Habeas Corpus – “Show Us The Bodies…”

Are We At the End of Covid-19, the End of Vaccines, the End of Dictatorship and the End of the Pharmaceutical Industry?

It sure looks like it…

From Europe By Karma Singh

Habeus Corpus – Most lawyers will know of this most important legal principle but I wonder how many outside of that profession have heard of it.

I only know about it because I had to study law as part of my degree in international trade way back in the early 1970’s.

Uh-oh, i’m losing my audience…

We had the great good fortune to have a mad Welshman as our law lecturer who loved nothing more than relating anecdotes from judicial history. His enthusiasm almost led to my changing faculty to study law; then he retired and his replacement was such a grey character that he repelled me totally.

Habeas Corpus or, as our Welshman explained it, “show us the body” stems from 12th century England and was created to prevent wild accusations with no factual basis. So, for example, if someone was accused of murder, he/she could apply for Habeas Corpus, i.e. first prove that a murder has taken place before you can try me for it.

Moving across now to my own profession…

…health care and healing – I wonder how many of my colleagues have heard of Habeas Corpus and have realised how relevant it is to our present situation?

We are all being “punished” for potentially harbouring a deadly virus. Further, we are being punished without trial or even a concrete accusation of wrong doing.  Surely Habeas Corpus applies here?

A writ of Habeas Corpus would surely succeed because the burden of proof lies with the accuser, not with the punished. To evade a Habeas Corpus ruling that the punishment is not lawful and is immediately to cease, the accuser must, in this case, prove the following absolutely:-

1) That viruses exist.
2) That viruses cause disease.
3) That a virus named Covid-19 exists.
4) That Covid-19 causes severe illness and death.
5) That this disease is highly infectious.
6) That face masks and “social distancing” prevent infection.
7) That sufficiently large numbers of people have become seriously ill and/or succumbed to it to warrant extreme measures to control it.

They will, inevitably, fail in this as none of the above can be proven to the required standard (or, in most points, at all).

So, tell me once again – why aren’t my children in school?

To 1: Germany’s highest court has already ruled in December 2016 that the existence of viruses is not proven.

To 2: The preponderance of the evidence shows that the protein particles labelled “virus” are much more likely to be exosomes which communicate solutions to sickness and other problems.

To 3: The only evidence for the existence of Covid-19 is a computer model based upon guesswork as to what such a virus might look like. The virus itself has never been found or isolated.

To 4: a) Where a purported cause cannot be found, any claims as to its’ effects are completely spurious.  b) All of the purported deaths are “with” and not “of” Covid-19, i.e. it did not cause the disease/death.

To 5: There is no reliable evidence of transmission from one human to another. To the contrary, studies which have been carried out show that this does NOT take place!

To 6: a) The necessary porosity of the masks to allow breathing enables the “virus” particles to pass through unhindered.  b) Because these particles are so small, they are essentially weightless and random air currents will carry them for kilometres. Such particles regularly cross the Pacific in 3 days and the Atlantic in a little more than one day. A distance of 1.5 metres is, therefore, seen to be meaningless.

To 7: All serious illness and deaths claimed are in people who were already seriously ill and, basically, in the process of dying. In some countries, there was an upswing in deaths caused by the lockdowns denying people essential treatments. Following their deaths which began two weeks after lockdown started, death figures have returned to normal.

I, therefore, apply for this writ of Habeas Corpus and an order of immediate cessation of all punishments imposed by the respondent.

Blessed be
Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

16 thoughts on “Habeas Corpus – “Show Us The Bodies…””

  1. Super use of habeas corpus! I could not agree more with Mr. Singh.

    The issue with children going back to school is another question entirely. The schools have been perverting our children for decade upon decade to the point that they’ve created millions of socialists/marxists/communists anti-Americans, fragile parroters of their indoctrination who, for the most part, should be deported because they advocate for the overthrow of our government. I exaggerate just a bit regarding deportation…..however, we have a huge problem with our deep state government schools. The very best solution, IMHO, is to provide funds for very small homeschool groups, away from the drug-happy schools and definitely away from the vaccinators. We have been criminally robbed of our truly great history by omission and outright lies. My two cents…..

  2. Thanks Ellen,
    I’ve been saying for decades that when you teach “rights” and “privileges” but don’t balance this out by teaching responsibilities. When you suppress natural curiousity and the thirst for freedom with mind altering drugs. When you reduce standards to the lowest common denomenator.
    Then you are creating a self-destruct society.
    ANTIFA, BLM etc. anyone?

    Blessed be

  3. https://revealingfraud.com/2020/08/health/cease-and-desist-your-mandatory-mask-policy/

    Excerpt: A. The test kits do not work. The tests have a 50% to 80% false positive rate.

    B. The rate of positives has always been about 10%, from the very beginning of the crisis. The rate of people testing positive has not gone up, they have only increased the number and rate of tests given.

    C. The test kits have been reported to be contaminated. June 23, 2020: https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200623/early-cdc-covid-19-test-kits-likely-contaminated Unswabbed swabs are reported to test positive.

    Nurses’ Lawsuit Claims ‘Fabricated’ COVID-19 Tests at Georgia Hospital
    Max Blau June 22, 2020 https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/932722

    D. While “confirmed case” counts have been going up, there is no such thing as a “confirmed case” because the test kits say directly on them “not to be used for diagnostic purposes” and therefore a fraudulent test with a high false positive rate cannot “confirm” anything.

    To determine the lethality of any disease, they need to compare cases to deaths. Both numbers suffer from massive fraud. Regarding death counts:
    A. The death counts are overinflated, as States have been directed by the CDC to include presumptive or presumed cases that would not even include the fraudulent test kit non confirmation, which, itself, over counts things with that false positive rate of from 50% to 80%. “COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.” https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/coronavirus/Alert-2-New-ICD-code-introduced-for-COVID-19-deaths.pdf

    Furthermore, Birx says government is classifying all coronavirus death cases as COVID19 caused deaths, regardless of the cause, such as underlying health issues. See point B for further corroboration. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/birx-says-government-is-classifying-all-deaths-of-patients-with-coronavirus-as-covid-19-deaths-regardless-of-cause

    B. Other nations have determined that 99% of their “died with COVID” cases did not die “from COVID” as 99% of other patients were elderly and had from 1-4 other co-morbid chronic conditions. If that is true, it takes the real death rate down to nearly nothing. This was reported by Bloomberg, back on March 18th, which basically shows and admits that this is all a media hoax. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-18/99-of-those-who-died-from-virus-had-other-illness-italy-says

    C. The real death counts are not higher than the rate of normal rates of pnumonia. People vastly overestimate their chances of “catching” COVID, and vastly overestimate their chances of death, with younger people, aged 18-34 giving the highest estimations, at 90% estimated chances of catching it, and a 20% chance of death if they do catch it. https://www.nber.org/papers/w27494.pdf see chart on p. 12. These estimates would have COVID killing about 328 million x .9 x .2 = 59 million Americans. Even the White House estimations of the deaths of 2 million Americans were vastly over exaggerated, and the man responsible for that model resigned in disgrace. The “official” death toll, which is grossly over exaggerated, for multiple reasons, as I am going over, stands at 137,922, per the CDC as of July 31: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htm see Table 1. That is a total death rate of the population of 0.04%, which is substantially lower than the CDC’s latest death rate estimate last month of 0.26%. Typical flu deaths in a year vary from 50,000 to 80,000.

    D. Death counts are inflated from putting people into a very risky coma plus a ventilator, and that process kills people from 88% to 90% of the time. https://ktla.com/news/nationworld/nearly-90-of-covid-19-patients-put-on-ventilators-in-new-yorks-largest-health-system-died-study-finds/

    E. The real death rate could well be 137,922 x 1% (no comorbidities) x 50% due to false positives, which would be 689! Given that there is no higher overall death rate than normal, the risk from a fraudulent disease that is not increasing the total death rate is zero. A real pandemic would not require fraudulently overstating things at all levels, from test kits that don’t work, to fraudulently claiming an increase in the infected, to inflated death counts, to masks that don’t work.

    F. The false pandemic is a “live exercise” planned in advance, in October 18th, 2019. https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/

  4. You and your followers propose a theory but don’t employ any method to support your theory. Since you are employing legal terms, why don’t you try something that most law enforcement agencies do, contact the relatives of those who have supposedly died, to find out if they had. Perhaps you might be able to support your irational and unsupported thesis.

  5. Good job. Further, Karma, my understanding, is that any victim must be specific. Outside of an industrial context of any contractual arrangement with a duty of care, you can’t be accused of killing somebody just by walking down the street. There has to be a named victim and the causal link must be proven. If I sneeze and nobody dies, there is no crime. If I sneeze and somebody near me on the street dies, but it can’t be proven that my sneeze had something to do with what killed them, there is no crime. And so on. The list of get-outs is huge. Once we start making the sneeze itself or the non mask wearing itself the crime, it is surely divorced of the consequences, and is therefore a lesser crime. Quite aside from the provability of the link to consequence. Beyond that it makes a joke of the law if breathing unfiltered air is to be criminalised. I do wonder, though, if the right to breathe air is quite literally being taken away from us for some other kind of future ‘land-grab’.

  6. Sorry Richard, you’ve got it backwards. Before our leaders shut down the entire world, we should have insisted on transparency and truth–but we got only lies and fear mongering.

    Thanks for this article, Karma!

  7. Hmmmmmmmm,
    yesterday, the comments were visible here. Today, they’ve all disappeared so I’m using the copies that Tim sent me by email to respond.

    clearly you have not understood what I have written. It is not a “theory” but legal fact which has been in common usage for nine centuries!
    I cannot see the slightest thread of connection between requiring those who promote and profit from the plandemic to prove that it actually exists and my searching for realtives of people who’ve been lied to about the deaths of their family members: It’s a complete non-sequeter and I cannot, for the life of me, make any sense out of your suggestion.

    Blessed be

  8. Guys, don’t get too paranoid about the comments. It has always been that Bolen Report comments would take a while to show up on the site and all its mirrors. Meanwhile the emails come through, but when you go to the article the comments don’t pop up for another day or more. This isn’t enemy action, it’s just the workings of the internet, the platform, and the site itself.

  9. Richard, the onus has gotten completely twisted in this. Those who say the virus doesn’t exist, or hasn’t been proven, or is nothing to actually worry about, are placed in the position of having to prove the absence of something that has never been proved in the first place. This is like asking somebody to prove Santa Claus doesn’t exist. You can’t. But let’s first see the evidence that he does.

    And let’s first drop the fallacy that if we can’t prove there is no Santa Claus then by default he must be there.

    Then let’s look at the alternative hypotheses for how presents arrive at Christmas. They are all perfectly reasonable. The sort of ‘burden of proof’ jargon and amateur legalese that people use in these matters only lays bare their lack of capacity to be truly logical.

    Such undue scepticism is not scientific and nor does it conform to basic common sense. What has skewed the issue in favour of the viral hypothesis, however, is not science, but power.

    Additionally, there is a long history to how this has come about, and once the history is understood, much of what is accepted as fact in medicine can be seen for the superstitious nonsense it really is.

  10. But ALL of the comments have disappeared online. It’s not just that the new posts take time to appear, the previous ones are gone now. That hasn’t happened previously.

  11. Those comments up to 8.44 p,m, on the 4th have now re-appeared but nothing later is visible.
    I’ve not experienced this yo-yo effect previously.

    Re: Larry to Richard:-
    I’ve covered this in some detail in my book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” – tprip dot com – but the main thrust of Habeas Corpus is this:
    It is those APPLYING the punishment who MUST prove that their actions are legal and justified. Those being punished only have to prove that the punishment is taking place.

    Blessed be

  12. Richard Van Vleet

    Oh dear Richard …..

    Ireland , a population of 5m just admitted 100 deaths from cv1984 (with no other comorbidities) ….Govts own figures
    The nation is in full lockdown… And we know the test is fake

    The rate of cv1984 fatality in 2020 is 0.002% in Ireland
    Its all a HOAX and you know it

  13. Richard Van Vleet, et al: Many years ago, I was indoctrinated by a guy with a Ph.D. from Cornell. He said to the class, every reputable biologist accepts the FACT of ….. Of course, I believed him and accepted ….. as fact.

    Ten (10) yr. later, I found a Ph.D. who did not believe that ….. was a fact, and was public about it.

    Now, when a wrote to my ex-prof, I asked him to comment about that.
    My ex-prof said, this surprises me, but the best advice I can give you is to go to the library and read books on biology. Just read, read, read.

    See what he did? He avoided his own onus, and accused me, without any proof, of being uninformed or lazy, or both.

    Happens all the time, Richard, and you just did it when you said someone other than you should check things out.

  14. Richard . The onus of proof ALWAYS rests with “him who asserts”. This is true in ordinary conversation, in debates, and especially in litigation. That is why Tim was so successful as an advocate and strategist, he understood this. This onus is specifically required in ancient Hebrew Law (as in Old Testiment). It forms the basis of our law today.

  15. This whole subject hinges on the upcoming and no-choice vaccines. That’s one of the reasons schools were only tentatively opened, if at all.

    I don’t want a Harris-Biden administration (because you know she’d be installed, she as much as admitted it on national tv and other outlets just a couple of days ago) and after reading the information at the link I’m going to post below, I no longer want Trump either.

    We’ve all been bamboozled by the system, being RUN by Bill Gates et al. ALL of the big corporations are in on this, as well as many organizations like the UN and the like.

    Please read this and be enlightened. I wish it were not true, but I fear it is. We do not stand a chance against the upcoming mandatory vaccine requirements. All ages will have to succumb, via military intervention as it appears right now. And I thought Trump was one of the good guys. Not a single person in politics is to be trusted, actually never were.

    Please share this info with friends and family, but not on social media where it will be wiped out, never to be seen again.


  16. D.Smith there’s a lot of this fear porn out there and I’m still trying to figure out how much credence to give it all. There may be a number of holes in this, but it is wise to be suspicious of any future predictions based on one set of assumptions and viewed in a crystal ball of a million moving parts with all dials set to “worst”.

    For this reason I stopped listening to James Corbett. He’s such a clever man, but the scenarios he paints as virtually inevitable unless we all drop out and form a catallexy of unruled anarchists (not likely this year) are so depressing that I don’t understand why he even keeps going. We must recognise the cliff and the drop but ultimately seek to stay on the path.

    I agree, it could be that bad, and it could go that way, and that may indeed be the purpose. I also believe in a yin and a yang, a reaction for every action. Most of all, technocrats make the huge mistake always of treating complex (non-linear) systems as merely complicated (linear). That’s a huge subject, I’ll have an article out soon about that. Suffice to say their big failure of mindset is to believe in their omnipotence. That is why at many stages it appears as if the wheels may have nearly fallen off this hugely audacious heist.

    It is important to recognise no plan survives arrival on the battlefield, including theirs.

    Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are a disaster. Maybe they have been put there to slam-dunk Trump in again. I don’t think Trump’s first term was ever meant to happen. It really was a failure of plans. I actually don’t think we are seeing such a dastardly deep state strategy. I think we are seeing a vacuum of competency. Somewhat more down to earth as an outcome to be feared is the absence of all political opposition. People need to remember how bad it is to live in a one-party state. That is a super realistic possibility right now.

    I also recognise what certain among us don’t, which is that there are good guys in this as well. Not everybody in government agencies is a mindless nest-feathering sell-out. I can’t believe EVERYONE in government is in on it and NOBODY in government gets it, since they are monitoring everything, how could they NOT understand the situation?

    Interestingly Harris has just introduced her “do no harm” bill, which of course means removal of more vaccine exemptions. Just as a nod to her hero George Orwell of course.

    There are claims that Trump’s demand to have a vaccine out immediately is in fact a cover, that his words are chosen very carefully and signal some other action against the deep-state, as a nod to the Q-following to say we’re on it. Whatever “it” is.

    Certainly DT seems to be a two-steps-forward-one-back kind of guy. But he does seem to be dismantling globalist structures one at a time.

    I agree things could happen very quickly in the months ahead, and it may be a rough ride. Certainly it is a war, and it won’t be pretty. But I don’t pre-judge the outcome, and certainly don’t take Trumps words at face value, least of all Trump’s words.

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