Mikovits/Heckenlively’s Three Books Outline THE COMPLETE FAILURE Of US Public Health…

Three Books – No Prisoners…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits’s newest book “The Case Against Masks – Ten Reasons Why Mask Use Should Be Limited” is a third nail in US Public Health’s coffin.

Before you read it, pick up a yellow highlighter.  You are going to want to mark out the sections of text that you can quote to those that think masks are a good idea.  And, there are a lot of those areas to highlight.

Democratic Party Governors, and local Public Health officials, are going to hate you.

Although the book very well questions the so-called science of mask wearing with ten very good points, together, all of it is a strong indictment of US Public Health.


Because it becomes very clear that US Public Health has NO CLUE what to do with a REAL Pandemic.  They couldn’t even tell if there was one, or how big it would be.  Their predictions of what was to come were ABSURD.  Their whole handling of the problem was a joke.

In the “Mask” book there are ten reasons:

Reason #1 – Oxygen is good for Human Beings and Carbon Dioxide is Not!

Reason #2 – How Does SARS-Cov-2 Spread?

Reason #3 – How Effective is A Mask?

Reason #4 – Six Feet Apart And Wearing A Mask?

Reason #5 – What About Face Seal leakage and the Backward Jet?

Reason #6 – What is the Actual Risk of Airborne Transmission?

Reason #7 – What is a Dangerous Situation for the Vulnerable Exposed to SARS-Cov-2 to Develop COVID-19

Reason #8 – Can A mask Become A Virus Trap?

Reason #9 – The Myth of Asymptomatic Carriers

Reason #10 – Children Do NOT Need to Wear a Mask to Return to School

Americans were gulled into believing that we really did, and do, have a workable US Public Health System.

And, of course, we do not.  The handling of the Covid-19 “crisis” pointed out that is anything but, very clearly and succinctly.  The bottom line in US Health Care is that what we know as “US Public Health” is a complete fraud.

US Public Health, from the CDC down through the States, all the way into the 3,141 individual counties is ONLY these days a vaccination promotion and distribution network.  Every bit of their daily existence, at every level, is focused on INCREASING vaccination rates at their locations.

Tens of thousands of PhD, Masters, and Bachelor level people in these agencies WASTED their time in colleges and Universities learning about science and health – for they are ONLY vaccine salespeople these days.  Nothing else.

How do I know I am right?

When the so-called Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores, coming, as it were from China, what did US Public Health say?  They said “But, we don’t have a vaccine…”

In the hive-mind of US Public Health Americans had to die in waves until a vaccine could be invented and tested.  Sigh.

When some fool said the word “masks” tens of thousands of bureaucratic fools sat up in a stupor, and said “yeah…”  

Every one of the ten reasons listed above should have resonated with “US Public Health” – but not even one of them was espoused at any level…

To me – fire all of them.  They won’t be missed.  Audi sales will drop.  Conference venues will take a hit.

Then there were those other books Kent and Judy wrote…

Lets talk, first, about their book “Plague…”

What Kent said of his book at the time:

“I think it has such a strong hold on people because it’s a story of science gone awry…

…of immense hubris on the part of researchers, followed by a cover-up of how animal viruses from vaccines are being injected into human beings.  And instead of these efforts resulting in humans with increased capacities and health, they are causing enormous suffering and disease.

In my calculation, Judy does not suffer because she is a woman.  She suffers because she’s a scientist who refuses to turn away from what the science reveals.  She’s fierce in her defense of the human species, when others worry only about their paychecks and the approval of their colleagues in this conspiracy of silence.

Is this just a mistake and cover-up, or is it something much worse? 

I don’t have an answer, but how can they not see the change in our young population?  Why are they so sick and why are they losing their ability to even sit down and read a single book?

Click on the link just below…

PLAGUE – The Book that Just Keeps on Selling…

Then, of course, there was their New York Times bestseller “Plague of Corruption.” 

Click on the link just below…


I do not need to describe this book.  It is a best seller…

I have the suspicion that Donald Trump and his administration are using the BolenReport as a resource for their plan to revise US Health Care.

Good idea – for we, here, are way ahead of the game in understanding what is really going on.  Yes, we need to rip the current system apart and put something else in its place.  It is obvious that we need to just fold up the US Public Health bureaucratic structure.

But, more importantly – we need to make “Big Pharma” into “Little Pharma…”

Donald knows all of this already, for he read it right here…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

7 thoughts on “Mikovits/Heckenlively’s Three Books Outline THE COMPLETE FAILURE Of US Public Health…”

  1. Good work Tim…We are “in sync” with the obvious conclusions about the state of healthcare in most of the Western civilization. Even though Pharma will gradually collapse of its own failures (only propped up by Fake News advertising and the public’s ignorance), I am taking an active role in accelerating its demise.

    Chief Science & Technology Officer

  2. There is a connection between vaccines and everything that’s going on in this world since they alter our immune system and with it our consciousness. The immune system is a part of our spiritual center. After all, only the immune system knows what is “us” and what is not “us”. It is the center of the “self” and part of our consciousness. Define “self” and eventually you will have to talk about the immune system. Identity issues (not knowing yourself because the immune system lost track of “who you are or what is you” — “is it you or is it not you?”) are already visible everywhere in society in the form of gender dysphoria or autism (auto=Greek self, injury to the “self”).

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  4. Very well said, the vast majority of the people have no clue
    about whats really going on in this country, we are in for a
    lot of trouble when all of the unknowing and illiterate people
    go along with the corrupt and stupid government officials
    and the murderous and corrupt big farma! there day will
    come when they are all thrown into the lake of fire when the
    Lord returns.

  5. It’s hard to promote toxic death pus without lying, but HHS lies a lot. For starters there’s the manipulated data documented by William Thompson and the misrepresented expert documented by Andrew Zimmerman. Coleen Boyle committed perjury in denying a CDC study comparing the vaccinated with the unvaccinated existed, lies were used to get Guardasil approved, and fraudulent substitution of poisons for placebos is SOP. continued

  6. Anti-vaxxers are treated as anti-science liars who menace public health. It’s mostly sick projection.

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