Oh My, Oh My!!!! The CDC Whistleblower Story Just Keeps Getting Better…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

Last Friday, August 29th, 2014 I attended, and spoke at, the combined AutismOne/Thriiive conference in conjunction with the 42nd Annual Cancer Control Society – held at the Universal Sheraton Hotel in Universal City, California.  Brian Hooker PhD spoke just before me.  Dana Gorman right after.

There were SIX IMPORTANT NEW REVELATIONS: two newly released pieces of evidence, and four startling Conclusions, that came out of Brian Hooker’s speech.

Many of you have probably already heard that CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson has written a letter, and posted it on his lawyer’s website, VERIFYING Brian Hooker’s complaints.  The Big Pharma “spin” machine is operating at full power – but their efforts to contain the whole story are laughable.  The story is growing, appropriately, as it should, for there is no denying that the CDC got caught with their pants down, and, consequently, their credibility is gone.  Fini.  The whistleblower, in his letter, verified EVERYTHING Hooker said happened.  Read William Thompson’s letter here

But now – the new revelations…

All of the conference is available, so far, on YouTube in the UNEDITED version.  There you can see Brian Hooker’s speech – and it is a very detailed expression of what he and the whistleblower shared.  But you will have to scroll to the 5:20 marker of Part (2) to avoid viewing the unedited prep work.  Click here to go to the Part (2) YouTube site.  There will be a cleaner copy available soon.  There was more than one camera running.  Before you go watch the speech read the rest of this description.

What you will find, in Hooker’s speech, are DETAILS of how bad the CDC covered things up, and, more, how much detail the whistleblower shared with Brian Hooker.  Thompson, as you will find in the video, provided Hooker with private CDC data:

(1)  his own hand-written notes (and you can see the actual handwriting)

(2)  the, before this, SECRET inside CDC Study Reviewers’ written comments (and they are right there on the screen) – VERY revealing  in terms that the “reviewers”  of the original CDC studies were VERY CLEAR in their condemnation of those papers. And that, despite the CDC’s own reviewer’s condemnation, the CDC presented them as factual representations of findings.

To me, we are dealing here with clear Criminal Fraud as described in 18 USC 1001.

Criminal activity…

What I suggest is that you, before you take a look at the whole video of Brian’s speech, is that you scroll, first, to the end of the Part (2) video here at 52:49 starting where Brian says “So, anyhow…”, and run it to the end, listening carefully to Brian’s Conclusions, first.  I will list the written points here, just below, but I want you to hear him and see him say it.


The CDC cannot be relied upon to conduct ANY vaccine safety studies.  They are a conflicted agency.  Vaccine safety does not belong in the CDC.  Vaccine Surveillance is fine, but not Safety.  The same agency that is responsible for pushing vaccine updates, and is, literally, buying,  four billion dollars worth, per year, of vaccines, has no business looking at Vaccine Safety – that is a complete conflict of interest.  The CDC should not be looking at Vaccine Safety at all. They are a conflicted agency, and it should be taken out of their hands, if not out of the hands of the DHHS.

Although the CDC has “studied” thimerosal and MMR vaccine, they have neglected the health effects associated with the rest of the infant schedule.  This is the hall of fame (hall of shame?) – they have received the lifetime achievement award for dubious statistics.  They have neglected to look at the health effects of the entire vaccine schedule.  The entire vaccine schedule is NOT based on the health of the child.  It is based on a bloated vaccination schedule which is out of control.

Everything is on the table.  The entire vaccination schedule is on the table. 

And the time is right to take action – contact your own Congressman, and make sure they are in contact with Congressman Darrel Issa, Chairman of the Oversight and Governmnent Reform Committee who can begin an investigation of malfeasance.  We need an investigation into what is going on in Vaccine Safety – so that we can (1)  know what happened to our kids, and (2) prevent further damage of future generations.

I keep saying that Autism is only two things:  (1)  What is causing it, and what do we do about that?  and (2)  How do we fix the children and the families?  In one of my earlier articles I pointed out that AutismOne with Thriiive.com have banded together to put the answer to question number two in place.  If you look at Brian’s next to last slide you will see the names of some of the players putting together some answers to  the “What is causing it…”question.

I applaud their efforts…

We are starting to move right along.

The whole conference is on two YouTube videos.  It was REALLY Good.  You can watch the whole thing by clicking here for Part (1) and here for Part (2).  One particularly good lecture was by Shawn Centers DO, the founding President of The American Academy of Pediatric Osteopathy.  If you want to see an overview of the Biomedical approach to Autism watch this one by starting at 3:31:20 on part (1) by clicking here.

You can, if you want, hang around for my 40 minute lecture titled “Designing Solutions for the Autism Problem – Now is the time…”  To suffer through that click here and scroll to 1:10:25 to start it. There will be my usual blunt humor, entwined with a lecture on how to organize a campaign to get rid of Autism.  You can view the Powerpoint presentation, I used, by clicking here.  I will do a separate article about this right soon.

Important Points…

There are two very important points to consider:  (1)  The CDC knows very well how dangerous vaccines really are, and (2)  The Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, is an active participant in the problem solution, now, and is giving advice to Brian Hooker PhD on how to use the information.

Very important points…

Special thanks…

To Teri Arranga (AutismOne) and Dana Gorman (THRiiiVE.com) for arranging this, all of the speakers, and the group in Brian’s second to last slide who brought Brian here.  Also thanks to the management of the Cancer Control Society who managed to get the room for free for all day.

Stay tuned.  The fun is increasing.  We are just getting started.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate

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