The Anju Usman MD Victory Story… Another Nail in Stephen Barrett’s Coffin – It Wasn’t a Good Idea To Pick On One of the Autism Community’s Favorite Doctors…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

O.K. people – it is time to GLOAT again.  Get on the internet, find a sleazy “skeptic,” drag out your favorite way to rub someone’s nose in something icky, and deliver this article, and all of its strong points, and wait for the explosion.  It will be worth the wait.  You’ll be able to FEEL the rise in blood pressure of your target.  The first response will be DENIAL, then will come an attack on me, Tim Bolen, personally, claiming I am “not reliable,” blah, blah, blah…

But, you can start smiling in anticipation right now…

The courtroom attack, by the social filthies, on Anju Usman MD is over.  On October 2nd, 2014, attorneys for James Coman, in Chicago, Illinois Voluntarily Dismissed the civil case against Usman. Why did they do that?  Well, sit back and I’ll tell you what happened.  I am going to move that beginning smile of yours over to a full-fledged grin – unless of course you are a “skeptic.”  Then, I will enrage you.

The Relationship Between Anju Usman MD, Dan Rossignol MD, and the Doctor’s Data vs Stephen Barrett Federal Court Case…

If you glance over to the right you’ll see a column containing the first sixty (60) articles I wrote about the Doctor’s Data Vs Stephen Barrett, et al, Federal court case.  It would be a good idea, right now, to click on the last one in the column, and read it so your memory will be refreshed on where we are in this saga.  Federal court cases drag on forever.  Very little has happened in the case since May of 2014 – for the Judge has a lot of paperwork to go through to make some decisions – but those are coming.

If you are new to this issue (a newer reader) the best way to understand this issue is to read an article I wrote about this case six months after it started, called “Why the Doctor’s Data v Barrett case is important to North America… 9/22/10.”  It is long, because it contains actual excerpts from the original case filed with the Federal Court – but it puts the whole thing into perspective in terms of the battle for health care in the United States, and, hence, the world.

But, where does Anju Usman MD come into all this?  And Dan Rossignol MD?  What’s that all about?  I’ll answer that right now – and there is nothing convoluted about it.  It is a simple story about a conspiracy – as in Count number Nine (Civil Conspiracy) of the original Court case.

Let’s start where I started – with the situation surrounding the closing of CARE Clinics in Austin, Texas by a raid by the Feds seizing all of their records supposedly investigating “Health Insurance Fraud.”  I wrote about that situation here: “In Texas (2) – Feds Spit On Barrett’s Claims About Austin’s CARE Clinics…  4/16/11.”  During my investigation of the CARE Clinics situation I found that, not only was Barrett, and his bag of rodent minions, trying to get CARE Clinics criminally indicted, but in the documents it was very clear that Doctor’s Data was also a target.  Barrett, whose mouth paints anyone, and everyone, he doesn’t like with excrement, was trying to shut down bio-medical treatments for Autism.

So, what, in Barrett’s mind, was CARE Clinic’s crime?  They had treated over four thousand Autism victims at their clinic and had billed, and had gotten paid by, health insurance providers.  CARE Clinic’s patients never had to write even one check for their “Test and Treat” bio-medical services provided.  More, their patients were thriving.


After I figured out what Barrett, and his angry band of homoskeptuals, were up to, I called Doctor’s Data’s attorneys in Chicago and said “There are some things you need to know, and some documents you need to take a look at….”  About two months later Doctor’s Data sued Barrett, et al, and the famous “Doctors Data vs Barrett, et al” case was alive and well.  Sixty articles later, here we are.

So, what about Anju Usman and Dan Rossignol?  They were associated with Defeat Autism Now (DAN), and, they too, successfully treat Autism victims, as I found out in my further investigations.  They were, and are now, part of the Barrett, et al, attack right from the beginning.

CARE Clinics, Usman, and Rossignol, and all of the DAN and MAPS health professionals, all use a “Test and Treat” protocol, similar to the Flow Chart on the left.  DAN’s successor MAPS continues to train health professionals in this method.

Barrett, and company, were in a diarrhea panic over this protocol.  Why?  Well, probably for three reasons:  (1)  Fixing Autistic children flies in the face of their claim “we don’t know what’s causing it, so we don’t know what to do about it…”  (2)  When you figure out HOW to solve the problem, and solve it, there is a clear path backwards to the probable cause of the problem… (3)  Barrett, and his ilk, like the so-called “skeptics,” in my opinion, LIKE causing pain and suffering to others.  It makes them feel better about themselves, somehow.

In the Coman vs Usman case, for instance (the one just Dismissed on October 2nd, 2014) by Coman’s attorneys, the language in the case was VERY inflammatory.

As Trine Tsodorous, then at the Chicago Tribune, but now, it appears, UNEMPLOYED (fired from the Tribune?) said at the time: Dr. Anjum Usman, of Naperville, has been a star in the world of alternative treatments for autism for years, but now she’s facing professional discipline for her approach to the frustrating disorder.

In prescribing chelation, a hormone modulator and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Usman subjected a young Chicago boy to unproven treatments and demonstrated “extreme departure from rational medical judgment,” a complaint filed this week by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation states.”

It should not go unnoticed that now, three years later, Anju Usman MD is doing just fine, and Trine Tsodorous is obviously “looking for work.”

More, and even funnier, is the article written by “Orac,” the one I call “Orac the Nipple Ripper,” and his group of “commenters” on his so-called Science Blog.  “Orac”  whose real name is David Gorski MD has a nothing job, supported by a Grant from a vaccine manufacturer, at a fifth rate “Medical University” that, I suspect, even third world countries may not honor degrees from.  I don’t have any proof of that, but they did hire Gorski, and he’s still there, so…

Gorski, in his crappy little, not well attended, blog wrote:  “Suing DAN! practitioners for malpractice: It’s about time,” and there he said (get ready to laugh):

Now that’s what I’m talking about! This is what we need to see more of! A father whose child underwent the quackery that is the Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) protocol is suing the doctors who administered it for malpractice:

The father of a 7-year-old Chicago boy who was diagnosed as a toddler with autism has sued the Naperville and Florida doctors who treated his son, alleging they harmed the child with “dangerous and unnecessary experimental treatments.”

James Coman and his son were featured last year in “Dubious Medicine,” a Tribune series that examined risky, unproven treatments for autism based on questionable science.

The defendants — family-practice physicians Dr. Anjum Usman of Naperville and Dr. Daniel Rossignol of Melbourne, Fla. — are prominent in the Defeat Autism Now! movement, which promotes many of the alternative treatments the Tribune scrutinized. Both have spoken to groups of parents at autism conferences and trained other physicians in their methods.

Coman alleged in Cook County Circuit Court that Usman and Rossignol prescribed “medically unnecessary and unjustified” chelation treatments, designed to force the body to excrete toxic metals, even though the child did not suffer from heavy metal poisoning. The treatments carry a risk of kidney failure, the lawsuit alleges.

“This is a big business, and there are a lot of people who are willing to put aside the safety of children to make money off of scared, desperate parents,” Coman said in an interview.

I’ve uploaded a copy of the complaint in PDF format for your perusal here.

Indeed it is big business to be bilking the parents of autistic children of considerable sums of money to use pseudoscientific “treatments” based largely on the scientifically discredited idea that autism is some form of “vaccine injury” or “toxicity” due to a combination of vaccines and environmental “toxins” (almost always vaguely defined or completely undefined). As a result, children are subjected to potentially dangerous treatments like chelation therapy, which can kill when it goes wrong, designed to “detoxify” the heavy metals that are supposedly causing the child’s autism. Coman alleges a whole host of unscientific and unsupportable “tests” by Doctor’s Data and “therapies” by Drs. Usman and Rossignol that, in their totality, are truly horrifying. Get a load of just a fraction of what’s in the complaint:

The trouble with Barrett, Gorski, and Tsodorous’s claims is that it is one thing to MAKE THEM and something else, entirely, to prove them.

That, of course, is what happened to James Coman.  The Judge had been saying to Coman, and his attorneys “where’s the beef?” meaning “where is your scientific proof,”  and “where are your expert witnesses, buster?”  Coman had asked for, and gotten, two extensions in his trial to find any “Expert Witnesses,” at all, that could testify in his favor, and was, I suspect, on the edge of having his case thrown out, and personally charged for the Usman Defense costs, when this sudden “Voluntary Dismissal” came to the table.

Coman’s so-called “Expert Witness,” he came into the case with, was the one I call “bobby baratz.”  Frankly, bobbie might SOMETIMES  do OK in a State Medical Board Hearing, where the State can drag a leaking, dripping, homeless person in, by the ankle, to testify, the testifying rules are so lenient. But in a REAL Court of Law there are very strict rules that apply – it is called the “Daubert Standard,” named after the Supreme Court Decisions that made the rule.  Barrett, et al, should have given up, long ago, trying to get “bobbie baratz” Daubert qualified to testify on much of anything.  David Wilzig, the California attorney that originated this case, knew, very well, that my files on “bobby baratz” were in the hands of Usman’s attorneys.  Why?  Usman’s attorneys are also Doctor’s Data’s attorneys.  To read more about Wilzig, go to: “Quackbuster Attack on NICO Flops…”

Another Nail in the Coffin?

Oh, yeah…  Very much so.  Barrett, and his minions and Orcs, now, have been beaten at every turn.  He cannot rely on even the least of Court Decisions to bolster his defense.  Not one of his victims has settled.  The Feds laughed at his “Health Insurance Fraud” claims.  The State of Texas tossed his cases in the trash.  The Illinois courts were not kind.  And, best of all, Doctor’s Data laboratory intends to take Quackwatch away from him, and sell it to the highest bidder.

In Closing…

Barrett has known since October 2nd, 2014, that James Coman dropped his case, and, of course, Barrett still has the article about Coman suing Usman on his website..  Why do I say that?  Because it is obvious Barrett had EVERYTHING to do with the case in the first place.  Nutbag Barrett, and his band of pea-brains, cannot stand losing.  And, Doctor’s Data is going to take EVERYTHING from him, and his loser minions.  And, I will be certain to let you all in on every detail…


There is so much happening…

Stay Tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate