may be INDIVIDUALLY LARGER than any of the other animals, that doesn’t matter if the other, smaller animals get together and decide that YOU have become a threat to the rest of them.

Let’s just look at some of those people who think you have become a threat to them. 

There’s Robert Kennedy, Jr., environmental attorney, Oscar-winning actor, Robert De Niro, Emmy-winning journalist, Sharyl Attkisson, Emmy-award winning producer, Del Bigtree, San Antonio District Attorney, Nico La Hood, Minister Tony Muhammad who speaks for the Nation of Islam, Tami Canal of March Against Monsanto, as well as many other parents, scientists, and doctors who have suffered for speaking out against you.

Why do they do it?  Because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO.

If you have a position of power in a society, you also have a corresponding obligation to use that power for the benefit of that society.  If you don’t use that power wisely, then YOU are the only one who can be blamed for your own extinction.

By Kent Heckenlively, J.D.

Kent Heckenlively is the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com

7 thoughts on “Woolly Mammoths Suffered Genetic Meltdown Just Before Extinction – Big Pharma Getting Ready to do the Same!”

  1. Thanks, Kent. I always feel better after reading your posts. The viciousness of the attacks on RFK, Jr. shows that they are in desperation mode, and Paul Offit didn’t even understand what Nico La Hood said in the press conference.

  2. Please don’t line up De Niro on the side of Good for anything. He is one of the hardcore never-Trumpers and knows nothing except acting.

  3. If I were a woolly mammoth living on Wrangel Island and, who knows, once upon a time I may have been, I would take great umbrage at Kent Heckenlively’s article:

    We are not the last, lost remnants of our species; we are the ultimate highest possible development. We know what is best for us is also the best for everyone else; otherwise we would not have evolved so highly. It is only logical and reasonable so just do as you’re told – we DO know what’s best.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh
    ex woolly mammoth and window cleaner

  4. Human race is experiencing a melt down, poisoned by corporate and agency greed. So many cancer’s, neurological/autoimmune disorders and human DNA being manipulated & mutated into who know’s what.

    Mammoths had a long run on Earth, and I for one do not think the human race will be so fortunate.

  5. Kent,

    Your post is so timely! Pratik Chougule, JD executive editor of The American Conservative, just wrote a piece entitled, “Why the Kennedy-DeNiro Vaccine Challenge Matters”. Chougule is not a parent of a vaccine injured child. He is not well known, if at all, in the health freedom\vaccine safety movement. He wrote the piece because he was “intrigued and suspicious of the virulent and personal attacks against so called anti vaxxers”. He knew that those kind of attackers usually had something pretty big to hide so he went digging. It’s quite fascinating. I reccomend the piece. It’s the February 15, 2017 article. I heard him speak on Fearless Parent Radio with Louise Kuo Habakus and Robert J. Krakow, Esq. regarding why he decided to write the article even though he quickly knew he would subjecting himself to much criticisim…

  6. Great article, Kent. It’s incredibly galling that the media is in so much collusion with the twisted agenda, but on the flip side of that, this has seemed to cause more alarm and awareness of the control they have tried to exert.

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