Part #4 – The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed…

Big Pharma Funded “Professional Divisives” (The Skeptics) Have Infiltrated the Anti-Vax FaceBook Groups…

They Are Deciding What Can Be Seen and/or Not Seen…

And It Ain’t Pretty…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Big Pharma spends, perhaps, hundreds of millions of dollars trying to silence its critics, and that process works to some extent.  Part of that money is spent to finance the skeptics hate-group, the flotsam and jetsam, of the internet.

However, in 2015, despite their best efforts, the enactment of a “Mandatory Childhood Vaccine” program by California legislation (SB277) created a major backlash, taking the “Anti-Vax Movement” from a few thousand people to tens of millions of  VERY ANGRY activists world-wide.

And Big Pharma has not yet recovered from that backlash – but they are working on it.

Although Big Pharma controls Main Stream Media (MSM) completely, that avenue does them little or no good, as Hillary Clinton says: “people get their news from the internet.”

Big Pharma’s focus these days is FaceBook…

Are they successful?

Yes, very much so. in certain ways.

Why is FaceBook so important for them to control?  Because FaceBook has over two billion subscribers worldwide.  North Americans account for less than 13.8% of FaceBook subscribers overall.  Big Pharma, in its effort to control the entire world, needs to control a world-wide communications tool.

Is it successful in its efforts?  Somewhat – for China has partnered with Big Pharma to produce most of the world’s pharmaceuticals cheaply.  And, as we found out about Hillary Clinton and her “Foundation’s” efforts, those pharmaceuticals, including vaccines, are manufactured WITHOUT having to undergo the rigorous inspection standards on products “Made in the USA.”

As Hillary says “I want to be the CEO of FaceBook.”

Yeah, she would…

But It Isn’t All That Easy For Big Pharma…

There are questions about who and what FaceBook really is  – and who REALLY runs it.  There are those who think Mark Zuckerberg is just a tool – and that FaceBook is run by some globalist element of the “Deep State.”  And, THAT makes sense, considering how FaceBook was, and is, staffed with foreign workers in the US from Hindu and Muslim countries.  Those workers come from countries that have a different way of life – they DO NOT think, or make value decisions, based on the same set of social rules.  For instance – they DO NOT see the value of “Free Speech.”

Here in the English Speaking World, However, There Are Different Rules of Behavior…

“Free Speech” (The First Amendment to the US Constitution) for instance, is a Western Civilization phenomena.  It is derived from English Common Law, a system NOT used world-wide. China, India, and MOST of Planet Earth DO NOT ALLOW “Free Speech.”  The idea of “Free Speech” is a major annoyance to wanna-be-world-dominators like Big Pharma.

‘The Right To Bear Arms” (The Second Amendment to the US Constitution) is another Western Civilization phenomena.  If, for instance, Big Pharma and Bill Gates, attempted to force-vaccinate US children at gunpoint, like they did in Muslim Pakistan, they would get blown away by a well-armed-citizenry.  Americans are armed for a reason...  Americans take “protecting their family units” seriously, as evidenced in this short (humorous) video (30 seconds) by Georgia Governor Candidate Brian Kemp just below…

If you liked that video, you’ll LOVE his other one – also only thirty seconds.  Liberals across the US had to find “safe spaces” to wail and whimper in after these videos went public.

So, Big Pharma brought in the “Skeptics” to slither and slime through the internet…

Everyone knows that Wikipedia, the “Fake Encyclopedia,” is completely controlled by Big Pharma and the “Skeptics.”  Although Jimmy Wales claims otherwise, Wikipedia is anything but a contributing editor controlled website.

As I pointed out in an earlier article called:

Is Wikipedia Controlled by the Scum/Filth “Skeptics?” Or is Something Else Going On Here?

 “There is no question that Wikipedia is not our friend.  It is obviously Skeptic Grand Dragon Home Base.  Sifting though Wikipedia articles on health care is like being forced to listen to convicted pedophiles talk about their “conquests.”

Wikipedia Health articles are THAT horrible…

…The whole Wikipedia thing is a sleight-of-hand trick, with Jimmy Wales pretending he has done something wonderful with five and ten dollar “contributions” from millions of people.  That’s bullshit…

The real money behind Wikipedia, I think, is the HUGE anonymous “contributions” that Jimmy never mentions.  And, I think, Jimmy is completely controlled by those contributors.

That’s why, I think, the scum/filth skeptics have free rein.  Jimmy has been told.  Jimmy obeys.

Who are those “contributors?”  Jimmy is NOT saying.  He simply hides them behind his US Non-Profit (501) tax filing (Form 990) Schedule B

…So, for instance, if we find that that vast amounts of money are being “contributed?” by Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, Gloxo-Smith-Kline, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), etc. couldn’t we assume, quite correctly, that Wikipedia was NOT being operated “for the benefit of the public?”  But, was being operated as a “fee for service” company for those that write checks to them?


The “Skeptics,” of course, BRAG about how they control Wikipedia…

They even have “training camps.

But do they have a plan for FaceBook?

Oh yeah…

We’ve already seen it in action.  I wrote about their FaceBook activities before:

(1) On October 28th, 2014 I exposed an attack on the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)’ss FaceBook page with an article called:

Inept “Skeptics” Attack NVIC FaceBook Page… Laughter Erupts

“Story about the stumbling, bumbling activities of two nincompoops (E. Allison Hagood and Stacy Mintzer Herlihy) attempting to damage the NVIC FaceBook page…

I received a message from my friends over at the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) the other day, asking for some help defending against an all-out attack on their NVIC FaceBook page – an attempt to downgrade their credibility level.  So, I went to investigate, in my usual thorough manner, finding, along the way, a few interesting things I didn’t already know about the pro-vaccine baby killers.

The trouble was that, before I got up to speed to “reveal” the giant conspiracy against the NVIC, and call for action, NVIC stalwarts manned the barricades, intercepted the skeptic assault, spanked them thoroughly, and sent them home to bed without dinner.  I’ll let you read one of the skeptic’s TOP STRATEGIST’S comments about what happened to them down below.  You will laugh.

The first thing I did was to start tracing back the individual so-called skeptics who were commenting on the NVIC page.  The obvious thing I found, there, was the commonality – looking at these people they all fit into the LOSER category – the kind of people who constantly criticize others to make themselves, in their rotten little no-life situation, feel better.  We’ve all met some of them, at some time, and we are always glad to find that they don’t live next door to us.’

(2)  On February 12th, 2018 I wrote the beginning of a three part article series starting with:

“Skeptics” Attack “Vaxxed” Producer Del Bigtree…

Is it Time To Bring In the FBI? 

“Yesterday I got a message from Heather Murray  telling me that Del Bigtree’s “Highwire with Del Bigtree” FaceBook page was under assault by the lowlife “skeptics” Hate Group.  She pointed out that about 500 so-called “skeptics” were trying to downgrade Del’s “Reviews” with nasty comments.

Don’t be dismayed by the “500” so-called “Bad Reviews.”  One of the organizers of this attack brags that he, personally, has over two hundred (200) FaceBook Accounts (fake names).  Figure that one out…”

So, yes, the “skeptics” do have a provable FaceBook campaign, and have had one for some time.

But, what are they doing now?

Very few “skeptics” come out to play in public.  Why?  Because they have MUCH to hide in their personal lives.  They like hiding behind fake identities.  They can attack others without worrying that someone will be waiting in the dark near where they park their car at night – and considering the nature, and viciousness, of their attacks that could be a real concern.

Just think of the reality of a combat veteran returning from his/her fifth tour in Iraq to find their year old child, after nine vaccines were given, turning into a veritable vegetable, getting on the internet looking for help and having some “skeptic” tell them that CPS should take away all of their children for doubting vaccines – and they knew where to find that “skeptic” ”  to have a more personal discussion in a private place.

So, virtually everything the  “skeptics”  are doing on FaceBook is from hidden places.

That action – operating from a hidden place – INCREASES their viciousness.  For example, not long ago:

(1)  The “skeptics” created a new FaceBook page called “Pro Vaxxers Suck,” filled it with hate messages and sick porn, then assigned two Anti-vaxxers as “Admins” (without their knowledge), then organized their teams to REPORT the two people so as to get them banned FOREVER from FaceBook.

(2)  The  “skeptics”  have created a complete “Fraudulent Reporting” scam which they use to falsely report prominent anti-vaxxer’s  Posts as spam, etc.  They do this enmasse, using “Sock Puppets” (Fake FaceBook identities).  As we know, at least ONE of the “skeptics” brags that he has three hundred (300) fake identities on FaceBook.

What can be done about this?  Well, actually, there are a number of things that can be done.  For example, in other arenas, we know how to deal with them.  Try the following examples:

(1)  When the Australian “skeptics” tried to frighten off Meryl Dorey by threatening her with “Rape, Mutilation, and death by fire,” Meryl, and her friends went to an Australian Court for the Australian equivalent of a “Restraining Order.”

(2)  When the US “skeptics”  David Gorski organized a FAILED campaign to PUNISH Doctor’s Data Laboratory for suing whack-job website “Quackwatch” and its owner failed MD Stephen Barrett – the “skeptics” got a sample of what the REALITY of the US Federal Court System was like.  They damn near got added as DEFENDANTS in the lawsuit.  You can laugh when you read about that activity here.

(3)  When the US “skeptics” attempted to frighten off witnesses that were going to testify FOR Doctor’s Data in the above-mentioned case, Doctor’s Data’s attorneys went to court to get a “Protective Order.”  See below, and read the original article about the request here.

NOW COMES Doctor’s Data, Inc., Plaintiff, by its counsel, Augustine, Kern and Levens, Ltd., and Kulwin, Masciopinto and Kulwin, LLP, and moves for a protective order pursuant to Rule 26(c)(1) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure1, seeking to prohibit Defendants from annoying, embarrassing, or oppressing Plaintiff’s expert witnesses or causing them any undue burden or expense. In support, Plaintiff submits as follows.


This Court is very familiar with the facts of this case, so only a brief summary is provided here. Doctor’s Data was forced to sue Defendants, Stephen J. Barrett, M.D., National Council Against Healthfraud, Inc., and Quackwatch, Inc. (collectively, “Barrett Defendants”), after they employed their websites and Internet resources to:

(a) widely publish false and libelous Internet statements that Doctor’s Data was a “shady lab” that conspired with so-called “nonstandard” physicians to “defraud” patients/families, and

(b) actively encourage third-party patients/families – for whom Plaintiff merely processed lab specimens consistent with physicians’ ordering instructions – to file baseless state court lawsuits against Plaintiff Doctor’s Data and their physicians.

To date, Doctor’s Data has documented millions of dollars in on-going reputational harm and lost business income caused by the Barrett Defendants’ defamatory/wrongful conduct. Indeed, to this very day, the Barrett Defendants’ defamatory statements prominently appear on the very first page of any Google search of Plaintiff’s name.

Based on the foregoing and other facts to be explained below, Plaintiff’s liability experts – all of whom are medical professionals – have expressed concern that the Barrett Defendants will retaliate against them for their supportive role in this litigation by targeting them just as the Barrett Defendants have done against Doctor’s Data and many other health care providers nationwide. In particular, Plaintiff recently served on the Barrett Defendants three expert disclosure reports relating to certain liability issues. Plaintiff’s three liability experts are all medical providers who are highly supportive of Doctor’s Data in this matter. (SeeExhs. A, B, C)

As such, Plaintiff’s experts requested Doctor’s Data to seek the Court’s protection for them. Accordingly, Plaintiff seeks a protective order, prohibiting the Barrett Defendants from either directly or indirectly annoying, embarrassing, or oppressing Plaintiff’s expert witnesses or causing them any undue burden or expense.”

Frankly, I was VERY disappointed  that the skeptics BACKED DOWN from harassing Doctor’s Data’s witnesses.  What fun it would have been to report on wads of “skeptic” operatives hunted down by Federal Marshalls, chained and handcuffed, and dragged out by the hair, to a waiting Paddy Wagon, for transport to the clink…

But, hey, perhaps we’ll get another opportunity?

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

5 thoughts on “Part #4 – The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed…”

  1. I am aware of a doctor by the name of Eve Switzer of Enid, OK who boasted of effectively reducing her use of informed consent in the administration of pediatric flu vaccines. She wrote about it in a publication for doctors in her state. When she was appropriately called out for this behavior by social media critics she went into attack mode and filed lawsuits claiming harm to her reputation. Much of this horror played out on FB and had a significantly chilling effect on those of us following the story. A social media acquaintance of mine was sued and legally “gagged”. My ability to post on the subject was mysteriously targeted and I found that when I clicked on “comment” the line to reply would disappear. I “rage quit” FB over this issue and am now “Facebook sober”. That platform is an execration and I have no intention of using it again. EVER. I have written a story about what happened and it is available on my LinkedIn account. I see from what you have shared today that some people are getting a bit of justice in court. I would like to see the same for my friend who faced a lawsuit over sharing information that would protect the lives of babies.

  2. Tim, it took me for a surprise what you reviling in this article. On the other hand, should not really to be so surprising their method of operation. to be straight with this issue it is dividing humanity, big time. These so called ‘skeptics’ are really septic, decaying soul-less mob, to say the least about them. It is really timely, that at last, they are dragged out on the open from their infested sewage dwellings. I happened to post your previous 3 parts of this topic into FB groups I associate myself, but sadly rather downhearting comments were given by some group members, that I could not understand the reason for. I suppose with this final revelation you are giving here should help me (us) to see the deeper issue that we failed to see so far. I won’t go deeper in this issue as I have no time nor nerves nor patience for these shady characters. My stand is ; if one want vaccinations ,this is his right to do but live me alone, let me make my decisions about my life and of those under my care As soon as can prove the and validate the necessity of vaccinology, with ‘real’ scientific evidence I will be in line for the shot on my own will, but not before. Here in Australia we are having a hell of a time to fight the Communistic oriented ruling government with it’s bourocratic setup ,Medical madness, zested with this septic loony mob. Thanks Tim.

  3. Thanks Tim, always nice to hear your explanations of the situation. It is important that we keep the bigger picture in mind.
    Re Mark Zuckerberg, you may recall that he gave one answer in his testimony that very much appeared to have been scripted for him by someone else. We wonder who.
    Regarding the Facebook employees, Im often here in silicon valley and my impression is that there would be a great many employees from India, – including Hindus and a few Indian Christians. My guess is that Muslims would be much fewer. I live in India and really, I have said many times that I feel I have more freedom of speech in India than I have in the U.S. The social penalties in the U.S. for not joining the herd’s mentality can be fairly severe. Not so much so in India, where there is more acceptance that people have varying beliefs and concepts. However, there is no doubt in my mind that few employees of Facebook or any other IT company, would want to go against anything their boss suggests needs to be achieved and done. That goes without saying in India- You do what your boss wants;you must keep your job; your family depends on it; you may not find another job that pays as well- ever.

  4. Cherry Misra, I appreciate your remarks, especially about India. I have never been to India, but I’ve worked with a handful of people whose either came from India themselves or whose parents did. Your descriptions seem very accurate. Frankly, I think India has some advantages over the US or China. In terms of technology use, there seem to be small scale entrepreneurs that are inventive in ways that “herd” mentality countries such as the US and China don’t produce. In addition, I think Indians are waking up to the fact that the “vaccinators” are not their friends and neither is Monsanto. Vandana Shiva is gathering a world wide reputation for her activism to help farmers with sustainable (non-GMO, organic) agriculture and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has gotten some push back from Indians. I suppose there is a high level of corruption in officialdom the world over, and I don’t think India is an exception there, but mostly I give India pretty high marks.

  5. Alex Keiser, Yes, I agree with your observations. Young people, alas, still generally want to trust their pediatricians when it comes to vaccines ( I saw the results in my nursery school in Delhi – that is why I became interested in the vaccine topic) But, yes, I do keep meeting people who have heard something about vaccines, and with this topic being covered increasingly, the number increases . Also, India always had some families who did not like vaccines, and the general brainwashing regarding vaccines was less, as compared to the EXCELLENT brainwashing job done in the US.
    You may enjoy this story- it happened spontaneiously, and one has to bear in mind thatIndia was a victim of colonialism:
    I was in the park with some children of my school, when a father appeared unexpectedly with his slightly affected , possibly autistic son. I had the father join me and I observed the child ; told him I thought the child might recover simply by stopping all vaccines. So then we got onto vaccines and he was somewhat puzzled. then suddenly an idea came in my brain, and I said , “You vaccinated your child, so where is your money now?” He said, “What do you mean?” I replied, Well, you spent a lot of money on those vaccines…” ” Yes , I did ! ” he exclaimed (He did not appear to be a wealthy person). I went on … ” Well, your money is now in Europe, maybe a little bit in India”. He wasnt wealthy- but he sure was smart ; his eyes lit up exactly like the two lightbulbs depicted in cartoons . I didnt have to say much more after that ; he went away with his son and I never saw him again

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