Get on the Travis Train!

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

On June 5, 2018 the citizens of California have a chance to shock the world. 

They can give Travis Allen the votes he needs to face off against presumed front-runner, democrat, Gavin Newsom, in November.

Travis Allen has shown he understands the issues which are important to the health freedom community.  I can not underestimate the importance of this stance.  If we don’t get the health issues right, nothing else matters.  We need to be healthy in order to have a robust and informed political debate.

I am convinced that hope exists for this potential outcome.  Let me tell you why.

About a week ago, signs started appearing around my small town for the upcoming primary election.  I was pleased to see the signs for Travis Allen were plentiful.  I did not see ANY signs for John Cox, the other Republican in the race who has received the endorsement of President Donald Trump.

Yes, I will say it: President Trump endorsed the WRONG candidate for governor in California.

In watching the commercials on television I was disheartened to see that it looked like Cox and the other candidates were beating Allen on the airwaves.  However, discussions with some friends informed me that Travis Allen’s campaign had an enormously active social media presence and that was something I should consider in comparison to more traditional forms of political advertising.

This last weekend I was at a family picnic and got into a political discussion with my free-spirited, Santa Cruz sister-in-law.  I adore this sister-in-law because she is feisty, and when I met her she was a very strong liberal.  And she genuinely makes an attempt to understand both sides.

In 2016 she went to rallies for both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, because she wanted to compare the two men.  And yes, she was just to the side of the woman at the Trump rally in Burlingame who got pelted with eggs thrown by protesters.

My sister-in-law was an enormous Travis Allen fan, having watched the debate between the candidate, and also having followed the race more closely than I have done.  She also reinforced the message others have told me that his supporters are REALLY passionate about him.

As I was driving out of Santa Cruz I saw a number of people with signs on one of the overpasses.  They were Travis Allen supporters. Their largest sign read, “HONK – IF YOU SUPPORT TRAVIS ALLEN.”

I honked.

I suggest all of my fellow, dispirited Californians, who have long believed this to be a one party democratic state to go to the polls on June 5, 2018 and cast your vote for Travis Allen.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

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7 thoughts on “Get on the Travis Train!”

  1. Happy to say that when I saw the subject line in my email, “Get On the Travis Train,” I knew what this article was about! Even though I live on the east coast. Tooting my horn for Travis!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! Travis Allen is the real deal and he will get rid of the gas tax on day one….and he is a strong advocate of parental rights. He will reverse liberal policies,regulations and taxes that have pushed good people and business owners out of the state of California, including Travis’ parents, his brother, and his best friend. Travis decided to stay and run for office, so he could be party of the solution. He is a recognized conservative and he is the ONLY person who voted for President Trump, even though Trump endorsed the Rhino in this race, who is not even a Californian! Democrats are putting money into Cox’ campaign, so that should tell everyone all that we need to know about the governor’s race. vote for The People’s Choice for governor, Travis Allen!!!

  3. Maurine Meleck: Absolutely right. The vaccine-injury holocaust is the only issue. Never again will I waste ink voting for anyone who is not on our side, that of exposing these criminal quacks.

  4. All we see and hear is COX. our political fellows are endorsing Cox also. But after listening to his representative gave a speech at a State of Jefferson meeting, I decided, Cox is not for separating the state. He just wants to pretend to add more representation for us…. No, we want our own power. California is not listening to US in rural districts, and we pay the same taxes in fuel and state, as those in heavily populated areas, which make more money, and get the benefits we pay for.

  5. I will vote for Travis Allen. ALLEN didn’t donate to Pelosi, or switch to republican to get elected.

  6. Don’t bite your tongue on Trump, what has he done for us? Nothing, just more swamp, same story here, I will not vote for him again the way things stand, heck I might as well of voted for Hillary.

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