Mike Adams (Natural News) Attacks Skeptics’ Center Point…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen 

Right after the American Civil War a group was formed, calling itself the Ku Klux Klan.  It’s purpose was to attack, from a position of secrecy, those they hated; wanted disenfranchised (held down) on the American scene.  Their primary tactic, was the use of the white-sheet-with-eyeholes – a device to provide anonymity for the haters and generate high levels of fear in their victims.

White-robed at night – solid citizen by day.  Their targets – Blacks, Jews, Roman Catholics, European immigrants.  Their reasoning – they, themselves were afraid of change.  They couldn’t withstand the economic competition.  It took quite a while to hunt them down…

In 2016 we have a very same situation.  The group now, though, calls itself the “skeptics,” made up, I have found, of American society’s detritus.  They are just as nasty, and hateful, as the originals.

Their targets, though, are not, yet, specifically Blacks, Jews, Roman Catholics and European immigrants.  They are Christians, Jews, families in general, parents concerned about vaccines, health regimens that compete with drugs (like homeopathy), health care providers that spurn the use of drugs, scientists that question the medical status quo, manufacturers of products that compete with drugs, etc.  And, the attacks are just as vicious.

But this time there are no white-sheets-with-eyeholes.  This time it is Internet-Anonymity.  The control of Wikipedia health care articles is a prime example.  The manipulation of Google’s search engines is another.  The “skeptics” have training camps.  I’ll demonstrate below.

Then Along Comes Mike Adams…

Mike Adams, over at Natural News, shocked me the other morning when I glanced at his newest article.  There, Mike was writing about top Skeptic” Grand Dragon David Gorski MD, the one who, on the internet, has declared himself to be an Infallible Oracle.

Calling himself “Orac,” Gorski writes in angry, hate-spewing prose, attacking his betters.  He ranges from sniveling, to whimpering, to raging, about people, issues,  and subjects in health care he clearly knows nothing about.  He goes on and on.  Where 100 words would do, Gorski uses 23,421.  His personal insecurities are attached to every phrase.

Gorski is, without doubt, the 2016 Grand Dragon of the very sceptic “skeptics.”

Right after Gorski writes on his blog Respectful Insolence, the “commenters” begin to appear – within seconds.  The first thing you notice is their anonymity.  The second is the sheer nastiness of their offerings.  The third  is that most comments look to be in EXACTLY the same writing style as Gorski himself, which makes me wonder how many internet IDs Gorski actually uses.

What kind of sick-o-path would write a nasty article about someone, or some thing, and then change to ten to fifteen other fake names to make comments on his own article, so that IT LOOKS LIKE he has a big following?

Ummmm?  David Gorski?

Makes sense to me…

As I Said – Then Along Comes Mike Adams…

With his article series Mike had, journalistically speaking, reached out and punched this Gorski jackass, including all of Gorski’s fake IDs, right between his multiple eyes. And, hence, he had punched the whole bag of sceptic “skeptics.”

The next day, Mike did it again, this time, with a one-two punch, so-to-speak.

So, I called Mike and complained.  After all, Mike was operating in MY territory so-to-speak. I, Tim Bolen, am the one who calls out the “skeptic” menagerie, and smacks them around the internet room.

What the hell, Mike?  (humor intended).

Regardless of my complaints to Mike, he did it again.  Then again.  Then again, and again.  And he did it pretty damn well…

More, Mike had struck at the heart of the beast.


Why Do I say That?…

The heart of the beast?  Yup.  A sword right through the ticker of theSkeptic Grand Dragon. Why?  Because the “skeptics” are running a huge internet scam designed to damage, in the most hateful way, those they target. And, for the most part, their members hide behind the internet equivalent of a white-sheet-with-eyeholes – internet fake identities.

And, Mike skewered their big boy.  He stuck the journalistic sword right through him.  And you can see the bloody tip coming out the other side.

The Skeptics are an Organized  Hate Group…

The Skeptics Are an Organized Hate Group proceeding through the seven-stage Hate Model, as shown in the graph

Now, Mike may not have gathered all of the information that I have about the self-styled “skeptic” organization, so he  wouldn’t readily perceive, as I have, by glancing at my files, what Gorski’s role is in “Skepticism” in North America.

To my mind, those “skeptics” need to be monitored by the FBI.  Why? They meet the definition of “Hate Group.”  Why do I say that?  Read this I wrote in 2012..  An excerpt from that 2012 article is just below:

The rape, mutilation and death threats against Meryl Dorey, President of the Australian Vaccination Network. (AVN) make a very clear statement about the reality of the international “skeptic” organization.  The activities of Australian Skeptics, with their Stop the AVN subsidiary attacks, took the lid of off their formally secret plans.

Tracing the “Die in a Fire” and “Just burn” phone calls back to top Australian skeptic leader, shoe salesman Daniel Rafaelle, the Stop the AVN head’s home telephone, brought everything out into the open.  Remember, the Australian Skeptics, at their own “Amazing meeting” in 2010, gave Rafaelle their Top Award for his activities against Meryl Dorey and the AVN.

Wikipedia says a “A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other designated sector of society. “

Mike picked up on it, I think, because he is a smart guy, with good instincts.

Mike Adams was, in essence, with his article series,  striking right at the “skeptic” center…

Good job, Mike.

What IS Gorski’s role in organized “skepticism?”

The “skeptics,” known for their self-loathing projection in Discussion Group commentaries and Wikipedia, use Gorski as their fulcrum, their center point, around which to rally after having attended internet manipulation “Training Camp” at an “Amazing Meeting” in Las Vegas.  Gorski sets the tone.  And, frequently, I think, picks targets.

Mike’s Article Series…

Mike, as it turns out, had done his own research into the Gorski situation, asking what many others had questioned previously “Why would what looks like a prestigious institution, the Barbara Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit, working in conjunction with Wayne State University, allow a clearly mentally-disturbed individual to sit at one of their computer terminals all day, and spew out vileness, and crazy talk, in their name?”

I’ll link you to Mike’s articles in a minute.  But first, let’s talk about Gorski’s “skeptic” network, and how their manipulation of the internet actually works.

First I Need to Make Some Connections for You…

David Gorski and James Randi sitting on a love seat together at the 2014 "Amazing Meeting" - Photo by Susan Gerbic.
David Gorski and James Randi sitting on a loveseat together at the 2014 “Amazing Meeting” – Photo by Susan Gerbic.

First connection – The photograph on the right shows David Gorski sitting on a love seat with James “Amazing” Randi at the “Amazing Meeting” in Las Vegas in 2014.  The photo was taken by Susan Gerbic.  This is an important three-way connection.

What is so important about that three-way connection?  The so-called James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) puts on the “Amazing Meeting” events where new “skeptics” are trained to manipulate the internet for their secret funders (10 million dollars in 2010). There is a video below of one of those training sessions.  David Gorski is their center point.  Susan Gerbic runs the “skeptic” group that controls all health articles on Wikipedia.

Just so we all CLEARLY UNDERSTAND what we are dealing with with the “skeptics,” I want all of you “newbies” to listen to the attached audio recording of James Randi soliciting sex from a young boy on the telephone.

Yes, soliciting sex from a young boy.  You read that right.

The recording starts out with another call to Randi from another “skeptic,” then goes to the call at (1:20) with the young boy where Randi is telling him how big his penis is.  Just think – it could have been YOUR child.  Click on the arrow just below…

Got all that?

gerbicwikiSecond connection – To the right is a photograph of the cover of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF)  advertisement featuring the Wikipedia manipulation managed by Susan Gerbic.

The name of Gerbic’s operation is “The Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia (GSoW) project.”

There are TWO secretly funded major “skeptic” organizations.  JREF, based in Paradise, Florida, is the smaller one, getting only about one million a year in secret funding.  The other, known now as “Center for Skeptical Inquiry” (CSI), based in East Amherst, New York (outside of Buffalo) got about nine million in secret funding in 2010.  CSI focuses, mostly, it seems, on attacking homeopathy.

Susan Gerbic is listed on CSI’s website as a high level player there.  Quoting the article about her, they say:

“Affectionately called the Wikapediatrician, Susan Gerbic is the co-founder of Monterey County Skeptics, a Steering member of the Independent Investigation Group (IIG) and a self-proclaimed skeptical junkie. Susan is also founder of the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia, and World Wikipedia projects.”

offit tam2014
Vaccine Holocaust Denier Paul Offit speaking at the 2014 “Amazing Meeting.”


Third Connection – To the right is a photo of Vaccine Holocaust Denier (VHD) Paul Offit, speaking at the 2014 “Amazing Meeting.”  Offit, with his wild-eyed rhetoric like “A child can be safely given 10,000 vaccines at once,” it is obvious, fits right in here.


gerbic farley
Susan Gerbic sitting next to Tim Farley at an “Amazing meeting” panel

Fourth Connection – To the left is a photo of Susan Gerbic seated on a panel at the “Amazing Meeting,” next to Tim Farley.  Farley is the primary “Control of the Internet” guru for the “skeptics.”

Farley runs a number of “skeptic” training websites, and another called “What’s the Harm.”  Farley was, apparently, unemployed for a long time before he found this training gig connected the the “skeptic” organization.  Farley is the primary instructor of internet manipulation techniques at the “Amazing Meetings.”

trollThe Fifth Connection –  To the right is a meme used by the “skeptics” that explains their overall mission as they see it, when engaging NORMAL people on FaceBook, Twitter, Discussion Groups, etc.  They brag about this.  The original artwork showed the name of the skeptic organization that promotes this activity.

lorenpankratz susan gerbicThe Sixth Connection – The photo on the left shows Susan Gerbic sitting next to Loren Pankratz on a panel at the “Amazing Meeting” 2014.  Pankratz, I believe, represents the core interest of the “skeptic” management.  I had written, in an earlier article, about this.  I said:

“To understand the core of the “skeptics” you have to understand the role of Loren Pankratz PhD in the “skeptic” scheme of things.  Pankratz describes himself as a forensic psychologist from Oregon Health Sciences University.  He is a fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) division of the Center For Inquiry (CFI), a board member of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), and a board member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF).  It’s that last group that makes him really interesting.

Pankratz is joined on the FMSF board by James Randi and a man named Ralph Underwager (you’ll see more about Underwager just below).

Pankratz has made a career out of testifying on behalf of accused child molesters, claiming that he, as an expert psychologist, knows that the children are lying, or that they have “False Memory Syndrome,” whatever that is.”

Yes, you read that right.  To read all of that section that excerpt came from, click on the word “skeptic,” anywhere on this page, scroll down about 2/3 of the way through the article, find the section called “The Core of the Skeptics,” and read MORE about Pankratz – including why the Feds shut him down…

The Seventh Connection – By now, I’d guess, the average reader is wondering if they have a bottle of Tums in the medicine cabinet, for it is not pleasant to realize that outside your door lurks people like this, focusing on what happens to your children.  So, I promise, this the last connection for now.  It is a video of a guy who calls himself Steve.  He is the webmaster for a huge number of websites used in the “skeptic” plot.  Watch, at least, the first part of the video.  I think “Steve” is the poster boy for the “skeptics.”

Now, Steve’s video is a satire.  Or, is it?

The bottom line, here, is that “Steve,” and his friends, want to control the internet…

Do YOU want that?

Training “skeptics” to control the internet…

I am about to show you the first and second key videos in all of this.   It is a training session video that took place August 23, 2012 at the 2012 “Amazing Meeting.”  It is 28 minutes long, and it outlines the “Skeptic” conspiracy to control the internet.

There is a second 2012 video that takes their attack method one step further.  You can see it just below.  It is about Crowdsourcing.  Records show that only 144 people attended the 2012 “Amazing Meeting.”  But, even so, with their tactic of each adopting ten to thirty fake internet identities that would mean that this group alone could make it anonymously appear that anywhere from 1,440 to 4,520 people have a similar opinion on a health topic on Wikipedia, or on search engines.

This is the method, I think, they use, to make any article they  favor come to the top of each search engine (like Google) immediately.

Tim Farley in 2016 – Not long for this world?

Farley, I believe, is the one the Feds should be interviewing very soon.  Any attorney, involved in trying to turn around an assault against one of the “skeptics‘” victims should, as quickly as possible, get this guy into a two-day Deposition.  Why?  Two reasons:  (1)  He trains all these assholes, so he will make it easy for us to find all of them. (2) His current photos, and videos,  indicate he doesn’t look like he is long for this world.  He looks like AIDS has found his soul.

What’s Next?

We’ve put up with this crap long enough.  Let’s shut it down and trace their  funding back to the original source.  Then shut THAT down.  I don’t think any of us will be surprised to find out who is writing the checks over there…

Gorski, in one of his videos, complained about how large and powerful we are, and how easy it was for us to mobilize to stop what they wanted to get done.

He’s right.  But, until now, we just stopped them.  I think it is time to go hunting…

Thank you Mike, for pointing out the obvious.

Stay tuned….


Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate

See below for Mike Adams’s recent articles about David Gorski:


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Detroit cancer surgeon warning: Watch out for Dr. David Gorski at the Karmanos Cancer Center

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Science troll and cancer surgeon David Gorski (ORAC) named in conspiracy allegations filed with the FBI; Health Ranger to deliver ‘bombshell’ findings in sworn testimony

U.S. Dept. of Justice publishes horrifying statements from victims of the criminal cancer industry … Constant, unbearable pain while oncologist made millions

Dr. David Gorski accused of deliberately promoting cancer-causing medical interventions because he financially benefits from cancer patients

Dr. David Gorski named in medical conspiracy allegations complaint filed with Karmanos Cancer Center and Michigan Attorney General

Patient complaints about Dr. David Gorski are just the beginning… why Karmanos Cancer Institute patients must save their own lives from mentally deranged doctors

Detroit’s corrupt healthcare system exposed: Crittenton oncology nurse goes berserk when probed about cancer fraudster Dr. Farid Fata

HuffPo censors VAXXED documentary article and blocks writer account after discredited science troll David Gorski hijacks Wikipedia to trash the film

Pro-vaccine shill Dr. David Gorski, linked to cancer fraudster, in cahoots with pharma to develop lucrative autism drug

22 thoughts on “Mike Adams (Natural News) Attacks Skeptics’ Center Point…”

  1. Tim Bolen you are are a god! Thanks man! Great for giving Mike Adams props! Killuminati Ninja’s unite!

  2. Exemplary job, Tim! This is like the expose’ of a lifetime. We should definitely get Sharyl Atkisson to mirror it and how about Ben Swann? Love the lady with the strange harlequin hair too — shows she’s a fellow charlatan. Will definitely forward this one to all my friends in the natural health field. Let’s go worldwide with this one and shine all of God’s light of truth on this “amazing” revelation!!

  3. Gorski and his cohorts work with Age of Autism to distract people from the task we all have perform. While we waste time arguing with this nitwit or talking about him and his perverts, we could be removing our elected perverts from Congress instead. As the owners of the USA, I think it makes more sense for us to fire Congress and the other criminals in our government who abet the Medical industry’s poisoning of our babies.

  4. Hi, Tim,
    Having been a fairly tamely attacked victim of “Orac” by my mere presence at Autism One, AND being a homeopath, I really appreciate that you (and Mike Adams) are starting to thrust at the heart of these folks.

    How do we take them down? I’m ready to sign up, as we have many indications that their negative attacks on our company, as well as many others associated with Autism One are harming our ability to HELP KIDS WITH AUTISM. Which is my goal,.

    Sign me up, Tim!


  5. Gorski will never be bothered by our 100% corrupt government because he abets their agenda to destroy our country. After we remove our 100% corrupt government from office, we can arrest Gorski for fraud.

  6. Righto.. So you’re happy to defame people who disagree with your viewpoints, and attack them in a tediously dragged out ad hominem, whilst completely ignoring the fact that the skepticism movement is based on seeking out the scientific evidence behind claims and debating that which has no basis.

    You post up a caption such as “Vaccine Holocaust Denier Paul Offit”, as if he’s some form of criminal, despite the fact that all peer reviewed evidence, from countless institutions around the world, indicate that vaccines are perfectly safe and have moreover saved millions of lives. You casually mention homoeopathy as an alternative to pharmaceuticals when study after study, review after review, conclude that there is no evidence whatsoever that it does anything beyond acting as a placebo, and moreover that there is no mechanism by which it could work.

    Honestly, what a lot of nonsense.

  7. This article is single most moronic thing ever written. The vitriolic ranting of a madman. Fortunately the threats are hollow and vacuous, as if idiots like Mike Adams and Tim Bolan are remotely capable of stopping the funding of true medical science. If you want to take down the proponents of current science, then you need to be armed with better science. Good luck with that.

    The only thing you’ve slapped around the Internet, Tim Bolan, are your incoherent and idiotic ramblings.

  8. The few comments above were written by medical charlatans and con artists, this is why there are misleading posts about nutrition since the pharmaceutical quacks peddle drugs that cause serious long and short term adverse effects. It’s a scam , period. Then some people will justify all the massive lawsuits and fraud that is exposed in the pharmaceutical/medical industry hiding behind the name of “science” when it was a marketing scam. They even justified Vioxx. It’s important to keep exposing quacks and criminals like David Gorski, Steven Novella, Stephen Barrett and others involved with libel and schemes against others.

  9. I see the Australian “HOMOSKEPTUALS,” all three of them (notice their posts are one day ahead of us), with multiple FAKE IDs, found the Comments section of the BolenReport…

    (Insert laughter here)…

    Here, group, we are being visited, anonymously of course, by those that threatened Meryl Dorey, in Australia, with rape, mutilation and death. You can click on those words in the article, above, to go to the details.

    REAL NICE people. (sarcasm intended).

    Notice how they skipped over the parts about James Randi? They did that because they are the people who would WANT James Randi to show them his withered penis.

    As you can see, group, we have them RATTLED.

    They really DID NOT LIKE this expose. And, they are not going to like the rest of the things that are going to happen either.

    That activity, coupled with their daily AIDS medications, will send them to their doctor for stronger anxiety medications. Then, if they can find their computers, with all those drugs rolling around in what’s left of their brains, their Comments will become even more interesting. They’ll sound like homeless people, which, of course, is the next stage in their progression.

    Bottom line – “skeptics” are scum. It’s time to shut them down – HARD.

    What they, the “skeptics” really don’t like is that we outnumber them 100,000 to 1.

  10. Skepticism is an outlook? No, its a cover story for a demented group interest. All you have to do is look at “skeptic” management to see what skepticism really is – and I have provided that information on my site.. All homosexuals are not skeptics, but all skeptics are homosexuals (male or female). And, THAT says it all…. Except, of course, for that interest in sex with children… (listen to Randi’s audio tape). Then there’s Loren Pankratz…

    That’s “skepticism.”

  11. Vaccines are Made-in-China. That says it all…

    I doubt that YOU have any idea what “peer reviewed” means.

    Are all of you assholes incapable of simple facts? No where did I mention homeopathy IN THIS ARTICLE. But I will very soon. Perhaps, when I do you can get someone to help you with the bigger words.

  12. Tim, thank God there are caring , intelligent, well informed people out there like you to push back against the Death Cult. How anyone can, with a straight face, claim vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ is beyond me. Clearly for those dead and injured from vaccines and the billions paid out by the vaccine court for that destruction vaccines were anything but ‘safe’. What really needs to happen, Tim (and Mike etc. and others) and I hope this plants a seed, is animal studies need to be peformed outside the U.S. that can CLEARLY show the destructive power many of the vaccine adjuvants can cause in the body. Since the watchdog agencies have long been bought out and taken over here in the U.S., someone else needs to pick up the testing, and the cost for several well designed mouse/rat studies that can show what happens over time when a body is subjected to an overdose of toxicity would be well worth the expense and VERY enlightening, and if performed correctly would be VERY hard to argue against. Fight these bastards with scientific PROOF as in a few simple animal studies.. It IS doable.

  13. Just wanted to add as a heads up, I asked to be notified on any follow up comments and was e-mailed a button to click, however that button for what ever reason was/is non-functioning. Others may be having this problem as well.

  14. It seems these “skeptics” are professionals who make a living from this….They all look like DERANGED psychos….
    Back in the 80’s Randi seemed innocuous, debunking psychics and faith healers…
    It seems he was “hired” ($$$) along the way by big industries he should have been exposing…
    I listened to about 10 seconds (anymore I would have puked…) of the recorded phone call with sleazy homo Randi…It doesn’t sound like it’s with an underage homo….It sounds like an adult homo… But disgusting enough….

  15. Gorski is a dangerous shill. He and the likes of Novello are shills. Con men who hate the human race. They love to see suffering.

  16. On a side note, the new WordPress base is a massive step up from the old setup. Good work there.

  17. Thank you, Tim Bolen. I am also tired of the “skeptics” and can smell where their funding comes from.

    Re. W. Kabler’s comment that animal tests should be performed to prove the harm of vaccines: I think it is meant with good intentions, but please be aware that it is precisely based on animal testing that the pharma and chemical industries are able to pass off their products as “safe,” as every species is different from others in many ways (anatomically, physiologically, psychologically, genetically, metabolically, etc. etc.) and naturally also different from human beings! All they have to do is find the convenient “animal model” that “proves” the safety of whatever product they want to sell. There are modern and scientific methods that have replaced the outdated and cruel animal experiments and some advanced companies are using them. You can learn more at http://www.PCRM.org (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine).

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