Ebola Toolkit… What do we need in our US homes to defeat Ebola?  Why?  Because  it looks like we are going to have to fight this one ourselves, with no help, and, in fact, hindrance, from our own US health care system…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

I was reading stories on the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)  website early this morning, about what is happening in Liberia and Sierra Leone, in the US CDC directed supposed “Stop the Ebola” project.

It was there that I found that virtually NOTHING is being done for patients to try to stop the Ebola within individual patients.  All they are doing is isolating patients behind what looks like construction fencing (see photo below left), where they can be watched dying.  With that, we can assume that an Ebola outbreak in the US would be treated exactly the same way. 

From the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)  website, there is this excerpt:

Ebola: “Fighting a Forest Fire With Spray Bottles

“We’re all sorry.

We’re sorry that we don’t have a medicine proven safe and effective to kill the Ebola virus. We’re sorry that we don’t have a vaccine. We’re sorry that we’ve failed to stop the epidemic. We know we should be doing more but we don’t have the resources, we don’t have the capacity, we don’t have the staff. Some days it feels like it doesn’t matter how hard we work because there aren’t enough of us.

We’re fighting a forest fire with spray bottles. Local health workers try to care for Ebola patients without the proper training or equipment and become sick themselves, infecting their own families before dying. This is how Ebola started in Tewa’s family. Children leave the hospital negative for Ebola but go back to houses contaminated with the virus and there is no one to disinfect them.

West African Ebola patients are isolated behind construction fencing.  Nothing is done for them to help them fight the Ebola virus.

Media attention is constant but much of the focus is on whether the virus will kill Europeans or Americans. Journalists come to film staff in exotic yellow hazmat suits, to photograph tanned, exhausted expatriate aid workers, and then they go home and tell the story of the poor Africans and the brave foreigners who came to save them. They are in love with the romance of the dirt roads and killer virus, but miss the outrage and helplessness we are living every day.

We see entire villages wiped out, we follow the tangled webs of extended families as one by one they become sick and die. We live in a world where conversations revolve around where to put the all the bodies no one has come to bury. We separate sick parents from healthy children or the reverse. We listen to the brokenhearted wails of a woman who has lost the last of her ten children, and then a week later we see her in our triage tent with her small grandson and we watch them die.

No one is asking where the rest of the response is. They don’t question why, after five months of talk, and more than 1,500 known deaths, the epidemic is still raging. They don’t ask, “Where is the money donors are pledging? Where are the boots on the ground?”

In the story quote above, pay close attention to the words “We’re sorry that we don’t have a medicine proven safe and effective to kill the Ebola virus.”  This is the reason being used TO DO NOTHING – no drug company holds a patent, and has gotten approval, for a treatment, so, consequently, no income is flowing to the FDA for “approvals,” so they just watch them die.  Of course, they are working on a “vaccine…”

This Is A Horror Story of The First Magnitude, and It’s Heading Our Way…

There are, virtually, NO treatments officially being offered to kill the Ebola virus in West Africa.  Only efforts to contain it.

No treatments.  Despite the fact that there are many absolutely successful non-drug approaches to dealing with Ebola, they just let it run its course.  it’s like it is one big “study.”  See the New York Times article “Using a Tactic Unseen in a Century, Countries Cordon Off Ebola-Racked Areas.”  (photo to right).

I watched, yesterday, Gary Franchi’s “Enemy of the State” movie.  It talks about what happened in 2004 over the fake Swine flu pandemic, and in 2009 over the fake H1N1 flu hoax.  There, you can see, in the news at the time, the exact same strategy, and tactics, being employed over the “Ebola Hoax.”  Take the time to watch it.  It clearly shows that these hoaxes are part of a program to bypass the US Constitution and bring in martial law and mandatory vaccinations on a grand scale.

So, do we now know what all those new US FEMA camps, with fences covered with razor wire, are really for?  Is this the CDC’s future for us?

Prepare yourself, and your family, in more ways than one.

How to prepare…

Ebola can be beaten.  It is just a virus, and as we, in the world of Advanced non-drug health care know, there are numerous ways to kill, or prevent, viruses from doing damage to the body.  If, for instance, the first Ebola victim in the US, Thomas Eric Duncan, had been treated with high dose vitamin CVitamin D3 megadoses, or IV Ozone therapy, he’d be alive and well today.

My advice is to avoid any, and all, vaccines.  We simply cannot trust the drug industry under ANY circumstances anymore.  They have a history of death and destruction.  Nor can we trust local, State or Federal, Health Officials – assume they are all on the take.  Every one.  Read this interesting article making the connection between dispersal of the African Meningitis Vaccine and the Ebola outbreak.

If the Ebola virus DOES get loose in America do NOT expect help from hospitals or health officials.  if you go to a hospital, or allow health workers to take you or your child somewhere, and expect help for you or your sick child, be advised that you and/or your child will NOT get health care of any kind.  You, and yours, will be thrown on the isolation “trash heap,” to die.  Period.  Nothing different, other than what was offered in West Africa, is planned for the US.  Read the article Fear of Ebola Breeds a Terror of Physicians,” and watch the video, at the top of that article.  You will find this hard to believe, but it is happening right this moment.

The easiest, and most accessible strategy, at the moment, is to stock up on Vitamin C, and D3, and keep it on hand.  Below, I will give you a list of what you need.  if you have access to electronic health devices, it is time to re-read the manuals and literature, and make sure they are in working order, including battery back-up – for even the simplest are tuned for virus destruction.  The same for oxygen and ozone generators – make sure they are working at optimum.  Get any supplies you need NOW.  Don’t wait.

According to the International Society for Molecular Medicine there is an adequate Vitamin C delivery system for the home.  Read their whole article on this subject here.  Just below is an excerpt:


We assume that you are not a medical professional and do not have access to IV ascorbate. However, if IV sodium ascorbate is available, it should be given slowly and as continuously as possible. For children, enemas may be the most practical method (we hope to publish practical instructions for this soon). Medical professionals can deal with such things with little difficulty, but others may do more harm than good.

The first important thing is to start the treatment early. The longer a person waits after the initial symptoms, the less effective the treatment will be. Also if the illness is allowed to develop the sick person may become unable to take anything orally.

Once again, the idea is to get dynamic flow going with as much ascorbic acid as can be tolerated. In this case, the doses are massive. Five to ten grams every half hour, through the day, will provide 120 to 240 grams a day. Even at this high intake, the blood plasma levels may be low or undetectable; at most 250 microM/L will be achieved. So the question then becomes how much additional liposomal vitamin C the patient can tolerate.

A practical approach would be to start with 5 grams of ascorbic acid and a similar amount of liposomal vitamin C in very frequent doses. Remember the key is dose, dose, dose. More vitamin C!”

Be sure to read their whole article on this.

Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller MD, said in his earlier article “Ebo-LA vs. EBO-LIE  – There is nothing to fear, but fear itself…..that he would, personally, use vitamin C, Vitamin D3, backed up with selenium, and more.  Here is what he said:

Selenium…. 400 mcg twice a day – (Adult dose)

Vit D3 50K per day for a very finite period of time (no more than two weeks) (the normal dose for everyday would be 5000iu per day)
Must take K2 with this humongous dose. (2000 mg twice a day)

Vitamin C (this is where I differ from the orthomolecular folks).  You have to be careful orally taking large amounts of C.  In my opinion while C is very important, D3 is more important. Large of amounts of C orally will just cause diarrhea.

I would take 1000 mg of liposomal C every waking hour – so that might work out to 12 to 14 grams a day – a large dose but not a incredibly large dose. And one the bowel can tolerate.

If one becomes symptomatic (cytokine storm)…. you need CUrcumin and Omega 3s – as much as is required to decrease the severity of symptoms. Obviously taking 10 gram of Omega 3 three times a day will give you diarrhea as well… one must be cautious about not inducing bowel problems.

Electronic Devices?  Consult your manuals.  I’ll do more on this later.

But, the Health Freedom Movement is on the attack…

I’m sure that many of you have heard that Dr. Rima Laibow MD  and her Natural Solutions Foundation taking on the FDA over the fact that the US Army has already declared that NanoSilver works to stop Ebola, and the FDA won’t let that be known.  The country of Sierra Leone is testing NanoSilver right now, at her request, and finding out that it works.  The Sierra Leone news media are publishing those results.

Then, Robert Rowen MD, ACAM member, is heading a delegation, at the request of the President of Sierra Leone, to bring IV Ozone Therapy to West Africa.  From the article:  “Can Ozone Therapy Combat Ebola? it says:

“Could ozone therapy, an alternative-medicine treatment in use for more than a century, combat Ebola? Howard Robins, M.D., a New York City-based advocate of ozone therapy, is planning to fly to the outbreak zone in West Africa next month to test it against the deadly virus.

 In an exclusive interview on Newsmax TV’s Meet the Doctors program, to air September 27, Dr. Robins says he believes that ozone therapy can be effective against the Ebola virus that has raged through West Africa. 

He and two other American doctors have been invited by Kojo Carew, M.D., of Sierra Leone, to fly to Freetown, the country’s capital and largest city, on October 16 to train doctors at his Blue Shield Hospital. The hospital has been a treatment center for many Ebola patients. “

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate