Kennedy and De Niro Throw Down the Gauntlet Against Vaccines…

By Kent Heckenlively, J.D.

If you are of a certain age and were ever interested in politics you probably went through a stage where you read everything you possibly could about Senator Robert Kennedy.  I know I did.  I still do.

Robert Kennedy Sr.

The reason Robert Kennedy, Sr. continues to attract and inspire us is because he demonstrated a continuing capacity to learn.  This was made clear to me in a recent book, Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon by Larry Tye.  Kennedy demonstrated that rare trait in a politician of being moved by the times and circumstances in which he lived.

Robert Kennedy Jr.

This same trait has been shown by his son, Robert Kennedy, Jr., in his crusade to clean up our waterways from mercury, and now with his greater mission of protecting children from massive corruption at the Centers for Disease Control regarding vaccines and autism.

Heroes still live among us.

Robert De Niro

You don’t have to be interested in politics to feel like you know Robert De Niro.  You just have to be living on planet Earth.  From the Godfather movies to Goodfellas, Awakenings, and his comedic turns in movies like Meet the Parents, De Niro is our consummate tough guy, and as the years have passed, he seems almost like a conscience for the world.

Supporting the two men in a ‘war room’ nearby were Del Bigtree, the producer of VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, autism activist, Becky Estepp, Dr. Brian Hooker, Lynne Redwood, and many others.  One participant, Jimmy said “Thank you, Bobby Kennedy.  Thank you Bob De Niro, you are kicking some serious ass out there.”

These two amazing men have joined forces and at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

Before their talk they fielded more than 20 interviews with local and national and local media.

In an interview prior to their talk at the National Press Club, De Niro explained how he came to be part of this project.  He explained how the documentary VAXXED, caused such an uproar when it was accepted at the Tribeca Film Festival and that because of the controversy he made the decision to pull the film.

But that wasn’t the end of the story for Di Niro. 

Trace Amounts – the movie can be ordered right here.

He came to know Robert Kennedy, Jr. and viewed other films, like Trace Amounts, and became convinced that more needed to be done.  He said that more research needed to be done on vaccines, and noted that vaccines do not get the same type of safety testing as other pharmaceutical products.

Kennedy stepped in next, noting the great danger of mercury in vaccines, noting that 48 million flu shots filled with mercury are given to pregnant women each year, and that this is certainly behind the rise in conditions like autism, allergies, and auto-immune diseases.

Kennedy went on to say that he considered this to be journalistic malpractice, since journalists were not aggressively challenging the Centers for Disease Control and so he had a challenge.  Kennedy was offering any journalist $100,000 if they could produce a single study showing that the injection of mercury into children was safe.  He stated that his goal was to create an open public discussion on this issue.

Nico La Hood, the district attorney for Houston, Texas.

Another member of the group was Nico La Hood, the district attorney for Houston, Texas.  In a statement released earlier he said, “Many challengers say to me, ‘correlation is not causation.’  In my world, correlation means investigation.  But to them, correlation means ignorance.  That makes no sense to me.  What is everyone afraid of?  Let’s follow the evidence wherever it leads.”

Host of the show, Full Measure, Sharyl Attkisson.

Kennedy, De Niro, and La Hood were joined at the National Press Club by television news reporter and host of the show, Full Measure, Sharyl Attkisson.  She opened the press conference by showing a clip from former head of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Bernadine Healy, saying that the question of vaccines and autism has not been asked and answered, and that researchers were scared of investigating the issue.

Now, to the meat of the issue…

After Attkisson, Kennedy kicked off discussion by telling how he came to this issue.  He’d been suing power companies for the emission of mercury by coal-fired power plants and the effect they were having on fish populations.  As he spoke across the country on this issue, he talked about how a group of mothers of vaccine-injured autism kept talking to him about mercury in the vaccines.  He talked about 240 studies that show the damage mercury can cause and is neurotoxic to our children.  These studies show that vaccines are linked to the cascade of neuro-developmental problems in our children.

He said the CDC shows that 43% of our children have some form of chronic disease.  This epidemic started in 1989 according to CDC.

“If it’s not the thimerosal in vaccines, then what is it?”  Kennedy said is the question journalists need to be asking.  Kennedy said that while there are a number of potential chemicals which may also be involved, but thimerosal provides the best explanation.

He showed 81 studies that linked thimerosal to autism.  He said there are no studies which say thimerosal is NOT linked to autism.

Kennedy said there are four different studies which say that the CDC is a cesspool of corruption. 

The CDC owns or co-owns 56 different vaccine patents.  The CDC has been telling reporters that the studies are out there, but no journalist has ever seen them.  Journalists are not looking at what the studies actually say.

After asking for stories from the community, within a few hours they had more than 6,000 stories from parents that their child changed after a vaccination.  Failure to look at these stories is akin to religious zealotry.  It says that doctors know better what happened to their children than their parents.

Kennedy offered a $100,000 challenge to show that it is safe to inject pregnant women or infants with the levels of mercury that are currently in the flu vaccine. 

Kennedy says that he has a panel of leading scientists who will judge whether the study is valid.  He went onto say that democracy requires a system of checks and balances and it’s the job of journalists to challenge them.

Big Pharma is NOT our friend…

In the past few years the pharmaceutical industry has suffered more than 8 billion dollars in court costs for misuse of their products.  He talked about how the pharmaceutical companies spend twice as much money lobbying Congress than the oil and gas industry.  And we can’t count on lawyers, because the passage of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act prevents pharmaceutical companies from being sued for vaccine injuries.  And now the pharmaceutical industry pays for the majority of advertising of the nightly news.

Feel free to call this group anything you want, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, or even, The Justice League, but we have some first rate fighters on our side.  Maybe we even have the new President of the United States on our side.

But these heroes can’t do it alone. 

They aren’t Superman or Batman.

They are simply flesh and blood human beings who are making an immense sacrifice to do what they believe is right.  And our enemy has BILLIONS of DOLLARS to spend against us, convincing the American people to remain asleep to the dangers of vaccines.  But the great American people are beginning to wake up and see the wickedness and evil which has surrounded their children.  And I believe they will fight.

Del Bigtree said in conclusion, “This is a victorious day.  But it’s because of finding common ground, staying focused on that.  This is ultimately all about our children, and then about our health because they’re going to be force-vaccinating adults as well.  This is freedom hanging in the balance.”

I encourage EVERY ONE OF YOU to support their effort. 

This our time to rise up.  Leaders who don’t have an army won’t get very far.  They have sounded the call to action.

Now it is YOUR time to answer that call!


Kent Heckenlively is the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&



16 thoughts on “Kennedy and De Niro Throw Down the Gauntlet Against Vaccines…”

  1. [a galley’s 200 rowers are gradually told to increase their pace] Battle speed!… Attack speed!… Ramming speed!

    Quintus Arrius

    I believe we’ve hit RAMMING SPEED! Don’t slow down now!

  2. At long last. Thank God. Thank you. You bring hope to the next generation of children and parents. I pray you win and bring down those who have abused the lives of our children.

  3. This is all good, but my worry with RFK Jr is that focusing solely or largely on mercury (which is undoubtedly bad) will give vaccine tyrants an out: they could “really” eliminate mercury, issue a “mea culpa,” but continue on with fanatically pushing (mercury free) vaccines in the populace.

    Vaccines are fundamentally unsafe and ineffective. And what we put in our bodies and those of our children are our decisions exclusively. Those should be the terms of engagement. Anything short is begging to lose the war for health freedom in order to win a small battle.

  4. I am grateful to the ones standing up for infants and families by revealing the truth that parents have known all along and been criticized and ridiculed for, however, I wish the focus was not solely on MERCURY. The cumulative effect that multiple vaccines given at once is the primary problem, as at two months and four months of age babies are injected with 1225 mcg of aluminum (25 mcg is deemed “safe” for adults). It is added to activate the immune response by creating inflammation. It does its job too well, causing damaging and exquisitely painful encephalitis in tiny babies who cannot tell us what’s wrong. What better population to assault than those who cannot speak?

  5. I want everyone to have choice on vaccinations. We do not know what’s in them because we don’t get the long form vaccine information and so hard to question. These people can stick us with whatever they want.

  6. Mercury is one culprit in brain disease. Aluminum is another. Molecular mimicry due to contamination in vaccines is another. Please, I beg of you to also understand that cytokines trigger autoimmune disease. This data will be in my book, vaccines : a public health crisis. Hepatitis b surface antigen competes,with nmda for an insulin receptor site. This causes a surge in nmda. Nmda surge causes a glutamate surge, which makes neurons too excited and neurons in the brain die by apoptosis. Nmda is injected into mice to cause brain damage in mice to study. We do this to newborn babies with the hepatitis b vaccine. Humira is an anti- tnf, which is tumor necrosis factor, and it can cause multiple sclerosis. Ms lesions are made of tnf. Tnf has receptor sites 1 and 2. Tnfr1 can destroy neurons. When neurons die the inflammation increases tnf and other cytokines. Tnfr2 protects neurons. When folks like me don’t have enough Tnfr2 capabilities we develop ms. The neuron destruction can’t be stopped until inflammation goes away. We know that autoimmune disease doesn’t need a t cell response to activate autoimmune disease. We know that cytokines control the t cell response and not vice versa as Paul offit would have you believe. We know that autoimmune disease is the turning on of an inflammatory process with poor capacity to turn off the process. We know that nmda surge increases glutamate which kills neurons which causes inflammation which increases tnf, which without Tnfr2 we get multiple sclerosis. And that darlings is yet another mechanism of vaccine injury. Almost the same mechanism as type 1 diabetes triggering. This needs to be stopped. Just because we don’t have tnfr2 ability shouldn’t make us expendible people. We aren’t worthless. Those of us damaged by vaccines deserve recognition and compensation. Vaccine manufacturers should be held liable for damage.

  7. Stan K.-
    I used to feel the same as you about mercury in vaccines not being a big enough war to wage. However, I think Kennedy realizes that it’s a good place to start and that if this can of worms is opened the whole sordid scandal will be illuminated.

  8. FINALLY! I totally trust Senator Kennedy in his efforts, but not DeNiro, he has been proven to be in the public eye, mind you, that he is unstable and mercurial – no pun intended – LOL- How does he feel about President Trump appointing Senator Kennedy to head this? There are plenty of visually recorded interviews of De Niro that show how much he detest the President. No, I am not making this about politics, but my point is that this man may pull out solely on the basis of his feeling for the President. As long as we think that a Hollywood celebrity must be supporting any political endeavor, another more stable “celebrity” could have been selected. I hope he does not prove to be an embarrassment to this commission

  9. Robert Di Nero’s contempt for President Trump has nothing to do,with the vaccine issue. He wanted to show Vaxxed at TriBeCa last spring. He is a strong well liked public figure and if his presence can attract attention so be it.
    Remember. Pharmaceutical industry damaged his kid. In addition to improving his kids condition I’m sure he wants Pharma to foot the bill.

  10. As a grandmother of 10 babies we need to stop this horrible evil being done to our babies. One is too many people, there are thousands of these babies being distroyed! Leave the choice, not mandate this evil.

  11. Doc, I hope you are right! I think De Niro is a great actor, however I do not trust his instability – this is my firm personal opinion of him as a person…. and I do not want anything to mire Senator Kennedy’s efforts. I have a son with Asperger caused by vaccine, also a granddaughter that is autistic so I have a big stake in this. What still makes this country great Don, is that we can agree on disagreeing, right?

  12. The core issue is, whose children are they and who should determine how they are cared for: their parents or the government? If we ask government to correct this problem, we will only get more regulations. Government using health care as an excuse to require vaccinations creates the potential for abuse of liberty. It’s not about public health, but power, the main goal of the state’s involvement in our welfare. “Concern” is a by-product, just enough “concern” to keep the masses quiet, sleepy, ignorant, but the main goal is power to manipulate society, to indulge in the dream of power in the name of benevolence. We should focus our efforts on return to the centrality of the local unit, the family making decisions. Return to localism. After all, whose children are they?

  13. Also with them on stage was Minister Tony Muhammad, a great speaker and vaccine educator to the black community – He was commissioned by the Hon Louis Farrahkan, last May, 2016 to travel and show Vaxxed to USA inner cities. – (30 inner cities to date) – Robert F. Kennedy and Michelle Ford (Founder of the Vaccine Awareness League) went to Chicago to meet with Hon Louis Farrakhan.

  14. A petition was put out on the White House web sight to remove vaccines from being a requirement for employment and education. The petition was created on January 30 2017. Many people including my self have signed this petition but it remains locked at only one person. This needs to be looked into, it appears that someone does not want this to get to President Trumps desk. This is a serious situation here especially in California where we are losing our rights to say no to a potentially dangerous procedure for us and our children. We must let president trump know about this issue, and hopefully restore our right to say no. Here are some links you can check out.| And also Face book Californians for vaccine choice Until vaccines can be proven 100% safe we need an exemption @ the federal level to protect the rights of all people in this country.

  15. This is all excellent informative and timely hot issue that need to be further investigated and dealt with in an appropriate manner. This mad vaccine crime is the most heinous crime of all times and one can’t stop to wonder, just how could all this taking place, so stealthily, cunningly. Just how could we failed and let us being led by our noses. But of course the fear tactic. Firstly, my deepest sympathy to all those parents whose children been maimed even killed. To say sorry really is just not enough. These parents like most if not all of us, being lied and taken advantage of our trust, by these evil criminals. How society is going to deal with this terrible, terrible catastrophe? Our most innocent, defenseless part of society our beloved children given for a sacrifice to these greedy, corrupt entities. Folks, this is mind boggling and is beyond the comprehension of a normal functioning brain.
    And, they are still unsatisfied, they still pushing for more and pretending nothing happened. The denial, extreme aggression of the most tyrannical fashion. The Nazi Holocaust dwarfed to a picnic in a park compering to this evil, deliberate, inhuman deception. And silence by all gatekeepers, politicians, religious leaders and worst, the medical establishment. All shitting their pants, too coward to raise a voice an alarm. And as is still children are getting damaged, killed and it will be still a long time IF mankind will wake up from this slumber and come to senses, that this can not be tolerated any longer. Those heroes who dared to speak and act being just ‘taken care of’… and all is going on as if all is right. And the media, where is the media that ought to sound the alarm. All sleeping blissfully. This society will be asked and hold liable for all this. The longer the time stretching the worst it’ll be. Here in Australia our government the politicians and above all Mr. Turnbull holding their tyrannical stronghold seeing themselves infallible. Us, parents are fortnightly reminded and financially deprived of our entitlement for child support as a punishment for refusing to budge to their autocracy. “No jab-no pay’ motto. And…ain’t they proud of their achievement! Australia is the ‘cleaver country’ their slogan is. Sheeple are in general passive, indifferent easy to deal with. Whoever rebel, is ostracized. Rupy Murderock’s media empire is taking good care or everything news related here.

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