Trump and Congress Propose Cancelling of Funding For US Childhood Vaccine Program…

Liberal Democrats SHRIEK, and SHRIEK, and SHRIEK…

Of Course This Was Going To Happen…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

California leads the Nation in many things.  Everybody knows the old adage “California is the trend setter.  What starts there spreads across the nation…”

Hillary Clinton and Richard Pan

When the liberal Democrat “Empress” Hillary goon squads arrogantly shoved Senate Bill 277 (Mandatory Childhood Vaccinations) down California parent’s throats, not that long ago, the reaction in California grew to a fever pitch.

When the Democratic Party controlled California legislature blatantly ignored family groups, with vaccine damaged children in tow in Sacramento, closing down the legislature in their faces to celebrate “Gay Pride Day” they enraged not only California voters but a world-wide constituency on a visceral level.  The US Democratic Party was revealed for what it really is, and what it has become – and its death at the Presidential Election 2016 began.

California was, once again, the leader.  This time, in something that was VERY NECESSARY.  Nationwide, the Donald Trump teams emerged.  First WE took control of the Republican Presidential Primary.  Then we took the Nation.  Donald speaks for the people.  Us.

And Donald Trump, on our behalf, listening to us (We, The People), Began To Address Issues…

There is no question that the 2017 Democratic Party has become the “The Party of HATE.”  They OPENLY march in the streets screaming epithets against heterosexuality, families, anybody-who-voted-for-Trump, Seniors, people-who-have-jobs, people-who-smile-at-each-other, anyone-who-believes-in-a-God, anyone-who-believes-in-a-Judeo/Christian-ethic.  Every move they make is to create hatred and dissention between races, sexes and ethnic groups.

And, none of it is working.  Those promoting these negative ideas, like mainstream media, have lost America’s positive attention.  It is only a matter of time before we, as a society, shut them down. Why?

Because Americans Like Each Other…

Nation of Islam’s Tony Mohammed speaks at Sacramento Rally against Mandatory Vaccinations – the Democratic Party controlled California legislature was unimpressed.

The US “Anti-Vaxxer” movement won the election for Donald Trump.  Why do I say that?

Because we brought Americans together on an issue.  I have said this before, and I will say it again, right now:

“The vaccine issue is a microcosm of what is wrong with US health care. And US health care is a microcosm of what is wrong with America.”

And change for the better is happening by the minute.  We are finding simple, uncomplicated, solutions to major problems.

Like the US Vaccine Programs for children and adults…

What was clear in California, right from the start of the “Mandatory Vaccine” push was that the battle over this issue would have to take a different turn.  Why?  Because California government, under the liberal Democratic Party yoke, has become SO CORRUPT, so sleazy, that there was no point in approaching the legislature for solution – we weren’t the ones stuffing hundred dollar bills in legislator’s pockets – Big Pharma had that approach locked up – and they had accomplished THAT in several ways.

Several Ways?  Yes.

Few people understand how the US Vaccine Program actually works, and I think that process is kept buried so as to confuse those who may be critical of it.  So, let’s look at it.

In short, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) buys billions of dollars worth of Made-in-China (with no testing of the product) vaccines, distributes them to the individual State’s Health Departments.  THEN they give the State Health Departments money, lots of it, to promote those vaccines, paying the States according to a schedule that gives them MORE MONEY (HUGE AMOUNTS) for higher percentages of vaccines force-driven into innocent children.  There is NO concern about danger – and NO monitoring of effects.  Ever.

It is simply a federal version of a Pharma sales program.  So, not only were the Pharmas stuffing hundred dollar bills in legislative pockets, but they had devised a way to pay off State and County Health Departments.

Has all this come to an end?

Let’s look at what happened a few days ago.

Liberal media and publications, if you think about it, ALL read, and sound, the same.  They speak in a pronounced snit.   But sometimes, you just have to read one of their articles, even if only to get an idea what’s bothering liberal Democrats today, that they weren’t told to think about when they tuned into “The View” this morning.

What?  You didn’t know that “The View” is Demo-Thought Central?  Haven’t you noticed, for instance, that EVERY liberal Democrat woman interviewed during the “demonstrations” LOOKED and SOUNDED exactly like Whoopi Goldberg no matter what their age, color, or make-up?  Pay attention.

So, let’s look at super-snit “Vox,” and one of their articles from a few days ago.  “Vox” not only epitomizes snit but I am always surprised that the inside of my computer monitor screen isn’t covered with spittle coming off their page – they are ALWAYS so over-the-top angry.  Their mothers must have really hated them…

The article we are going to look at is called:

“The Republican health insurance plan slashes funding for vaccines and public health” – The ACA’s Prevention and Public Health Fund is poised to disappear by 2019.

It says:  (go ahead and start to smile here).

“Yesterday, House Republicans released their plan for replacing Obamacare, giving Americans a sense, at long last, of how their health care might change under the Trump administration.

The American Health Care Act makes a number of changes to the Affordable Care Act that’ll likely disadvantage poorer and sicker Americans, and result in fewer people covered. But the plan also includes a subtler and very significant move for American health: the elimination of the largest fund for disease prevention in the federal budget, along with 12 percent of the budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by 2019.

The ACA established the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which provides $14.5 billion over 10 years. The goal of the fund was simple: Boost public-health money, much of it for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to support activities that keep people from becoming sick with preventable chronic ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and infectious diseases that can be staved off with vaccines. (At a time when more Americans would be gaining insurance, keeping people healthy and out of the health care system carried extra appeal for lawmakers.)

It is OK to GUFFAW right here…

Yes, you read that right – the national childhood vaccine program money is “f***ing gone” people, by 2019, under the new proposed Republican national health plan.

I am Going To Contact the Pope Monday Morning…

I want to get the entire Republican Congress and our President Donald Trump, and his entire Cabinet nominated for Sainthood RIGHT NOW.

What does this all mean?

It means that the anti-vaxxer movement, shoved into high-gear in California because of Mandatory Vaccine legislation SB 277,  got not only Donald Trump’s attention, but the entire Republican Congress…

It may be that the American system actually works.  We’ll see.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

30 thoughts on “Trump and Congress Propose Cancelling of Funding For US Childhood Vaccine Program…”

  1. Such good news… Thank GOD for Trump. He knows how to hit’em where it hurts!!! Thanks for the update Tim.

  2. We rallied at the Capitol in Olympia WA. yesterday in the cold and heavy rain with Del Bigtree, Informed Consent Washington, former Senator Eric Oemig and Attorney Phillips, and Michael Belkin. We are being heard LOUD and clear!

  3. This is very good news! Cut ’em off at the knees. 12% reduction? Woohoo! Weeping and gnashing of teeth in those massive buildings in Atlanta!

  4. It would be truly wonderful if the swamp of the CDC is truly drained and vaccines are finally known to the public to be the deadly tool of the elite who want to reduce the population by any means. I hope that Trump can spearhead the movement for this, for outing the Luciferian pedophiles, and much more. But hatred is not conquered by hatred, not by sarcasm or irony or vitriol. The liberals are ALSO Americans, whether they match your definition of American or not, and there will not be the kind of sweeping changes that this country needs until the polarization stops and we begin to pull together more as a nation. Blaming the others who are blaming you just keeps the destructive cycle going and feeding the fire. Being right is a start, but it isn’t nearly enough to win. To win means to change people’s minds and hearts, not just winning a contest to see who can bully who into silence. Bringing about real change takes real intelligence and humility and we may have to dig deep for it, but we can’t afford not to any longer.

  5. Thank you, Tim! Could it be that there really is light at the end of this blackened tunnel?! Yes, I do believe there is! 🙂 🙂

  6. I appreciate what you say, Natalie but what we have here is not a problem of conscience versus conscience or two groups of people who reach differing conclusions from the same data which would be necessary for your recommendation to apply. Anyone who is willing and able to think reasonably can be swayed by argument.

    What we have here, however, is something very different: We have one (larger) group that examines the data and draws conclusions from it. We have a much smaller group of people (unfortunately mostly “Democrats”) showing all the classical symptoms of paranoia and persecution mania who, just like the Catholic Church in the 4th to 18th centuries want to destroy the data so that thinkers cannot draw conclusions from it but, rather, have no choice but to believe ex-cathedra dogma.

    This smaller group is not capable of reasonable thought – be this though (pharmaceutical) drug abuse or whatever cause – and so cannot be persuaded. Just like the followers of Pope Innocent III who ordered the ethnic cleansing of the Cathars, those who follow the Evil Witch and her paymasters believe they have earned, through their actions, an incontestable privileged entry to Heaven and anyone gainsaying this is ipso facto an agent of the Devil.

    You can’t argue with such sub-humans, you can only cage them up for their own good and the good of humanity.

    Harsh words, I know, Natalie but a solution to any problem can only be attained when your actions are based upon reality. A wish that the insane heal themselves is not an approach likely to bring about a peaceful solution. Isolation of the criminally insane could work.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  7. Karma Singh, u said it beautifully. More should think and speak so eloquently and precise as u.

  8. Karma Singh wrote: “A wish that the insane heal themselves is not an approach likely to bring about a peaceful solution. Isolation of the criminally insane could work.”
    I don’t expect those who are in deep denial to “heal themselves”. I do however, expect that those who can see the whole picture will heal themselves first and see the wisdom of refraining from indulgence in feeding the insanity with their own attacks of hatred, ridicule, sarcasm etc. We cannot isolate whole segments of the population who are alive and active, and many of them are young and vigorous as well and will not be denied their voice; they cannot simply be severed like a damaged limb. If they are behaving like children, they must be shown HOW TO BECOME ADULTS. The only way they will be able to change is if those who are sane enough to take the next step show them the way by their own example. That is not accomplished through returning fire, but by finding sane, constructive ways in which to light their own path first, step by step, so that others may follow. That has ever been the way, and yes indeed, people can and do change.

  9. I do really wish that it were so Natalie,
    but these people are so deranged that they carry out violent persecution and then blame the victims of persecuting them.
    Often the only way to save a tree is to lop off the diseased limb.
    What other choice do we have?
    They cannot be reasoned with. It is not possible to expect them to behave reasonably.
    Almost all of the hate, sarcasm etc. comes from them because they see themselves as “superior humans” who have no need to even listen to us let alone respect us.

    Vigorous is not an appellation which could reasonably be applied to many if not the overwhelming majority of them. They are not life affirming and life enhancing but the exact opposite. They remind me very much of a psychiatric patient who came into my care for a short time back in 1991. He explained that he is too “special” to work and, because I did work and, therefore, had more money than he that I was obligated to give him 400 Deutsche Mark each month. When I refused, he tried to have me arrested for “stealing” his “rightful payments”. When the police refused, he made several attempts to use violence to steal the money from me. Eventually, he was locked up in a psychiatric hospital. The cause? Massive drug abuse through many, many years made him incapable of reasoning – anything that he imagined to be so was, for him, the absolute truth.

    From what I have seen to date of these “protestors”, Black supremacists and the like egged on by Soros & Co., they are in no discernible way different.

    We have to deal with things are they are not as we would wish them to be, Natalie.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  10. The real gnashing of teeth is going to be the hundreds of Big Pharma lobbyists. They are going to be biting a lot of butts in DC, both Dem & Repub. Trump caved into them once. Lets see if he and Congress actually stand up to them on this issue. I have my doubts. This only a proposal at this point. A lot will have to happen before it becomes law. We will have to hold their feet to the fire.

  11. And convincing Congress to take away funding is _relatively_ easy. But changing the narrative around vaccines is the necessary difficult task. As soon as there is another “Disney measles/Zika virus” event whether real or invented, then the vaccine-confused masses and the lobbyists will descend on Washington and get all the money and more restored.

  12. You do have a point, and perhaps “energetic” would be a better term than “vigorous”, but the point is, many of them, in fact, most of them are young and are going to be around for awhile, and will not just fade away into the woodwork. I have to wonder how many of them have been made deranged by the very profession that you are part of, which has been irresponsibly drugging people, children especially with prescription drugs for imaginary ailments that have literally driven them insane. Your “professional solution” is to lock them all up in psychiatric wards then? Perhaps lobotomize them? I guess that is to be expected, but I have to say, it is even more predictable than even I would have imagined. Shades of Nurse Ratchett.

  13. Natalie….Wait!! I thought you said that hatred is not conquered by hatred…sarcasm…vitriol…or blaming. How ironic that you’re blaming Karma Singh’s “very profession” with plenty of hatred, sarcasm & vitriol.

  14. I was not being sarcastic, I was being perfectly serious. The psychiatric profession is very much to blame for the huge epidemic of mental illness that we are seeing today, because instead of responding to the epidemics of depression, what they have termed ADD, bipolar and other disorders with common sense solutions and helping children and adults start leading healthier, more grounded lifestyles, they’ve drugged them with prescription drugs that are every bit as dangerous as street drugs, if not more so because they are not seen for what they are–dangerously toxic and addictive, not to mention ineffective. And instead of using their authority to criticize the corporation and government agencies which have been creating more and more challenges to our health and sanity with their insane agendas, they have colluded with them. I don’t see them as victims, I see them as perpetrators.

  15. Which proves, Natalie, the dangers of drawing conclusions from a single fact. The very least that you could have done was to google my name and peruse some of the hundreds of entries.

    His mother and his girlfriend brought him to me in the hope that I, as a healer and spiritual teacher, would be able to help remove the addictions to the many drugs he had been using.
    Unfortunately, he was not willing to co-operate at all; the drugs made him feel that he was “King of the World” and his attitude to me was that of “Satguru” come to teach me! In all my work helping drug addicts, his was the most difficult case because he had no conception of how much damage and hurt he was causing himself and others and so no inclination to give up his drugs.

    I see a similar attitude amongst those “energetic” pseudo-democrats: If they are unable to see how much harm they are doing to themselves and others then the only option available to us is, for public safety, to remove them from society as a whole.

    You cannot heal someone who believes him/herself to be the epitome of health!

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  16. I don’t need to do any further research to understand how karma works: we reap what we sow. The mental health professions have long had an unholy alliance with Big Pharma and now their chickens are coming home to roost. It’s simple karmic justice that these “untreatable” segments of the generation who have been unnecessarily drugged since childhood are now mirroring back to the professions that helped to create them their own ineffectiveness. It’s the insane, sick society that must be healed; chemically rendering people into unnatural states of “adaptation” or “adjustment” is a sick policy in itself. Healing will come only when clean air, clean water, healthy food, safe medicines and sane policies become the norm.

  17. I agree with Natalie. Sick and tired of the psych profession playing both sides against the middle. Convincing parents that their children are sick with fake diseases so they can make them into drug addicts for profit. Convincing doctors that parents are unfit and dangerous to children. Convincing children that their parents are bad for trying to teach them some morality. Convincing everyone that the ideal state of being is VICTIMHOOD. So done. Clean air, clean food, clean water and government intrusion on family values needs to be done away with. It’s making us all a little crazy.

  18. This discussion has strayed too far from the original topic, so I was invited by Tim Bolen to submit an article about mental health professionals and their collusion with Big Pharma (though I think the problems are similar in the vaccine industry), which I will do.
    In the meantime, I will just provide this link as a good example of one of the main problems:
    This is excerpt from the article: “The company encouraged sales reps in the US to mis-sell three drugs to doctors and lavished hospitality and kickbacks on those who agreed to write extra prescriptions, including trips to resorts in Bermuda, Jamaica and California.
    The company admitted corporate misconduct over the antidepressants Paxil and Wellbutrin and asthma drug Advair.

    Psychiatrists and their partners were flown to five-star hotels, on all-expenses-paid trips where speakers, paid up to $2,500 to attend, gave presentations on the drugs. They could enjoy diving, golf, fishing and other extra activities arranged by the company.

    GSK also paid for articles on its drugs to appear in medical journals and “independent” doctors were hired by the company to promote the treatments, according to court documents.

    Paxil – which was only approved for adults – was promoted as suitable for children and teenagers by the company despite trials that showed it was ineffective, according to prosecutors.

    Children and teenagers are only treated with antidepressants in exceptional circumstances due to an increased risk of suicide.”

  19. Karma Singh wrote: “Ach soooooooooo Natalie,
    you mean:

    “My mind is made up. Kindly do not confuse me with facts”

    That attitude will get you nothing but trouble; change it!
    Even you can heal yourself.

    Blessed be

    I did go to that link on the day that reply was posted and when I did, there was nothing but an advertisement for webpages. The second time I tried it several days later, I found Mr. Singh’s page, and so I see that he is not advertising himself there as a psychiatrist, but as a kind of alternative healer. I am much more inclined myself to consult with alternative healers, but because of his description of the psychiatric patient who consulted him and ended up being committed, and because of Mr. Singh’s recommendation that such people be severed from society, I was under the impression that he was a psychiatrist or some other kind of mainstream mental health professional, since such a recommendation is much more characteristic of the latter. I have known people who were confined to mental institutions and it is a fate worse than death. A far more compassionate course of action would be to treat them with compassion, clean air, water, food, homeopathic remedies and other natural modalities/medicines, and give them occupations like gardening, caring for animals. arts and crafts, etc., the same kinds of treatment that autistic and other vaccine injured children have been treated with, with some success. Confining them to a life of drugged institution life is not a solution. How we can afford to take care of all these injured victims is going to be the real question, but I hope we can find a better answer than solutions straight out of the Dark Ages.

  20. While I would really appreciate shutting down vaccine program, I think that the only way to impose a real lasting change is to repeal National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and restore legal and financial liability to vaccine manufacturers – retroactively. They must be forced to pay billions of dollars in damages for vaccine injured and killed children and adults. Then, and only then, this genocidal enterprise will be shut down for good. And also provide justice to those who lost their children to the profit-seeking monster. Heads of Merck, GSK, Pfizer etc. should actually spend the rest of their lives in prison. It should be not just “no more”, but “never again”!

  21. Tim & Natalie,

    The fact that “he who shall remain nameless” was finally locked up in a psychiatric institute has nothing whatsoever to do with me – in point of fact I did my best to try to help him avoid such an outcome but his unwillingness to even consider the possibility that it is he and not everyone else who has the problem made this impossible. Finally, it was the court which had him confined for the public good; for what actions I know not.
    Your repeated attempts to imply that this was, in some manner, my fault does you nothing other than disservice, Natalie.

    Sometimes the world makes just makes no sense whatsoever.

    Here we have a woman who makes wild, unsupported statements about “democratic” youth, who jumps to conclusions from a single fact, who makes highly insulting accusations based upon nothing other than her own failure to do even the barest minimum of basic research, who, then, instead of offering an apology, claims that she has no need to do any research to back up her opinions, who makes not one but two deliberately false and misleading statements about a website to which she has been referred even though anyone, by simply clicking onto the link, can see that her statements about it are false and then, or so she claims, you invite her, Tim, to write an article for the Bolen report!

    On the other hand, you have one of Europe’s leading practitioners, researchers and teachers with many, many published works to his credit, who has, on more than one occasion offered to write articles for you but has not even received the simple courtesy of a reply.

    WHY, TIM? WHY?

    Blessed be


  22. I was not continuing to imply that you were responsible for the patient’s fate, Mr. Singh.
    I explained that I thought originally that you must have been a psychiatrist because you said you were treating a psychiatric patient. And, as I explained, going to the web link that you provided for yourself did not enlighten me, since there was nothing there at the time but an ad for the website provider that you apparently employ. The second time I tried it a couple of days later, as I’ve already explained, it took me to your webpage and so I see that you are apparently not a psychiatrist, but an alternative healer, which in my eyes, is a good thing. You could have saved us both some confusion if you had simply explained several messages ago that you are not a psychiatrist, but I do apologize for my honest mistake. AGAIN, I did not make false claims about the link you provided. It did not take me to your webpage the first time I tried it, and that was not a lie. Perhaps you should ask your webpage provider why that was instead of accusing me of making a false claim. I don’t need to do more research to know that many mental health professionals are little more than pill pushers for Big Pharma. But since you are, according to your own accounts, NOT in that category, I don’t see why you are so upset. In fact, I see from your writing that you are also not a fan of Big Pharma, and so I applaud you for that, but you have also been making rather wild and insulting over a simple mistake which you could have cleared up quite easily if you had been paying better attention.

  23. Tim, please add the word “claims” after “insulting” in the last sentence, if you post my last comment. Thanks.

  24. Why do I bother, Natalie?

    It’s because I care – even about you!

    It is written, in Conversations with God, that this is a world governed by lies and liars. This has become such an ingrained habit from top to bottom that it has come to be perceived as a “right”.

    There is nothing “honest” about your “mistake”: If you want honest you will call it what it is – a bare faced lie; a libel. You chose to make an accusation whilst having no idea whether it was true or not and have been trying to make it “right” ever since. Such dishonesty does you a great disservice, Natalie for it leads you ever deeper into the mire of confusion. The more untruths you try to maintain, the fewer the people who will believe anything that you say. The webpage is a further case in point; your claim about your first visit is shown to be untrue as the page you claim to have seen does not exist; your description of your second visit bears, as anyone can see for themselves, no resemblance to the content of that webpage.

    The truly essential point here, Natalie, is one of resonance – a term which will inevitably play a greater and greater role in all our lives and is the subject of the next two lessons ( 7 & 8) on the webpage which you haven’t looked at.
    By believing in and acting from a “right to lie” you surround yourself with people who also live their “right to lie” – to you! All of you, then, collectively, participate in and actively support an exploitive dictatorship in which all of you are the prey. Lesson four on that webpage.

    Now can you see why it is so important not only to you but also to ME that you stop hurting yourself?

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  25. I have no idea what you are talking about. But I think you missed your calling–you would make a great Shakespearean madman on stage. Blather on if you like, but I am done with this “conversation”.

  26. Running away, Natalie
    has never, ever brought anyone a solution because, no matter how fast you run, you continue to carry your burden with you until you take the time to learn how to lay it down.

    You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

    Your choice, your responsibility and you are the one who will always experience the results of your choices.

    Blessed be


  27. Thankyou Natalie, We must not get side tracked from thinking responsibly and focusing on solving problems- which is your excellent, basic idea. We cant wave wands and get rid of the people who disagree with us, We must present the truth through examples, so that people on the left or right, who have believed the lies of big Pharma and big business and the government that colludes with them. I could not get someone well known to me to pay any attention to voting to label GMO food as GMO. If that person were to read good information about GMO’ and other toxins in our food supply, she would also begin to think as to why she had not been given that information earlier. she could one day, possibly become an activist or her children could. So I really appreciate it when Tim Bolen and others put out truthful information and good solutions. Left, or right, we need to move forward together as much as possible .

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