Inept “Skeptics” Attack NVIC FaceBook Page… Laughter Erupts

A Story about the stumbling, bumbling activities of two nincompoops (E. Allison Hagood and Stacy Mintzer Herlihy) attempting to damage the NVIC FaceBook page…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

I received a message from my friends over at the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) the other day, asking for some help defending against an all-out attack on their NVIC FaceBook page – an attempt to downgrade their credibility level.  So, I went to investigate, in my usual thorough manner, finding, along the way, a few interesting things I didn’t already know about the pro-vaccine baby killers.

The trouble was that, before I got up to speed to “reveal” the giant conspiracy against the NVIC, and call for action, NVIC stalwarts manned the barricades, intercepted the “skeptic” assault, spanked them thoroughly, and sent them home to bed without dinner.  I’ll let you read one of the “skeptic’s” TOP STRATEGIST’S comments about what happened to them down below.  You will laugh.

The first thing I did was to start tracing back the individual so-called “skeptics” who were commenting on the NVIC page.  The obvious thing I found, there, was the commonality – looking at these people they all fit into the LOSER category – the kind of people who constantly criticize others to make themselves, in their rotten little no-life situation, feel better.  We’ve all met some of them, at some time, and we are always glad to find that they don’t live next door to us.

But first let’s do a little background...

There is a BIG PUSH in the United States to force, or scare, every US citizen into mandatory vaccines – as many as can be delivered, as fast as possible.  Why is that?  it’s all about BIG PHARMA income.  Nothing else.  There are no legitimate reasons for vaccinations, at all, much less the sort of schedule BIG PHARMA wants.  I wrote about this before.  Below, in italics, is what I said:

We don’t see as many of those annoying drug ads on TV anymore because, simply, their patents ran out and all of those drugs became available in “generic” form at a tenth of the price.  For a while the drug industry was in a panic, but then they came up with a new idea – that, for now, is working very well.

The idea that the drug industry in the US could, after their big patents ran out in 2012 and 2013, shift their profit center to an INCREASED CHILDHOOD VACCINE SCHEDULE, with NO legal liability (they can’t be sued), using, what are supposed to be OUR “watchdog” groups; Federal, State, and local governments, as their marketing tool, is at best absurd…

But, that’s what we have, and…

Worse is that Big Pharma has gone into public/private partnerships over the ownership and royalties for those vaccines, with the very public agencies that are supposed to protect us.

And, as you may have noticed, the NVIC is in their way – pointing out the problems.  The NVIC is the most well known of the people, and groups, pointing out problems, which, of course, would make them prone to attack.

And, since the NVIC is currently releasing new information…

The “creepies” are coming out.

The Schema…

Some of my readers tell me that they are uncomfortable when I point out that those “skeptics” that haunt the internet Discussion Groups, acting in as nasty a manner as possible, are primarily angry male homosexuals trained in internet disruption in places like the “Amazing Meeting” in Las Vegas.  I’ve had several inquiries from readers, members of the LGBT community, all wanting to know why I bring up the fact of the “skeptics” sexual orientation.  I always answer in the same way – that “it is an oddity that needs to be pointed out, and if the LGBT community is uncomfortable with the commercialization of angry male homosexual behavior, then deal with it yourselves, but the fact that it is happening IS AN ISSUE.”

To be even more blunt on this issue, let me point out that NO ONE is going to walk into gay bars in East Amherst, New York and Paradise, Florida, every year, plop down NINE MILLION DOLLARS IN ANONYMOUS CASH EACH YEAR, so those groups “can be skeptical…”  Especially considering what those groups are supposedly “skeptical” about.  Angry male homosexuals, I need to point out, DO NOT generally have children, much less children with vaccine injuries.  So, why are they here at all?  Guess…

But the “skeptics” are not always angry male homosexuals.  Sometimes they are worse.  Sometimes they are just plain LOSERS, as I found on the FaceBook Group “Anti Vax Hall of Shame” the batch of ne’er-do-wells that seems to have been the organizers of the attack against the NVIC.  Here is where it got to be hilarious once I began to investigate.

Time for a laugh – On the left of this paragraph is the main diagram on the FaceBook Group “Anti Vax Hall of Shame,” explaining to their members, how this FaceBook page actually works.  This diagram , apparently written by  E.  Allison Hagood, the apparent group leader, partner with Stacy Mintzer Herlihy,  supposedly, in the writing of a vaccine injury denialist book called “Your Baby’s Best Shot” in 2012.  The book now sells, two years later, for $2.13 on Amazon  (less than the printing cost) and the “reviews” are hilarious.  The nicer two Reviews I found say:

(1) This book is financed by pharma, written by pharma, promoted by pharma and pharma will be happy to prescribe medication for you once they have harmed you and your children. These people are pure evil. Just check out Ms. Hagood on Facebook. One of the most foul mouths you will ever have the misfortune to witness. If you don’t fall in line with vaccinating according to the CDC schedule, you will be showered with filthy names and accused of murdering your children. Steer clear from her and this book.

(2).”What a laugh! I have to say I was a little surprised to see this book even made it past the publishers (well, I would be if we lived in an ideal world where money didn’t talk so very loudly, and corporate interests didn’t over-ride child health), let alone to the non-fiction section!! If I had a dollar for every half-truth and piece of left-out info in this typical propaganda piece, which does of course include a spiel from Paul ‘Babies can handle ten thousand shots at once but all vitamins are dangerous, never mind the huge profits I make from the jabs’ P(r)ofit and the ever-vitriolic Alison Hagood I’d be a rich woman. Perhaps almost as rich as Dr Profit himself!

In short: If you’re after something to tell you what to do so you don’t have to think for yourself, and you don’t mind risking baby’s health, this is a good one for you.

If you prefer to do your own research and aren’t into putting baby’s life at risk for profit and dangerous half-truths and misinformation, skip this one and find something more truthful and less prone towards twisting info and blatantly lying to you.

Your baby is worth more than this book.”

So we fully understand the quality of the people we are dealing with here,  Notice, too, Hagood’s liberal use of the word “fuck” in the diagram text.  You’ll see more of this in a minute.

I sent Allison Hagood a nice,  friendly (for me), email, where she works during the day, requesting some information about the attack on NVIC.  But, so far, she has declined to answer.  As you can see below, my questions were right on point.  I can’t imagine why she failed to answer.  Read my questions:

  1. Allison Hagood:

I was researching the recent attack on the NVIC FaceBook page and, considering your comments on the Anti Vax Hall of Shame, your name came to the fore.  I have some questions for my upcoming article about this situation. 

(1)    Did you consult an attorney before you, and yours, designed, and executed, this anti-NVIC campaign?  If so, who was it?  How do I contact them?  Was the term “legal malice” explained to you?  Was the legal term “Jurisdiction in California” in terms of where legal action would commence regarding FaceBook issues of malice explained to you? 

(2)    Did you research the FaceBook Terms and Conditions before you, and yours, organized and executed, this campaign? 

(3)    Who is the actual owner, or controller, of the FaceBook page “Anti Vax Hall of Shame?” 

(4)    What is the name of your immediate supervisor there at Arapahoe Community College?  Has that person authorized your activities, and/or your campus time spent, regarding the attack on the NVIC?  Or any of your Anti Vax Wall of Shame activities? 

(5)    Have you ever been sued before?  Do you own property anywhere?  How many more years do you expect to work?   

(6)    What were the dates of your attendance at the Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas?  Are the photos of you there with any of the leadership?   

(7)    Are you a member of any so-called “Skeptic”” group?  If so, how did you come to associate with them?  What is your sexual orientation? 

(8)    Do you get any reward, of any kind, for your activities?  If so, from whom? 

I’d like to get this article out to my subscriber base within a few days, so I’d like some answers as soon as possible. 

Thanking you, in advance, for your cooperation…


I think my questions were fairly clear, don’t you?  I cannot imagine why she did not respond.

Well, It Turns Out We Needn’t Have Been Concerned…

The NVIC simply smacked these nitwits down.  They just turned off the file for a while, and erased the comments.

And here is where it gets really laughable.

Stacy Mintzer Herlihy, the supposed other Author, with E. Allison Hagood, of the crap book described above, has a tendency to accuse ANYONE who criticizes her of being an Anti-Semite (snort).  Mintzer, the Jewish part of her, I guess claims to be an independent writer, but the only two things I found that she has written other then a crap “jam as many deadly pus injections into a baby as possible” book was an article where she describes, I kid you not, how fat and ugly she is from eating too much chocolate, and another reviewing local restaurants for a New Jersey Golf Course.

  1. Allison Hagood, on the other hand, is even more exciting.  She teaches psychology courses at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado.  I found a page where her students rated her competency, and I nearly choked on the whipped milk topping on my morning latte, when I read the reviews.  Here are a few samples:

(1)  One of the worst professors I ever had! Just basically made us memorize the textbook and barely taught anything! I could’ve saved my money just brought the textbook and learned on my own with such a worthless Professor!!

(2)  Not very impressed with the professor. She basically expects you to memorize the text book. I was really hoping to learn more than just memorizing the text book. The exams are from the publisher. If I could have a do over I would find a different teacher.

(3)  She is very rude and attacks everything you write. Even if you do what she asks for it will still be wrong. Her instructions are not very clear.

(4)  This teacher is awful, she is not helpful at all. She doesn’t email you back within a timely manner. Her tests are absolutely ridiculous. It’s like having a final exam every single test. She doesn’t give any help or second chances. I love psychology but she made me hate the class more than any class I’ve ever taken.

(5)  Horrible. This teacher does not understand general concepts and treats this 200 level course like an 800 level. MEMORIZE EVERYTHING. EVERY POINTLESS FACT in the book because she will test you on it. Absolutely ridiculous teacher. You will absolutely have to spend at least 40+ hours a week in order to get a C. Don’t take classes from her.

(6)  Allison is a generally good instructor. However, she has a tendency to get emotional about her liberal and feminist political ideology in class at times, even going as far as allowing these beliefs to influence her presentation of the course material.

In Summary…

I have to say to my friends over at NVIC “If this is the best attack they can field against you, you need to get laughter insurance.”

The Nincompoop’s reaction to their ignominious defeat…

Remember when I told you about the eminent (sarcasm intended) author’s liberal use of the word “fuck?”  For your amusement I will here, now, let you read Stacy Mintzer Herlihy’s comment, regarding her, and her band of the unwashed, being slapped aside in their attempt to damage the NVIC, on her “Anti Vax Hall of Shame” FaceBook page:

October 26 at 7:28pm
 · Edited

Holy hell, those cowards and NVIC banned me and deleted all the posts I made there.

F*ck you, NVIC. Fuck you and merry band of morons. F*ck you and your smallpox loving brains. F*ck you for standing up for paranoia, scientific illiteracy, HPV caused cancers and every last germ on the planet. F*ck the head of your organization for calling the HPV vaccine the “slut vaccine.”

F*ck you for suing Dr. Offit, one of the great heroes of our time. F*ck you for taking a million dollars from Dr. Mercola, a waste of a medical degree who peddles stupidity instead of science to morons. F*ck you for promoting the kind of ignorance that was last fashionable in the seventeenth century. F*ck you for scaring people. And f*ck you for posting an article by an asshole that personally attacked me and called for harm to come to me and my children.

I just hope pertussis does not breaks your ribs. I just hope measles does not fill your ears with fluid and puncture your eardrums. I just hope mumps does not causes your gonads to swell up like balloons. I just hope the flu does not make you so sick you can’t get out of bed for a month. I hope chicken pox scars do not mar your face or destroy your lungs.

You, the people of NVIC, are nothing more than a group of modern day Typhoid Marys. You are a public health menace and should be treated the way we treat those who deliberately pee in the water supply and refuse to wash their hands.”

I’m sorry, but I cannot take this spoiled, nasty, (Jewish, or not) child in a woman’s body, seriously.  “Pathetic” is the word that comes to mind.

But funny.

Stay Tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate